One on One:


In the rec. room, on the couch next to Beast, Alex surpressed a giggle and Beast gave her a strange look. "What is Alex?" he asked curiously. She waved her hand as if to dismiss it and not interrupt their movie.

Justice and Hayley were playing Scott and Jean pool a few feet from them. Hayley looked at Alex and shook her head; she walked over and lit a cigarette. ‘Sometimes a telepathic bond sucked’, she thought and took a drag. She sighed and gave in.

"I need to take a ride or something. Just to get out of here for a little while." Hayley grabbed he cigarettes. ‘Damn Ally’ she thought.

"Should you be alone?" Jean asked with a cautious look.

"Why not?" Hayley’s cigarette dangled slightly from her lip as she grabbed the zip up sweatshirt.

"Are you the only who smokes?" Scott asked her.

"Only one" she scoffed, "Logan smokes or hadn’t you noticed his stogie?"

"No, I meant out of the four of you." He smiled at her.

"What are we a rock band? We ARE individuals." She walked away. "Lazy loser." She mumbled.

Jean watched Justice and Alex wondering if they would let her go. They didn’t move. She motioned for Scott to follow her. "She shouldn’t be alone." She whispered to him

Justice shrugged at Alex, they knew better than to follow her when she got like this. Let Scott figure it out for himself as he watched Scott follow Hayley to the lower levels. He silently wondered how long it would take him to turn around and come back. Hayley wasn’t the best company like this. He turned to Jean. "Ally smokes but she stopped when she found out she was pregnant."

Jean smiled at him. "One on one, I guess."

Justice and Alex exchanged a glance and decided not to worry about it.



Hayley turned around in the garage to face Scott. He didn’t care to be discrete about following her. They had made it well know that it might not be the smartest thing for anyone to be alone.

"Why are you following me?" she turned so quickly she almost hit him with her hair.

"You are safer here Hayley. You shouldn’t got out tonight." That was what he told her but he secretly wanted to protect his bike. He didn’t want her lifting it like Logan tended to do. She did remind him a lot of Logan.

Her intense blue eyes shot him a warning glance; "I am not going to ‘borrow’ anything." She snapped at him.

"Is nothing sacred to you four?" he almost laughed about her barging in his head. Did it just come naturally to them? Jean never did that to him. "How about some company?" he smiled at her.

She started to tell him off but dropped the cigarettes in her hand. Scott bent over to pick them up for her. He lost his balance and they both hit the ground. She sighed as she disentangled herself form him.

"You are a wonder, huh?" she laughed as she examined her now scraped hands and sighed. ‘Klutz’, she thought to herself.

"Sorry," he mumbled. He was looking at the tear to the knee in his pants. He looked at her and nodded towards the sunglasses that were now behind her. She turned around to retrieve the ruby red lens glasses. As she turned to hand them to Scott, she noticed a different look in his eyes. It was one she had seen before and one many a man had worn for her before. He reach past her brushing her shoulder and breast, as he reached for his wallet which had landed behind her as well. She watched him and wasn’t fooled. ‘Didn’t he ever hear of personal space?’ she thought to herself with a giggle. She shook her head and started to get up but Scott his hand on hers.

"I am sorry," he blushed at her slightly. He was attracted to her, he hadn’t been until now and he was going crazy in his head. She was so close to him but she looked like she would run. He brushed his lips to hers. He touched her hair and loved the feel of it as he pinned her to the concrete of the garage floor.

Hayley was on fire it wasn’t hard for her to give to her desires. She touched his neck, pulling him closer in the kiss. He seemed anxious to be with her. 'Why not?' He kissed her neck and moved down her body. Hayley undid his shirt and pulled her hands over his shoulder to see his chest.

He looked at her she was very wild and care free, very unlike Jean. Her eyes flashed at him a quick blue glow and he was taken back for an instant. 'What was that?' He began to kiss her again. He felt her hand on his butt, pulling him closer to her. She broke the spell and looked him. Her hair was a little messy and her eyes wild.

She raised an eyebrow at him very serious; "You ARE playing with fire." She looked at him, her eyes very wild and wide. He gave her a very knowing smile.

He held her closer afraid she would run. Then he kissed her and when she responded fully, he pushed against her hard pulling at her clothes.

‘Damn ally’ she thought.


Logan came down to the garage where he had hidden the beer. He didn’t want to make Rogue a full accessory so he made a point to hide it in the extra refrigerators. He found it quickly and smiled at the thought of having a stash. Then he noticed a smell.

'It was Hayley and Scott.' He could smell both. 'What were they doing there?' He walked into the garage and saw something lying on the ground. Hayley’s dog tags, he bent to pick them up and noticed Scott’s smell was on them. He could smell sex. He sniffed again. ‘Be wrong’, for Jeannie’s sake. He wasn’t.

He could still smell Hayley very clearly. He followed it outside of the garage.

She sat at the entrance of the drive with a cigarette in hand. Her boots were sitting by her feet. She noticed him and looked up. She smiled at him.

"You proud?" He scowled at her.


"Proud, Hayl," he looked at her eye to eye, "he’s engaged" He gave her one of his beers.

"Thanks," she said sourly and took a drink. "Sorry, Logan. To you and her, I am sorry." She met his gaze straight on. "But he is a big boy. You know Ally can get the same way."

He nodded trying not to smile, and then he thought of how it would hurt Jean.

"He mean anything to you?"

She scoffed "No!" then she looked away, "I just had….." she trailed off.

"Do me a favor?" he asked

She turned to him. "Hmm?"

"Keep it to yourself," hi sighed. "At least for now." He handed her the dog tags.

She laughed, "Sure." Logan was a trip to her, a jerk but a trip none the less. She slipped her dog tags over head as she watched him retreat.

He cocked a small grin as he walked away, ‘She could’ve cared less.’ He thought.


Jean got their room. She had been looking for Scott for a while. She found him coming out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist.

"Oh," he smiled at her.

"I was wondering what happened to you." She wrapped her arms around him.

"She never went anywhere." He smiled and hugged her back.

"Oh," she mimicked at him. Then she eyed his torn clothing.

He caught her gaze. "I fell in the garage and tore my pants, so I thought I would just clean up some,"

Jean smiled that was just like Scott; he was a neat freak. She picked up his pants so she could try to sew them. "What do you think about these four?"

"I try not to." He smiled at her.

She looked at him. 'What was with him tonight? She looked a little more serious. "I think Magneto wants Ally’s babies and then he will kill her." She sighed. "She would be too strong as an enemy to let live."

He knew she was right. It would probably meant the same fate for her brother and sisters if he would catch them but then the same was true for any of the X-men.




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