Now I Lay Thee Down to Sleep:



Scott smiled at Jean. He loved making up. Jean looked sleepy and pulled her covers up. The bedroom was a sanctuary to Scott. No Logan, No triplets, No unborn babies it was just him and Jean. He crept next to her still naked body and pressed her close. He thumped his fist against the pillow and got comfortable. Jean seemed to hold back. He turned to see her face.

"Whatís on your mind?" he smiled at her. She looked so thoughtful. He knew she needed to talk.

"Do you mind talking about the lab and Loganís girlfriend?" She asked quietly

"Of course not," he lied.

When she was done, Scott looked puzzled. He also looked upset. "I knew Wolverine was trouble." He looked at Jean oblivious to the stare she was giving him, "Do you think he will marry her and move out?" He joked. "We donít need 2 or 3 of them running around here."

She glared at him. She wasnít sure if he was joking or not. "Show a little compassion huh?" She couldnít believe him sometimes.'Was he so competitive of Logan?'

He smiled. He knew he couldnít win where Logan was concerned. "Okay, I love you."


Ally lay in the bed tired but not sleepy. She stared at the ceiling. She didnít want to look at Loganís mess. Loganís room was messy, what else was new? She got out of bed only wearing Loganís flannel shirt that hung on her loosely, even pregnant. With a sigh, she started to tidy up.

Logan sauntered in and caught sight of her. He scooped her in his arms. "Hey." She cut him a look but he placed her on the bed anyway.

"I talked to Beast," He started towards the door and shut it, "Well until the babies are born they will sap your strength, so you should try not to use your harder abilities, he sat down next to her on the bed.

"What does that mean? What am I allowed to do?" she looked agitated.

"It means take it easy," he mumbled as he turned to sit on the edge of the bed.

"How will I defend myself?" she took a swipe at his back to get his attention but he didnít even notice.

"Who said you would have to?" he started to remove his boots. "He also said that multiples are more like to have multiples."

Ally smiled to herself at the idea of Hayley with four babies. She stretched out on the bed and started to rest. Logan removed the other boot and began to pull his shirt off. He turned to look at Ally but her curls had fallen in her face and she had her eyes shut.

'A father,' he was going to be a father. Not long ago he had little to look forward to. NOW, he had an instant family complete with crazy in-laws. It was a little overwhelming but with Allyson it was also very settling. She had been able to calm him and at times she would bring out the animal in him.

He started to take his pants off, when one of his boots hit him in the head. Her grabbed his head instinctively and dodged the other flying boot. 'What theÖ.'

"Ally?" he turned to look at her but she hadnít moved. Her breathing was still and heavy while she was curled up on her side.

'Imp!' It had to be. He buttoned his pants and ran for the door to catch the mischievous child.

He opened the door very quickly and jumped into the hall. Rogue and Bobby nearly jumped put of their skin.

"You seen Imp?" he asked.

"Yeah, she went to sleep a little while ago. Right after Storm read her a story," Rogue pointed towards the room.

"How about Jean?" he asked a little calmer. He hoped Jean wasnít that angry.

Bobby blushed slightly. "I think she is with Mr. Summers." He looked at Wolverine and gave him a little wink. Rogue him hit playfully.
"Who is Ally-cat?" Bobby asked as he remembered Mr. Summers Mentioning Ally-cat and Logan. Rogue looked at him.

"She is the one who is in the infirmary." Rogue explained to Bobby, "She looks like the other two guests, except her hair is red and curly."

"She is asleep right now," Logan said in a hushed tone trying to get them to lower their own voice.

"She is in there?" Bobby jokingly tried to see past Logan as if it were a scandal.

"You can call her Ally." He smiled giving Bobby a gentle nudge in the opposite direction.

"Well, it is late," Rogue announced as if she was trying protect her own man or keep Bobby quiet. She pushed him in the direction away from Logan. "Goodnight," she called over their shoulders.

In the lab Beast found an unlikely person to help him with some of his data. Earlier, Jean made a small apology when Scott came in to retrieve Jean. Beast had been left alone to work, until Alex came to the infirmary bored and curious. He found her knowledge a wonderful help and company comforting.

Alex worked next to Beast, "The levels would be right on for twins, but she is so small," Alex tossed her hands in the air.

"Well the babies are small, Alex." Beast looked up from the computer screen

"Well, Logan is pretty short." She said playfully.

Hank chuckled. "SO, you are going for your MD?"


"It is good to have somebody else to work with and talk to. Jean cannot always be available."

She moved over the microscope with a slide and gave him a little smile. She began to examine the culture. Beast watched her carefully, he needed to make sure she knew what she was doing and at home.

Her long blonde hair long blonde hair clung to her shoulders and around her face in tiny wisps. She was so much like Ally, their faces were identical but that was where the resemblance ended. Alex had soft straight blonde hair and a much more laid back attitude than Ally or Hayley. The contrast between Alexís soft, straight locks, Allyís curly mane or Hayleyís full body raven hair was great. Alexís eyes were intense and her lips very full but slightly parted. Her almond shaped blue eyes did not give way to any secrets they held.

"HANK!" she was yelling at him now.

"Huh," he answered quietly.

"I said do you have any other cultures?"

He climbed out of his seat to get it. 'What a space case and he under estimates us?' She shook her head.

Storm sat silently in the kitchen with her juice in hand. She looked at the quiet night. As she stared out the window she watched the night and itís many secrets. 'Of course at three am what mad woman would be up?' She smiled to herself.

The door opened and the lights flickered on as someone entered the room.

Justice blinked at her trying to make her out in the now light flooded kitchen.

"Sorry, I needed something to drink," he smiled politely at her. 'Even in the middle of the night he looked spotless, like Scott,' she thought. 'Perhaps he hadnít slept either.'

He was wearing shorts and a sweatshirt in the schoolís gray color. Somebody must have loaned him something to wear from the school. It couldnít hide his strong frame.

"Are you okay?" she asked. Her long white hair fell behind her as she sat with one leg crossed over the other one.

She was lovely he thought, very graceful. "Yeah," he found a glass and filled it with water. "I guess I am a little freaked."

"About what Justice?" she cocked her head slightly at him.

"Just the twins. Itís just kind of sudden you know?"

"What twins?"

He walked over and sat across from her. He smiled and took a drink.

"Ally and Loganís," he turned his glass in his hands, making circles on the table.

"They are having twins?" she looked him incredulously.

"You didnít know," he looked up at her, "Sorry I thought our lives were an open book being guests here."

She stood up abruptly, "If you will excuse me." She walked out of the room leaving Justice to himself.

'Yup, I have a way with the women.' Then he drank his water as he looked out the dark window at the night.

Logan rolled over in bed his arm found Ally, and then he smiled to himself. He touched her hair and brushed it off her check. He enjoyed the touch of her. It had been a long time since he had her.'How had she taken from him?' He marveled at this joy of getting reacquainted with her. He looked at her face studied her and wondered if she had felt lost with out him. He had a million emotions in his head, he had missed her and he hadnít even know she was gone. To be a father, that was a mystery too. He put his hand on her belly. She sighed lightly; she moved a little but didnít wake. He felt a thump under his hand from Allysonís belly. He pulled his hand away instinctively. He smiled at Allyson as she slept. They had created life; it seemed more real to him now. He sighed now he had a more emotion and thoughts flooding his mind. He smiled slightly at Allyson as she slept.





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