Wolvie Femmes * Conceivable






      Beast walked to the curtain where Alex lay sleeping and took her hand gently.  He knew part of the reason he wanted to do an HCG test on Alex was in case she had been raped by one of the brotherhood. It would certainly explain why she had behaved so strangely lately.  As Remy is doing, he would accept a child from the woman he loved, even if it wasn't his.  Nevertheless, he did hope he was wrong.


     He sighed, listening to Jean fumbling with the equipment around Justice and heard the doors open. 


     Xavier smiled brightly seeing Henry with Alex as their gaze met, "Henry."


     Hank stood to greet him, "hello, Professor."


     "I believe my nephew is having a bit of difficulty with his abilities."  Xavier said as he wheeled over beside Justice.


     Jean appeared quickly, her interest now piqued, "His eyes were glowing and he was thrashing around earlier and his blood pressure went, up but he is doing fine now."


     "I could pick up thoughts and abilities with Cerebro and I believe he might have been involved with the battle outside," Xavier sighed looking at his nephew briefly as though Justice would sit up and explain what had happened earlier.


      They both looked at Hank expectantly and he shrugged his shoulders.


      "Mystique was screaming in pain about not hurting a child," Henry offered.  "I think she was the one who had tried to take Jordan captive."


      "So, now they’re after Jordan?"  Jean sat down with a sigh.  “Magneto is certainly outdoing himself these days.”


      "They were after children before, but they have discovered her now and they will continue to hunt the child."  Xavier touched his chin thoughtfully.  "When I came across Jordan, I recognized the strength of her power and her lineage.  I knew it would only be a matter of time before she was sought.  We can only hope to keep her safe enough here."


       Beast chuckled, "That is becoming exceedingly difficult."


       "So you think Justice was protecting Jordan with his powers?"  Jean knew there was more to what had happened earlier.


       "I think he found his daughter's mind and Mystique’s as well," Xavier sighed hoping  Jordan and the other charges here would be safe, and that Magneto would give up his present campaign.  If only he could talk to Magneto.  Make him see that what he is doing is wrong.






       Ally walked next to Remy, who was walking along quietly, and sensed that his heart and mind were still at the infirmary.  She sighed and grabbed his hand to get his attention and then pulled him into a hug.  "They will be ok."


      Remy laughed in spite of himself as the short redhead hugged his chest.  With her pregnant stomach against him, it was a lot like holding Hayley.  He touched her head lightly and smiled as she pulled away with her own smile.  "Yo'r a lot like Hayley, chere.”


     Ally's eyes danced with silent laughter, "I'm not like anyone.”


     He shook his head seeing a lot of the brunette in Allyson, "Ah don' know.”


    "Rem, I am much calmer than Hayley."


    He chuckled, "you keep tellin’ yo'self dat, mon ami.”


    She slapped his arm with a smile but her mind was also elsewhere.


    "Why was Jump here today?"  Remy wondered aloud though he had heard some of what Chloe had said to Ally and he wanted to help.


     Ally's face fell, "she made some pretty wild claims, but I know she's lying."  She bit her lip nervously not convinced of her own words.


     He sighed knowing he would have to deal with Ally as he had Hayley in the past.  "Ah heard part of what she said."


     Ally turned crimson, "None of it’s true."


     Rem pushed the door to the kitchen open for her, "No?  Yo' didn't t'ink she might have been de person who got Justice drunk?"  He was pretty sure he was right.  “And stabbed him as well.”


     Ally looked at the floor, "You think that is what she did?"


    "Justice loves Storm, an' Ah reckon Jump ain’t gon' handle dat too well," he cocked an eyebrow. "Femmes don' like ta be rejected, non?"


     Ally shook her head still in denial as she clicked the coffee pot on.  "What does that have to do with anything?"


     "Jordan’s scared of her, chere."


     "So you think she seduced Justice for revenge and another child?"


     He met her eyes and nodded.  He and Rayne were good about feeling a person out and he was sure that Jump was telling Ally the truth about herself being with child.


     "Remy that is pretty far fetched," she sighed while getting the sugar and creamer.


     Remy sat at the table, "Ask de Wolverine if he could smell her in Justice’s room dat night he was attacked."


     "Remy she probably isn't pregnant."  Ally smiled, "I think she just wants Justice to come running after her."


       Gambit sighed and shrugged his shoulders.  "Are you Egyptian, chere?”


       “What?”  She looked at him like he had bugs crawling out of his ears.  “Why do you ask if I am Egyptian?”


        “Because your actin’ like de queen of De-nile.”


        Alley opened her mouth to respond but nothing came out.”


        Remy decided he wasn't going to pursue the dead issue anymore since she wasn't open to reason.  He was sure that Jump had stabbed Justice, and it wouldn't have been too much of a stretch for her to have seduced him as well.  She had sided with the Brotherhood after all, and in his book that meant she could be capable of doing anything.


     After a minute he cleared his throat, "She gon' be a dangerous mutant ta deal with."


     "I can't believe she went to Magneto."


      Remy shrugged as the door opened and Warren sauntered in with a sly smile.  Remy scowled watching Warren closely.


     Warren seemed to smile all the more, seeing Remy's aggitated mood.  "Problems, Gambit?"


     Remy narrowed his eyes, "Not until you walked in, homme."


     Ally shook her head filling the coffee cups, "Do you want some coffee, Warren?"


     He nodded, "Please."


     Warren sighed sitting across the table from Remy while he propped his ankle on his knee.  "I would have started it myself but I had to talk to Hayley first."  He kept the sly smile for Remy's benefit.


    Ally took charge of the volatile situation, "So, Hayley is awake then?"


    "You need ta stay away from her.”  Remy hissed.


     Ally put her hand on Remy's shoulder to keep him from jumping over the table.


    Warren calmly took the coffee cup Ally offered him, and continued to smile broadly at Remy.  Warren still remembered how Hayley returned his kiss a little, and he touched his mouth at the thought.  The gesture wasn't lost on Remy who started to leap for the Angel but found he couldn't move his legs.


    Ally turned and handed Remy a cup with a sly smile of her own, "I’m glad she has come to her senses.  I mean awake."  Ally smiled cheerfully.


    Remy chuckled at her tone of voice, and the hint of red Warren had on his face.


    Warren cleared his throat, "I wouldn't be so quick to laugh, swamp rat."  He gave Remy a knowing wink and stood to leave.


    Ally smiled brightly at them both hoping Remy would pick up on her cue, but he didn't and still looked like he wanted to pummel Warrens face. Ally threw her hand on his shoulder to keep him from getting up and nodded to Warren, "I'll walk you out Warren."  She knelt to Remy's ear and whispered, "Behave yourself."  Then she kissed his cheek much to Warren's astonishment.


    Remy sighed grabbing his cup roughly and taking a swig of the coffee as he watched Allyson follow the angel out of the kitchen.





     Warren watched her with suspicion as she fell in step behind him and cleared his throat, "you fancy the Cajun too?"  He smiled challengingly.


      Ally shook her head, "I don't quite understand you Mr. Worthington."


      "In what regards?"


      "Your fascination with my sister," she sighed.  "Is it because you are that taken with Hayley or the fact that she is an Adams and comes from wealthy background?"  She smiled, "Is it just to make Remy angry or could it possibly just be because you are a lonely horn dog?"


       He stopped with a slight smile on his face as Ally stopped with him, "you are more like Hayley than Alex aren't you?"  He moved closer to her backing her to the wall slowly.  "Or maybe you want to find what you sister is missing out on?"  He taunted her as he moved closer to her with his breath upon her neck and he came inches from her mouth with his own.


      Ally pushed him back with her hands but found he was too strong and determined.  He came inches from touching her lips with his and she threw him back with her telekinesis.  She sighed watching Warren catch himself with his wings to slow his toss.


     "I can see she isn't missing out on much," Ally scoffed.  "You must just be that lonely and horny then?"  She moved closer with her eyes glowing, "I don't think you really mean any harm Warren, but know this.  If you come near my sisters or myself like that again then Logan and I will make sure you regret it."


     His smile gone he regarded her with new eyes forgetting that she was the Cat who hadn't lost her abilities and could very well follow through on her threat.  He had to admit he found her attractive when her temper flared but going against the Wolverine wasn't high on his list of priorities.  He would love to be with Hayley but he wasn't sure it was worth a war with the rest of her family to pursue it.


    He nodded at her giving her a cold look.


    "Are you so used to getting your way?"  Ally challenged.  "I would be careful that Hayley doesn't fry you when she gets her power back."


    Logan sauntered up sizing up the conversation and standing next to Ally.  He wrapped an arm protectively around her waist, "Problem?"  He looked at Warren pointedly.


   "No," Warren hissed and strode away.


   Logan looked into Ally's eyes daring her to lie to him, "did he touch you?"


   Ally held his hand so he wouldn't run off and calmed him by kissing him.  "Well, I threatened our feathered friend so he would leave Hayl alone."


    Logan chuckled, "Yeah?"  He relaxed at that and returned her kiss.  "What happened with Jump?"


    Ally moaned and looked at him from the side of her eye as she began to walk with him, "Have you got some time to talk?"



    Justice blinked against the harsh bright lights of the infirmary.  He could feel the heaviness in his chest and tried to take a deep breath to relieve it but groaned when it only seemed to make it worse.  He looked around with his eyes hoping to see Storm or Jordan but found Jean smiling at him.


    "How are you feeling?"  She touched his head and began looking at his bandages.


    "Hung over," He moaned.  "What day is it?"


    "You have been here for a while but you look much better today," she smiled and gave him a peck on the head.  "I did promise Storm I would call her when you woke."


     His eyes grew wide remembering Jordan's scream in his head, "Where's Jordan?  Where's Mystique?"  He tried to sit up but his body didn't seem to comply.  "Is Jordan ok?"

     Another voice boomed in, "She is doing well but sleeping," Hank said slowly.  "How did you know about Mystique?"  Beast raised an eyebrow.  "Is your uncle correct in assuming that you attacked Mystique?"

     Justice shrugged, "It doesn't seem real."  Justice looked at them both carefully, "It seemed like a dream."  Then Justice smiled broadly,  "but if it was real then Storm has something to tell me."

     Jean adjusted his IV, " care to share with the class?"

     "She didn't tell you?"  He looked between them.  "She's pregnant," his pride wasn't hard to notice.  "I thought you would know because she is usually on top of these things."

     "Who told you this?"  Beast looked doubtful.

    "Ally, I think," he sighed.  "I have had a lot of crazy things going through my mind."

    "I called Storm," Jean sat next to the bed in a chair.  "She would know better than we would."

     "Justice," Hank cleared his throat, "Your telepathy has been going haywire and you might have taken in some very personal memories."

     "Like about Rayne," he whispered.  "I saw her being attacked by some guy."  He looked very concerned for the girl.  "Do you think that was a memory of hers?  Where is she?"

     "She and Remy protected Jordan," Beast offered.  "She was slightly injured but is fine and resting now."

     "She is all right though?"

      "She’s fine Justice," Jean assured.

      He nodded seeming appeased, "I am a little fatiqued."  He was speaking a little slower now.  "Can you wake me when Storm gets here?"

      Jean nodded watching her friend fall asleep and Henry's eyes on her.  She shook her head to indicate that she did not think this was as accurate as Justice believed it to be.

       The doors parted quickly as Strom came in quickly feeling the wondering eyes on her as she came closer to her lover.  Finally, she looked at them a little worried now, "What is it?"


     "I am not cool with packing this quickly and leaving," Ally sighed watching Logan pace the room they shared.

      "Soon as Junior's on his feet we are leaving," Logan grunted with cigar clenched between his teeth.

      Ally folded her arms, "Warren's not going to bother me."  She sighed, "I'm a big girl."

     He looked up at the comment and wished it was just the Angel that made him want to leave, but with Eric knowing Ally's location, he knew she wasn't safe. "Up North."  He exhaled loudly with a puff of cigar smoke.  "Harder to track with snow."

       Ally sank on to the bed feeling ripped from her family, "not until Justice is better."  She couldn't explain it but she felt she needed to be there for Hayley too.  She toyed with the idea of telling him about Alex's possible pregnancy to change his mind.  They had many friends here and uprooting and leaving wasn't how she wanted it but she knew he wanted a fresh start.  He didn't want to be responsible for everyone; he just wanted a normal family life.  She had to respect that but the bond she had with her own siblings was very strong and she did not want to be separated.






       Warren wandered outside to find the remains of the small battle that had happened there.  He could see Kamikaze and Nightcrawler tidying the usually manicured lawns.  He sighed and knew that Kurt must have felt his eyes on him because he lifted his head with a small smile.

       "Are you trying to find yourself?"  Kurt said softly as he made his way forward to Warren.

      Warren narrowed his eyes with a sigh and looked to the sky, "Sometimes, I wonder that myself."

      Kurt turned his head slightly in wonder, "Miss Adams?"  He moved closer putting his hand around Warren's shoulders and wings.

     Warren nodded dumbly, "Is she a witch that I should be so taken with her?"  He shrugged, "or is she the true angel I am not."  He wasn't sure why he felt he could talk to Kurt where even Bonsai could not.  He looked over to Kamikaze absentmindedly and saw him moving heaving pieces of concrete.

     "Sometimes we make things seem greater than they are."  Kurt moved to the bench and gestured for Warren to sit.  "She seems to love all."

       "She's not a slut, kurt," Warren seemed shocked.

       "Nein.  She has three siblings she has always been close to and tends to share because of it, including her heart."  Kurt smiled remember his conversation with her.  "She may not be in love with all she meets but she seems to love them, even Sabertooth."

        "Sabertooth?"  Warren's eyebrows shoot up.

         "Ja," Kurt said quickly then regained his composure, "Yes, she does not seem to truly hate as Wolverine could.  Most people have this nature, Warren."  He looked around the students who moved quietly eyeing the new damage to the school.  "Even you."

        Warren resisted scoffing.

        "We all tend to want to believe the best about one another," Nightcrawler sighed.  "The Adams embodies this. Sabertooth," he sighed.  "If given the fatal blow, do you think Hayley would take it?"

        Warren shook his head, "I think you're right."

        "This is why she has not hurt your feelings but why you feel need to be with her," Kurt stood.  "She is a good person but I do not believe you truly love her."

        Kurt looked over to see Remy walk out the doors lighting a cigarette.  "Some people just know it is love despite money or advice upon such."

       Warren narrowed his eyes looking in the direction Kurt was looking at, "I suppose."

       "Time to think, might be of value," Kurt said quietly but felt his words fell on deaf ears as Remy saw Warren and stormed to them.

        Warren did not move but was prepared for what words Remy was going to shout at him.  He set his jaw ready for the Cajun to cuss him out.

        Kurt met Remy before he got too close to Warren, "Remember fighting does not always solve."

        Remy cocked an eyebrow, "Ah don't plan ta fight him, mon ami." Remy sighed as he came closer to Warren.  He cocked his arm back and slammed his fist into Warren's face.

       Warren stumbled back grabbing his now bloody nose.

       Kurt moved to in between them, "Nein!  Mein freund."  Kurt sighed seeing Remy look a little calmer and Warren wiped at his busted nose.  "You said you would not fight."

       Remy met his gaze straight on, "Dat's not fightin’," He took a drag of the cigarette he still held as Kurt gave him a disappointing gaze, "Dat's stress relief."  Warren merely watched him, much to Remy's surprise.

       "I will not cloud her mind or bother her with the decision," Warren said watching the blood on his hand from his nose.

        "Dat's right, because ah'm takin’ her outta here," Remy pointed the cigarette at him accusingly.

         Warren looked up at his words, "What do you mean?"

         "She's mah femme," Remy pointed his thumb at his chest.  "An soon we’re gonna move away."

         Kurt and Warren both looked shocked, "Remy," Warren sighed.  "She needs to be where she is safe.  You can't take her from here right now."

        "Where Ah'll take her aint Sabertooth gon' be able to find 'er," Remy bluffed thinking of the Bayou.  Truly he was afraid she wouldn't last two minutes with Belle with out her abilities but he was sure Belle could be reasoned with, maybe.

         "I have to agree," Kurt said saldy.  "Mein Freund, she needs to be watched and among other mutants."

        "If needed I will go so she can stay with her family," Warren said as Remy looked astonished at the news.  "She will need to be close to Henry to deliver the baby too, Remy."

         Remy knew they were right but he also wanted to take her from all the fighting and confusion.  "Ah know that but when we can, we leave dis place."  He was sure that the professor would understand how he felt.  He grit his teeth and looked to Warren, "'til den, you best stay away from her."

        Kurt tried to assert himself in between the two a little more.  He sighed when he realized that Warren wasn't trying to fight Remy.  He looked to Warren who neither nodded nor shook his head but kept an even gaze.

        "Next time yo' won't get off so easy," Remy narrowed his eyes as he walked away. He nodded to Kurt almost apologetically and stomped his cigarette out before making his way back into the school.

        "Nightcrawler!"  Kamikaze yelled from behind Warren and Kurt.  "You on a lunch break?"

         Nighcrawler chuckled but looked to Warren, "Will you be all right?"

         Warren nodded with a sigh, "Some things I suppose we have to accept."

         Kurt nodded, "you mean that Hayley loves him?"

          "Yes but more so," Warren touched his tender nose.  "That Remy's got a nasty right hook." Warren chuckled to save some face as he flapped his wings taking to the air leaving Kurt in the midst of his wing's wind.

           Kurt knew Warren had truly fallen for Hayley and that he had just come to grip that she was with Gambit after all.  'A lover's lament.’  He sighed knowing that Warren would want to be alone for a while, "Leute nicht immer sind sinnvoll sie?"  Kurt sighed and walked over to the other soul who had been talking to spiritually as they worked.


         Storm opened her eyes wide, "I am not pregnant."  She watched them thinking this was some sort of joke.  Justice was many things, a joker, a goof, maybe even a nut but he did not irresponsible; they had taken precautions each time. "It is not a possibility."

         "Why would he think so?"  Henry sighed as they spoke by the door, so not to wake Justice.

          "I heard it too," Jean crossed her arms.  "He heard it from Ally's mind."

           Storm opened her eyes wider, "Who is pregnant?"

           Beast cleared his throat, "It is possible that Alex is."  He looked to Alex's sleeping body and before they could get excited, he held a hand up.  "Let us find in time if this is a possibility at all.  She was held captive with Magneto, therefore any child would have to have a DNA test."  He sighed.

            Jean shook her head, "She said she was not raped."  Then she smiled.  "Seems Quicksilver is in love with her and could not do as his father might have asked."

           "Why?"  Storm asked quickly.

            "I think he is truly in love with her," Jean smiled sheepishly.

            Beast lowered his gaze, "How do you know this?"

            "He visited her here," Jean bit her lip a little, "He said his father sent him to capture her.  He had also eaves dropped on us and heard that Alex might be pregnant by you," She smiled at him.  "So he told her he knew it wasn't his but his father would not."  Jean sighed.  "He also told her why her ability is out of control, he came to warn her."

          "Pietro warned Alex?"  Beast took a deep breath.  "I take it Alex and he were unaware of your presence when you heard all of this?"

          "Yes, Hank I eaves dropped," Jean nodded.  "I was afraid I would have to subdue him myself but he left peacefully."

           Beast nodded, "He put up very little resistance to us outside as well."

          Storm smiled, "so if Alex is pregnant, it is your child."  Her answer was a beaming smile from Beast and a bit of a blush across his blue face.

          "I can only assume Justice thought it was Storm," Jean smiled touching Ororo's arm.

          "Yes, but why?"  Storm moved to him a little closer to Justice now.

          "He did explain he was not able to make out fact from fiction,” Hank sighed returning to Justice's side.

           Storm nodded as she touched his hand lightly, "he looks much better Henry.  You have done a wonderful job."  She noticed his olive complexion was returning and the smaller wounds around his face were just about gone.  She held his much warmer hand hoping he would wake soon.

           Rayne jumped awake and nearly off the bed.  Her last memory was seeing Mystique lunging for Remy.  She forced her eyes open past the throb in her head and looked for her brother.  Soon she realized she was in the med lab.  She sighed and pulled her covers up a little more to end the chill she felt inside as she recalled that she and Remy had been trying to save Justice’s little girl from being kidnapped.


 Beast turned from Justice's side with a smile.  "I trust you had a pleasant nap," Henry said with a smile as he began to shine a light into her eyes.

            "De bebe'?"  Rayne croaked still feeling very fatigued.  "Is she safe?"

             Storm came to her side, "She is safe, thanks to you."  Storm inhaled deeply, having wished she could have done more to help.  "You were very brave."

             Rayne nodded.  Her mind swam with strange images and her eyelids threatened to close, "Remy?"  She sprang up.  "Remy?"  She whipped her head around looking for him as she remembered Mystique wanted him too.

            Jean put a gentle hand on her shoulder to prevent her from moving off he bed, "He's fine."  Rayne continued to look for him just the same.

             "If he’s all right, den where is he?"  She looked at Beast as he sighed deeply.

             "He went for a walk to cool off," Henry met her eyes hoping she understood her brother's temper had gotten the better of him.

              "Was he tossed out again?"  Rayne's eyes glowed, wondering at first if she needed to tell these people to leave her brother alone.  Then she remembered that Beast wasn't like that and wouldn't just ask him to leave.  She saw Hayley sleeping and hooked up to monitors, and Remy wasn't there, "Who did he hit dis time?"  She almost laughed.

                Jean chuckled, "Warren, Actually."

                Rayne smiled inwardly remembering how Remy wanted to catch up with Warren for taking Hayley off.  Even though Hayley was not her favorite person, it was good to know Remy was the same person, ill temper and all.  She still felt tired but knew she wouldn't sleep well among the busy infirmary.  She looked to Doctor McCoy, "How long do Ah have ta stay here?"

               Beast crossed his arms and looked at her sternly and then over to Jean, "Would you call her brother to come and take her to her room," then he turned to Rayne, "Will that do?"

            Rayne smiled broadly, sat back against the pillows, and started to dose off.  She wanted to be awake when Remy came so she slapped her face slightly to stay awake.