Wolvie Femmes * Altercations:




      Professor Xavier had been very busy lately with the death of his brother and the influx of mutants coming into the mansion.  He was given an account of each one but hadn’t personally met all of them.  He was aware that this young woman was Remy LeBeau’s sister.  He observed her for a moment then said,  "My name is Charles Xavier." He offered a smile but the sudden sound of a voice startled her and she squeaked.  "I’m sorry if I startled you," Xavier calmly continued,  " I was told that your name is Rayne and that you are Remy’s sister."  Rayne managed a nervous nod.   The professor  held out his hand to Rayne,  "perhaps if you are not busy, we can go to my office to get better acquainted."  Rayne nodded again and tentatively shook his hand,  "Ah’m not dat busy pr’fessor,  so if yo’ wan’, ah can go wit’ yo’."

   As they entered the office Rayne noted again the similarities between this place and Oliver Adams estate.  She said to Xavier,  "Dis place,"  She made a broad gesture,  "Dis look’ a lot lik’ where ah jus’ came from."  A shiver ran down her spine at the resemblance.

   "So I have been told,"  Xavier responded as he navigated his wheelchair behind a massive desk.   "Please,"  He said pointing out the chairs in the room.  "Make yourself comfortable."  Taking the offer Rayne sat down in a chair that was nearest to her.

   Charles spoke again,  "Oliver Adams was my brother."  Upon hearing that Rayne hopped up from the chair and moved to the door.

   "Do not be alarmed, Rayne,"  Xavier said calmly and gestured once again to the chair, when the shaken young  

woman turned to regard  him,  "I do not sanction my brother’s actions."    He clasped his hands together,  "My dream, is for there to be a peaceful co-existence between mutants and non-mutants.  In fact, I built
this school to teach mutants to fully understand  and be able to control their gifts."

   Rayne cocked her head then spat out,  "Yo’ mean like da Danger Room? Ah seen it jus’ a while ago."  She felt her face flush,  "An dats how yo’ train all da mutant’ dat’ come in ‘ere?"

   Charles noted her flustered appearance,  "The Danger Room is most effective in helping a mutant learn about their powers." 

   Rayne scoffed,  "Yeh well, dat mebbe tru‘ but ah’ll not be goin’ in dat place, wit’ all dose guns an’ mechanical monsters!"    She glared at the professor,  "Is dat what ah have ta do ta pay yo’ back fo’ savin’ me?"

   Xavier shifted in his chair and gave Rayne a forthright response,  "I do not expect anyone to ’owe’ me anything for saving their life." He continued,  "You can do as you like. Though you must understand that the Danger Room isn’t always dangerous, that name is misleading.  It is an excellent means for a mutant to find out what they can do, and how to best control their powers so that they can use them safely and responsibly."   He saw that Rayne was still confused,  "What you probably saw were experienced mutants going through an exercise routine. Beginners would not be exposed to such high training levels."

   Rayne nodded and relaxed though her whiskers twitched at the thought of her standing in that training room.  She wondered if she could ever handle the level of training that her brother was at. 

   Professor Xavier was pleased at her less tense posture.  She was a curious mutant indeed.  She seemed totally helpless, yet by Logan’s account was a tenacious fighter.  He wanted to find out what kind of experiments were done on her and how they affected her mutant abilities, not to mention her state of mind.  He wanted to know more about her as well, and how she came to be in a cell at the Adams estate,  "I was told that you have heightened senses."  Her whiskers twitched,  "There is another mutant here that has heightened senses as well.  Perhaps he can help you."  Rayne nodded apprehensively.

   Xavier thought of a plan then and reached out with his telepathy to Wolverine.  He found him in the danger room and asked if he would meet him in his office as soon as possible.  Logan told him that the exercise had been disrupted anyway and he could be there in a few minutes.  The professor looked up and smiled at Rayne,  "May I ask you a rather personal question?"   Rayne shifted her position in the chair then agreed,  "What kind of work did you do before you landed up at the lab?"

   There was a long pause, then Rayne began slowly,  "Ah had an information business."  Charles raised an eyebrow.  She explained,  "Somebody need’ ta know sometin’, Ah try an’ fin’ out fo’ dem."  She shrugged her shoulders.

   Charles Xavier rubbed his chin in thought.  Did she just admit to him that she was a spy?  If so,  the school could be at risk.  Would Gambit’s sister sell information about this place to the highest bidder ? 

   As if she read his thoughts Rayne stated emphatically,  "Don’ yo’ worry none pr’fessor.  Ah won’ tell anyone ‘bout dis place.  Remys ‘ere, an  he’s fam’ly."

   Small consolation, Xavier thought.   He wondered if he should restrict her access to vital areas or could her word be trusted?  Then he marked her use of the word ‘family’ and remembered that Remy was involved with a thieves guild in New Orleans.  In being his sister, Rayne would undoubtedly belong to that same guild, or at least had exposure to it.

   Again Rayne seemed to read his thoughts and said,  "Ah know how ta keep secrets.  Ah will keep dis place a secret, s’alright?"

    Xavier again lifted an eyebrow at her uncanny ability to tell what he was thinking,  "Are you telepathic?"  Rayne shook her head no.  Then she explained,  "Ah  jus’ can tell sometime’,  de way t’ings are."

   Intrigued by this the professor investigated further,  "So you have a heightened sense of intuition?"  Rayne shrugged non-committally.  Charles couldn’t help but feel that this conversation was a bit one sided,  "Perhaps it is connected with your other heightened senses.  It is a popular belief that there is a sixth sense and that intuition is a big part of it."  Again she shrugged, and  Xavier sighed and sat back in his chair.

   There was a knock on the door and the professor bid them enter.  He also began explaining to Rayne that had taken the liberty to set up a meeting with the person here at the school  who had powers similar to her own.  Rayne turned to regard the visitor.   When she saw Wolverine standing in the doorway,  she popped up from her chair and quickly moved towards the side of the room away from him.   She pointed to Logan and snapped,  "Dis  da one dat yo’ wan’ ta train me ? Eh? Ah don’ t’ink so !"  She flipped her hands in the air,  "He don’ teach no one,  he claw’ dem up!"

  Logan looked to Xavier for an explanation.  The professor calmly replied, "I had hoped that by introducing you to Logan in a more formal setting, that you could open up a productive dialog that would, perhaps,  help you to trust him."

  Rayne shook her head violently,  "No way will ah ever  trus’ him!"  She was visibly trembling then and Charles decided it might be best to end this meeting now.  He offered Logan an apologetic look and smiled at Rayne,  "I am very sorry to have upset you Rayne.  This matter will not be discussed again."

  Rayne nodded her agreement, gave Wolverine a wide berth then escaped into the hall. 
Logan watched her leave then turned to Xavier,  "You want me to teach her about her mutant powers Chuck?"  He walked to a chair and sat down,  "How do you know that she doesn’t already have full use of her powers?"

   "That is a possibility,"  Xavier offered as he smiled at Wolverine.  He shifted slightly in his wheelchair,  "I had an interesting conversation with Rayne before you came in."   He considered things for a moment,  "Logan, there is a possible threat to our security.  It would appear that Gambit’s sister has previously earned a living selling information. I wondered if you would keep an eye on her."

   "Sure Prof," Logan replied as he stood up,  "Should I keep her from going into certain areas?"

   Xavier thought about if for a minute then he told Wolverine to let her go wherever she wanted but to keep a close watch.  Logan
gave his consent and left the office.




      Justice carried his cup on the way to his room. He knew he had a coffee maker in his room but refused to get rid of his java so easily.


     He smiled as he thought of his room and returning to it so soon after Storm had been in it. He juggled the contents of his hands to open his door.


    "Justice," a female voice called as he touched the knob. Jump came running towards him then finally used her ability and jumped right next to him.


     Justice smiled but took a deep breath, "Hi Chloe." He turned the knob and walked in.


     "I know that look and the coffee," She smiled, "Getting ready to buckle down on the briefs?"


     Justice put his cup down and started his own pot of coffee, "Yes, I need to get my life going again, and going back to work seemed a good place to start."


     "You're taking Jordan?"


     He gulped wondering if she was upset by it or would fight him for her, "Yes, why do you ask?" He swallowed the last drink of his coffee down to cover any indication he was nervous.


     "I think she will enjoy being with you," Chloe settled into a chair next to him. Justice sighed wondering what she really wanted, "Yes, and the school district is good."


     He set his cup down and looked at her. "I need to get to work, Chloe," He smiled uneasily and got up to walk her to the door.


      She got up reluctantly and held onto the door knob, "Maybe we could have dinner tonight?"


      He looked uncomfortably at the floor, "Officially, I go back to work tomorrow and I really need to be prepared."


      Chloe had wanted to solve this peacefully, "I was hoping to have some time to speak to you."


     He narrowed his eyes as she came closer, "Is something wrong?"


    She advanced towards him and Justice countered and stepped back with each step she made. Finally he was backed into his chair and he sat down with a plop.


     Chloe smiled at his awkwardness and crawled into his lap. Justice didn't respond like she was hoping he would. He just looked at her like she was a snake that had just slithered onto his lap.


    "Chloe," He said quietly, "this isn't a good…"


     Chloe clasped her mouth over his before he could argue and she found him relaxing a bit with the familiar touch of her. She continued her advance.


     Justice felt like he was caught in a spell. Her kiss reminded him of quieter times. Like when she was pregnant with Jordan. He felt tears form as he recalled coming home from work and she would greet him at the door with a tender kiss. The last time she had done that was a couple of days before she delivered Jordan. He let her kiss him, but his thoughts traveled to Storm. He decided to stop her.


    Chloe felt his resistance, doubled her efforts by pressing on letting her eyes meet his and pleaded with him silently. Justice kissed her head and began to speak, but again Chloe cut him off by grasping his mouth with hers hard and greedily. She moved quickly hoping he would lose himself and remember their love. She needed to know if he still loved her.


      Justice was upset and he didn't want to let on to Chloe for fear of making her feel worse. He started to reason with her slowly but she only became more insistent with her kiss. He tried to gently move her off him but she quickly moved her hand inside his pants.


     Justice stood up now, not caring if her hurt her feelings as she fell to the floor in a small heap. He offered her a hand up.


    Chloe knew she looked as humiliated as she felt but let him help her up, "I was a fool to think you still loved me."


     "Chloe we aren't the same people," He sighed and ran his hand through his hair and turned to button his pants.


    Chloe became even more offended, "You were never shy around me before."


      Justice rubbed his chin wishing she would just leave. "No, but the last time we were together, things were different. A lot has changed since then," He argued and he sat down, "I will always love you Chloe but I am not in love with you anymore." He knew the words finally spoken were true and it hurt a little. How would he explain it to Jordan?


      "Fine," Chloe growled at him and then she jumped from him before Justice could reach out to calm her.


      Justice grabbed a nearby pen and threw it angrily at the wall. But he forgot his Strength as he watched it sail through the wall.


     His mouth dropped open as he heard a young female scream. He ran to the hole to see a female eye looking back.


     "What was that?" the eye blinked at him.


     "Uh, a Japanese fighting pen?" Justice joked lamely. The eye wasn't amused.


     "Well," He cleared his throat, "Might I have my pen back?"


     "Help yourself killer," the eye said non-committally.


     Justice sighed, "Okay, can I come in to get it?"


    "It went through the other wall," she sighed then pushed a cloth in the hole.


     Justice went red, "Oh. Well don’t worry I'll fix the wall." He yelled through the hole.


    Justice heard the coffee pot stop and he poured himself another cup. As he went to take a taste he heard another rap at the door.


     He sighed and bit his lip as he glared at the door. He put his cup down and opened the door quickly, didn't see anybody there so he began to close it.


    "Ye try to kill me and then yer rude on top of it," the small irish voice called from the floor. Justice smiled as he looked down to the comical sight that was the leprechaun.


    Dominick thrust the pen at Justice as much as he could, "tis' yours?" Justice sighed, "Uh, yes."


    The little man handed the pen to Justice then kicked him in the shin.


    "Hey!" Justice yelled. "Now, we be even lad," he tipped his hat at Justice and stomped down the hall.


    Justice was angry but could only laugh as he watch the tiny man steam off . He shut the door and found his coffee cup again.







     Hayley and Rogue made it difficult for Ally to follow in the air. Rogue was the novice but had Hayley's years of experience and as the two raced ahead made it hard for Ally to keep up.


     Ally kept tugging at Hayley's mind telling her to slow down but only found annoying giggles. Rogue was being more daring than Hayley because of the extra spicy Cajun in her head.


     Rogue dove in and out of the trees, charging the branches that were in her way. It took Hayley a minute of following her before she recognized the red glowing objects she came upon and quickly dodged the explosions.


      Hayley uncharacteristically became worried of the girl and flew hard to catch up to her. Rogue couldn't match her flying experience and Hayley grabbed her arm quickly.


    "That's enough," Hayley growled, "the explosions are too close."


    Rogue's eyes danced at her, "Can' keep up, mignon?" rogue taunted her, and charged her arm until Hayley was forced to let go. Rogue raced ahead setting more charged and flaming obstacles for Hayley and Ally to dodge.


      Hayley looked back at her sister, hoping Ally could see the red flamed trail she left for her to follow. She flew harder again gaining on her small protégé.


      Rogue's playful nature had the best of her as she continued to charge things. But as she grabbed a tree that had many vines on it she became entangled and it pulled her back. She felt Hayley's hands moving quickly to free her.


     "Hayley," Rogue said, not as Hayley or Gambit but Rogue. Her eyes grew desperate at the sight of multitude red glowing branches around her.


     Hayley mumbled a curse as she worked faster, "Help out where you can kid."





      Ally dove down to where she had seen the last of Hayley's 'comet trail' and Rogue's explosions. She heard Hayley screaming in her head telling her to get help. Then she heard a lot of explosions and Hayley and Rogue's screams.







     Gambit gathered his things. The exercise had been canceled now and thought about how Rayne would need a while to herself to gather her pride after the incident.


    He smiled as Storm met him at the door and his thoughts went to Hayley. He played with the idea of getting her alone later. He adjusted a glove remembering she went to fly for a while.


     "I am afraid you sister was more than a little afraid for your well being," Storm sighed as he joined her, "I had no idea that she would react so to a Danger Room exercise.


     "Dat's Rayne. She very protective," Remy smiled with a shrug. He loved his silly sister and remembered all the antics they got into when they were young. He was concerned at how upset she had gotten. He would have a talk with her in a little while.


       Storm matched Remy's pace as they ran into Alex, Beast and Imp. Imp raced away from Alex's hand and straight to the smiling red-eyed mutant.


      Remy laughed as she tried to climb into his arms, "Hey bebe" he smiled back at her pulling the child into his arms.


     "I like you," Imp wrinkled her nose at Remy.


     "Ah lik' yo' too t’chere," he smiled at her. "Yo' wan' get some coffee wit’ me?"


     Her eyes grew big, "Yes! My daddy drinks it too."


     "No!" Alex rained on her parade.


    Imp climbed down and took his gloved hand, "I'm going with him," she nodded at Alex.


    "I'll watch her," Remy offered with a smile.


   "I am going for coffee as well," Storm smiled, "And I would also like to talk to Justice."


    Remy raised an eyebrow and smiled at her knowingly.


    Storm knew that her blush was giving her intentions away.


    "Justice went to his room to get some work done," Alex sighed, "He’s probably still there."


     Storm was now afraid she would intrude on his work, "I will join Remy and Jordan."


     Beast wrapped an arm around Alex's waist, " Thank you for watching Jordan for a bit," Alex called over her shoulder with a laugh.


    "Well, Dr. McCoy, I don’t want you to be late for your shift." She joked.



    Remy held Imp's hand and she swung her arm back and forth. He looked at Storm whose thougths seemed elsewhere.


   "So, Stormy," Gambit teased. "Yo’ wan’ talk ta Justice, eh?"


   "What are you getting at Remy?" She smiled a little but eyed him cautiously.


    "Dat yo' and Justice are a couple now," Remy grinned.


    "Nu uh," Jordan countered.


    "We are not?" Storm laughed at the child.


    "No," she said as she walked ahead slightly, "You had sex."


    Remy grabbed his side laughing at the child’s candid remark, and at Storm's raging blush and sputter. Jordan ran ahead giggling at the two adults.






      After Rayne had left the Professor's office she went to the kitchen. On the table was a bowl of fruit and she helped herself to a banana. Uncharacteristically, she sat down with her back to the doorway.


    She was taught that it was prudent to be able to see the entire room and all the entrances but right now she didn't care. She took a bite of banana and chewed it slowly, thinking about the events of the day. So far the day was pretty wretched. Rayne sighed and chomped another piece off the banana. Then without warning the banana flew from her hand, sailed across the room and splat onto the wall.


     A high pitched squeal came from the open doorway and Rayne twisted out of her seat to face the threat. Standing just inside the opening was a small girl who was grinning from ear to ear and looked very pleased with herself.


    However, Rayne's nerves were shot from all that had happened so far today so she growled at the urchin and moved quickly towards her brandishing teeth and claws.


      Imp, wasn't too familiar with this new person, so when the clawed and whiskered mutant charged at her, she screamed and bolted out of the kitchen.


    Rayne chased after her but as soon as she stepped into the hall she bumped head first into a very angry looking Wolverine.


     Logan thrust his hand into Rayne's face and poked his finger at her, "I better not ever catch you harmin’ a kid around here, or anyone else for that matter. Got it?" He said with a snarl. He didn't register the movement until it was too late. The angry rat had bit his extended finger then scampered off down the hall.


    Logan watched as his healing factor closed the wound. "Kid's quick," He mused, "If she can get over being scared and stops trying to run away, I just might be able to do somethin’ with her."


     Wolverine looked down the hallway and grinned. Remy and Storm heard the child scream and ran stopping short of crashing into Logan. All three of them looked around,


     "Have you seen Imp?" They all asked in unison.


      Logan pushed his finger in Gambit's face, "Rat girl attacked Imp then bit me."


     "Rayne lik's her meat fresh homme," Remy said with a smirk. Although he was upset that Rayne chased the child and worried why his sister was acting that way.


      "Remy is not responsible for every move his sister makes, Logan," Storm defended him against the angry mutant. "She is still trying to adjust."

     "She wouldn’ hurt da bebe, Logan. Rayne not lik’ dat." He hoped he was right in saying so. So much had happened to Rayne. Could she have gotten mean? ‘Nah,’ Remy thought, ‘No matter what happen to dat girl, Ah know she would never hurt a baby. It’s not in her nature.’


    Logan growled, "Let's find Imp."


    "Jordan could not have gotten far," Storm sighed.