Wolvie Femmes * Closure





      They stood once more by the coffins. Adams had been replaced in his coffin and they were ready to lower them into the ground.


      This time Xavier made sure only the necessary people would be out there. He would make sure there wasn’t another chance of one of the younger people getting hurt. Rogue, Storm and Khaki were in the infirmary and not moving much and that hurt as much as the funerals. He knew Jean and Beast would care for them but he knew he was the one who they had trusted.


      Xavier watched his family and the new mutants saying goodbye to their friend.





     Alex watched her father unmoving and she felt sorry. Sorry his rest had been disturbed already and sorry that she hadn’t been able to ‘save’ him. She wished Hank was there but knew he the injured were better off with him there.



      “Ashes to Ashes,” the man said quietly and Alex began to weep as she watched her father being lowered into the ground. It was final. She would never see his scolding face telling her she could do better, she would never have her father to hug again and she would not have anybody to get a gift for on father’s day. It should have been some comfort that her father had become a monster that was cruel and callous who killed many people and changed many lived but it wasn’t. Alex could only remember the times she had seen her father in the morning with a cup of coffee a newspaper and smile before school. Alex only saw the man who cheered her spelling bee, helped to guide her education and the man who was a good husband. Alex would miss her father not the monster.






      Ally watched the caskets lowered into the ground and felt tear hit her eyes. She had never felt so powerful in all her life. Her father had given her a gift but she wasn’t sure it wasn’t a curse yet. She had a hard time controlling her sisters borrowed abilities, hence Willow’s casket.


       “Dust to dust,” the man said with a sigh.


      ‘Should he be a man mourned?’ Ally asked herself until Alex’s thoughts crept in her head and she felt very sad. He had given them all life and what he had been to them in their younger years was nothing short of amazing. Yes, their mother had brought out the best in him and he lavished attention on his family then.


      Ally felt Logan squeeze her hand and she realized the tears hit her shirt now. He might have become a monster but he would always be her father.






      Hayley held Remy’s hand she watched him and the ground rather than the coffins in front of her. She heard the closing remarks and knew they could go look for Rayne soon but she silently worried that Remy was even up to the task.


      Hayley could hear the hollow sound of the dirt hitting the caskets and couldn’t shut the noise out of them being lowered to the ground and it hurt.


      Gambit squeezed her hand tighter. She didn’t look at him this time hoping he wouldn’t see the tears she had shown for somebody she had once called Daddy.







     Justice put his arm around Alex’s shoulders walking away from the graves while the sound of the shoveled dirt assaulted their ears.


     “Time heals all wounds,” he whispered into Alex’s ear she nodded as Alex’s attention was caught by Hayley flying past them.


      “Time waits for nobody,” Hayley laughed.






      Remy cast Hayley a quizzical stare but Ally touched his shoulder. “She’s hurting.”


      Gambit gave her a grateful smile and wondered if he would ever figure her out but then the same had been said about him from many a woman.


     “Let’s find your sister Gumbo,” Logan grunted as he eyed Ally’s hand on Remy’s shoulder.


     They watched Justice and Alex run to catch up to Hayley forming another team to look for Rayne and leaving Remy to stare off in wonder once more.


    “She’s going to look for Rayne.” Ally smiled. “She doesn’t want you to see her upset.” Ally sighed. “Give her some time. She’s not comfortable with her heart on her sleeve.”



    “T’anks chere,” Gambit smiled at Ally. At least Hayley’s family made sense, aside from Oliver. He felt strongly for Hayley and understood she was going through. Looking at Ally, Alex and Justice was a small window into her personality or what she could be.


     Wolverine caught the scent and ran in front towards the garage and Remy watched him curiously. Gambit turned to Ally for explanation and she gestured with her head for him to follow Logan.


    “I will catch up to you two,” She sighed and he caught on that she wanted a moment alone to think.


     Gambit swept her hand in his and kissed it. Ally laughed a bit shocked as the scamp ran off to join her husband.



      Ally pushed her hands together in silent prayer as she walked but couldn’t help but to look back at her uncle and the few mourners left. She took a deep breath but pressed on remembering the task at hand. She knew Rayne wasn’t in trouble or her telepathy would be going nuts but finding her would put many minds at ease.






       “I am surprised Gambit is still standing after Rogue’s touch.” Justice said to Alex and Hayley while they began to search the halls.


       Hayley floated past him air bound and gave her brother a small smile.


      “Rogue’s absorbed a lot of different abilities,” Alex sighed remembering how they had dealt with Rogue before. “I hope we don’t have to keep her under lock and key.”


      “Nah, we’ll just make her bunk with, Hayl,” Justice countered.


      It caught Hayley’s attention, “ No. ‘we’ won’t.” Hayley shook her head at them as she landed in front of them to make her stand. “Put her with Just because after Jump’s done with him he won’t have a sex life anyway.” Hayley let a smile linger on her lips as she met Justice’s eye.


       Justice raised a pointed finger to her and opened his mouth to speak but shook his head at her instead. “Low blow, Hayl.”


      Hayley smiled sweetly, “You wish,” she taunted him more.


      Alex grabbed Justice’s arm as he made a grab for the raven-haired fire fly as she climbed into the air with her eyes dancing a further taunt.


     He met Alex’s even eyes and knew she was right to stop him keep giving in to Hayley and it would become a vicious cycle of child’s play. He crossed his arms at her with a stern look then began to push the classroom doors open looking for Rayne.







      Xavier led the other mutants from the graves following in his nephew and niece’s footsteps.


     Unlike his old friend his still held faith in his heart. Would the new mutants stay on? He grunted slightly, feeling the taught stitches Dr. McCoy had put in his wound where the clawed woman had struck him. He had been lucky Hayley had caught her,  and he had been luckier than Oliver. He sighed and started in the direction of Cerebro to help find the missing mutants. Jump and Rayne needed to be found soon even if just for morale.






      Imp kicked her legs as she hopped off the bed to watch the lovely red head doctor and her large blue friend.


      Afterburn caught sight of the child and laughed at her little comical expressions despite the fact Beast was shining a light in her eyes again.


     “It will speed the exam if you were to stay still,” He smiled at the young woman.


    “Can I go?” she asked quickly with her excited eyes. “ I would love to explore this place.”


     “Perhaps you would like to settle in to a room instead,” Beast scolded lightly.


      Jean and Imp joined his side.


     “I will take her to a room,” Jean watched Hank’s kind face. “If you think she’s ready.”


       “Certainly,” Hank sighed at the ambitious youth.


      Afterburn’s face light up with delight, “Where can I find the rest of the mutants from the lab?”


       “You will be staying in the same wing,” Jean smiled at Afterburn’s infectious nature, “Come on I will take you there.”


      After Jean gave her a place to change into some clothing the duo left the infirmary as Afterburn’s head turn to take in each thing she saw.





      Imp stood cross-armed watching the pair leave.


     “Hmmpfh,” the child huffed.


     Beast was amused by the child and look up from the chart he was scribbling away on. “Problem my little dear?”


     “I never get anything important to do,” then her expression changed as a thought dawned on her. “Where did my daddy go?”


     “He will return momentarily, Jordan.”


     “What about my Aunts?” Jordan pressed on.


      “They will return shortly too.”


      “Where’s Uncle Xavier?” She continued.


       Beast sighed, “We sold him on Ebay.”


       Jordan cocked her head at the blue man with wide eyes, “REALLY?”






       Scott was grateful to have time away from the pressure or the Hayley/Jean situation. Tyrone and Tyler seemed to be very quiet and made it easy for him to feel alone. He caught the look or the twins and knew they were talking telepathically.


       He couldn’t help but to be upset with Hayley’s fighting at the funeral. Her reactions were good but she seemed to forget she was carrying a child and that upset him.


     He sighed at the thought of the turmoil they had both caused the other night. Why did he find her so bewitching? He thought back to the other mutant with the claws. She certainly resembled Logan with those claws.


    ‘How can a guy get as lucky to meet two Logans in his lifetime?’ he chuckled to himself.


     He made a resolve to put some distance between him and Hayley until they had calmed down. He didn’t want to give the professor any more grief than he had.


    Suddenly Kamikaze heard a noise and hit Scott’s shoulder indicating to the direction where the nursery was.


    Very quickly a scream was heard and pierced the air.


     “No, wait don’t go alone,” he protest to the younger men but his warnings went unheeded as they left him running behind them with their robotic legs.





       Logan and Gambit ran to the front door of the garage. Gambit eyed Logan Suspiciously.  Logan stopped abruptly just before he reached the garage door. 


      *Snif*  "She’s been here," He quietly opened the door and both walked inside.  Wolverine followed her scent to his bike and mumbled, "Better stay away from my ride, rat girl."

      Gambit snapped his head towards him, "Why yo’ call her dat? Not nice homme."

      Logan grunted when he sniffed around Remy’s bike, "She was on yer bike."

      "What? She know’ better den mess wit’ ma ride."  Gambit looked it over to make sure it wasn’t damaged. 

      Wolverine followed the scent to the limo and without considering the consequences, he quickly opened the door where Rayne was fast asleep.

      Rayne was startled and confused at the sudden jolt of the car and the door flung open.  Before she knew what she did an ear- piercing shriek split through the air.  The windows in the limo shattered and Logan dropped to the ground.  The high-pitched noise overloaded his sensitive hearing and knocked him out cold.

        Gambit was still over at his bike when she screamed so he didn’t receive the full impact of it but his head spun and he felt disoriented.  He leaned on his Harley for support and hoped that his stomach held out.

      Rayne’s head cleared and she realized what she had just done.  She climbed out of the vehicle and knelt down to see if Wolverine was alright, "What did ah do ‘ere? Ah’ve never done dis’ before."  She shook Logan gingerly, "Hey, yo’ alright?"  She backed up a bit when Wolverine moaned.

     Remy heard his sisters voice but couldn’t stand to open his eyes yet for the spinning of his head, "Rayne girl, what de hell did yo’ do?"

      "Ah don’ know Remy. Ah’m sorry. Ah didn’t mean to, really. Jus’ happened," She looked at her brother who looked three shades of green and was hanging over his bike’,  "Yo’ don’ look so good."

      "Ah feel lik’ crap girl.  Been a long day, an why da hell weren’t you inside where ah told yo’ ta go?"  He opened one eye slowly and stared at her.

      Rayne flinched at his harsh words and stammered for something to say, "Well, Um…," She stopped, sniffed the air, crouched in close to Wolverine and growled,  "Some one’s  comin’"

     Alley had heard the scream and felt through her psychic rapport with Logan that he was under attack.  She was on edge from today’s battle and when she ran into the garage and saw Rayne snarling at her standing over Logan, Alley reacted protectively and telepathically hurled the girl away from him.  Rayne squeaked when she went airborne and her body was slammed against an SUV.  Her body slumped to the floor unconscious.

    Remy moved to stop Ally from hurting his sister any further, but he landed up in a heap on the floor.