Wolvie Femmes * Audacity 







      Deanna, thought about her own plans as she made her way to her room.  She smiled to herself as she pushed the door open, then shut it quietly and hurried to the side of her bed.  The scientist shoved her hand under her mattress and produced a vibrant piece of clothing.

       She sighed deeply and pulled the clothes to her chest. Her plan required a lot of diligence but would be worth it in the long run. She needed to protect herself against mutants, and with this weapon she was ready to fight fire with fire.

       With this suit of armor, she could become a mutant at will.  She felt a small swell of pity for those who were branded a mutant and couldn’t shake that brand.
      Deanna, smiled again taking in her creation. It was brightly colored but needed some work. She produced a book from under the mattress and began to flip through the pages quickly looking for the right section. She smirked at the thought of manufacturing for herself what others called a natural born curse. She stretched across the bed and settled in to the long task ahead.



        Logan sat beside Ally as they waited for the clergy to speak. He watched Ally out of the corner of his eye because he knew she was afraid to let too many feelings show.  She kept her straight posture, staring ahead at the caskets but refused to let the bringing tears fall. He squeezed her hand and she returned it warmly.
       Wolverine could hear the twins with Aramis in the back of the lawn laughing and giggling. He knew this whole scene didn’t mean anything to them but the cheery emotions seemed out of place. Then he could hear Bobby’s comments to Rogue and Aubrey and shook his head.



      The minister stood in between the coffins with his hands spread out and his palms opened to the heavens. He lowered his head and concentrated on what to say to comfort and reassure these people. Then he raised his head and met the eyes of some as other heads remained bowed.

     The clergyman cleared his throat and waited for the mourners attention before he continued, “Often we ask why things happen the way they do. Why is it that some live while others die?” 


    The man took a steadying breath, “Only God in his infinite wisdom truly knows the answer, and we must trust in him that his plan is for the greater good of us all.”  He took in the faces as they digested his words. “Just why this young girl or this man was taken, will be answered in time.”
     He sighed because he had been told by Xavier to keep it short and light.
   “From what I had been told, these are not people who would like for us to cry over them, but to rejoice in the life they had.”

      A loud derisive snort came from the whiskered mutant in a wheelchair and he cast her a disapproving glance. A few others cut the young woman a hurtful and angry look. Rayne twitched her whiskers, dropped her head and sighed. The clergyman continued.



    Rayne's wheelchair sat in the isle next to Remy.  She knew that her brother was holding Hayley’s hand. Rayne couldn’t believe she was sitting through this fiasco and plopped her head on top of her balled up fist.

  As the minister stood in front of them gesturing and speaking loudly, Rayne was only half listening to him. She sighed and made an effort to show some respect. This would do for her brother, not anyone affiliated with Oliver Adams.

   The holy man babbled on and Rayne thought again about what he had said earlier,
   “These are not people who would like for us to cry for them but to rejoice in the life they had.”  Rayne screwed her face in disgust, ‘Rejoice? For Adams?’ She snickered and didn’t care if anyone heard or was offended,  'Let them hear.  Dis funeral is obserd, cept for that girl.'

    Rayne saw Remy look at her out of the corner of his eye.  He shook his head trying to get her to behave. Then she saw Hayley’s angry glance and that made this nightmare a little more tolerable.

    ‘Back off Rat, this is a time for respect!’ Hayley yelled in her head.

     Rayne smiled back at her gleefully, though that emotion quickly turned to annoyance of the whole stupid affair and she stood to leave.  Remy grabbed her arm and forced her back into the chair. 


      Hayley had to admit she couldn’t believe the way this man was going on. These people didn’t care for her father anyway and she just wished it were over. 

      “These are not people who would like for us to cry for them but to rejoice in the life they had.” Hayley sighed when she mulled those words over. ‘Who cared?’ she thought to herself grumpily. Then she heard Remy’s sister growling from the wheelchair next to Remy.

       Hayley reached to Gambit's sister's mind in anger but it only seemed to make things worse. Hayley knew Rayne was likely going to cause a scene and she didn’t feel like hearing any comments about this from Ally or Alex.  Then a thought struck her and she carefully channeled her ability at Rayne’s wheelchair. She bowed her head so others wouldn’t notice her glowing eyes and held the laughter back. Remy touched her back gently and she realized he must have assumed that she was suppressing tears.

     She felt her body quickly become cold and Hayley turned to see Alex’s stern look. Alex kept her look at Hayley and Hayley noticed Alex’s eyes glowing lightly.

    ‘Stop it.’ Alex mouthed to her but didn’t let go of Hank’s grasp on her hand.

    Hayley sank back into her chair wondering what she did wrong. She thought she had stopped a confrontation at Oliver, Nair man’s, funeral but Alex wouldn’t see it that way.

    She sighed and placed her head on Gambit’s shoulder while he was speaking in a harsh, hushed tone to his belligerent sister.


     Alex shook her head as her eyes returned to normal. She returned her attention to the man who said words she knew in her soul already. Words she had already wrestled with in her heart and mind. She couldn’t shake what had happened and wondered if Hayley or Rayne would ever be tamed. She mimicked her sister’s gesture and placed her head on Hank’s shoulder and enjoyed the feel of his soft fur and his now familiar smell. He gently stroked her hair and she attempted to smile for him.



       Xavier bowed his head trying not to notice the tiny estrogen battle between the three women. He would honestly miss his brother and hoped in time others would understand his feelings as well. He sighed as the clergyman began to bring his sermon to an end.






      Ally enjoyed the sweet breeze that flew around her body. It felt good to her, it didn’t take her pain but she relished the feel of the air on her skin. So, this was closure. It felt good to her and it meant moving on.


      She noticed Logan got to his feet a beat to early and she watched him closely. She had fought next to him and loved too him enough to know something was wrong. He was staring at the back of the crowd where Aramis stood with the children by the school. He snarled slightly.


      Ally looked back but couldn’t see what had him upset.


      “What is it?” She asked in a hushed tone.


      Others began to notice Logan’s hostile nature and looked back as well. Logan began to move quickly to the children but Justice picked up on his cue and ran for them too.


      Whatever set Wolverine off couldn’t be good and they all began to head his wordless warning.





       Sabertooth sat there watching Amber while he kept clenching and unclenching his fists. He knew his appearance was changed, and maybe it was also due to the fact that they weren’t the greatest of friends but Amber didn’t recall him at all.


       Then he spied the small device Magneto held. He growled lightly to himself and looked out of the window of the helicopter. At least he would be able to have it out with the runt again.


       Then he turned back and watched Quicksilver as he sat near Amber and Wanda. He knew the young man had another agenda. He aimed his anger at the sight Amber and thought of who she was. How ironic he would be forced to work with her.


       Amber moved from Quicksilver’s side slowly crouching down into the floor. She didn’t want him too close to her because as much as she hated to admit it, she was nervous about the battle.


       She had taken on opponents because she had with held the law for her father before. Maybe she was new at mutant wars but she didn’t understand what and why they are attacking.


       She looked at Magneto who was as calm and cool if he were watching television.


       “Why are we attacking them again?” she raised an eyebrow at him


       “They were escaped projects from the labs,” Eric coo-ed.


       “And what of these children?” she demanded. Kidnapping wasn’t high on her list of priorities.


       “They are family that was taken from me,” Eric lied. He looked to his children for help and they nodded in confirmation. “The man were are opposing, my dear,” he lowered his voice and leaned closer, “He and his family were responsible for your father’s disappearance.”


        “What?” Amber’s mind raced at the knowledge.


        “We hope to find him there.” Eric went on.


         Amber was on her feet and didn’t care to show her anxiety of this attack now. “How soon is our ETA?”


         Sabertooth growled loudly at her. “You wanna put those away, kid?” He pointed at the claws she had unsheathed.


       Amber looked at her claws with a startled look because she hadn’t been aware she had popped them out.


      “We have to hoof it the rest of the way,” Quicksilver said stretching his legs. It was evident he was antsy about sitting so long.


      Mystique looked mainly annoyed and a little bored at Amber’s anxious tone and she began to change shape into lovely normal looking woman. “We ARE almost there,” she answered Amber’s question but directed it to Eric.


     He nodded and looked over the team he had prepared. Pyro kept his mouth smartly shut.  Quick silver and Wanda he knew would hold their own and cover slips. He was concerned about Mystique frame of mind and Sabertooth’s nature in general.


     He stood to take command and to remind them of it. This was a bold attack but Amber’s being there would make the difference. Eric laughed to himself surely they would recognize her and wouldn’t hurt her.


     ‘Get the infants (and possibly a cat or two) and get out.’ Eric smiled and picked up the bouquet of flowers it was simple and elegant but he doubted they would be noticed.














      “Logan?” Xavier said loudly, but Logan was already heading towards his children. Xavier touched his mind. ‘Please,’ Charles said lightly in Logan’s mind, ‘This is hard enough.  I don't sense any presence near here.’

      Wolverine grunted and turned around to face Xavier. He could have sworn that for a second, he had smelled something very familiar. Logan shook his head and looked at Ally and Justice who where then at his side. He shrugged and they began making their way back to the service. Logan saw that Hayley was half way to the twins, and Alex was standing next to Beast with a horrified expression. He was taken back by Alex’s pleading look, and it said ‘no more please.’

     “I'm sure I smelled somethin',” Logan insisted. Suddenly the same stench wafted by again and he saw the mourner’s jaws drop in horror. He spun around to face the threat and found himself being slammed to the ground by a familiar force.
    Someone was attacking them at Willow and Oliver’s funeral. The audacity of it stunned them. Wolverine turned his head and saw a man speeding about the crowd holding his daughter defiantly as people tried to catch him and take her back. Suddenly, the speedster was frozen in place and Logan realized that Ally was holding him still.


     “Good goin' Al,” He congratulated her.

      Quicksilver couldn’t move but he he knew that wouldn't last long as he could hear his father and the others coming from the air attack. His father was descending with other mutants in a protective magnetic bubble.  He flashed a coy smile at the crowd until a blonde headed man snatched the child from is arms.

       As Magneto and the others approached, Quicksilver found he could move slowly. He tried to grab the squealing girl and found that the blonde man countered with his own speed.

      He and eyed the blonde, “You must be Justice,” he sneered.

      Justice’s face showed his surprise at being recognized but anger filled his face, “Yeah.”  Justice quickly juggled the child into one arm leaving his other arm free to fight. Pietro soon found Justice’s fist in his face and was knocked to the ground.




      Hayley stood quickly and despite Gambit's grab for her, she was in the air bound for Magneto’s crew.  Storm followed on her heels.

      Gambit called out to stop her but he knew it was futile. He looked down to his wheel chair bound sister, Who's face went from a cocky smile to a serious expression, "Who are dese people Remy?"

      Remy looked up to where Hayley and Storm were engaging the arial assult, "De bad guys Rayne. Get yo'sef in the mansion, chere.  Dis ain't no fais do do." Then he left her side to join the fray.


      Scott’s shouted orders from his place next to Willow’s casket. This was a very daring move on the Brotherhood’s part. What amazed everyone even more was the fact that Magneto walked to Oliver’s coffin and placed a bouquet on it. The master of magnetism then turned and glared at Xavier.
       “You killed him, Charles,” Magneto said, his voice dripping with vehemence, “You and your, X-men.” Eric turned and noted Charles’s unwavering continuance and snarled.




       Amber could see the man she had once called father from her perch high above the mourners, Amber saw the man she once called father.  He was lying peacefully in the coffin.

        She couldn't understand why these people, who were supposed to have killed her father, were in mourning for him.  'Why are they doing this? She dropped to the ground safely and stood at Eric’s side like an obedient dog. Quicksilver moved in next to her.

     Amber said bravely. “The one who did this,” she gestured to Oliver’s coffin, “send them to me.”  She eyed the crowd accusingly. Some kept an incredulous look while others stood there defensively.




       Toad leapt towards Ally and Logan who held onto their children protectively. Logan turned to Aramis who held the infant Tyler, "Get that kid outta here!"  Aramis ran for the safety of the mansion when she saw that Toad was aiming for Ally.   

    Toad made a mad grab for the child in Ally’s arms but she tossed him back telepathically. She had intended to follow Aramis but was stopped short by Mystique who came after her with a flying sidekick.

       Ally saw the blue foot too late and it hit her square on the jaw, throwing Ally and baby Amber to the ground.

      Logan stood in between his fallen wife and child and roared at their attacker. He popped the claws on one hand and held them out menacingly. He shifted baby Michael away from his clawed arm to keep him out of Mystique’s reach.

     A young woman in crimson robes, and took advantage of the melee and grabbed Michael from Wolverine's arms. She smiled at Logan and started off with the infant. Mystique attacked him to keep him from reclaiming his son.
     A red glowing card flew at the crimson clad brunettes feet and exploded. In her shock she dropped the little boy.

      Gambit hadn’t counted on her dropping the boy and began to run to get under the child. He realized quickly that Ally had him suspended in the air, and he then threw more charged cards at the attackers to fend them away and give Ally and Logan the chance to protect and reclaim their children.

      Ally grabbed Mystique with her telepathy and tossed her as far away as she could.  She then gave Gambit a grateful look as he ran to fight the other evil mutants.