Justice sat on a bed in the infirmary. Boy was he sick of this place already. He watched his sisters. He wasnít sure which was hurt more. He sighed, he still felt like his chest was crushed. Alex was there now helping Beast and Jean out. He watched Logan sitting by Ally with his face wrought with concern. The baby heartbeats sounded like horses galloping through the machines strapped to Ally. She looked peaceful, her face wounds were gone but they explained it could be a while before her deeper wounds would heal. He watched Alex, he knew she must have heard them in her head too.

Jean started pointing a light in his eyes. They had told him, 'he had taken quite a pounding' they told him. No shit! That guy he fought must have weighed a metric ton. Jean tried to get Justice to cooperate but her kept staring past her and she began to grow agitated.

"Please hold still," She asked him sweetly. She knew he had been hurt bad. She had tried to take on the Blob simulation herself once and Scott had to stop it on a much easier level. The fact that they had gone as far as they did against so many impressed her. She heard Justice sigh.

"Please," he grabbed her hand gently; "Look I am fine, just sore. You can direct you attention to my sisters."

"Let her work, Just." Logan barked from his seat. You took the beating from the middle of the floor. Looks like you and Hayley got the blunt of it." He glanced at Hayley and her shallow breathing. Alex looked gravely at her sister as she dressed her wounds. Justice could tell she was trying to contact Hayley telepathically, so could Jean.

Alex looked at him with out words or expressions. Her face blanked. Justice nodded.

"I am sorry," he said to Jean. Then he cooperated a lot more so she could finish quicker. Jean knew that they were contacting each other telepathically. Why couldnít she pick that up?

"Do all four of constantly used telepathy to talk as your own language?" Jean asked Justice as she pumped up the blood pressure cuff.

"We donít mean to be rude," Alex jumped in. "We are just used to doing it. Sometime we donít realize we are not using words."

Justice smiled, he knew Jean had more questions. He could read her easily if he wanted. If she practiced her abilities more she would pass Alex, Hayley and Justice quickly. Hayley wasnít so polite; Jean would have to watch her back telepathically around her. 'She is bad; justice Hayley is really bad off this time.' Alex spoke in his head solemnly. He looked over to her hooking Jean didnít pick up. 'How about Ally?' He asked he quickly.
'Better than Hayley. All I could her in my mind Justice, was her concern for Ally and the babies. She helped Allyís battle didnít she?' She asked him telepathically.

He just nodded at Alex. Jean sighed she knew they were doing it again.

Logan gave a slight chuckle, "Give it up Jeannie. They do this."

Alex looked towards Rogue and Bobby who lingered in the doorway. They seemed afraid to come much closer. She looked at Jean apologetically, "After being treated as a unit all your lives, you get used to your siblings as being an extension of yourself. You donít feel whole without them. Unfortunately for Justice he has a telepathic bond and he just like our twin" She smiled at her brother.

Jean nodded and turned to Logan, "How are you?" She could see his bruises and cuts had already healed.

"Fine." He sat back in his chair and stretched. Alex walked over and touched his shoulder. He knew she would know something. She touched his mind gently. She hadnít spoken to him telepathically for a long time and was afraid she was intruding. 'Ally is going to be great. I would bet money on it.' He looked at her surprised of her contact and how much her voice in his head sounded likes Allyís. He sighed he knew she was holding back. "Howís Hayley?" He asked her. She faltered and looked like she would cry. She walked away before he could comfort her. He couldnít help but wonder. 'Is she dying?' He saw her looking at Justice and he looked mournful. 'Hey not Hayley, she might be a hot head and she might hate my guts but she DID NOT deserve this.'

Alex looked at Beast "How about you, Doc?" she asked him playfully. She looked him over but saw no real signs of a battle.

Beast was readying the machine for a sonogram for Ally. "I am fine. Just a little sore."

He undid the heart monitors for the baby and he got the wand ready for her belly. Cold gel and all, he thought. He moved the wand around as Alex made her way over to the computer screen.

Justice looked over at it. He couldnít see much from where he sat. He looked at Jean and smiled apologetically and hopped off the table before he could argue. He stood next to Logan who was on his feet now too to get a better look. Scott saw the scene from the doorway as he mumbled Ďexcuse meí to Rogue and Bobby.

Justice looked like a big dumb dog with the smile on his face, it was one of pure pride. "Is that my nephews?" he watched the computer screen

Beast gave them a crooked smile; "I wonít reveal the sexes until the parents say so."

Justice gave Logan a giant grin, "Congrats, man." He was really happy for them.

Alex went back to Hayley after she also gave Logan a big smile. He had became family. She looked at Hayley and almost laughed. She and Logan fought like a real brother and sister.

Justice watched Alex and Hayley. He looked over to the rest "She was screaming in my head to move."

"Why?" Jean asked next to Scott.

"She was extremely worried about the babies" Justice looked down

"I heard it too, Just," Alex looked at her sister. She was a loon but there was no denying when it came down to it, she was always there for them too.

Logan realized that was why she helped him attack Mystique, she knew she could go no further.

Beast looked at the screen amazed at what he saw. "Jean you might want to look at this."

Jean walked forward towards the screen, Logan was moved forward to see what Beast was pointing at too.

Jean gasped as she saw the child on the screen. She had been amazed by the healing factor that Logan carried, but this was astonishing. The child was healing itself and with a sonogram showing them how. It was if the baby had an invisible surgeon of itís own. "Healing itself? Oh myÖ..," Jean was at a loss for words.

"One of the babies got hurt?" Justice jumped in alarm. He really couldnít see the screen.

"The child is healing itself," Beast smiled at every one.

Logan relaxed again.

"Wow," Rogue muttered, "Just like ET"

Alex, Justice and Jean laughed, so did Scott. Logan did not and Rogue noticed it. He was clearly still upset with her. Bobby watched her face turn red and then she ran down the hall away from the infirmary. Bobby turned to follow her.

Justice looked at Logan. "Ease up man," he said quietly to Logan.

Charles guided his wheelchair into the infirmary. He looked at the young women and at the guests. Beast smiled to him as he made his way towards him. Beast had started packing up the machine. He began to fill Charles in on the new discover. "It is amazing," Beast looked over at Jean and then to Ally.

"It is not totally unheard of though. Unborn mutant children can use their abilities in many different ways before they are even born." Charles smiled politely at his friend.

Ally moaned. Logan squeezed her hand lightly. Her eyes fluttered open and she stared at him with a small smile. He returned the smile. "Hey," he called to her.

She looked weak but better. "Hey" She reached out and touched his face gently. He helped her to sit up. Beast was over there in an instant shining a light at her and checking her vitals.

"How are you feeling?" Hank asked her quickly.

"Fine", she lied as she looked past them. Alex and Justice were standing by Hayley, who looked pretty bad. She started to get down and grabbed her side, "Ugh," pain crossed her gentle features. She remembered the danger room. Logan looked at her with concern. Her hand flew to her belly.

"They are fine," Beast answered. "You guys took a hard pounding in there. You should take it easy."

"What about Hayley.?" She was growing worried about her sister.

There was a low moan from the other bed, "What about me?" Hayley asked as she sat up holding her head. Justice who had been standing next to her jumped with a smile.

"No way." He squeezed her hand.

Hank rushed over. The marks she had on her were all gone. She virtually had no signs of a battle now. Hank looked at Alex and Justice. They looked like the may laugh. "There is no evidence she was in a battle"

Alex, Ally, Justice and Hayley seemed to be talking telepathically. Jean thought this was pretty rude but had she been a triplet, she may have seen it differently.

Logan seemed to know the look, "What is it?" he asked Ally who seemed to be his passport into the group.

Alex spoke up, "Not long after you left we found we could share our abilities with one another."

"Share?" Xavier asked.

"I do not follow you." Hank looked at them.

"Itís something they do," He gestured towards his sisters

"Hmmm," Alex looked at Ally thoughtfully. "How strong are you?"

"Strong.Why?" Ally chirped

'Letís show them. Share with me for a minute.' Alex smiled as she touched her sisterís mind.

Ally nodded. She became extremely cold and Logan let go of her hand. He saw her eyes glowing.

"Is she okay?" Logan asked Alex. Alex didnít respond, her own eyes were glowing.

Hayley sighed a bored sigh. Justice smiled at Logan. "Sheís fine, Logan,"

Ally now held a small snowball. Both sisters now looked normal again.

"Extraordinary," Xavier seemed astonished.

"Indeed." Beast looked thoughtful.

"She shared her ability with you?" Jean asked Ally.


"Ally shared my speed once," Justice smiled at them. He was proud of his siblings and that was obvious but him seemed happy about his sisterís health right now.

"Is it a telepathic bond between you?" Beast asked quietly.

"I guess," Alex shrugged.

Ally looked at her IV in her arm. With deft gestures she had it out in a moment.

Jean glanced at her surprised, "Is there anything you four donít do?"

Hayley looked at them. "Your saying Ally healed me with the twins healing factor?"

Jean nodded.

"Your healing ability is not nearly as strong as Loganís Ally," He warned her. "It might also only be while you are pregnant."

"We are finding new things we can do. Whatever the experiment that was done to us, seems like it is still going. We are still mutating so to speak." Alex seemed to be speaking to everyone but smiled at Beast.

Logan noticed more to their stare. Beast seemed taken with her. Once he thought he saw Hank blush.

Ally noticed his thoughtful glance, "Have you accelerated at all?" she smiled at him.

He raised an eyebrow at her, "No."

"So, who held Sabertooth against the wall?" Logan asked.

"Did any of you Ďshareí your abilities?" Jean asked

Everyone looked at each other, but nobody confessed.

Logan told them about being alone with Ally and the flying boots. Once again nobody confessed.

"The plot thickens," Beast mumbled.

"Hank," Xavier called to Beast, "If these children could take their father healing factor. Why not their motherís abilities too?" He looked thoughtful, "I have seen it happen before. I remember one instance a woman gave birth to discover she was having twins. She hadnít been aware of one twin even through sonograms. The child could cloak himself."

"They easily could have their motherís abilities too." Hank mumbled to himself. Then it dawned on him. "Magneto wants the infants." Hank pondered aloud.

Ally gasped. She knew he was right. Logan was on his feet. "What?"

Hayley fell behind a few steps into the conversation. "You think that the liter Ally is carrying is using telekinesis and that Magneto wants her kids? Why? I mean why Allyís kids?" She stood up now looking somewhat charged. She has silently removed her IV without notice.

Alex looked at her. 'Think about it with Loganís healing ability, possibly his skeletal frame and telekinetic. How stoppable would this kid or kids be? He wantís them for his cause.' Alex spoke silently in her sisterís head. Hayleyís mouth dropped open and she looked at Alex

"Over my dead body," she hissed in something not much more that a whisper.

It sounded to everyone else like Hayley threatened Alex but they seemed to understand.

Ally shifted her weight uncomfortably, she was tired of everyone staring at her bloated belly. She would have to hide the twins well. She looked at Logan anxiously. Could their offspring really attract so much attention?

"Youíve been wrong before Professor," Logan stared at him.

"I pray I am wrong now, Logan," he sighed deeply.

Alex and Justice were glancing to their siblings. Contact between their four minds was flying.

"We have to leave. We canít protect Ally here." Justice said quickly.

"We saved her life once." Scott interrupted. "You can speak so would you four stop the telepathy long enough to let us in.."

Jean nudged him.

"Hey you want for us to communicate without you knowing and we can always use another language." Hayley snorted.

"Back off" Alex demanded of her sister. She walked to Jean and Xavier, "You do have our respect but please understand we have only had each other. Then there was Logan. We clean up our own messes."

Logan looked at Justice, "She is safe here now, Just." Then he scowled at him.

Justice knew Logan meant business and he didnít want to come to blows with him. They had always been friends but he had to protect his sister.

"We need their help, man" Hayley took a deep breath, Her sibling and everyone looked at her surprised. "Magneto knows about the experiments he was in cohorts with dad. He may have even helped funding the project. I did some digging and I found there is a market for us, the ones who survived the mutations and their offspring. With chips planted in their heads they have willing soldiers, who would hand over their babies like Christmas gifts. Super Mutants. Born from birth loyal to their cause."

She left everyone speechless. That how Hayley was. When she wasnít kidding, you should listen.

Charles looked at Hayley "Are you sure?" She nodded quietly.

Ally looked at Logan. She made it to her feet slowly.

"Ally," he started to protest

"I have toÖ." Her eyes grew moist and before she had to face everyone, she ran.

Logan started after her. Justice grabbed his arm "She may want to be alone right now."

Logan broke his grasp as he pushed his way to the door. "Alone is going to be pretty hard for any of us right now." And he walked out after Ally. Justice nodded

'Logan, when I said we had to leave, I meant you too. Ally knew it and so do Alex and Hayley. You are a part of the Ďweí now.' Logan was surprised at Justice touching his mind to tell him this.

Hayley gave the stunned room a mischievous grin. "So," She paused, "What you are saying is I can go into a fight get my ass severely kicked and get healed?" She laughed whole heartily "Awesome."



Logan followed Ally to the room he shared with her. She was staring out the window watching the students in the yards. He walked up behind her slowly and put his hand on her back. He wrapped his arm around her. He could feel her sigh. "You okay?"

She didnít face him. She was afraid she would break down. She tried hard to control her voice, "Do you hate me?"

He walked away to give her a little space. He sat on the bed as he watched her from behind. "Why would I hate you?" he asked.

She turned and started to walk towards him slowly, "My father is a total loon," she was upset, "Look at what he did to us."

He stood up to her and brushed his lips against hers, "You are not your father." He touched her belly lightly. "Feeliní okay?"

She smiled at him, "Better" she sighed lightly, and "I needed not to be around anyone I felt closed in." She kissed him back. It felt so familiar, so good. She had missed him. He pulled her closer to him and she nearly lost her balance. To Ally his kiss was gentle and very passionate. She pressed herself hard against him, wanting his smell to wash over her. She rubbed against him eagerly.

He responded quickly as he eased her down onto the bed on her back gently. He forgot how good she felt in his arms. Her now familiar scent so close, he knew he would have to stay in control. Ally was out of control and was making this very difficult. When he reached from her breast to her hips a baby kicked his hand. He smiled to himself when he thought of the child, and then he frowned at her.

He sighed and got up. "You just go out of the infirmary," he found a cigar and lit it. Not exactly sex but mild substitute he thought.

She got up. "Logan, I am fine." She turned his face to hers and kissed him, "Really." She put her hands under his shirt and played with his chest hair. The kissed deepened. She was on fire for him. How could he hold back? She knew he had an animal side for sex. She played with the opening to his pants.

He pulled he face gently from his own and looked at her, with a mask of concern as he lowered his eyebrows. "You sure?"

"Very." She nodded and she pulled off her shirt.

Logan kissed her neck and held her so close that she wrapped her legs around his hips and balanced on his framed. He carried her that way to the bed and bent over her. He kissed everywhere. He was sweating and the smell seemed to drive her nuts. She closed her eyes as he held her and caressed her. She wanted him forever, just like this.

They were on fire together moving quietly as if they would break the spell if one of them spoke. Logan removed the rest of her clothing, as they seemed to scramble to get out of their clothing.

As she could hear him grunting on top of her, it brought back memories enough to make her heart skip and if frightened her. When he began to move inside her, he would growl slowly and she would be more responsive.

Later he sat at the small table by the window as she slept. He took a swig of his beer and smiled at her. He had missed her and he respected her. He remembered how she would take off after having sex before, she was afraid to get to close to anybody. She was young and somewhat shy. Now he looked at her, she was a woman and carrying his babies. She didnít seem like she would be running.

'Logan and Ally,' he thought,'it sounded like one word.'





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