Ally was helping Alex with Breakfast. Justice hummed along with the radio as he mopped. He was going very fast and efficient. He heard a Michael Jackson song and started moonwalking on the wet floor.

Hank walked in and eyes Justice with Jean right behind him. Hank smiled and Jean laughed.

"Good morning." Hank called.

Justice spun around but lost his balance on the wet floor. The mop went flying out from and Justice hit the floor with a thud on his butt. The bucket came crashing down across his mid-section. He was a sad sight, although he smiled in spite of himself.

He sighed and looked at them, "Mr. Jackson if you nasty." He jumped up as if he had never fallen. He started cleaning his mess. He put a lot of speed into it, so nobody else would get hurt on the water he had spilled.

Ally handed them plates of food. Beast glared at her. "You should beÖ.."

"I am fine." She cut him off. She did not want to demand extra attention right.


Logan came in and looked at Justice whose crouch was still wet from his fall.

He cocked an eyebrow at him. "You know they make adult diapers for that, Just."He took a plate from Ally and she giggled quietly.

He smiled at him and did a Michael Jackson yell and the turn that Michael Jackson was famous for. Justice did the turn very quickly, so quickly that it was hard to follow his form. He was completely dry before they could blink, as if he had been in a clothes dryer.

"Heís lost it." Logan mumbled.

Astonished by the whole scene Jean had her mouth slightly opened, "Wow, you sure donít act like a lawyer." She regretted the words as soon as she said them. It had been meant to be a compliment.

Justice eyed her coolly and raised and eyebrow at her, his silly demeanor gone now. He stood tall and serious. "I donít like to be overestimated and I donít feel I should always have to act like a lawyer."

He certainly spoke like one now. Jean almost felt like she was on trial.

Justice flipped the mop handle to his hand by using the mop head against his foot. He put his things away. He left without looking at Jean.

Alex and Ally exchanged a worried glance. Although, they had been up for a while, Hayley was still asleep. Alex dried her hands and sat down next to Hank.

Logan glanced at them. He had been hoping to tease Hank a little bit about Alex but he had seen them both come from their separate rooms. He was hopeful they were just taking it slow. When you were dating one of the triplets you couldnít go slow enough. The dynamics between the girls was great and when you add in a significant other it would change the dynamics again.

"Hayley is doing a benefit tonight." Alex told Hank.

"Benefit?" he asked

"Yeah, she and Ally (usually) and a couple of others put on a show. They provide the entertainment and costumes, while others provide too. Justice organizes things and his firm give a lot of the money for the sets and ticket sales or help." She looked at everyone. "Itís for a good cause, All proceeds for to an orphanage"

"Wow." Beast said. "That is wonderful"

"Well I am donating my time tonight as a cashier." She looked at Hank specifically, "We have plenty of space if you would like to go." She offered.

Then she turned to Logan and Jean. "The offer is for everyone." She smiled at them.

"Could have fooled me." Logan grinned

"I will stay here and hold down the fort." Jean said weakly. She thought that she should distance herself with Justice.

"I am working there too." Ally smiled "I will be taking tickets this time."

"Looks like Iím in." Logan grumbled.

"Me too." Beast called.

"It will be nice to get out Ally said brightly.

"What about Justice?" Beast asked. "Will he be there?"

"Oh yeah," Ally said quickly "He coordinates it. I used to perform gymnastics but nowÖ." She glanced down at her belly.

"Well I guess a big name on the ticket must help sales." Jean offered.

"Hayley 'IS' a big name in dance." Alex and Ally pointed out together.

Logan looked bored but Beast and Jean looked thoughtful.

"Her name is not familiar," Beast said blankly.

"It wouldnít be or she would have a life at all." Alex smiled. She was glad not to be in a spotlight, as her sisterís always seemed to be.

Hayley was in the empty gym, it may have been bare but at least rampant mutants wouldnít jump out at her. She finished her cigarette as she put it out. She hadnít felt like Breakfast, she didnít feel like another confrontation with her siblings. If they wanted to pick a fight, they could find her. She turned the music up and jumped into her dance routine.

Justice stood at the doorway watching his sister. She was graceful, even as she lost her balance. She recovered with another quick dance move. She looked frustrated and walked over to where she had her cigarettes and lit one.

"Maybe not smoking would help." Justice said blankly.

She turned to see she had some company. 'Why was he in a foul mood? Oh no,í she figured it out quickly. "You miss her." She said sadly. She looked at him with compassion. "Justice, it wasnít your fault." She wasnít sure if she would cry for him. Everyone seemed to be coupled except for Justice and Hayley. Hayley could care less about being paired with anyone. She was more carefree about finding love where she got it and usually left it there. No ties, no mess, nice and clean. She never kept any guy a friend for any period of time. Logan was the rare exception. Justice had told Logan once; ĎTo be with Hayley was like trying to lasso a goldfish.í Justice missed Chloe that was evident even if he didnít say it straight out.

"How is the routine?" he smiled weakly.

"I hate the gymnastics." She grumbled "I wish Ally were doing this show too. Maybe I will see if she can give me some pointers."

"No, if you do she will start demonstrating and turning flips," He jumped.

Hayley nodded. She knew he was right.

"I have to make some calls then head to the arena and help them start setting up. I will have my cell phone. If you give me a ring when you get there, I will find you and help you get set up." He looked around the gym and the emptiness of it. "They are going to deliver some of the clothing so we donít have to go in school uniforms. Can you handle the deliveries for me?"

"Alex, maybe you shouldnít mention her." Ally protested from the couch in the TV room. She was sitting with Alex, Hank, Jean and Logan.

"Ally it is going to come up tonight." She looked at her. Alex never wanted any secrets.

Ally threw her hands into the air in a mock surrender exasperated at her sisters. She leaned back against Loganís chest. All Jean did was ask why Justice did so much for the charities.

"Justice had a wife and lost her and their baby in childbirth." She looked at Hank and Jean. "Her name was Chloe and the baby girl died with her." She looked at Logan she was afraid she might be jogging his memory. ĎDamn, she thought. What an ass to bring this up while Ally is pregnant with his offspring.'

They heard Aerosmith loudly. "Donít want to miss a thing."

"Itís part of Hayleyís dance routine for the show." Ally shrugged. It had been a part of the show she and Alex had done together. Then she smiled as she thought of the music Justice had played last night.

"I think you will notice a lot of eighties tunes."

"Let me guess." Jean joked. "John Lennon," she smiled at them.

"Sort of." Alex laughed. "There are some kids from a dance troupe too." She smiled brightly. "They are really cute."

Ally jumped up impulsively. "I am going to get a shower." She left quickly with out looking at anybody. She could hear Alex going on about Justice as she left.

"Anyway." Alex started, "Justice still hasnít gotten over Chloe and he organizes a lot of benefits for children who donít have families."

Logan cut her a warning look. ĎWhy hadnít she took the hint earlier?í She seemed to catch his look now.

"Pump up the volume" The singer screamed into the room. You could barely hear the sounds of grunting from the gym during key points in the song.

"Will she keep going until the show tonight?" Hank asked as he glanced at the door.

"Basically," Alex shrugged. She was now humbled by Loganís look at her.


Scott heard a loud song coming from the gym. The female singer started to scream "Whoooaa Baby"

He looked into the gym to see Hayley moving expertly to the odd beat. "So, whatís the use of falling in love?" the singer now quietly questioned them. Hayley turned sensing she was not alone anymore.

"Who was that?" Scott asked.

"Bjork." She said as she grabbed a towel and water. "Kids love it because they scream."

"Hey, uhÖ" Scott stammered. "I am sorry about the other night andÖ.." he trailed off with a blush in his cheeks.

"Oh." Hayley looked at him and blushed a little too. "I told you I had to go. It was my fault. I should have left."

Scott smiled and they talked about the benefit and they kept their distance from each other as they spoke.


Logan carried Ally in the front door to the X-mansion. She wouldnít admit it but she was tired. The benefit and all itís work had brought back some more of his memories. He did remember them doing these benefits. He attended plenty volunteering his time as security, stagehand or wherever there was a hand needed. He looked down at Ally. ĎWas she asleep?í She hadnít really moved much.

Alex, Hayley and Justice were howling to Guns and Roses. "Take me down to a paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. Oh, wonít you please take me home." They were almost laughing as they sang. Justice hit a high note, "Oh, wonít you please take me home." They all laughed hard. They almost seemed drunk.

Hank watched Justice. Indeed he was different tonight at the benefit. He had donned a calm cool demeanor and that was anybody saw of him. He helped Hayley set up and organized the music and the food. He was respected by everyone there and ran the show. He was the strong personality he had heard about.

Then, he was with his sisters on the way home. He no longer wore the serious G.Q. intense stare. His eyes twinkled and laughed with the triplets.

Ally looked at Justice and gave him a serious look, "Just, how were sales?" She wasnít asleep but looked exhausted as she wiggled out of Loganís grasp to get to the floor. He sighed and let her go reluctantly.

"Great," he smiled.

Scott and Storm had enjoyed the show and their new friends impressed them. Hayley was talented. The one song she had danced to about Ďit being no use falling in loveí she had thrown herself in to. The children on the stage had danced and screamed and watched her in awe.

"You have a lot of talent." Storm told Hayley

"Thanks," she said quickly and glanced at Ally. She knew Ally missed doing the shows. She had been in almost every show since they had started them. "I am too wound up to really hang. I am going to go burn some calories." She ran off with out a further conversation.

"I am beat," Ally admitted with a weak grin. Logan felt for her.

Alex grinned at Hank. "Could you help me with the left over paperwork?"

"Sure," Beat smiled back at her ignoring Loganís teasing glare.

"You want something to drink?" Logan asked Ally.

Ally watched as Justice was already making his way towards the kitchen. Like in their own home, it seemed that the mansionís kitchen was the heart of the house.


It was quiet in the kitchen and that surprised him. He reached for the light and could see the professor sitting there. He was hunched over the table. He started towards him and fell over something. It was Jean lying in a heap.

Ally stopped in her tracks and she grabbed Loganís arm to stop him.

"What?" He turned to her with a worried glance.

"Justice,ÖÖ" She started to explain to him.

Loganís eyes widened as he caught the smell quickly. He popped his claws and started towards the kitchen. "Stay here." He ordered.

"No" she barked back at him and she was very serious.


Justice could hear somebody. It had to be another telepath. While he was lying on top of Jean he checked her for a pulse. He carefully got up quickly and went to the professor. He had a strong pulse too. He heard the kitchen door fly open. Justice moved. He took a flying leap instinctively towards the noise. Before he realized it, he found himself flying at Logan who was standing there, claws out and ready for him. Then he realized he was suspended in air.

Ally stood behind Logan and watched what had happened and interceded with a mental tug at her brother. She lowered him slowly to the ground. Logan bent down to Jean to feel for a pulse and Ally made her way to Charles. She looked at the professor and seems to understand what had happened.

"It was a mental spike," Ally looked at Justice then Logan. "A little sleep and he will be fine." Then she glanced away "Do you hear that?" Justice nodded. Logan popped his claws again. With Logan and Justice still on her heels, Ally walked over to the closet next to the pantry. Before she could open the door, it flew open. Jordan tumbled out into waiting arms.

Ally scooped her up. "Are you okay?"

Jordan nodded.

"What happened here?" Justice mumbled.

Logan had an idea. He could smell Magneto and some of the brotherhood. It was faint this must have happened hours ago.

"These bad people came." Imp cried. "I didnít mean to hurt them." She glanced at Xavier and Jean.

"You?" Ally sat her in a chair to talk to her.

"I just yelled at them in my head. I made them stop." Tears started down the childís cheeks.

Ally was holding back laughter. "Did you get the bad guys?"

Logan walked over and picked Jean off the floor gently. He couldnít help to still feel connected to her even though he had mistaken his attraction to her. He would always feel somewhat responsible for her.

"She did this?" Justice rubbed his clean- shaven face. "She must have hit everyone with in twenty feet of her at that time, especially telepaths." This was astonishing for a small child.

Logan gave a small chuckle quietly. She had certainly got a lot of people at once.

Charles mumbled and began to move as if he was having a nightmare.

Ally went to him touching his forehead lightly. "Itís okay."

"They came for Mystique." He started to explain as opened his eyes.

Ally looked at him with compassion. "Shhh, Donít talk. Sleep now." Looks of concern crossed her pretty face. "We will take care of everything." She kissed his head lightly as he shut his eyes again. He reminded her so much of her father, except he was much kinder.




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