Eric sat still behind his desk of shiny steel. He stared into the darkness and thought about old friends. Charles, Charles wanted peace. Adams wanted to take over in a slightly different way than Eric did. Adams wanted to add mutation to people who were strong mutants already. Not that Eric minded taking on some of his mutants off his hands but he wasnít sure about experimenting on mutants. He knew all too well what it meant. What concern was it of his now? He still wanted the ones he was promised and had paid for. They were indeed strong but if they wouldnít take his cause to heart he could take the other one. Certainly they would be very strong indeed. He gently turned the ball over in his hand using his magnetism; it was relaxing for him. Another idea materialized in his head as he began to smile slowly. He felt very pleased with himself. Charles and Adams he would show them both how and where to get strong leaders.

Sabertooth interrupted with a loud thud as he came through the door. He carried a demanding look as he strode towards Eric. He stopped short as he reached Ericís desk.

Sabertooth eyed Eric trying to understand his mood, as if he were hunting prey, "Mystique is finally awake." He snarled

"Good," Eric said evenly almost daring Creed to make a move at him. Sabertooth was mad it was easy to see that.

"She is asking for you. She is still pretty bad." He looked at Eric cautiously "I want runt. I want the runt and the woman." He snarled making his demands finally clear to Eric.

"In due time," he looked at Sabertooth with measured patience. "I have a job for you to do first."

He stood up to meet hi eyes, "Donít screw up." He hissed at Sabertooth. Then as if to prove his point, he took the metal ball and hurled hard to Creedís chest using his magnetism. Creed growled as he was forced to take a step back from the ball, having lost his breath for a minute. Eric glared at him. They knew who was still in charge. He left Creed still gasping for air as he started towards Mystique. He heard a low growl from the room now behind him.



"So", Beast said to Ally, "You have had no prenatal care?" He was gathering things as Ally sat on the infirmary bed.

Logan glanced at her from the windowsill.
I take it you have had little to no prenatal care?"Beast asked her as he looked down his nose.
Logan lit a cigar silently. Beast walked over and extinguished it promptly. Ally cut him a look. He shrugged. Couldnít blame a guy for trying?

"No I havenít." she admitted a little ashamed, "I was having a hard time finding a doctor who specializes in mutant pregnancies."

"They are not many around," Beast smiled at her as he looked over the rim of his glasses. He reminded her of a grandfather who got his message across with gentle looks and smiles. Logan had a grin on his face as he made his way towards her and Beast. Logan couldnít remember being so proud of something he had done.

Beast looked at Ally as he studied a paper; "Your HCG hormones were very high."

Ally shrugged, "What does that mean?"

"Perhaps you are further than you think." Beast guessed.

Logan crossed his arms as he looked from Ally to Beast; "She hardly looks pregnant now. How can that be?"

Ally squirmed on the table, "Is something wrong?"

"A sonogram will tell us more. Would that be all right?" He looked at her evenly. She nodded slowly. "I have Ďsecuredí a unit but I will need assistance," he smiled as he started towards the door.

"You need Jean? I will get her." Logan offered. He grasped Allyís hand before starting towards the door.

"Good then I can get Ally ready," He walked back towards her slowly.

Logan gave Ally a look before he walked out the door.


Logan knocked at Jeanís door. He knew she was there. Would she hate him?

"Come on in, Logan," she called at the door. He opened the door to find Jean sitting on her bed hunched over a book with her legs crossed. She looked up at him and put the marker in her book and shut the cover. She began to stretch she must have been sitting that way a while.

"Hank needs your help running a test" he smiled at her. She stood up slowly pulling knots out of her muscles from sitting.

"Something for Ally and the baby," he kept his smile as he looked at her. She looked like she had tensed right back up. The idea didnít appeal to her anymore.

He touched her shoulder as she started to walk past him, "Jean, IÖÖ" he stammered. She turned to face him. His face could show his regret and confusion.

"I know why you felt for me the way you did. It was because of Ally. We are similar." She sighed " Iam sure had you remembered her, you would not have acted the way you did."

"I didnít mean." his gaze fell towards the floor embarrassed to look at Jean, "to hurt you."

"Neither did Scott," she pushed past him and moved down the hall.

In the infirmary Beast hands moved with deft speed readying the machine. Ally watched him with a mixture of curiosity and awe. He seemed so good natured and friendly. He was such a large guy but not awkward at all. His eyes seemed to tell their tale, they held were warm, friendly and they held concern. ĎWe all have tales.í Her father would quote an uncle she hadnít remembered. She did not remember most of her fatherís family. They had moved away or were not a subject to discuss. She wished she could remember a lost Aunt, Uncle or more about her mother. She sighed lightly, she wished she remembered everything about her mother. She had seen a picture and knew she was beautiful.

Beast seemed to pick up on her mood and gave her a small smile, "So, you are a gymnast." He glanced at her.


" I hope in ensures a healthy pregnancy." He began to get her charts together, "So, what do your other siblings do?" he was trying to keep up the conversation politely.

"Alex is a writer and a scientist like you. She is working on her MD now. Hayley, as you know is a dancer."

"And your brother?"

"He is a lawyer," she said quietly

Beast almost dropped his clipboard. His surprise almost made Ally giggle. Instead Hank said, "He doesnít seem to fit the lawyer stereotype"

Ally looked at him evenly, "Appearances can be deceiving," she grinned slowly, "Justices likes to underestimated."

"Why?" he started fumbling with papers again.

"If people underestimate you all you can do is impress them later. He calls it an ace in the hole." She turned to see Jean walk in; Logan was a few paces behind.

"Hi Hank," she smiled at Ally and Beast, "What can I do?"

Ally looked at Logan she thought he looked upset about something but she wouldnít read his mind without an invitation.

"I want to make sure I donít miss anything on a sonogram. I am not as prepared for this as I would like but look at the HCG levels." Jean took the papers and looked them over quickly. He pointed to the data to her was referring too. "Do you see what I mean, Jean."

"I am sure between the two of us we will figure this out," she said playfully then gave Ally a wink. Ally knew more than she was given credit for. She didnít bother to explain that to them though. She just smiled at them. If they underestimated Justice that quickly, then what did it say about the triplets?

"If you donít mind Ms Adams," He gestured to the table he had ready for her with the equipment near by.

"What does this do?" Logan looked at the machine doubtfully.

"It will show us your baby and if there are any problems," Beast grinned at him

Logan raised an eyebrow at Ally. Then he placed Ally on the table in a spur of the moment burst of pride and happiness. He caught Jeanís look and blushed slightly. He hoped he hadnít made her feel out of place and he wasnít used to showing emotions so openly. Ally just laughed at him, "Logan I am not sick."

Beast started humming a classical tune as he started the equipment. Ally recognized Beethoven quickly.

"Allyson, you are the gymnast from the Olympics?" beast asked her as bared her belly.


Jean looked at Logan he didnít look surprised. He actually seemed to remember it.

"I think I remember you. I donít follow celebrities but I do recognize you," He looked a little star struck at her. "Why did you stop? You were very good."

He applied a gel to her stomach and she jumped. Logan grabbed her hand. "Cold," she muttered. Logan gave her hand a little squeeze.

"Sorry," Hank apologized. He reached for a wand. "So, why did you stop?"
"We were trying to shut down the project and being followed didnít help. I started to lack." She sighed. "I tried to train after that but it was too hard and I found this out." She gestured to her bloated belly. With Allysonís belly fully exposed, she looked very pregnant.

Jean smiled at her and genuinely seemed to like her.

Hank quickly moved the wand and the machine made a noise. Logan looked at Jean then Hank.

"The babyís heartbeat," he informed them. Hank looked at Allyson, she looked uncomfortable. "How do you like Xavierís School for the gifted?"

She smiled, "So this is Xavierís house huh?"

Beast laughed. "House? I have never heard it put quite that way before." He moved the wand again and the machine thumped. Logan looked at Beast expectantly. "That was a kick." He smiled, "A hard kick."

Logan and Ally smiled back at him.

Jean watched the screen writing furiously on the clipboard that Hank handed her earlier. "Hank," she stopped him as she placed a hand on his arm, "Go back."

"What is there a rewind?" Logan looked at the screen.

He moved the wand back. Jean pointed at the screen, "Look at this," she traced the babyís frame with her pen. Hank moved the wand slower.

"It canít be." Hank said to himself.

"What?" Logan demanded.

Ally started to sit up and Jean put her hand on Allyís shoulder so she wouldnít move. Ally was wide-eyed, "Is everything okay?" she asked.

"Yes." Jean said quickly.

"Then what is?" Ally was getting edgy.

"We canít be sure yet," Hank took off his glasses to stare at the screen, "but if further tests are correct this baby is definitely Loganís"

He looked at Hank confused.

Hank kept going and gave a big smile, "I see said the blind man." He mumbled.

"Well Ally your babies are doing fine," Hank said as he enjoyed the look on Allyís and Loganís faces.

"Huh?" Logan looked at the screen everyone kept gesturing too. What did they see that he couldnít? It looked like a weathermanís map for a thunderstorm. "Twins?" Logan smiled at Ally. Ally had looked tired but now she looked energized.

Jean nodded and started writing quickly again. 'WOW. Did Logan do anything small?'

"You can get up now," Hank spoke to Ally as he moved the wand off her. "We will have to watch you more closely now."

'Great,' Ally thought as Logan helped her up.

"There was another thing," Jean looked at Beast.

He put his glasses on, "I have no idea how but at least one of your children seems to have very strong bones. They could be adamantium."

"What?" They said in unison.

"We need help Beast" Jean dropped her pen, "This is unprecedented."

Ally looked at them, "If this was from the project how could he pass this to the baby?" Ally got off the table.

Hank sighed, and faced her straight on, "I honestly donít know."




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