Logan slipped out hoping that nobody will notice. Justice did and followed as Alex created a little distraction so they could get away to talk.


"Yeah," Logan called with out turning around

"You okay?"

Logan stopped and looked at him.

"Ally has always helped you before," He smiled as he picked up Loganís quick pace.

When they got to the infirmary, Justice broke into a big silly grin as he saw Ally. He ran past Logan and stood by the bed. She was sitting up looking out the window. Her long curls hid her face slightly.

She smiled and hugged her brother warmly. She looked past him to see Logan smiling at her. His eyes looked at her as if he had seen her for the first time after a vacation. She looked sad at the thought.

"They got to you first," she sighed at them. She looked at Justice and knew she was right.

"Do you remember me?" She asked him gravely. Searching his face for answers.

He nodded and he did. He remembered how much she meant to him and their touch. He felt in love again and a little confused at the same time. Memories of their bodies becoming one almost made him blush. He cut justice a quick look.

Justice grabbed her hand and kissed it lightly. He knew three was a crowd. He squeezed her hand, and then he smiled and walked out.

Logan reached over and hugged her. He pulled her back to stare into her face. "Ally I know you," he reassured her. She gave him a small smile, he knew she wasnít convinced. He kissed her gently but needy. With out warning a flood gate of memories came back to him. He welcomed them.

Their kissed deepened. He buried his hand in her hair as he pushed her closer to him. Her hands explored under his shirt playing with the hair on his chest.

Suddenly she pulled back breaking the spell, "We should talk," her tone was serious.

Logan was upset she stopped. At that point his want for her was as strong as his want for Magneto. He marveled at how he could love her. How that could be take from him with out his knowing?

"Logan, do you remember the last time we were together?" she smiled at him. He nodded and started nuzzling her hair again. "Donít get me started?" he teased her. He remembered their sex and now he missed it.

ĎLogan, pay attention,í she scolded him in his thoughts. He pulled away and smiled. She was in his head again and he didnít mind. Seemed like she belonged there. He gave her a look so she knew she had his attention.

"Logan I am sorry I chased after you but we had to talk," she sighed slightly. He knew what she meant now. He turned up a corner of his mouth, "I know about the baby,"

She was shocked he knew. "Since when did my life become such an open book?" then she looked at him sweetly, "What do you think?"

"Come on, Ally we talked about this before. Itís just sooner," he was all smiles at the thought now.

She sighed and sank back into the bed relieved, "You know it is yours?"

"We caught the idea when you started healing yourself,"

"Your healing ability?"

"Kidís got good taste."

She threw her cover off looking for marks of her battle. There were none just the gown she wore. She glanced at where the IV was. That mark was gone now. She smiled.

"Alex started telling everyone about some of the experiments." He looked at her.

She nodded, "Everyone?" Hayley had filled her on what she knew which wasnít much. They were at a school and two people had found her not that far from there. She also told her of the people she had met last night and the way they had attacked the school.

"Come on," He handed her some clothes, "Jean left these for you yesterday" she gave him a quizzical look. "She found you."


"You can meet her in a minute," he looked at her. She still seemed a little shaky. He helped her off the bed, "you up to it?" She gave him a smile; "I want to meet your friends."

ĎFriendsí he thought. Guess they are he almost laughed, even red eye.




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