Ally woke up the next morning in a now somewhat familiar place to her. Logan was still asleep. He had an arm stretched across her belly as if to protect the babies. He glistened with a slight sweat. She wondered if he was sweating because he was having nightmares, or just too hot? She rolled towards him and brushed his lips lightly with hers. She disentangled his arm from her and started to get up.

His eyes flew open. "Al?"

"Hey." She smiled and tumbled out of bed. Logan’s flannel shirt hung on her small pregnant frame. She knew she would need a real nightgown.

"Can we talk?" he asked and he pushed himself up and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

"Sure." She smiled. Then she retreated to the bathroom.

"Damn it Al," he jumped out of the bed. "Stop walking away." He was still naked and she glanced at his manhood when he got to the bathroom door.

"If you leave your windows open all the time," she walked over to him and handed him a towel. "You will need to cover something."

Then she pulled his flannel shirt over her head. She dropped it on the floor and followed the sound of the running water. She disappeared into the shower stall.

Fine’ he thought. He dropped the towel and followed her into the shower.

"Join me?" She said sarcastically. She smiled at him and handed him a washcloth.

"Marry me?" he faced he with a very serious look on his handsome face.

She laughed. "Quite the charmer today." Then she noticed his expression. "You are serious?" Her heart skipped a beat. He was serious and she knew it. Had she been avoiding the question? He had seemed close to bringing it up a couple of times before.

"I am serious, Al." His look of longing for her seemed genuine. "We were going to do the whole family thing before. I don’t want to be with out you anymore. I don’t want to loose you again."

She sighed. She wasn’t really sure what to do. "Should we even be thinking about this right now? I mean there is a world of mutants after us right now." She was a little skeptical about the circumstances.

"We belong together." He knew he loved her and she loved him. For years they had weathered a lot of problems. They had lost each other more than once and always ended up in each other’s arms.

"They will never stop chasing us or the kids. We need to keep living too. The kids deserve as real of a family as we can give them, Al" He reached down and touched her pregnant belly. A small thump from one of the twins touched his hand as if in agreement.

She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. "I couldn’t be with out you either." She laughed to herself. ‘What an unusual proposal."


'This place is so institutional,' Hayley thought. She needed to go out for cigarettes or the mail or something. She was lounging by the pool wearing yet another gray set of shorts and a gray shirt that she had cut into a halter If she hadn’t felt so needed she would have bolted by now. Mystique had gotten away. 'Damn!' It had been that Munroe chick’s fault. 'If she hadn’t stopped me, there only would have been a piled of ashes today to deal with.' She smiled to herself. She had her own way of dealing with people like her dad and Magneto. She was adamant about it ever since Alex had stopped her from killing their father. She glanced down at the gray clothing again and sighed.

Alex and Justice started towards her with towels. Rogue and Beast were behind them.

Alex jumped into the water. She came out soaked with the gray shorts and shirt clinging to her small frame and curves. Hank’s eyes looked as if they would pop out. Alex broke the suction by shaking her clothes loose from her.

Justice sat down next to her. She rolled her eyes at him expecting another bitching out.

He sighed at her. "We can be here for some time and we are going to need some of our things, Hayl."

She sat up straighter and her look brightened.

Logan came out with a cowboy hat on his head, shorts and a shitty grin.

'Now what?' she thought, 'he looked like the cat that swallowed the canary.'

Rogue sat near by with her legs in the pool. Beast grabbed a chair. Bobby was not far behind Logan with a towel. He waved to Rogue and ran over to her.

Justice caught Logan’s eye. "Where’s Ally?"

"Getting dressed." Logan sat in a chair next to them and pulled off his shoes.

"We have to go home and get some things." Justice told him.

Logan raised an eyebrow at him. "Do you think that’s safe?"

"We are not weaklings" Hayley jumped at him, "We shook all of you and that was only a weak attack with out Ally." She was insulted to be treated like a child.

"Ally shouldn’t be fighting right now." Logan growled

"Look we also need transpo." Justice pointed out. "We really need our things."

"I will go and Justice can stay here with Al," Hayley jumped at the chance to get out. "If I can get a ride to my car."

"Your car? Get my car or Ally’s for now." Justice argued. "We need more than a two seater."

"Who is going to give me a ride? Alex?" She was happy at the thought of getting out.

"I will take you." Logan grumbled. He knew he would be good protection, he could smell trouble a mile away. With Alex and Justice with the X-men, everyone else would be safe enough.

Rogue turned around her eyes were dancing with excitement. "Oh, please let me go." She begged despite Bobby’s warning look.

"NO!" Logan and Hayley yelled. Justice hid a smile ‘Old habits die hard’ he thought to himself. They were so much alike.

Hayley caught Justice’s amused look. ‘Shut up Just.’ She called to her brother in his head.

Rogue didn’t give up so easily. "I am always stuck here." She whined, "besides I am safe with you guys."

"NO!" Logan and Hayley yelled again at her.




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