It was quiet as Ally was lying down in the infirmary. 'Was this going to be okay?' She had a bad feeling. Finally alone to think, she smiled as she heard the babies’ heartbeats thumping through the machine. She was causing a lot of problems. She was angry and her pulse started going up. She felt like ending it by going after Magneto alone. She heard the machine beginning to register her racing pulse and she tried to relax. It wasn’t like her to get so angry this quickly.

Logan burst in. "Hey" he held a tray of food. He gestured towards it with a smile. "Hungry?" He sat it on the little table Beast had used. "Hank said the meds. Look good."

"I have not felt any pains for a while now." She smiled at him.

"Well, you are on restrictions now." He looked serious. "It’s way to early for them."

"Restrictions?" she mumbled as she stabbed a green bean.

Logan wandered to the window he needed a cigar and Beast wasn’t there. He lit it and took a drag. "You need to take it easy." He blew his smoke out the window. "Only use your telepathy and telekinesis if you have to." He tried to make a point of trying to remember everything Beast had told him. "No lifting, No operating heavy machinery, or sex."

"Bummer, I had such and urge to take a forklift on the highway." She grinned as she drank some milk.

"What is everyone doing?" she was bored and now she heard music pouring in through the opened door.


In the Large gym Justice sat with the guitar he had found. He liked to play and once he had found some more of Logan’s beers he felt like playing more. Hayley was dancing to some of his music and they seemed to attract others to their song and dance.

Alex laughed at beast. "We were all made to take an instrument. I got the violin, Ally took the flute, Hayley got out of it with all kinds of dance and Justice to the guitar."

"Not what they had in mind, I gather." He mumbled. She gave him a small smile.

Justice had started an old ballad, "Can we last forever, or will we fall apart."

Alex looked at her handsome brother. He was due some happiness. He had his share of heartaches.

He was still singing, "Patiently, you wait until I came through my senses." He was looking at nothing but the guitar very intently.

Beast stood up as he sighed, "Would you like to….?" She stood up next to him as he guided her up holding her hand.

They started to dance slowly. She was still listening to Justice’s song, "The search is over, you were with me all the while."

Hank looked at the stunning blue eyed blonde. She seemed so tiny next to him. He had his on her back as he bent over slightly. 'Was he crazy? This beautiful tiny woman, she was so alive and so sweet. How could she have any interest in him?' He sighed lightly. Was he falling for her? She was cerebral and they seemed to share a lot of the same interests. He thought he must have been imagining it but she seemed to be getting closer to him. She looked up at him slightly as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He thought he might speak to her but she looked at him with a glint in her eye. She smiled at him sweetly and then she kissed him.

Ally listened as Justice’s voice poured in the door. "The search is over, Love was right before my eyes…." She smiled. She knew it was an old song and she knew it had meaning for him and Chloe. Then she heard A lull in the song and a lot of wolf whistles from the same place.

Logan knew she was getting restless. He walked over and kissed her.

She looked up at him with a smile. "You going soft on me?" she joked at him. "Let me stretch my legs."

"You just want to be nosy." He laughed at her.


Ally wasn’t prepared for what saw at the entrance of the gym door. Alex was holding on to Hank and they were oblivious to anybody else in the room as they kissed. They were still moving as if they were dancing, even though the music had stopped.

Logan forgot how big a guy Hank was until he saw him against Alex’s gentle frame. 'If he got any closer he would swallow her.' He busted out laughing at the thought. Then he felt Ally hit him.

Justice started to laugh a little too and started singing an old Beatles tune "Strange days indeed. Most peculiar Momma" He was almost shouting the lyrics. Hayley joined in. Ally started to laugh at Justice’s animated face. "Everybody’s smoking and nobody’s getting high." He kept going.

"I am so happy for them" Ally said quietly as she touched Logan’s arm. He guided her to a chair.

Hank was brought back to reality by Justice’s screeching. He looked at Alex and he felt like running. He wished he could fly. Alex saw him for him and not a mutant. Was he in love? Was she? He looked at her and she gave him a playful smile.

"Look," she was staring at the door where Logan stood near Ally sat in a chair. They were all smiles.

Hank walked over to them.

Alex walked over to Justice as he started singing ‘Imagine’ quietly. Hayley sat down and took out a lighter and started swaying it slowly.

"Unwinding?" Ally asked Hank as he approached.

Hank knelt beside her. "Mutants love music" he chuckled. Then he got serious. "You shouldn’t be up Allyson." He lowered his gaze at her slightly. Then looked at Logan as if to ask him why she was up.

"I feel fine." She smiled at him. "I was going stir crazy there, Hank"

Logan gave Hank a crooked smile, "Something you want to tell us son?" He was enjoying Hank’s embarrassment now.

"No, dad there isn’t." Hank stood. "Ally please down, just until the morning okay?"

She sighed, she knew she was defeated.

"We are on our way." Logan said seriously. Then he grinned at Hank in a low voice he said. "Don’t forget protection son." And winked at him. Then he felt something cold hit his head.

Ally laughed at the snowball on his head. Logan started to shake it off.

Hank looked straight him. "You are one to talk about protection." He smiled.


Charles listened to everyone singing as he sat in his office. Justice was singing again. "Imagine there’s no heaven. It’s easy if you try."

The professor was still on the telephone. He saw Logan and Ally walk past the office. Logan was dusting ice or something off his shoulder as he walked.

Xavier’s attention was brought back to the telephone. "Yes, it is exceptional circumstances and we need a lot of security" he told the person on the phone. "Perhaps you could do your exams here." He quietly listened to the phone. "I look forward to hearing from you." He told the phone as he hung it up.

He continued to hear music. 'Let them enjoy themselves.' He smiled to himself.'They go through a lot and it’s not over.' He feared it was far from over.


Hayley walked out of the gym with one of Logan’s beers. She felt like a teenager sneaking liquor. ‘What was this prohibition?’ She laughed to herself. This place was so institutional. If Ally didn’t need to be there, she probably would have ran by now. She laughed to herself as she danced down the long corridors. Oh well, might as well have some fun while she was there.


Storm sat silently with her knees tucked up to her chest. She was outside on a bench and it was still hot out. She gazed at the pool where everyone had laughed and danced earlier.

Logan’s sleeping form came to mind as she looked at the chair where he had sat. She smiled at the memory. He had looked like a person on permanent siesta with his hat over his eyes. Then she frowned as she thought of Allyson. Ally-cat the telepathic wild woman. Why couldn’t she be happy for them? They had overcome so much for them to be together.

She noticed a slow moving figure in the house corridors through the glass windows. She danced along with a bottle in hand and a cigarette in the other. 'Was Hayley always so nuts? 'Storm felt a pang of envy. 'If I could only be so carefree,' unlike the other she had a lot of responsibilities. Where was Hayley going? She had a bad feeling.


Jean and Scott danced slowly. It was very evident that the little party Justice had started was quickly winding down. Scott seized the moment. "I need to tell you something." He sounded so serious, so suddenly.

Jean took notice. He had her complete attention now She looked at Justice and he kept playing ballads as if they weren’t there. She looked around worried and noticed Alex and Hank were still there, they were talking softly. ‘They are cute together.’ Jean thought. Scott looked Jean to catch her eye. He told her about Hayley and their encounter slowly and carefully. When he finished they stood apart. Jean had her arms folded across her chest.

Hank looked at Jean and Scott not returning Alex conversation.

She followed his gaze. It bothered him when his friends fought. ‘Just like us’ she thought.

Justice started another ballad; "You’ve lost that loving feeling. Whooaaaa"

Alex hung her head down. ‘Justice, you boob.’ She thought. She tossed him a mental tug to get him to shut up. He looked up and became aware of the others. He stopped his music

Jean stormed out, leaving Scott standing alone where they had been dancing earlier. Justice tossed him a rueful grin and looked down at the guitar. He began an upbeat tempo. "Stand in the place that you are"

Scott cut him a look. Justice kept singing, "Listen to reason, reason is calling."

Hank and Alex burst into laughter.


Logan got out of the shower and saw Ally breathing slowly on the bed her eyes closed. He pulled a pair of shorts on and grabbed a cigar and a lighter.

He smiled at Ally’s sleeping form and smiled, then he kissed her on the head. Her eyes opened slowly, she smiled and rolled over. She was back asleep. He pulled the blanket over her and turned out the light as he left.

When he got to the hall he nearly collided with Jean.

"Hey", he held her by the shoulders to balance them both. He noticed her expression. "You okay?"

"No, Scott……" then she trailed off and pushed her hands over her face.

"Say, say, say. What you want…." Justice’s voice came trailing up the hall at them. He was still singing.

She was taken back a little hurt when she saw his expression. "You knew?" she accused him.

"I know Hayley, she has a mixed up way. When she wants something, she has this ability." He shrugged at her; he couldn’t really explain it.

"She tried this with you?" she asked him.

"Yeah." He looked down at his feet.

Justice’s singing broke the silence again. "You never ever worry and you never shed a tear."

"You are putting up for him?" she started to cry.

Logan held her and kissed her head softly. "It takes two." He whispered. "Hayley has already caught hell with me and her family." He pulled her away gently. "I knew it wasn’t for me to tell you, Jeannie"

"What would you do?" She asked him.

He lit his cigar and stepped away so he wouldn’t blow smoke in her face or was it for distance? She wondered.

"Give the kid chance." He shrugged. "Even we are human." He laughed at his own joke lightly. "Everyone screws up." He blew some smoke away from her.

She smiled. "I might." She looked as if she had considered it. "But not right now." She kissed his cheek lightly, then she sailed into and empty guest bedroom and shut the door.

He walked off listening to Justice singing, "Tears in Heaven" 'How much did he have to drink?' He sighed and he hoped he had some beer left.

He found Alex and hank sitting together talking. He also found a lot of empty beer bottles by Justice.

He walked over to his drunken minstrel friend. "Any left?" he asked him. Justice motioned to two left by the window.

"Come on, Music man." He grabbed Justice by the arm and helped him stand up. "Time for bed." Logan snagged a beer Justice had and took a long drink. Justice started humming as he stood, then started towards the door. He sang to his sister and Hank as he met their gaze. "Part time love. Da dadadad dum."

Logan shook his head, "Get some new songs, Just." He laughed and winked at Hank and Alex as he followed Justice out the door.

"Should you go?" Hank asked her as he gestured to the two men retreating.

"Nah, Logan and Justice are okay together." She smiled at him. "He will make sure he doesn’t fall asleep some place other than his bed." She looked at the door. "We always loved Logan," she added. "He was like another brother. When he and Hayley aren’t bucking heads, we usually get along wonderful."

"Has Justice always been grouped with you three as one of the triplets." He asked her "You seem more like a quartet."

"I know, she mumbled. ‘Poor Justice’ she thought to herself. She looked at Hank sweetly. His eyes were soft and warm. He was very inviting to her.

Hank looked her, her blue eyes shone at him. He dusted a tendril of hair off of her face. On impulse he kissed her. She responded fully to him as if she couldn’t get enough of him. She may have the power to create ice but her body was on fire against his. When she tumbled into his lap and the kiss deepened, he couldn’t be more surprised.


Storm followed Hayley down the corridor. 'Did Hayley know she was there?' Hayley stopped and faced her with a wide-eyed innocent expression.

"Hey," Hayley said in a meek greeting and offered her some offered her some her beer by holding the bottle to her.

"No, thank you." Storm said politely.

Then Hayley changed direction and headed towards the rooms.

"Well," Hayley called as she strolled away, "G’night."

Storm now knew where she was headed and she would have been up to no good. 'She had been going for Mystique.'





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