Pool Party:



"Itís beautiful here," Ally mumbled as she strolled along side of Logan along the path of the running water. It was a small paradise for them, being the first time they had been alone in such a long time. It seemed everyone was always coming at them for something or other. Instead he just looked at her. "Yes it is pretty." He wanted to do the right things, with Allyson that wasnít very hard to the right thing. She made him happier and he wanted her to feel as happy as he did. He looked at her clad in the schoolís gray; it certainly didnít hide her beauty any.

She stopped to look at the roses. "Theyíre huge." She smelled them and smiled at him.

He remembered Ally was the type the smell flowers. She tried to appreciate everything. He knew he loved her and that she loved him. He remembered how they would watch each otherís back in fights. They had taken hits for each other and worse. They gave each other a lot. She didnít need his protection but he wanted to watch over her. The fact that his years with her had been taken from him hurt. She brought him peace and he wasnít ready to let her leave him. She had the habit to touch him and leave. She could bring out his gentle side or his wild side without trying. He was never sure if they were a great match because of their chemistry together or the fact that had a long history together.

"I remember a lot, Ally"

"Good. Do you need any help?" she tilted her head at him thoughtfully.

"No. I am fine." He gave her a meaningful look. "I remember a special night."

"Oh" she smiled. Then she glanced down at her bare feet. Once again she had forgotten shoes and her feet were cut from the dry earth. She sighed lightly. "We canít be sure that was the time I got pregnant. I mean the date matches but we were together a lot."

He noticed her feet and picked her up and kissed her sweetly. "You still have your ring?"

"Oh." She was taken back slightly. "You remember that?"

Just then they heard music. The rapper was singing loudly, "Pump up the Volume, Dance!" They looked over to the pool where everyone was dancing and enjoying him or herself.

She smiled at him as she looked at the scene. She quickly wiggled out of his arms and kissed him lightly. She winked and ran towards the laughter.

"Ally" he called. She turned and smiled at him but continues to towards the music.'She was like a little elf sometimes' he thought to himself as he watched her agile form run towards Justice and Alex.

She started dancing to the music by the pool. Everybody stopped when Hayley came in. Ally sighed Hayley usually turned heads but she wished she could calm it down some.

Hayley had on a skimpy bathing suit and she moved her body appreciatively to show it too. Scottís eyes almost popped out of his head.

Logan sighed as he had started towards the party. ĎJean, you owe meí he thought to himself. He loved Jean, maybe she wasnít the girl in his dreams but they would always be close and he could not watch her get hurt. He heard Ally ask Hayley where she had gotten the suit and she told her a sweet gal loaned it to her.

Logan needed a little distraction, so he picked Ally up and kissed her with his arms around her legs and back. "Forgive me." He whispered

She looked confused, "Why?"

He threw her into the water as everyone watched Allyís pregnant form in the water. Logan grabbed Scottís shoulder and motioned him to the side.

"Something wrong?" Scott asked concerned.

"You could say that." Loganís eyes were pure venom. The music changed as Billy Idol started yelling at them.

Ally pulled to the surface and looked for Logan. She saw him talking to Scott and shook her head.

Hayley took pity on her poor sister and flew up into the air and fished Ally out of the water like a lost swimmer. As they landed Hayley noticed Allyís now wet clothing clung to her, "Boy Ally you are huge!" Hayley blurted out at her.

Ally turned red as she looked at her sister and gave her a hard mental tug to throw Hayley into the pool. Ally held her head high as she walked off.

"Jean doesnít need what you pulled," Logan grunted at Scott as he found a cigar and lit it

"What?" He asked. Then it seemed to dawn on him. "Oh Hayley said something."

"She didnít have to"

"Wait, I thought you were over Jean." Scott gave Logan an accusing look. "You have Ally cat now."

Logan was close to losing his temper.' How could Scott be so dense?' "You need to learn respect" He popped out one of his claws to him. He leered towards Scott invasively

Justice saw Logan and Scott and had a really good idea what was going on. He knew how to read lips and had been watching them the for some time. How did Logan know about Hayley and Scott?

Logan growled and backed Scott into a tree. Scott pushed him back defensively as he put a hand to his visor.

"Bad move." Logan hissed. He grabbed Scott before he could shoot. Quickly Scott was taken from his grip before he realized it. Justice now had Scott against the tree. "Calm down, Logan", Justice told him quietly. Scott was a too dumbfounded to move, Justice had came out of nowhere.

"Junior, this is my fight." Logan raised an eyebrow at Justice.

Justice cocked his eyebrow back at Logan, "Is it?" Then he turned to Scott; "She is my sister."

"Look it was wrong," Scott rubbed the back of his neck, it was sore now. He glanced at the party as he heard the party music change to Cyndi Lauper. He sighed. Justice made no sign of easing his grip on him. "I will tell Jean everything. I donít quite understand it myself. It was like a spell."

"Logan," Justice mumbled under his breath.

"Yeah," Logan agreed reluctantly. He knew what Justice was referring to. Their beef was with Hayley not Scott. He was blind to her and how she was. They he loomed closer to Cyclops. "Look Red eye," Logan gestured to Scottís crouch, "keep little one eye to yourself or I will."

"Truce?" Justice looked from one to the other. Justice knew he Hayley had impulse problems, sometime it helped in battle, but most of the time it was a pain in the ass.

Scott nodded and walked away. He thought they were both wrong for jumping in. He rubbed the back of his neck mindlessly.

Rogue fast-forwarded the tape and prince started screeching a funky old tune. "From dusk Ďtil dawn." Prince sang. Everyone started laughing and dancing, Hank even tried a prince like split. "Your kiss." Prince kept singing.
Justice gave Logan a grin as he joined the fun, "Could be a while before you dance again." He pointed out. Logan just shrugged and sank down into a near by lounge chair to smoke his cigar in a little bit of peace. That is until Madonna was now filling the pool area. "Music." She began. 'Rogueís music' he laughed to himself. 'Where was Ally?' He wondered to himself. He looked at Alex moving skillfully to the music. Then he caught her eye.

"Whereís Ally?" Logan yelled at her.

"Big mouth said something about her pregnancy weight." She gestured towards Hayley.

"Thanks." He mumbled as he made his way towards Rogue. "Nice tape." He teased her.

"Thatís Hank tape." She enjoyed the look of surprise on Loganís face.

He headed towards the garage and found where he had hid his beer. He retrieved several beers and opened one and sat down on the concrete outside the garage to open it. 'Why had Ally run from him so quickly? Was she afraid he would propose again? Was she still in love with him?' He still wanted to marry her. He knew it with out a doubt. He shook his head. He thought it might be a while before he would be able to enjoy himself again and made his way back to the party. He grabbed a few more beers for others, like Hayley.

He strolled up behind Justice and handed him one. Hayley snagged the one in his hand with a laugh.

"You drinking that?" she smiled.

Logan held a beer towards Beast and he shook his head. He looked at Scott and said, "here." And was amazed when Scott drank it. Logan found a lounge chair and stretched out with a stogie in hand. He grabbed a hat had kept by his beer stash and pulled it over his eyes. He hoped Ally would show up soon but he had to respect her enough to give her the room. She had run away him earlier and he was afraid he hadnít given her enough room. He knew Hayley must have upset her. He sighed. 'Where was Ally anyway?'


Ally walked around the gardens. The trees and shrubbery started to seem unfamiliar to her. Was she even on the school grounds now? She found a little stream that seemed very private and alone shaded by the trees. It was very beautiful and calm. She needed calm right now. She heard a bird in the leaves above singing sweetly. It was peaceful. She bent down to sit in the grass as she looked at the stream. She twirled the grass around her fingers as she thought about Logan. Why had she run away from him earlier? She knew he would ask her to marry him. What was it she was afraid of? Maybe she was afraid as soon as they got close they would be forced apart again. She loved being close to him but she was afraid to get too close too soon this time. She looked at the stream and the water as she stretched out in a soft place under the tree. She wanted to ponder and wonder what to do next. Since this was the first time she had been alone in a long time she wanted to think. In moments she was asleep in the gentle glade.

The music had stopped by the pool and Hayley and Justice had started singing old sitcom tunes. At present they had started singing the "Love Boatí theme. They seemed to be purposely cracking notes and laughing through it.

Logan lifted the brim of his hat with his thumb as he glared at them. "Turn that disco lady back on." He stood up to stretch and then he yawned at them. "At least she is better than Lucy and Ricky." He shot at them. He lit a cigar and didnít notice Justice stand, until he was in the water. Logan climbed out to hear them screeching again the ĎGilliganís Islandí theme. He eyed his now wet cigar lying by the pool. 'What was the conspiracy with his cigars?' He picked up his hat and shook it off, then put it on his wet head

Logan looked at the sky the light was starting to fade. "Too dark for me." He mumbled as he looked around for something.

Justice seemed to know what he was thinking. He stopped singing and looked around too. "Whereís Ally?" he looked at everyone.

Logan couldnít smell her. She might be hiding but enough was enough.

"Perhaps we should look for her." Beast suggested.

Scott looked at Alex, "Can you call Jean and ask her the check the house out?"

"She hasnít seem her." Alex announced. She wasnít worried yet because she didnít hear any mental screams. She assumed she was just taking a nap somewhere.She didn't have the gift to wake a sleeping mind yet and Allyís pregnancy had worn her out often.

"Alex please ask Jean to ready the infirmary too. I have a bad feeling." Beast said quietly.

Logan raised an eyebrow at him.


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