Logan’s Friends



When Logan and Ally reached the study, they found Alex, Hayley and Justice sitting on a big leather couch and everyone else seats near by asking questions. he thought. They looked like they we on display. He grumbled slightly. He knew his past was about to be known for everyone. ‘What was this CNN?’ The conversation stopped as they walked in. Everyone’s stare was on Ally.

Beast stared at Ally, "How did you get you IV out?"

Now standing everyone could see the last triplet was awake and well. She looked alive and bright. Her eyes held a twinkle as she held Logan’s hand. She was wearing clothes Jean had lent her but they looked different on her. They fell loosely around her small frame, clearly Jean was taller than Ally was. Her hair fell all the way down her back in a mass of red curls. Hayley’s hair was wavy and Alex’s was straight but Justice’s hair was the same as Ally in color and texture. All four had the deep blue eyes but it was Ally and Justice who would have been mistaken for twins. Ally smiled at her brother and sisters. She looked at all the other people, a little overwhelmed.

Logan took her hand and helped her find and empty chair. As she sat it was easy to see a bloated

Belly although she did not look very big. She looked at the guy with the ruby lens sitting with a stunning redhead. She saw the bald guy who sat behind a desk like a teacher who had kept his class for detention. There was the Ivory haired beauty Hayley had told her was named Storm. Then there was the blue fur gentlemen Hayley had told her about. Hayley’s description of him was, his name was Beast and he was a cool male nurse or something.

Beast continued his stare. She looked at him and gave him small smile as she sat down. "I took it out."

Scott was now aware he had been staring, closed his mouth after Jean gave him a hard nudge from her seat next to him. As Logan found a chair next to Ally he smiled at Jean and Scott. 'Eat your heart out, Bub', he thought.

There was a certain grace about Ally and her sisters. They all seemed used to the attention too. Not as if they craved it but as if they had people around them all the time.

"Are you and MD?" Beast asked

"No, a gymnast," she smiled at him tilting her head slightly. He looked confused.

Alex jumped in,"We all spent our times working in a lab of some sort."

"You are a gymnast from TV?" Jean asked. Ally’s shy smile answered her quickly. Jean smiled back, "I knew I knew you from some where."

"I thought you were that model that did the benefits for orphans," Scott looked at her evenly.

Justice laughed, "You are both right, Ally has done both. Allyson Adams is known for being the gymnast who went to model. Hayley is also a dancer of all kinds. We all work with different benefits." he smiled at the X-men.

Professor Xavier, "Could we speak about the experiments?"

They all exchanged looks. "Where to start?" Ally sighed.

"We were all born telepaths and Justice is two years older," Alex smiled, "Like some of the other subjects of the experiment, we did NOT volunteer Almost everyone has had different types of mutations done. Our mutations were the same. We were giving an experimental drug that was supposed to mutate from our personality; like a reaction. See, Hayley has a bad temper and she got fire."

"A hot hand to match a hot head," Justice laughed.

Hayley cut him a look as if she might set his seat on fire. Logan chuckled. He produced a cigar and lit it.

"Other mutations varied and not all subjects survived. Logan’s was extensive from the research I found. They only gave him a 50% chance to survive and when he was a strong as he was he trashed the place. That gave way for many mistakes on their part. They had to relocate the facility to a new area. We did some more digging and kept finding more mutants and normal people who were experimented on. It became our goal to shut them down from the inside. With the data we found we thought we could help them put their lives back together." Alex sighed.

Hayley scoffed, "Some of didn’t care how gentle they went down." She took out a cigarette from her pocket. Then held out her palm until her hand got hot and lit it; like a cigarette lighter in a car. Everyone was staring at her; some had their mouths open. She looked around at them oblivious. "What?" she stared at Alex and Ally, "Logan’s smoking. What?"
Justice laughed," Hayl, maybe they haven’t seen a human cigarette lighter before?"

"Sorry," she mumbled and took a drag from her cigarette.

"How did you find out about the test? How did you get so close?" Xavier asked them

"We worked in the lab where the experiments happened." Ally sighed. "Logan they told us you died in a car crash so we wouldn’t get suspicious about the experiments. They wanted you to be a dispensable soldier. They erased your memory the first time they did the mutation and you forgot us."

Logan looked at Ally she looked like she might cry. He walked over to Ally and put a hand on her shoulder. He wasn’t comfortable showing a lot of emotion but he knew Ally was upset.

"Ally never gave up on you Logan. She found you a year or so later and helped you with your memory," Alex smiled, as she was watched Ally blush slightly. "We had all been friends but she was the one who went looking." She paused. "We were experimented on after they knew that Ally found Logan. Our loyalty was compromised to them. Ally helped Logan with his past memory and he lost after we escaped from there. We found a place we all shared for years until they caught us. Since Logan had the chip in his head that worked he was an easy target and they caught him again. We all began looking for Logan then," She looked down at her hands, "We were a team then."

"There is a ‘chip’ in my head," Logan was growling.

The four of them nodded blankly.

"It controls you if they are close enough to them. You can forget everything; they can give you other memories. They can put you into a rage or basically control you. Your anger made you the perfect hunter." Ally looked at him, "Ruthless at times."

"I made the mistake," Alex blamed herself, "I thought I had destroyed all their data, all the computer files. I was wrong. I was very wrong I freed someone else when I tried to free Logan."

"Who?" Xavier asked. He had a bad feeling. They all grew silent as if they were afraid to tell anyone.

"Somebody who should NOT have been free. He is crazy," Hayley gestured with he hand, "I mean out there."

"Their way of dealing with us after all our years of work and loyalty, was to use as in their experiments. They were surprised the chips didn’t work in us. We were the first the chips didn’t work for. We became loose ends and they needed to deal with us. They tried to get us to do what they said. "Hayley paused and everyone noticed the room was getting hot. "We only worked for them blindly we hadn’t realized the data and work we did was for actual people."

"Calm down, Hayley or I will calm you down." Alex hissed.

"We should have killed them. Especially that BASTARD! And you stopped me Alex." Hayley growled and jumped to her feet. Alex stood quickly to face her. Both sisters had glowing eyes. Ally started to get up but Logan stopped her and gave her a look. ‘She can’t fight now,’ he thought. Justice jumped in between before anybody else could. Ally struggled against Logan’s grasp. "STOP IT." She yelled and her sisters went flying with gentle thuds into the wall.

Alex jumped up, "Ally did I start this?" She seemed offended that Ally tossed them both.

"Whatever," she sighed and calmed down. Hayley seemed calmer now too. The room was noticeable cooler too.

Justice looked at the Professor, "I’m sorry," he looked helpless, "They do this." He smiled weakly at the rest of the group.

"Alex why did you stop Hayley from killing them?" Logan asked as he released his grip on Ally. Now Ally looked a little tired. Before Alex could answer, "Because, the head of the entire operation is our father." She looked down at her feet ashamed. "Hayley wants him dead and Alex can’t bear the thought of it."

"Ally and I are caught in the middle of this," Justice looked at them.

"I am sorry Logan," Ally whispered to him

Jean gasped, "He experimented on his own children?"

"No offense Ally but I think Hayley had the right idea," he thought of his own kid inside Ally and grew angrier.

Hayley was so surprised she started to laugh. She started laughing like a loon in typical Hayley fashion. She never really held back. Everyone wasn’t used her and found her amusing. The mood of the room lightened slightly.

Ally looked at Logan, "We had all became comfortable with all the years that had passed. We had thought they had forgot about us. We got careless. We lost you Logan."

"We waited for Logan to come back last time." Alex looked around; "He never did after months. Logan would go off alone from time to time, that is just how he is. He never left for as long as he did last time, except for the time we thought him dead."

"We thought you may have gone after them." Justice added. "You had talked about settling things yourself several times."

"Time passed," Hayley said trying to shorten things as she took the final drags of another cigarette. "We all got worried. Ally had a bun in the oven; you can’t keep that from a guy. She left. We lost contact so we came looking." She smiled at them.

Beast smiled Hayley had kept the same grace her sisters and brother had. It was like watching a politician speak about crack. She certainly had the gift of gab he thought. Ally looked at her shocked

"Your father did this," Charles asked.

"Yes," Alex answered, "The funny thing is we are still mutating, getting stronger."

"Our father is a very strong telepath too. He can scare you." Ally said with wide eyes. She looked scared too.

"Ally we are different now," Alex looked at her. Then she stood up and stretched. Her blonde hair tumbled down past her shoulders.

"We think he is still running experiments. Hayley got up and lit another cigarette. ‘What else was the do to here but smoke’ she thought.

"Why would Magneto attack Ally?" Charles asked them.

All four siblings were on their feet and facing the professor. They moved slightly towards him. Justice held tight fists.

"He didn’t attack me" she mumbled as she looked at Xavier.

Everyone got to his or her feet expecting the worse, especially after Hayley’s and Alex’s argument.

Scott did not like how they approached the professor. He moved to the professor’s side like a trained dog.

Xavier held a hand up to them all, "Perhaps he didn’t but his people did."

Ally gave him a wary glance, "Who were they?"

"Sabertooth and Mystique," Logan looked at Ally

"What?" Hayley got in Logan’s face almost knocking Ally over. Scott steadied her and Logan gave him a warning look.

"He did not look like Sabertooth," Ally tossed the suggestion in the air.

"What?" Logan looked at Ally as she still held a quizzical look.

"Creed didn’t look like that," Ally responded to them. She started to get a chill even though it was hot.

"Creed?" Charles echoed. How did they know him?

"Maybe he mutated again?" Alex said thoughtfully.

"We may need your help. Your knowledge of the other mutants and your father’s data; could prove useful. There is power is numbers," he smiled at the four guests.

"What?" Scott yelled, "How do we know we can trust them?"

"You might not yet, Scott," he looked at them standing in front of him. "But I know I can," then he looked at Logan.

The triplets and Justice glanced at each other.

"I’ve got better things to do," Scott stormed out of the room.

"Scott," Jean called. She gave everyone an apologetic look and ran after him.

"They are the people that found me?" Ally asked

"Yes, Jean and Scott also called Cyclops," the professor smiled at Ally. Logan rolled his eyes at Cyclops.

"That is Storm or Ororo Munroe," Xavier said as he gestured towards Storm with a smile.

Storm came forward and took her hand and shook it, then she looked at the Professor, and "I trust them." She smiled and walked out.

"I am Charles Xavier the founder of this school," then he gestured to beast, "I believe most of you have met Dr. Henry McCoy, or Beast", Charles smiled at them. "I hope you make yourself at home."

Beast looked at Ally as she shook his hand, "I would like to run some more tests," he smiled, "you will need them, especially now." His friendly eyes made her smile. Logan joined her as he stood next to her.

"Sure," Ally smiled at Beast. Then she turned to face Professor Xavier again; "I really have no idea why Magneto would want me, unless it was dead."




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