Coming to Terms:

Early the next morning Charles Xavier sat across form his blue friend. In the kitchen it was always busy with activity but now it was vacant this morning except for them.

"I hope I am wrong Hank. I hope I am very wrong about a lot of thing where our guests are concerned." Xavier held his cup of tea as he pushed the spoon in the cup quietly.

Hank had his mind on other things. "Charles have you spoke to Logan or Allyson about the babies? She might not be able to fight back if she is attacked. Her body is busy and twins can take a lot of her energy. Allyson is very stubborn but may listen to you in many regards. Perhaps if you spoke with her you may be able to get her to slow down. I spoke with Logan butÖ.."

Charles faced him looking up from his tea. "Twins?" he smiled at Beast.

'My big mouth and me.' Hank didnít like gossip and if Charles didnít know, this may be gossip.


When daylight found Logan he woke with a smile. He remembered Ally. He turned over to find the pillow Allyson used was vacant. He heard people in the hall but nobody familiar. He stretched as he got out of the bed he looked for Ally in the shower. She wasnít there but her scent was. He savored the scent of a rainstorm that she had. He sighed to himself this was just like her, she had always seemed unobtainable except for her siblings. Logan smiled, as he went to find his clothes, 'hadnít somebody said that about him?'


Scott and Jean came into kitchen where Storm and Xavier were already discussing their visitors.

"I want to extend to them an invitation to stay as long as they want. We need to know what Magneto wants with Ally-cat and their data and their abilities could come prove helpful." Xavier was speaking to Storm with a small smile. "Perhaps they could even become teachers and advisors if they had more training" Charles looked happy at the idea.

"You have got to be kidding." Scott interrupted almost shouting. "They tried to tear the school down."

"But they didnít." Storm pointed out.

"Storm, Hayley tried to fry you last night. She is a loose cannon," he protested.

"No more than Logan was when he first came to us and now he is an asset," Xavier added.

"Yeah," Scott scoffed.

The door opened to the kitchen and Logan walked in. He was still buttoning his shirt. He glanced around at the room. He could feel the tension but it didnít concern him. Jean knew he was looking for Ally.

He grabbed a glass of juice as he noticed Scottís stare at him. He could smell Ally had been there. He did not want to get dragged into this debate.

"Logan, we want to extend a welcome to your Allyson and her siblings" Charles said happily.

Logan glanced over his shoulder, he had expected they would be welcome there. He nodded with his back to Xavier. "When I find Ally, I tell her," he swallowed his juice quickly. He turned to get out of there. Scott had the same intense scowl as he stood with his arms folded. Logan stared evenly at him as he walked out.

"An asset Professor?" Scott looked at Charles incredulously.

Ally sat in a sun filled room with Alex, Hayley, Justice, Rogue and Bobby. Bobby was talking to Alex about her abilities.

Ally, Hayley Rogue and Justice were talking back in forth. Rogue liked them, they were cool like Logan and Easier to talk to.

Ally wasnít talking much. She sat in another of Loganís flannel shirt and a pair of schoolís shorts.

They were all now clad in the schoolís gray of some sort from head to toe.

"So you can borrow powers?" Hayley asked Rogue. "Thatís pretty cool. Changing a power like changing your shoes." She smiled at Rogue.

"I guess so," Rogue shrugged, "I havenít been in many fights or battles."

"You donít want to," Justice looked at her. "It takes a bigger person to walk away."

"Thatís not me," Hayley joked as she lit a cigarette. "Justice you may pop a seem in that shirt."

Justice looked at the seams of the shirt he borrowed from Bobby. It seemed to be on the verge of busting on him. He smiled at his sister and nodded.

Ally shook her head at them. She put her legs on an empty chair in front of her so she could feel the warmth of the sunshine that poured in the huge windows. She was more than happy to sit back and listen to them today.

"So, if Alex has ice abilities like Bobby and Hayley has fire and they reflect your personalities, what is your personality trait that leads to your ability Ally?" Rogue asked a surprised Ally "Why are you a telepath and telekinetic?"

"Geez, Rogue what is this sixty minutes?" Hayley joked.

Ally just flashed her a smile, "Peacemaker I guess."

"Always in the middle," Justice chuckled at them.

"How about you Justice?" Rogue asked, "What enhanced your abilities?"

"I donít know I guess I was always big into working out and martial arts. I also had the big brother role."

"He got into a lot of scraps to get us out of trouble," Alex chimed in from next to Bobby.

"Big, strong, BRAH," Hayley teased, "Hey, I canít get lazy. Is there someplace where to go for a workout." She questioned Rogue.

Alex and Bobby had dove back into their own conversations and hadnít noticed as Rogue was gesturing to them.

Ally and Justice came towards Hayley and Rogue.

"Come on," Rogue motioned for them to follow her, " Let me show you."

Bobby and Alex never saw then leave.




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