So, This is the danger room……………..



High above the danger room was the control room. Rogue stood in the control room looking down at her three new friends. 'How was it Logan did this?' She looked at all the switches and knobs. The trio looked like they were getting edgy. She had led them to giant empty room and told them to wait. Rogue knew there was a way to bring out the simple training gym. She sighed as she continued to search the large panel.


In the large danger room Hayley, Ally and Justice stood there waiting for Rogue. What was taking so long? Justice glanced up at the glass window above; he could just make out Rogue tiny figure. Ally and Hayley shrugged at each other. 'The danger room did not seem to dangerous,' Hayley told Ally mentally.

Hayley was about to take to the air and peer in the window to find what was wrong. Until they saw an obstacle course pop out slowly. There seemed to be everything.

"Decent." Justice marveled at the sheer mechanics of the room. They he looked at Ally, "Maybe you ought to sit out Al."

"I will be fine." She assured them. "I really just want to get my balance again. I am afraid I will break something anyplace else." She smiled as she bent over on to her hands into a very controlled handstand. Then she started to balance herself on one hand only. "Nothing heavy." She got back to her feet easily.

Hayley nodded, as she seemed convinced it would be okay and she looked at Justice for his approval.

He sighed Ally was stubborn. He had expected her to watch. He ran towards the obstacles. As he dove into it, he increased his speed. It became hard to make out his figure.

Hayley started to follow him but no where near as fast. She sighed wondering what it was like to move so quickly. She lost patience started the obstacle course in the air. Her eyes glowing slightly as she began to move as gracefully in the air and as water ballet dancer in the water.

Ally looked on at them as she turned very controlled flips. She moved slowly as she wondered if Logan had used this room.


Rogue was glad they seemed to be enjoying themselves. She watched in wonder at Justice’s speed and agility. He was no match for Beast or Wolverine as far as agility goes but he definitely had his own style. What if she could touch Justice and borrow his speed or strength? Then she looked at Hayley diving over and under obstacles. What if she borrowed that power? To fly would be cool. Her gaze fell upon Ally, she was taking it slowly as she stretched and turned carefully.'What was it that Logan saw in Ally? How close were they?' She was curious about her relationship with Logan. She wondered what it was like to be a triplet? She could only imagine the closeness of their bond or the closeness of her bond with Logan. She wished for the closeness they shared, she wanted that physical contact. She longed for it and almost craved it. She leaned forward in deep thought and the control panel made a loud noise. 'What was that?' She looked at the control panel wondering what she had pushed. She looked in horror at the danger room. It seemed Hayley, Justice and Ally was not aware.

Hayley almost did not see the gun aimed at her. Justice saw it and he couldn’t believe it appeared out of no where. He screamed a warning to her. Hayley dodged before setting it ablaze.

Ally stood routed to her spot, she almost looked terrified. Justice and Hayley found what she was staring at. Random mutants were materializing out of thin air. One of them seemed to take Ally by surprise. Her eyes started their intense glow. She started throwing these mutants with her mind. She took a stance to fight them off by hand if necessary. Justice and Hayley made their way towards her. She had a determined look and they doubted she would back down.

Justice caught her attention as Hayley held them back. "We have you to get you out of here, Ally. You cannot fight now." He started her towards the door. Ally nodded silently.

The door was locked. "What is this made of?" Justice grunted as her pounded the door hard. He couldn’t budge it.

Hayley knew these simulations were attacking like real mutants. She started attacking them. "I guess we are in this together. 'Let’s flank them,'Hayley barked at them in their heads.

Justice looked at Ally she looked pretty strong. 'Ally can you give me some room?' He touched her mind gently.

She nodded as she started her own assault. Her eyes began to glow as she tossed mutants from side to side telekinetically like Moses parting the Red Sea. Justice ran down the middle distracting them as some of the mutants started towards him. Hayley winked at Ally as she jumped into the air. Tossing fireballs from over head. She landed on the opposite side of the room Allyson was on and with Justice fighting in between them it would work. They had them on all sides.

Rogue watched in horror as they were in battle. Sabertooth was closing in on Ally. She seemed scared of him at first. She understood how they had positioned themselves. They stood apart so the no one person was fighting completely alone. It would be hard to back any of them into a corner. It seemed smart to have Justice in the middle; he was fast enough that nobody seems to catch his back.

Ally dodged Sabertooth then she shot him back into the obstacle wall. He hit it with a hard thud. Then she used her telekinesis to drop the wall on top of him.

Justice was in a match with Mystique. She was not as quick but just as clever and knew how to strike a blow that would count.

Hayley laughed as she set toad on fire. This was too easy, she thought until she saw Ally and Justice and more attackers came out. Hayley found herself against some guy who was materializing metal spikes. She sighed and lifted from the ground slightly as his assault of metal cam flying at her.

In the control room Rogue was furiously looking for something to stop this. She heard the door open. Logan and beast came in smiling about something.

"What are you doing here?" Beast was curious at her crestfallen expression on her pretty face.

"Stop them," She yelled as she pointed at the danger room below.

"What?" Logan looked down at them in danger room.

Beast almost knocked Rogue over as he dove for the control panel.

"Can you stop it?" Logan was growling at the scene before him but how to get down there? He was watching Ally while she fought off attackers with flying objects or throwing them clear. Justice had the Blob on top of him as he struggled to push him off. Hayley was melting metal spikes as fast as they were being thrown at her. Beast kept trying the controls and grew upset.

Logan watched as Ally seemed oblivious to the attacker that started to move from the rubble to the side of her. 'Sabertooth.'.

"Can you get me in?" Logan growled. "Get me in blue boy now!"

Beast looked at the room in time to see Hayley catch a spike in her thigh and she hit the ground with a thud. Justice tossed the Blob off of him with Ally’s telekinetic help. He saw something moving behind her. He got to his feet and moved towards her.

Logan jumped on to the control panel and in an instant had his claws out. He began to slash at the thick window from the control room. Logan was grunting as he slowly cut through the glass.

Beast continued his work at the control panel. "That window is not so easily compromised, Logan." He yelled at him.

Ally saw Justice moving towards her. The semirealistic Mystique became storm as she walked up behind Justice. Ally threw her so hard mentally she hit the opposing wall Hayley was fighting her attacker.

Justice lay in front of Ally. 'Storm must have got him.' Ally held Mystique to the wall until her own feet came off the floor. As she was hauled off her feet by Sabertooth, he held her by her hair tightly.

"Come on, Hank." Logan grunted at Beast. He had cut a large enough hole in the extremely thick glass.

He was right behind him

"Let me help." Rogue’s gloved hand touched Logan’s arm.

"Stay outta the way, kid." Logan growled at her, then he dove into the room with Hank in hot pursuit.

Ally knew it was Sabertooth that held her. She caught a sidelong glance. She tried to overload some of the mutants with telepathy again but it wouldn’t work on them. She saw Hayley set her own attacks aside and started fire balled Sabertooth. He let out a growl as he threw Ally to his feet. Her head hit the ground with a thud.

Beast hit the ground right behind Logan. He surprised Hayley and she faltered in her fight taking a spike to her shoulder. She grunted loudly as she hit the wall behind her and then fell to the floor. She stained the walled with blood.

Beast came up behind her attacker and pushed the trigger. The mutant disappeared quickly.

Logan had his claws out as he went for Ally as she was lying at Sabertooth’s feet.

Justice had the blob rushing him against a wall laughing. Every time he tried to hit him, his hand would disappear in the fat, which was the blob. He couldn’t pick him up. He only fended off him off and used his weight against slowly. The blob was slow and stupid but quite lovable.

Logan felt his attacker before her saw it or could smell it. 'Damn simulations. They have no smells.' He turned to see Mystique. They began to trade hits and she parried off his claws easily.

Beast ran to Justice as the blob pinned him against a wall. He pulled the trigger on the simulation. The Blob faded away as Justice caught his breath and then passed out.

Hayley was still throwing fireballs at Sabertooth to keep him off Ally.

Mystique smiled at Logan and them morphed into Wolverine. She popped her claws and began a new attack on him.

Beast noticed Hayley’s attack on Sabertooth. He rushed over to Allyson with his trade mark agility.

He knew Hayley couldn’t last much longer. Sabertooth was going to use Ally’s limp body as a shield and knew Beast would not attack. "Hide if you want." Beast mumbled. Sabertooth growled and threw Ally at him. Beast leapt into the air and caught her easily. He set her down looking at her injuries quickly. Sabertooth tackled Beast to the ground.

Hayley produced twin fireballs and they loomed over the Logans. Each Logan was hit lightly.

"What the ….." Logan turned, "Hayley" he yelled stunned for a minute.

Hayley started walking towards them as she pinned them against the wall with fire. She walked through the fire while her eyes glowed brightly. She faced them both 'How to tell?' She chose the wrong Logan, to set free the clone and Mystique stabbed her in shoulder with her Wolverine simulated claws. Hayley let Logan go after she hit Mystique’s trigger and she faded. Hayley fell to her knees.

Beast went flying past Logan’s head. He hit the ground hard but recovered quickly. "Since when could he throw me?" Beast wondered to himself. "This is a most difficult battle."

"No shit, blue boy," Logan snarled as he approached Sabertooth with his claws extended.

Sabertooth howled as he threw a large piece of the wall’s rubble at him. He began to cut through it as the smaller pieces hit him in various places on his body.

Sabertooth flew against the wall pinned but nobody was there. Beast glanced at Allyson but she was not conscious . Sabertooth was grunting to get free and the invisible grasp was wearing down. Beast grabbed the opportunity to sneak up behind the Sabertooth simulation and pushed the trigger. He gave a small smile as it faded away.

Logan knelt at Ally’s motionless figure. He clutched her to him as he brushed her hair from her face. She was bleeding above her eye. He put his hand on hers, then he put his hand on her belly. He felt a quick thump, as if his child was telling him not to worry. 'At least one of them is kickin’.' He sighed to himself.

Beast knelt over Justices and felt for a pulse.. He began to move slowly. Beast helped him to his feet.. Justice shook his head as if he had water in his ear. Beast looked at Hayley lying on the ground motionless and bloodied. He frowned at the sight of her. He made sure Justice was steady on his feet and went to her. He found a pulse and sighed. 'It took a lot for her to back down or even stop.' He looked at her in awe.

Logan put an arm under Ally’s knees and one behind her back as he lifted her. He looked at her hoping he wasn’t hurting her further. He watched the Cut above her eye heals itself and he couldn’t hide the smile that crept over his face. He gave her a light squeeze. He carried her over to the door. Justice joined him as he gripped his ribs.

Beast picked Hayley up gingerly and walked towards Logan and Justice.

"How did Sabertooth get pinned to the wall?" Beast wondered aloud as he met them at the door.

Instinctively Logan looked down at Ally, who slept in his arms.

Justice shook his head. "Ally has never done telekinesis while she was out, only telepathy."

Logan looked as a few of Ally’s lighter wounds healed. He looked over at Hayley. He saw Beast’s grave look as he carried her. Hayley wouldn’t be so lucky. When the door opened Alex was waiting there her eyes glowing slightly until she saw her sisters.





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