Breakfast at the X-mansion was always different. Jean knew there would be a great attendance because everyone wanted to meet the new guests who tried to tear the school apart. Who could blame them after last night’s show?

Professor Xavier sat at the head of the table now awake and very curious about last night’s attack. He looked at the table and smiled, he felt like a father of a very large family. Scott and Jean started talking to Justice who sat across from them.

Storm was feeding the infant Tyler and he was making a mess of both of them. Her burns looked as if they were nearly gone. Alex gave her a cream to stop them from becoming too painful. Storm had been amazed that Alex was able to mix a cream with in minutes. Beast had been surprised too.

Rogue looked at her, "Why do we feed him? He just going to turn red and then we have another diaper," Bobby smiled from his seat next to Rogue.

"Are you offering to change him, Rogue?" Storm asked as she cocked an eyebrow at her, "That is very generous of you." Bobby chuckled as Rogue turned a little red. She mumbled something and pushed her spoon in her cereal bowl. Bobby wanted to get Alex alone to discuss her ice abilities.

Beast walked in with a plate in hand and a found a vacant seat next to Imp and Justice. Logan was right behind him with a cup of coffee and plate and sat next to Rogue.

"How is our other guest?" The professor started as he looked at Beast, "Comfortable I hope."

"Fine still sleeping," Beast looked around at the anxious faces, "I believe nobody was seriously injured last night."

Alex reddened and looked at Justice. They could feel the X-men’s gaze on them. "We didn’t know this was a school," she looked down at her coffee, "Our attack was mild. Well at least Justice and I were taking it easy."

"We only wanted to shake you up and get answers. Hayley gets out of control," he pushed his hand back on the side of his head as if to smooth his hair, which was neat and orderly already. His eyes were the same intense blue color of his sisters and he had hair that was almost the same shade as Ally’s reddish locks but very short on the side. He had a mischievous boyish sparkle about his eyes. He smiled at Professor Xavier apologetically.

"Look, we are sorry, we just lost contact with Ally," Alex still looked embarrassed, "Our last contact with her was hazy but we were sure she was attacked."

"Contact?" Xavier asked.

"We have a strong mental bond. It could be from being telepaths or that we were all born at the same time,"Alex smiled at them.

"I have a mental link too but not like the one the triplets share," Justice added.

"You are a telepath too?" Jean asked

"Sort of but we are not as strong as Ally, that is her gift," He took a quick sip of his coffee.

"Who attacked her?" Alex looked at Xavier for an answer. She could tell he was the leader of this group.

"You don’t know?"

"I know a little of what they look like, it was faint though. Ally’s contact was weak." Alex said low as she eyed the group.

Charles nodded he had hoped there would be more answers from them. Were they hiding something?

Alex’s mouth dropped open, "Were not hiding anything." She cut off his train of thought, "Ally has just been very private lately and has been keeping us at bay." She sighed and Justice cut her a look.

‘That wasn’t cool, Alex,’ he shot at her in her mind.

"You read my mind that easily?" Xavier looked astonished and she nodded quietly as Justice gave her a scolded look. "This is something that is not your main ability? You are very good at telepathy though."

They shrugged at him. Still wanting answers from the professor. Xavier explained Magneto and his Mutant friends to Alex and Justice. He noticed that they jumped at the mention of his name.

"You know Magneto?" He looked at them pointedly.

"Heard of him but we don’t know him personally," Justice gave Alex a quick look.

Logan who had been listening quietly shifted his weight in his seat. Memories were coming back slowly to him but the he was getting upset with some of the discussion.

Alex caught his look and seemed to understand him. Jean looked at the two guests and Logan there was no denying they had a great deal of history.

"Then you know he won’t stop until he gets what he wants?" Scott spoke up next to her. Jean watched them answer questions and speak with a diplomatic grace. It was like listening to a politician or Ms. America. They kept friendly smiles and looked at everyone at the table as if to include them in the conversation.

"Any ideas, Alex," Logan stared at her.

"He knows about the experiments," Alex looked at Logan evenly. She realized he didn’t remember anything. They must have got him.

"He wants us dead," Justice added.

At the mention of the experiments, Logan was on his feet and moved toward them. Jean almost dropped her coffee cup.

"You know about the experiments?" Professor Xavier asked as Logan grabbed a chair and sat near Alex and Justice.

Alex turned to face Logan. He reached for her neck. Justice moved with such speed and agility grabbing Logan’s arm before he could reach Alex, it amazed everyone at the table except Alex Logan and Justice who all seemed to expect it. Logan and Justice looked at each daring the other to make another move.

"Want your arm, Bro." Logan snarled at him. Then he caught Justice off guard. He produced his claws quickly and went for his neck. He pulled a dog tag from around Justice’s neck with his claw. He knew Justice wouldn’t try to grab at the adamantium reach. The rest of the tables were on their feet. Alex sighed as she remained in her seat. She was not scared of Logan or her brother and that was obvious. It was if she had seen this before at the breakfast table.

"You mind, Logan?" He pushed his shirt back into shape and sighed.

Everyone relaxed and sat back down. Logan stood there examining the tag in his hand. It didn’t have numbers like Ally’s it was an odd color. It only said ‘JUSTICE’. He tossed it on the table in front of Xavier and Jean.

Alex reached around her neck and produced her own set of dog tags. She handed them to Logan. "You remember don’t you?"

Logan turned it to read it. It only said ‘ICE-CAT’, no numbers and the same color he thought to himself.

"Not all," he mumbled, "Ice-cat." And he tossed it to Xavier.

"Hayley’s says ‘FIRE-CAT’ and Ally’s say ‘ALLY-CAT’," Justice offered.

"Perhaps you should start at the beginning," Charles said but his gaze was on the dog tags he held. Who were they? He only hoped he was wrong.

Storm wiped Tyler off and then began cleaning herself off. She unhooked him from the chair and handed him to Rogue. Rogue looked surprised. "Maybe you and Bobby could take Tyler and the other two to the TV room?" Storm suggested. Rogue balanced Tyler as she stood up reluctant to leave at first but the look she got from the rest of the table wasn’t good. Logan gave her a sympathetic look but made no plea for her to stay. Bobby grabbed Imp’s small hand and helped her from the chair. He was amazed she had been still so long, she seemed docile when she was around the professor. Justin came out of his chair and followed Rouge and Bobby out the door. ‘Just the adults,’ Rouge thought to herself and left with a sigh.

"We were all part of the same experiments. Well not exactly the same. They would come up with weird mutations and not everyone survived," she looked away for a moment

"Why me?" Logan snarled.

"Maybe you should ask Ally. It gets kind of personal," she put a hand on his arm, "I know your memory is hazy but don’t you remember we were on the same side?"

"What can you tell me now?" Logan was impatient.

"Why do you remember all this but Logan can’t?," Storm asked.

"Being telepaths our minds were too strong to erase, I guess" he looked around the table and then at Logan, "Logan was also a loose cannon to them. It was imperative to them that he rememberrd nothing and it still is important to them. Many times they have given you false memories of years we knew you. They give you memories so you feel somewhat fulfilled. We have known Logan a long time and Ally usually helps him with his memory." He looked at Logan with sympathy. "I am sorry Logan."

‘Strong mind?’ Jean thought he reminded her of a big dumb dog. She gave him a smile.

"Our minds rejected the chip." He looked around again.

"Chip?" Logan looked at Justice

"We never saw the chip in Logan's head, so we are not exactly sure about it. We know they used it to control you like a ruthless warrior," Alex seemed to know a bit more than she told them.

Hayley walked into the room, totally oblivious to the intensity. She bounced down next to Scott and Jean. "Wa’ sup?" she took a sip of her coffee and smiled to everyone. She brushed Scott with her Raven hair as she turned her head to Logan, Alex and Justice. "Isn’t it too early for this shit?" she tossed them a challenging look. She understood what was going on now. Then she turned to Xavier; "You want me to get Ally?"

Logan sat up straight there was no doubting he had looked happier.

"She’s awake," she smiled at him

Logan wondered if he should go talk to her alone or take the party. What difference did it make? Everyone seemed to know more about him than he did anyway.

"Maybe we should get comfortable," Xavier looked at his X-men and the guests, "Let’s move this to the study."

Alex started grabbing plates and cups much to everyone’s surprise.

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