Logan jumped out of bed. ‘Why did everything happen at night?’ Another thump hit the mansion. It rocked so hard he almost lost his balance. He made his way to the door with a cigar stuck in his mouth and a shirt in hand. He threw the door open to see Jean making her way down the hall.

"Her siblings are here," she called to him.

"I figured" Logan grunted.

"Ally awake yet?" Wolverine asked quickly as he pulled his flannel shirt over his arms. Then his pace became a run. She shook her head at him. "Don’t let them get in your head, Jeannie" Logan called over his shoulder as he ran down the hall, leaving her to catch up.

He made it outside to see a flurry of activity. Hayley was perched throwing fireballs hard at the school from the air. Storm took to the air to stop Hayley. She controlled the wind to throw Hayley off balance. Hayley who was used to being in the air turned over quickly and easily enough as Storm’s windstorm flew around her. She gave Storm a coy smile as she threw a fireball at Storms head. Hayley would not take it easy and Logan knew it.

He noticed parts of the school were covered with ice, and that parts had taken hits from Justice. Logan could see Justice pounding at the wall. Logan knew Justice was not hitting the school with the force he was capable of.

Jean joined Logan, "Who is that?"

"Justice," he starting to run at him, "try to reach him."

Justice stopped. The voice was female and it was not Alex or Hayley but it was in his head. ‘Ally?’

‘Is it you? Are you okay?’ Justice replied telepathically.

Before he got an answer he fell to the ground with Logan on top of him.

"Hey, muscle-boy," he grinned at Justice.

Justice sighed at the sight of him. He should have known, "Wolverine," he mumbled as he kicked him off. He stood up and wiped sweat from his forehead and eyes, "Where’s Ally?"

"Safe," he motioned to Hayley in the air with Storm, "Stop them." Logan caught a glimpse of the Professor slumped in the chair. "What did you do to him?" he grabbed Justice threatenly.

"Alex froze his mind in a way, It has to take its course, it’s not dangerous though." He smiled as he pushed Logan’s hands off him.

"Stop them Justice. It’s a school, man," Logan growled he was losing his patience

Justice nodded and ran off. He jumped and maneuvered his way to the roof. He started gesturing to Hayley. She wouldn’t listen to his mental thoughts or gesturing.

Logan started sniffing Alex out. ‘I know she is here, I can smell her.' He knew better than to try to go after Hayley first. He sniffed again she was close. He turned to see an ice cage enclosing him but no Alex.

He saw a pair of deep blues eyes staring at him. 'Invisible? Transparent? What was she a Cheshire cat? She never did that before. Did she grow stronger?' Hayley seemed stronger too. His claws cut through the ice easily enough. She looked at him and her eyes glowed she took a fighter’s stance. Logan moved at her with his claws in. He wanted her to realized he wasn’t threatening her. He moved slowly.

"Alex you need to listen,"

Alex stopped. She became visible. She walked cautiously to him. Knowing she could stop him in his tracks at any time. Her eyes stopped glowing.

"Ally is okay. This is a school and they are helping her. Will ya stop Hayley?" He bellowed.

Alex's face fell. 'A school?' "We weren’t tying to hurt anyone," She watched her sister who was still attacking the white haired beauty in the air and felt guilty. ‘At least not yet,' she thought’

"Maybe you wouldn’t but Hayley doesn’t know when to hold back," he pointed to Hayley who was holding Storm’s attacks and countering easily. One of her fireballs crashed near them.

"Do you have a good infirmary?" she looked at her sister and knew Logan was right. "Because if I can’t reach Hayley……."

Hayley tossed a fireball at Logan. Jean jumped out of the way. Logan and Alex dove to the side, but Alex hit the ground wrong, she yelped in pain. Logan and Jean got up and helped Alex up carefully. They let go quickly. Jean screamed as she released Alex’s arm. She turned cold, so cold it hurt’.

Alex took a deep breath and her eyes were glowing. "I hope you have a great doctor."

Justice who had been making his way over stopped in his tracks. He saw Alex’s intense, glowing stare at Hayley.

Hayley was still flying as if she was participating in water ballet. She had fought Storm with an easy attack and now started getting very cold. She looked at Alex on the ground and she touched her mind ‘Alex why?’ she was upset. She began to stiffen. Then she got pissed at Alex. ‘Bitch,’ she hissed in Alex’s mind. Now she was too frozen to fight.

Storm noticed as the attack slowed and she began to hold back a little more. Then she saw Hayley starting to fall. She was too cold too grip. She only managed to slow her descent.

Justice and Logan both started to race for the falling figure. Justice got there first.

Beast now awake, ran to help the wounded. He found Scott lying on the ground.

Rogue watched from a window with the other students. "Wow!" Bobby shouted as he sat next to her.

"Pretty scary stuff huh?" He smiled at her. Rogue kept staring at the ground where everyone had started to retreat inside.

Logan helped Alex to her feet again and steadied her as she walked. She and Jean were in a polite conversation as they walked. Justice caught up to them carrying a now shivering Hayley, who was snuggling to Justice for warmth. Storm landed in front them. She had some burns. She collected the Professor’s wheelchair as Beast picked up Scott over his shoulder.

Rogue wanted to help. Logan looked up and glanced at her before he walked out of sight.

The infirmary was busy. Ally had a curtain pulled around where she was resting. Jean went to Alex maybe she could get some answers. Alex smiled as she approached, "Jean right?" she was trying to remember everyone she had been introduced to. Jean smiled they seemed likable.

"How can you reach us telepathically, but we can’t reach you?" Jean tilted her head as searched her face for answers.

Alex shrugged, "I don’t know. Explain how you read minds at all? You just do it." She gave her a sympathetic smile; "Ally could explain it. Is your boyfriend okay, the guy with the visor?"

"Scott, yeah what did you do to him? You called it a mind spike?" she found them fascinating.

"No I just kicked him in the head. He wasn’t a telepath and as reachable as Xavier." She shrugged. "The kick was quicker but the I put his mind to sleep with an overload."

Beast looked at Hayley, she was freezing still. She took the warm blanket gratefully from the blue guy. "Thank you, blue," she smiled. She wasn’t sure of his name.

"I am Henry McCoy, Hank or Dr. McCoy, even Beast but not blue," He smiled. "You need anymore blankets, Fireball?"

She laughed at him. Okay he seemed cool enough. "Touché" she grinned at him, "Thank you, Hank."

"What is your nationality?" he asked her as he studied her shivering face.

"We are part Japanese. Our father is white and our mother was Japanese," She had an amazing smile.

Beast moved on to Alex as he heard Justice repeating apologies to Logan and everyone in general. The Professor and Scott were still sleeping peacefully.

Logan mumbled an ‘excuse me’ and walked out of the infirmary for a cigar. He wanted to think and be alone for a while. He puffed appreciatively on his stogie. He sighed as he thought of the ‘attack’. 'It wasn’t like Alex and Justice to follow Hayley’s lead. They must have been pretty worried to jump headfirst into something like this. They were much more intelligent than that. People used to say the same thing about me,' he thought. Ally kept them balanced. He put his cigar out and started back in to check on Ally. He stopped short as a tiny hand found his. He looked to see the little boy Justin.

"Hey," he smiled at the young man.

Justin smiled at him but still seemed wary.

"Really, it is okay, kid," Logan offered

Rogue came up behind him and looked at Justin and Logan. "Why couldn’t I help Logan?" Justin smiled at Logan as if to say ‘yeah why not?" Logan sighed at them

"Can you put this little guy back in his bed?" Then Logan walked off without waiting for and answer.

We he got back into the infirmary there was still some polite conversations between people. He looked at Ally behind the curtain she was still sleeping. He looked at Hayley and pulled the curtain.

"When can we see Ally," she asked

"When you cool down," he grinned at her.

"Screw you, Logan," she barked at him. He was enjoying her take down a little too much for her.

He wandered over to where Justice was talking to Jean. He took a minute to look at Hank fussing around Scott and Xavier.

Jean hadn’t meant to stare at Justice but he was very handsome. He had a very European look about him. His hair was in curls on top of his head and hung down slightly. The sides were shaved short and neat, he looked like a surfer. He was talking to her about something she wasn’t listening to. She would just give a polite uh-huh every so often. He spoke well and had a deep voice but he looked a lot like his sisters with the same deep blue eyes. She heard Hayley tell Hank they were part Japanese. She saw Hank working on Storm now and her burns. Logan was walking towards them and Justice’s attention was on him now.

"Logan, I am sorry Hayley…..," Justice started. Alex and Logan knew what he meant. ‘She was out of control, again.’

Storm gave them all a look; "We can discuss this tomorrow."





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