Ally stretched in the grass. She had heard something to wake her. She blinked as she got up slowly. She saw Loganís form come into view. He was headed towards her

He smiled, "I was looking for you."

She lowered her gaze and eyed him curiously "Is something wrong?" Something didnít seem right.

"Yes, we have to get moving," he came close and grabbed her arm. He began moving her away from the peaceful trees and stream.

"Logan, I am going as fast as I can, okay?" she tried to break his grasp. "Youíre hurting me." She protested. 'Why was he being so rough?' "What is it?" She heard the birds stop singing. The canopy that hung overhead was now silent, except for rustling. 'Why didnít Logan notice it?' He seemed oblivious to the sudden quiet. She looked up at the canopy in time to see something coming at her. She jumped to get out of the way. She tried to avoid Logan, but he tried to stop her retreat. She ended up hitting the ground in a hard thump. Her belly groaned under the pressure of the ground.

"Ahhh." She yelped as her abdomen tightened. She curled up and yelled again. They needed help. She looked the attacker. Logan came over to her slowly. He looked very scared. Sabertooth stood next to him quietly.

Logan bent over and put a hand on her belly. "You canít be in labor yet." He looked pissed. Logan looked at Sabertooth. "He told you not to hurt her" He protested to her attacker.

"I want her dead." Sabertooth hissed but made no advance. He started to advance towards her slowly. Ready to tear her apart. He stopped as he noticed her eyes glowing. Then he went flying high above the trees.

Ally looked at Logan. 'Why hadnít he even popped his claws yet?' He was staring after where she had sent Sabertooth flying as if he had never seen anything like it before.

Logan started towards her then stopped short. "I canít move," he panicked.

"Thatís because you are not Logan." She hissed. She was holding him mentally. Whoever this was had really pissed her off.

He smiled at her, "Maybe I am not, but you are in labor and will need my help now." He smiled a crooked smile as he changed before her eyes to a tall scaly blue mutant woman.

"No, I donít" she gasped as another contraction grabbed her. She began to loose her grab on the mutant as the pain stole her concentration. She watched in horror as the mutant shook the rest of the hold and began towards her in a serpent like walk.

Something shot at the blue woman and hit her hard. Ally looked up to see Hayley perched in the sky throwing fireballs at her. She was still clad in her bathing suit and her eyes were glowing. She threw a fire ring around her trapping her.

Justice appeared out of no where. He crouched beside Ally. He knew she was in pain, just by her yelling in his head. He watched her as a new contraction hit her and she grabbed her belly protectively.

"Ally itís too soon." He mumbled as he frowned at her.

"I hit the ground Justice." She gasped in between breaths. The pains were making it hard to talk. She watched Justiceís gaze go towards Logan as he came running towards them.

"Sheís in labor." Justice called to him. He was worried about his sister.

Logan ran up to her and hit the ground quickly by her. She threw her arms around her damp neck and she held on to him tightly. Logan looked at Justice who was close to panicking.

"You okay?" Logan lowered his gaze at her. He could see the pain in her eyes.

In moments Beast, Alex and Scott were there eyeing the scene. Hayley still held Mystique at bay with fire.

Beast moved Justice aside gently to look Ally over. There was no denying she was in labor. "Ally, breath slow." He told her gently.

She shook her head. "There is another attacker. They are the same people who attacked me in the city."

Alex knelt down by her sister, "Is she in labor?" she asked quietly.

"It would appear so." Hank looked at Ally worried while she was now resting her head against Loganís chest. "We have to get her out of her very quickly. We may be able to stop it with medicine."

Justice and Scott were looking around for her other attacker. Justice stopped short as he noticed Logan lifting her from the ground. Justice held his arms out for his sister. "I can get her there fast."

Logan looked at Ally in his arms and he wasnít convinced, he knew she needed him. He felt her muscles tighten against him again as she began to grunt in pain. He held her tight waiting for the pain to subside. She met his eyes, "I will be okay" she whispered.

"I will be right behind you," he squeezed her gently and kissed her quick.

Justice eyed his path, then put an arm around her back and one under Allyís knees. He braced her tightly as she put her arms around his neck. He nodded at Logan and Hank.

"I promise I will be right there, Al" Logan whispered in her ear quick.

She gave him a weak smile and then they were gone. He sighed heavily. He forgot how fast that boy could move. Hank put his hand on Loganís shoulder, "Itís early but there is hope. We will do everything we can for them." He told him calmly.

Logan nodded then he looked at the others who were still dealing with Mystique and looking for Sabertooth. He ran off after Justice.

Beast looked at Alex; "I may need your help."

Alex glanced at Hayley. Beast assumed they were communicating telepathically.

"We can handle this" she called to them.

Alex knew Hayley couldnít hold a fire ring forever. "Let me cage her first," she told Hank.

Hayley put out her flame and Mystique jumped at the chance for freedom moving much quicker than Alex thought possible. Mystique was mystified to find herself surrounded by ice.

"You ready or what?" she looked at Hank.

Ally was in the infirmary bed but couldnít seem to keep still, "Where is Logan?" she glanced around concerned. She watched Jean and Storm readying the sonogram equipment. Storm see to know more about it than Jean did. They were all worried and working feverishly for the babies well being. She looked at her brother; her looked as nervous as if the children were his own. He stood by her protectively with his arms folded waiting for some kind of news. He grabbed his sisterís hand and squeezed it with a halfhearted smile. Charles sat in his wheel chair doing what he could to help out.

Rogue appeared at the doorway, "Can I help?" she offered meekly.

Jean and Storm shook their heads silently and Rogue wandered off.

Logan ran in out of breath, he was still wet but it was hard to tell if it was because of perspiration or if he was still wet as he was before.

Ally smiled brightly at the sight of him. "Hey", she called.

He looked concerned and Allyson could see he was wet from sweat now. "Hey." He echoed.

He bent down to her with a small smile, "you okay?"

"Yeah," she hugged him.

"We gave her something to stop the contractions," Charles looked at him.

"They have gotten lighter." Ally smiled at Charles grateful.

"We need to make sure they stop completely." Jean said as she was writing in a chart.

"I will be right here." Logan looked at Ally as he spoke.

"She is in good hands Logan." Charles pointed out. He went to Allyson and patted her hand with a smile and turned to leave.

Alex blocked his retreat. "Hayley and Scott are bringing a guest." She was out of breath leaning on the door.

Charles raised and eyebrow intrigued.

Beast ran in and headed right for Jean. He began fumbling with the equipment that Jean was now wrestling with. Everyone noticed his blue fur was also soaked with perspiration. Jean was bringing him up to speed on the medication and the rest of what they had done to make her comfortable. Ally gave him a small smile. He winked at her. "Jean did a good job. The medications she gave you should work completely with in a couple of hours. If they donít we will give you more."

"I donít hurt as much," she looked at him anxiously.

"Thatís good. It may mean that it is working and you will stop hurting with out further medication. Did they just start?" Hank asked thoughtfully.

"No, I hit the ground when he jumped out at me." She watched Beast fumble with the wand to the sonogram machine. "Another sonogram?" she asked.

"Yes," he said as he applied the cold jelly to her abdomen.

Charles broke the spell over Ally and Loganís children. "Who is the visitor?"

Alex smiled. "Mystique."

"Indeed. I had better make her at home." He gave them a grin as he wheeled away.

Jean walked over quietly. "Can I watch, Hank? I want to check the skeletal factor." She held a clipboard and pen.

Logan sighed. "Is she going to be okay?" He looked at Hank.

"Yes," Hank smiled at the expectant parents and the rest. "I believe she is."

"Thank you, for everything." Ally smiled at him. Logan shot him a grateful smile.

Hank knew that he and the professor shared a secret worry about Loganís and Allyís children. They worried that if these children were not kept safe, they could one day be turned against them and the X-men. Everything they had seen of these babies had shown they would be very strong mutants. If Magneto raised them, they would be more than likely to help the brotherhood. He hoped that Ally and Logan stayed in good health.

Beast finished some more miscellaneous tests and hooked her up to the baby monitor.

Logan now heard the thumping of hooves. He knew it was the babies monitor. It now seemed somewhat familiar and normal. He finally sat down in a chair and relaxed. He stretched and it seemed every muscle was in knots. He looked at Ally and she looked tired to him. If she had been hurt in the scuffle she must have healed herself by now.

Ally sighed and closed her eyes.

Jean and Alex sat on another bed discussing the papers that they held.

Hank looked at Logan. "I am not confident about the birth, Logan." As he began Logan sat forward. Allyís eyes flew open. "I am not an obstetrician. Most twins are delivered via c-section. We may want to explore other options."

"Such as?" Logan eyed Hank and the equipment he was fumbling with.

"A hospital. My equipment is fine but Ally need more care than I can give her. Twins are a high-risk pregnancy. Let us pre-empt any problems."

"I am mutant and a known gymnast and model. I would not be left alone in a hospital. Somebody would discover me. Our children will be all over the news." She looked panicked and her heart monitor went crazy and her pulse went up.

"Calm down." He looked at her patiently. "Xavier is looking for a trustworthy doctor who can help you." He gave her hand a gentle squeeze. "We wonít risk you or your children, Allyson. In anyway."

Jean and Alex had been listening and nodded.





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