Wolvie Femmes * Bayou Brawl









        Rayne cocked her head at a disturbance down the road and her gut instinct told her that somehow her brother was involved.  She looked at Justice wondering if he felt the same sense of dread she did and saw his eyes glowing so she gently pulled his head down to her and whispered. “Put out de lights, chere.” she almost giggled and hoped it was good news. She noted some people’s stare at her hold on him and she try to cover her actions by pulling him into a hug. “Are yo’ ok cher?” She whispered in his ear.


      He looked up at her with his eyes still glowing sapphires, “It’s Hayl, and she hurt.”


      “Hide yo’r eyes, Justice,” She warned but was worried by what she just learned. Not wanting to attract any more attention to Justice’s eye she fished his sunglasses from his pocket. She sighed then seeing that his eyes had stopped glowing, “Yo’ still need dese?”


       He shook his head as a strong urge to run off to help his sister over whelmed him.  Rayne shook a finger at him, “Don’t even t’ink about dat.” She scolded. “We’ll both go. If she’s dere, Remy can’t be far away.”


       “She’s not far away.” he mumbled thinking about what Remy would do to him by leading his sister into danger. But there was no way to keep her from tagging along. He sighed and entertained a thought of using his super speed to get to the trouble first, but a curious look from Rayne towards a crowded café’ caught his attention. “What?”




       Rayne started at his voice and stopped walking. “Assassins, an’ it sounds like dey up to no good.” She wrung her hands with worry because she knew them all too well, and if Hayley was a focus of their attention then she was in grave danger.


       “That’s where Hayley is,” he said quickly and when Rayne turned to him with that mournful look he knew this was really bad. “Stay here,” Justice said quickly and pointed at the ground but before he could speed off he found Rayne’s arm on him, preempting his departure.


       Ah’m not staying here alone while yo’ get yo’rself killed,” She set her jaw at him.  


       He nodded knowing not to argue with her in this state and he offered for her to jump in his arms to get there quicker, “let’s go then.”


       Dey won’t take to us very kindly if dey see dat you are a, um…,” she sighed then mouthed the word, ‘mutant’. She saw him agree and he grabbed her arm pulling her quickly. Rayne squealed wondering if he was going to pull her arm out of the socket but she had to admit they made great time to get their asses beat as a blonde haired assassin stared her right in the face. She swallowed hard and skidded to a stop pulling back against Justice’s advancement. Lazard, Edval’s brother was staring straight at her as if he knew her but couldn’t place where. She remembered the gadget Justice had given her and hoped it was working. She looked for Justice but he had let her go and was now amongst the group. She could see his strawberry blonde hair in the crowd of assassins and then the hum of disproval and she knew he was in trouble. She stood in horror not able to move. Her mind screamed at her to run away as far as she could and never look back, and she unconsciously took a step back. Then a familiar scent reached her nose and her eyes widened with an even more intense fear. Her brother was in the middle of that group of killers.


       Justice felt Rayne become scared at the sight of the familiar killers. He hoped that fear would keep her from coming any closer to the fight and so keep her safe. He walked into the fray just in time to see Remy jumping into a tree with Hayley pulled to him. He said thanks for little miracles and knew (again) that Remy was a good man. He was glad one of them was with her. The sight of the two cornered in a tree was hard but when he saw Hayley wasn’t moving and was bloodied, his temper rose.


        He planted his feet firmly and readied for them as they looked at him questionably. “The big assassins like to pick on pregnant women, eh?” Justice taunted hoping to draw their attention to him. He was sure these few men wouldn’t be too difficult to deal with and he hoped to resolve this before Rayne would get caught up in the fray.


    One glared at him, “Would yo’ rather we picked on yo’?” He swaggered up to Justice with walk that reminded him of Remy and he looked up to the tree where Remy’s face fell slightly.






    Yo’ crazy homme?” Remy looked worried as the assassin produced a knife in Justice’s face. Remy tightened his hold on Hayley and jumped, grunting as they hit the ground. He hoped he could have made a quick escape with Hayley but Justice stopped that hope. He found Justice turned on his famed speed right in front of the assassins so he could be next to Hayley and Remy.  


        Clearly, Justice wasn’t thinking as he looked at his sister in Remy’s arms. He noticed the other injury to her shoulder, “We need to get her some medical attention.”


         Remy shook his head, “If we get passed dem.” Remy gestured to the assassins.


         Justice scoffed and looked at them as them moved closer, “Are they supposed to be scary?” He didn’t think of how they had shut Hayley up and injured her but he chalked it up to her cockiness. “I might not even break a sweat.” He winked at Remy.


         “Den yo’ can protect Hayley an’ fight de assassins,” Remy looked annoyed as he saw a knife thrown at them. The blade flashed as it made its way towards him and Hayley.


         Justice plucked the weapon from mid air and lowered his gaze in anger as he marched up to Pierre sure that he was the leader, “So, you do like to pick on women don’t you?” He tilted his head almost defiantly, “Does it make you feel like a big man to pick on someone weaker then you? Why don’t you try picking on somebody your own size.


        Pierre laughed as the others gathered behind him, “likyo’, big bad yank?”


         Justice noticed they seemed skilled but he was pissed and he was confident in his abilities, a little too confident. There were a lot of assassins and he knew he was outnumbered with Remy trying to guard Hayley. 


         Justice tilted his head and sighed, “I see. Well we’ll do this the hard way then, boys.” He began to grab nearby assassins and throw them hard into each other but they caught on to his strength quickly and began to dodge his grasp. Justice found they began to throw blows and weapons so he began to catch them with his speed.


         “Mon Dieu! another mutant!” One exclaimed. Justice didn’t account for them finding out but shrugged because by the time they could do anything about it he had planned to have his friends safely away. 


         Justice grabbed Pierre by the collar, “Problems with mutants?” Then he let his eyes glow a brilliant sapphire blue right in his face, “We’re just like you, but better.”


        Pierre scoffed, “You’re nothinlik’ me, freak.” 


         Justice felt a searing pain in his arm as Pierre had slashed his knife along his bicep. Justice stared at the red blood as it stained his expensive shirt and pushed Pierre back away from him. He knew what Remy meant now that these guys were dangerous. They wouldn’t give him an inch to move in and there were a lot of them.


        He sensed another attack behind him and moving quickly and he saw the projectile coming at him and quickly caught it by the blade. Trying not to wince in pain he scowled at Pierre. “Is that all you people can do? Pick on women and throw knives at a man’s back?”


       Pierre chuckled, “Yo’ play catch very nice, mon amis.” He watched Justice grasping his hand, “Yo’ might be strong an’ fast but yonothin’ but a stupid crapaud.” He hissed angrily at him.  Justice knew they were in trouble and he looked back to see Remy produce his staff with Hayley lying at his feet.


       Justice felt more confident now understanding better what he was dealing with. He moved to Remy’s side utilizing his above average speed but received some cuts along the way as his attackers seemed to be able to anticipate where he was going to be.  They were smarter then he gave them credit for. He had grossly underestimated them and he would have to make sure he didn’t do so again while Hayley and Remy’s lives were in jeopardy.












       Rayne watched as the assassins toyed with her brother and best friend. Up until now she knew they were just sizing them up but soon they would be ready to kill. Fear paralyzed her body and her head was dizzy with panic, but she couldn’t leave them. She saw Pierre move towards Justice then and knew the time had come. Her heart thumped harshly and she felt like her breathing had stopped. She looked at her brother’s face and saw fear there. A desire to go to him overwhelmed her and before she was aware of even moving she was running full tilt through the killers.






      Pierre moved closer to them threateningly, and Justice heard Remy sigh, “Ah tried to tell yohomme.”


       Justice didn’t acknowledge him as he was watching a quick moving lithe figure that had leapt upon Pierre’s back. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he realized that Rayne had jumped in the fight, literally.


      Pierre was taken by surprise at the screaming female and felt the stings of the scratches on his face. He grabbed the flailing arms of the person on his back and tossed her over his head. “Look, dey have a street rat helpindem.”


      Justice had moved forward and quickly caught Rayne. He heard Remy and Hayley from behind him as the assassins took the opportunity to move between the friends. “Great, they’ve cut us off from Hayley and Remy,” Justice mumbled.


      “We’re dead now.” Rayne swallowed eyeing Justice’s cuts and knew that he couldn’t last forever against the cunning fighters. Her worst fears have come true, and now not only will her brother die because of her but her dearest friend will as well. “Ah’m sorry Justice.” She said softly as tears rolled down her cheeks.


      Justice pulled Rayne to his chest, “Today is not our day to die. So don’t give up hope.” He took some quick steps away from Remy then quickly changed direction towards Gambit and his sister. At the same time Remy threw a card at the assassins, startling them, but also knocking Justice off his feet. 


      “Hope, yeah dat’s right,” Rayne grumbled as she leapt across towards her brother. She looked over to see Justice was exchanging blows with the men around him.


       Remy helped her up, “Dis ain’t your fight petite. You best get out of here while you can.”


       Dis fight is because of me!” Rayne said quickly.


       Remy’s eyes became wide, “Rayne?” All eyes turned to them. “Damn!”  


        Rayne, stunned by him saying her name aloud just stood with her mouth agape. At first she hoped that no one had caught on but as she glanced around at the hate filled faces, there was little doubt that they suspected fowl play. The image inducer seemed useless now and she thought of removing it. 


       “Rayne?” Pierre said setting his jaw again and trading glances with the others. “Didn’t she have brown hair?”


      A young assassin with blonde hair took a step forward. “Yes she did.”


     “She could have changed the color of her hair.” Another in the group offered.


     “But not her eyes;” The young blonde said. “Dey were kinda golden, not blue.”


     Pierre regarded the mysterious girl again and frowned deeply. “Has ta be some kinda trick an’ what’s da chances of him knowin’ two femmes by de name of Rayne?”


      As the assassins debated Remy pointed at his sister; “Stay here wit’ Hayley.  Justice an’ Ah might be able to get us outta dis,”


       Rayne looked down at Hayley and saw her open her eyes, “Good, you’re awake.”


       “I can protect myself without your help,” Hayley said numbly and turned up her heat.


        Rayne stood next to her dodging the skilled attacks, “Why did ya come here Remy? We’re all gonna die.”







        Justice found himself face to face with Pierre and he grabbed Pierre’s knife, “Do it homme,” Pierre said as he figured the man was trying to decide if he should kill him. Justice pulled the knife back, brought it within an inch of Pierre’s neck and held it there, “Be a man an’ taste death.” Pierre felt fairly certain that this man wasn’t a killer. Besides, he knew that his clan would avenge his death. And as vengeance dictated, it would be a long and painful one. No quarter was never given to a mark. Not in their guild.


        “Not a man like you,” Justice pushed Pierre back and dropped the knife. Pierre chuckled and quickly dove for the blade.



         Lik’ I said,” Pierre said as he regained his balance and brandished the knife at Justice, “Yo’ not as smart as we are.”


        Pierre lunged forward and Justice sidestepped which was exactly what the killer wanted him to do. The assassin’s blade swept viciously in a side long swipe and scored a cut.


       Justice cringed as he felt the burning sensation of the slice to his abdomen. He checked it quickly and found that it was only a superficial wound. But it hurt enough to make him snarl. “I underestimated you this time but it won’t happen again.”


       Pierre laughed, “You’re quick, I’ll give you dat homme. But you’re no match for me.” He gestured to Hayley, “D’you want her ta see you die or shall I dispatch her first?”


       Justice roared and ran straight at Pierre, but the experienced fighter easily dodged him and used the distraction to get to Rayne.


        Pierre wrapped his arm around her body from behind and all she could do was scream and try and bite him to make him let go. The assassin freed one of his arms and wrestled with her arm that had the image inducer around the wrist. Rayne struggled fiercely but the man was much stronger. He clamped his hand around her wrist, grabbed the wristband and tore it off.


           “HA!” He held the band up in triumph, “I knew it was some kinda t’ieves trick.” He laughed so maniacally that the others stopped fighting and looked at him. “Look hommes,” He tossed the band on the ground before them. “They were trying to deceive us.” He grabbed Rayne’s face and turned it so they could see her. “Dere tricks did not fool us an’ so we have won a great prize today.” The other assassins gasped as they looked upon the girl that used to have blonde hair and blue eyes, but now had dark brown hair and amber eyes.


         “It is Rayne Lebeau!” Lazard shouted and ran before Pierre. He looked at her in disbelief.  Then a frown formed, “She’s changed though.” He stared at her eyes as she made a weak attempt to free herself.


         Pierre held out his knife to Lazard, “It is your right to kill her to avenge your brother Edvals death. You have lost your blade and can use mine.”


          Lazard didn’t move. He kept starring at Rayne.


           “You’ll kill her over my dead body!” Justice yelled and started to move, but was halted when Pierre quickly moved his knife up against Rayne’s throat.


           The assassin knew the strangers could do nothing to stop him if he chose to kill the girl, but by guild law it was the relative of the deceased that had the right to the kill.


            “No Justice. Get away.” Rayne then looked at her brother, “Get dem out of here Remy. Dey won’t come after you if dey have me.”


            Gambit shook his head, “You know Ah can’t do dat cricket.”


            Pierre laughed, “Non, she’s right. You go ahead and go. We’ll take care of your sister don’t you worry none.”


             Hayley couldn’t believe the absurdity of the situation; “You bastards!” She yelled and dared a few steps towards Pierre. “How can you say that she is guilty of anything but trying to defend herself?” She was shaking so badly that her legs wobbled slightly.


            “What do you know you ignorant freak” Pierre said hotly. He was quickly losing his patience and wondered if it wouldn’t be best if he ended this now.


            Justice and Remy both made a move to protect Hayley to which the assassins closed in on them and cut them off from any means of escape.


           The air around them heated up so much that they were all sweating heavily. Remy looked to Hayley, “Turn de heat down a bit Hayl, you’ll cook us alive.”


            But Hayley stood firm with her fists balled up and her face contorted in rage, “You talk of rights, fine, what about her rights?” She pointed at Rayne. “Why doesn’t she get any rights against what that monster did to her?”


            Pierre shouted, “Edval didn’t do anythinta her.” Now it was his turn to shake in fury. “She’s an evil witch dat killed my best friend den turned him into a zombie!”


            Hayley couldn’t stand anymore of Pierre. “You think what he got was so bad?”  She turned and looked at all the assassins then did something she had never dreamed she would have done. She forced the images of Rayne’s rape by Edval into their heads. Still trembling with fury she screamed at them, “Look and see what a real monster is!”


          Through his connection with his sister Justice saw what she was up to. “Hayley stop!” But the damage had been done. He looked around at the stunned faces of the assassins. Some shook their heads, one hung his head and one began to laugh.


          “So Edval had a little fun; no harm in dat.” Pierre said with a lopsided smile that made Hayley’s stomach feel sick; “Enough of dis.” He tightened the grip on his knife and planted his feet, but before the killer could move to slash Rayne’s throat a powerful female voice stopped him and everyone else. “Arete sa, aseteur!” 





         Justice looked to the older woman that had appeared and wondered how she had gotten men as powerful as the assassins to yield at her request. Or were they just dumbfounded that she would dare disturb them.


         “Pierre, Lazard, all a you, leave dem be,” Tante’ moved passed the killers with ease and none made any attempt to hinder her progress towards Remy.


        Remy looked at her gratefully but Rayne felt tears sting her eyes. Despite Tante’ stopping the fight she knew that by the guild law they would eventually be handed over to the assassins. Overwhelmed by grief she slumped to the ground.


        The woman saw the girl drop to the ground, “You alright chile?” She asked as she drew Rayne’s chin up for examination. She gasped, “Rayne!”


        Rayne turned her head in shame, but an ember of anger swelled in her breast which made her eyes faintly glow so she kept them closed.


        In disbelief Tante’ looked around at the assassins then her eyes rested on Hayley, “You fools are fightin’ a pregnant woman?” She knelt down to the woman and felt her belly. “Sa fini pas.” A strong hand grabbed her by the shoulder and she looked up at Justice.


        “That’s my sister,” He narrowed his look at her. “Who are you?”


         One of the assassins came forward, “It’s none of your business, mutant.” The others nodded. He continued, “Yo’ talk to her again dat way and we will kill you.”


        “Hush now, be still,” Tante’ mumbled looking at Hayley’s injured shoulder. “She gon’ need some healing.”  She regarded Justice with a look that he dare not question. “Bring her along,”


         “Yes ma’am.” Justice felt like he was back in school and had angered the teacher. The respect this old woman had over people amazed him but before he could turn and pick his sister up Remy had her in his arms. He helped Rayne out instead, keeping an eye on the killers.


         Tante’ raised her eyebrows at Gambit’s actions, “Looks like dere’s a story here.” She shook her head then regarded Rayne. “What are you doin’ here chile?”


       “She’s come back to die,” Pierre stepped forward and grabbed Rayne’s arm. Rayne bit him and backed away as he rubbed his wrist with a grin. “Good, dere’s still some fight in yo’ we can break before…” He drew his index finger across his throat.


        Justice moved between him and Rayne, “Try anything again and your dead, mon amis.”      


        Tanti gave them all a warning look. Pierre nodded his head slightly, “as you wish, for now, traiteur,” He looked at Rayne. “But we have claim on her and you know it.”


         “There are injured here. We go ta my place. Allons;” Tanti walked away and waved her arm. Depeche toi!” At that the others filed in reluctantly. The assassins stayed in a group discussing out loud what they would do with Rayne when she was handed over to them. 


         Rayne having heard this taunting before many years ago tried hard to ignore them, but Justice gritted his teeth in an attempt to try and keep himself from tearing the killers apart.