Wolvie Femmes * Assassins

          Hayley followed the stranger to an outdoor café and she noted the same swaggering walk that Remy had. The man held out a chair for her and she smiled as she sat down. He had a lopsided smile but was handsome none the less with black hair and blue eyes that reminded her of Hayley. She couldn’t help but notice his physique was almost as good as Remy’s too and she smiled thinking she probably could have the same degree of power over this Cajun as with Remy. With her own charms and good looks he would easily give her the information that she required. And hopefully she would be able to find her rogue Cajun soon.


         “What is your name?” Hayley asked placing her napkin across her lap and watched him toss his leg over the back of the chair as he sat down.


           Pierre,” he said slowly drinking the lovely brunette before him in, “An’ what brings such a fine belle as yot’our fair city?” He waved at the waiter to bring him to the table; “two coffees an’ beignet.”


           The waiter wrote it down quickly, “anything else?”


            Pierre shook his head as Hayley withheld the urge to reprimand him for ordering for her. Instead, she smiled at him hoping he would be a wealth of information.


           Hayley watched the waiter promptly return with their coffee and could have sworn that she saw him wink slightly at Pierre. Not for the first time since they met had she wonder who this man was and why he seemed to take an interest in her. “So, what do you do for a living?”


           The man smiled, “if ah told you that chere, ah’d have ta kill you.” He winked at his little inside joke.


         Hayley had to admit she was taken back by this man’s degree of confidence and wondered if she had underestimated him, “well you could try, chere. She flashed him a charming smile knowing the effect she had on men.


         The man took a long sip of his coffee intrigued by this lovely female who was full of mystery and he finally smiled, “Ah wouldn’t want ta kill a femme as lovely as you chere.” He winked and Hayley began to fill her coffee cup with a lot of sugar and cream. He sat back in his chair lazily letting his arm dangle over the back. “So, why are yo’ here. Meb’be Ah kin help yo’.”


          Hayley sighed and thought it through. He seemed friendly enough and she hardly thought one thief would be a challenge if she was attacked. She was sure he couldn’t be as skilled as Remy. “I’m looking for somebody.” Hayley looked down hoping to personify the helpless female. She wasn’t worried thinking she could always use her ability too and unconsciously played with the bracelet that kept her powers at bay.


        Pierre Smiled broadly, “Look no further, petite. Ah’m your man.”


        Hayley feigned being embarrassed, “I’m sorry but you mistook what I was saying.” She batted her eyes at him, “I’m looking for someone I know.”


         Pierre knitted his brow, “A friend, hahn? Don’ tell yo’ me you got a beau chere, yo’r gonna break my poor heart.” He put his hands over his heart and looked sad.


        “Yes, I do actually,” She smiled.


         Pierre stared into her blue eyes, “tell me who an’ Ah’ll help you look for de homme.”


          “Remy, Remy Lebeau,” Hayley almost whispered. “I need to find him.”


          Pierre sat up to attention, “DAT T’IEF?” He now glared at her. “What yo’ wan’ wit’ him, hahn?” He seemed angered by Hayley’s words.


          Hayley snatched the bracelet from her wrist and began to scan his mind, “You’re an assassin?”


          “What?” Pierre was taken back but soon realized her eyes had glowed, “Yo’ not only friends wit’ dat no account t’ief but yo’r a mutant too.” He lunged forward and grabbed her by the wrist. “An’ Ah wouldn’t make a big deal of bein’ one around here ‘cause not everybody likes mutants in Louisiana.”


          Hayley pulled her arm back and gave him a venomous look, “Don’t touch me.”  Pierre stood up grabbing her by her shoulders. He was so close that Hayley could smell the coffee he had finished.


         “So yo’ don’ want my help now eh?” He snarled at her and he noticed other assassins moving closer to aide him as she noticed them as well. “Don’ worry none vache, dey wit’ me.”


          “You don’t know who I am, and you better let me go,” Hayley threatened.


           He laughed until she grew hot, too hot to touch and he grasped his burnt hand. He swiped his scorched hand across her face watching her fall to the ground.


           Hayley knew she would have to fight her way out when she noticed that the café’s patrons were not only weren’t getting involved but they were leaving the area. She knew she was in trouble when she saw the other men gather around her in a circle. She noticed the weapons that peaked out of their coats and she was about to melt them until one of the burly men kicked her in the face. She balled up to protect her unborn but for the moment could only hope to make herself too hot for them to touch her.













          Tante Matte’ walked slowly along the familiar streets with her list of things she needed on her mind.  She balanced her bag on her forearm watching the locals as they moved about their business.


         “Good evening, Tante,” an elderly lady called to Tante’ as she swept the walk way outside of her store.


         Tante’ turned with a smile and looked to the lady, “Bonjour, Madame Marie,” She nodded at the other woman. Then she noticed that people were filing away from an area just ahead; “Looks like dere’s some trouble ahead.” Tante’ mumbled.


        “Could be,” Marie said slowly recalling the current events to mind, “Ah saw a couple of assassins movin’ down dat way a little while ago. Coulda swore Ah heard ‘em talkin’ about a t’ief.”


       Tante’s eyebrow cocked, “Did yo’ hear a name?” Tante kept a close eye on both guilds knowing that they constantly bickered and battled in a feud that has lasted generations.


       Marie shook her head slowly and Tante knew Marie didn’t like getting involved, “Meb’be dey’re at de café noir.”  Marie shifted her weight, “Pierre was here earlier on wit’ a yank femme dat bought a coat. He looked up to no good, Mattie’.” Marie remembered how he leered at the young woman and the credit card she used.


       Pierre?” Tante knew something was wrong now, “Whats dat fool up to?” Tante knew how that young assassin loved trouble. “Ah’ll see yo’ later Marie.” Tante didn’t wait for a reply and started off in the direction of a commotion that began to grow.













      Justice looked at the streets that Rayne guided him along and had to admit it was colorful to say the least. “So,” he gave her a taunting look, “when did the circus come to town?”


     Rayne almost didn’t hear him because her senses were filled with the sounds, sights and aromas of her old home. She turned her head up to him as his words registered finally, “De circus cher, what are yotalkin’ about?”


      Justice looked again and realized that the people didn’t quite seem to match the buildings.  He heard accents of the young and old that sounded more like he was in Delaware then the Deep South. Occasionally he heard some sort of southern accent but he couldn’t tell what the people were saying. He thought perhaps that they were just surrounded more by tourists then natives. As he scanned the streets he saw many looks from people hanging out close to the buildings that seemed to say, “Go away stranger.”


     Justice sighed and looked at Rayne who returned some stares, “Know anybody who can help us out?” He asked her in a low voice.


     Rayne shook her head, “Non, just a bunch of old busy bodies, an tourists.” Rayne shrugged. Her heart filled with joy remembering all the places she loved in the city she grew up in. The music made her want to dance and she found herself humming along with a tune. She felt Justice take her hand and she looked over at him. She was used to his touch now and she didn’t flinch but looked up at him questioningly.


     “People might stare at us less if we look like a tourist couple,” Justice winked at her.


     Rayne nodded but snorted, “If Remy see’s yoholdin’ my hand we’ll get plenty of looks,” she smiled and to her surprise he didn’t let go.


    “Well, if you pick up his scent tell me and I’ll let go,” Justice smiled and he was sure these old streets wouldn’t be too surprised to see a fight break out. It probably happened on a regular basis.


    Rayne shrugged and looked forward, “‘Kay, Cher. Don’t complain if yo’ get in trouble.”


    Justice thought of something, “You don’t mind it do you?”


    “What, dis?” Rayne shook her hand that he held, “Non, not really.” Then she laughed, “Ah wonder what Remy will say when he finds out we have a hotel room together.”


    Justice choked on the sharp intake of air he took. “Rayne, if I didn’t know any better I’d think you wanted your brother kick my ass.”


     “Keep yo’r voice down now. We don’ need to attract attention.” Rayne pointed a finger from her empty hand at him.


      Justice nodded knowing she was right and began to feel around telepathically for his sister or Remy.












      Remy knew the person who had called him an old femme. She was a flame that still held a spark for him and he knew she wasn’t going to leave him be that easily. He threw her a smile and gave her a wave but he ran in the other direction. Nicole, he was certain that was her name and she was trouble. She told everybody everything she did, and that he did. He kept clear of her then and he knew to now. He was usually more unique in turning down a woman but time was precious right now.  He lost her easily but the more people recognized him the quicker he knew he had to be. He began to hide in the shadows more and hoped there wouldn’t be anymore femmes to chase him.


     Remy knew the Bayou and he knew it well and he knew to go straight to the source but he had a nagging feeling that brought him back to the main street. He would almost swear he could hear Hayley in his own thoughts and it was almost haunting him now.


    He wasn’t aware that as he became distracted that he had also become a target for a pair of eyes, eyes that followed him slowly.


         Remy’s head perked up as if he felt the gaze on him but he quickly turned in a different direction as if he had been called. He narrowed his gaze and forgot his momentary paranoia as he sped off.


      The pair of eyes watched Remy appreciatively as his lithe figure ran quickly and carefully from their sight, ‘where yogoinRem?’ They thought to themselves as the young woman stood slowly from her hiding place as she slowly kept her hood pulled over her head hiding her beautiful face. “Yoaint gon no place dat ah can’t find yo’,” she said softly to herself.






       Remy stopped suddenly hearing Hayley’s voice. He looked around but couldn’t see her then realized that it was the telepathic link they shared. She was calling to him. She was in some sort of danger. He set his jaw and moved in the direction he was somehow guided to.


       He knew he shouldn’t be surprised that she followed him because she was as strong willed as he was. He cursed inwardly for not leveling with her as he saw the old café and patrons moving away slowly and warily as they glanced at a group of men.


      Assasins?’ Remy thought to himself. He only saw a few faces as most of their backs were to him. Their attention was on something or someone in the middle of their circle and when he saw fire shoot up from the middle he realized it was Hayley. He pushed through the crowd knowing that even Hayley wouldn’t last long against a group of assassin’s, and he hoped that even with his help the both of them would be able to escape unharmed.












       Yeowtch!” An assassin screamed as he kicked Hayley in the face and fell to the ground to grasp his newly flash fried foot.


        Pierre stared at him as the other assassin’s eyes did too. “What’s wrong Martin?”


        The man held his melted boot out for inspection, “Ah just kicked her an’ my foot’s on fire.” He began to fan at it in an attempt to cool it off.


       Pierre’s eyes became angry but another assassin looked down at the boot and back at Hayley who wiped her bloodied lip.


       “She’s a mutant Martin, like dat no account Remy was,” Pierre gritted his teeth as he snatched her up by her hair. “Only your skin gets hot, hanh?”


        The other assassins glared as she was forced to her feet as her brave, bloodied face met their eyes. She saw Pierre look at her like a rabbit caught in a predators grasp and she knew that she would now share in whatever grievance they had against Remy.


        Dere like cockroaches, mutants,” Pierre sneered. “When yo’ see one dere’s always more around.”


        Hayley kept her composure and tried to keep her belly hidden. She felt the assassin’s breath on her neck and wondered how she was going to get out of this alive. Even though the sun was going down there were so many people around. She wondered why no one was trying to help her.


        “We don’t like mutants here an’ we sure as hell don’t like anyone associated with dat crapaud t’ief.” he hissed in her ear, yanked her hair and enjoyed a little yelp from her.


        Hayley stood straighter as the pain he caused reminded her that she was still alive. Her blood became as fire as she remembered she was Fire-Cat, and someone not to be toyed with. She wiped the blood from her face with the back of her hand and gave them a dead pan stare. “I’m not just any mutant.” 


        Her sudden bravery took them by surprise but they kept their cocky grins as they moved closer.


       Hayley sighed inwardly, ‘Great, I’m fighting fifteen Remys.’ She began to grow hotter and turned her scalding palm into the assassin behind her. It was her turn to enjoy his yelp, but it was a short lived victory as the other assassins moved in closer.


       Pierre produced a knife and threw it towards her heart but she turned up the heat and melted it before it came within a foot of her.


       The assassins narrowed their eyes at what she had done and looked to each other. “But Cher,  yo ain’t playin’nice,”  one assassin teased and Hayley turned around to face him leaving Pierre behind her.


       “Oh? And I suppose fifteen to one is fair, chere.” she cocked an eyebrow at him and managed a cocky smile of her own.


        Pierre laughed, “Would yo’ listen ta dat. She t’inks we are bein’ unfair.” In on fluid motion he grabbed the bracelet Hayley had dropped and quickly slapped it around her wrist.


        Hayley looked down at the bracelet with surprise and back at the assassins. She knew how vulnerable she was now without her powers so she made a grab for the band to pull it off. However each time she tried to take it off an assassin nearby would do something to prevent it. She ducked an attack from a man who was beside her and dodged another attempt to cut her arm, but she failed to remember that Pierre was still behind her. By the time she heard him move up directly behind her she could only cry out in pain as a knife blade pierced her right shoulder. She grasped at the wound and warm blood quickly covered her hand. She felt disoriented as she looked at her bloodied hand. The assassins closed in around her and she was vaguely aware that one came in close to her face and spoke to her, “De Assassins don’t like any friends o’ LeBeau’s.”


       Hayley lifted the bracelet from her wrist as she weakly threw some flames into the air. She could feel Remy nearby and hoped he would see the signal. She began to heat her body again but she knew most of her body’s energy was going to healing her wound. She felt light headed again and she fell to her back.


      An exhausted, “Don’t touch me,” was all she could manage as she protectively wrapped an arm over her stomach.


       Pierre gasped noting that she was pregnant, “Ah bet dat’s Remy’s chile an’ she’s here ta look for ‘im.” He tossed his knife in the air catching it by the hilt, dropped to his knees beside her, and held the knife over Hayley’s stomach. Then, clasped her bracelet around her wrist again so she wouldn’t fight as much; “How about we present de baby to it’s poppa in person.”













        Normally, Remy would have enjoyed the shock value of them seeing him after all this time but the sight of Hayley bloodied and laying there made him angry. Remy charged a card and threw it at a group of assassins to his left, scattering them. He pulled out his staff, smacked an end against the nose of a dark haired young man then reversed the motion arching the bo staff around to strike a blonde haired man that was coming up behind him. Both were temporarily stunned as the others regrouped from the small explosion.


      Pierre glared down at Hayley then back to Gambit, “Your femme, LeBeau?” He looked back to see Hayley open her eyes at the mention of Remy. “She was just inquiring as to your whereabouts,” Pierre laughed a little. “We thought we’d bring her to yo’.” He narrowed his eyes and grinned evilly, “In pieces.”


      “Now dat’s not very nice homme; although yo’r lot aren’t known for being very respectable and nice like. Wha’ say you work on changing yo’r shortcomings a little and let her go.” At that the assassins formed a barrier between Hayley and Remy to which Gambit charged a handful of cards. He sighed, “Didn’t t’ink someone as ugly as you could change any anyways,” and set his jaw knowing that is could very well be a losing battle.  He eyed them and recognized some but there were new faces and that meant he wasn’t sure what some of them could do.


      “Sticks and stones;” Pierre chuckled and narrowed his eyes but his smile faded when he felt heat on his backside.


      “Sticks and stones aren’t the only thing that you need to concern yourself with,” a wavering voice called from behind him and he turned to see Hayley on her feet holding her bracelet with her eyes glowing and flames dancing around her body.


       He didn’t consider her much of a threat though. She was standing, true but her injured shoulder was slumped and he figured her tough look was nothing more than a façade.





        Remy noted her condition and weighed his options. The assassins didn’t leave him much room to maneuver as fought his way towards her. He knew she was a tough fighter in her own right, but he also knew the assassins and their numbers that made their chances very slim. He eyed her injured shoulder and that it wasn’t healing very quickly and lowered their chances a little more.


         Remy felt the intense heat that Hayley was generating and he hoped that between their mutant and fight abilities they would make it out alive. He felt Hayley in his mind telling him to get out while he could but he wouldn’t leave her because he knew what they would do to her if he did.  He wasn’t optimistic about making it out of there in one piece. An assassin tried to disarm him by striking a blow behind his head and reaching for his staff but Remy scoffed and put the staff along his opponent’s head. He found the heat getting greater as Hayley moved closer and the assassins weren’t sure how to stop her. He watched her and knew she wouldn’t be able to take much more so he pushed harder in her direction but he made mistakes in his haste. He saw a knife fly uncomfortably close to his head but before he could dodge the blow by Pierre he was hit on the back of the head. He saw the ground coming at him and it blurred but he didn’t pass out. Then he felt the heat, the scorching heat.






      “Don’t you touch him!” Hayley screamed sending her fire around Remy for protection and close enough to touch him. She saw him look up and she sighed knowing that they had only stunned him. She watched him get up slowly.


      Remy stood by her and he was touched she would protect him even now but his eyes went to her wound and how her heat seemed to fail. “Don’t yo’ worry ‘bout me none an’ yo’ keep dat fire on yo’.”


      Pierre chuckled watching Remy’s protective nature as he inspected the dark haired femme, “Ah knew she was yo’ femme Remy,” he hissed. 


      Hayley couldn’t keep her fire going and concentrated instead on just keeping on her feet, “I didn’t know Remy.” She was almost tearful with the pain now and she met his eyes. “I just wanted to find you.”


      Remy watched the assassins sizing them up. Normally he would have kissed her and put her fears to rest but he was ready for Pierre and what was next but he was sure they wouldn’t make it out alive now. He pulled Hayley to him in attempt to protect her and he felt her body go a little limp with a sigh. She sighed, she thought she was safe and he would get her out of there. He gulped hard hoping that was so.


     Pierre shook his head as he grabbed Hayley’s bracelet, “yo’r femme has no power here Remy.” He threw the bracelet and watched it attach easily again. “Dat t’ing seems to keep her from being mutant non?” He watched Remy’s anger grow but he stayed silent. “not’ing to say t’ief?”


     Yo’ business is wit’ me,” Remy stood tall with Hayley leaning against him. “Let Hayley go,” He looked to appeal to them. “She hasn’t done not’ing to you.”


     “She made us angry,” one assassin growled, “an’ she’s a mutant.”


     Pierre laughed, “Trying to protect yo’r chile Rem?” He watched Remy’s face for acknowledgement but he didn’t give him that pleasure. “We saw she’s carrying a bebe’ an’ Ah’m  t’inkin it’s yours.”


     Remy set his jaw, “Den we do dis de hard way.” He charged a card and held it high above his head. He felt Hayley in his head telling him she could fight but her eyes were shut as her body remained against his. He sighed, even now she was stubborn.  He threw the charged card aimed at Pierre and clutched Hayley to him as he leapt for the tree above them. Hayley groaned under his grip and he tried to pull them to safety before the assassins could regroup.