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       Remy noticed that Rayne and Hayley hadn't said much along the way to the house.  When he pulled up to the long drive, he recognized it from being there with Hayley before, when she was captured, but then he had been on foot.  He looked to the window he was thrown from and saw that it had been repaired.  There were other cars in the driveway, and a van.  He noticed the odd bonsai trees and looked back to Rayne who hadn't seen the house yet.


      "Here we are, petite."  Remy pulled up circular driveway to unload the car.


      "Dis whole place?"  Rayne's eyes grew big.  She took in the lovely gardens and the stately home and it gave her a chill.  It reminded her of the big home that contained the labs.  The big home she had been paid to spy on.  She noticed an old sunset orange 67 mustang with historic plates sitting in the driveway, and wondered what it would be like behind the wheel. 


        Dat has ta be Justice’s car.”  Her eyes stayed on the sleek, fun looking vehicle. 


        “That’s his ‘baby’” Hayley rolled her eyes.  “He won’t let any of us drive it.”


        “Too bad,” Rayne mused.  Dis grand estate is all yours, huh?”


        Hayley laughed, “It’s just a house Rayne.”


        Remy opened her door, "No," she looked at Remy and Hayley, "Looks more like a museum ta me."


        Hayley smiled, "Ok, it’s a big house."  She looked at the home she had known, "with some good and bad memories."


       Remy nodded, "Justice said somethindis mornin’ about a new alarm," He looked to Hayley, "So de brotherhood can't get to us."


       Hayley scoffed, "Creed found us here before."  She pressed her lips together.  "Justice is good at tying lose ends so I am sure it's a top notch system."  She chuckled and saw a woman trundling out of the house to welcome them.


       "I’m sorry sir," she looked to Remy who was now grabbing the bags, then to Hayley,   “Ma’am.  Most of us hoped to be gone before you arrived."


       Rayne looked to Remy and Hayley for an answer to who this was but saw that they were equally puzzled.


       Hayley nodded, "Fine, good," she moved closer removing her bracelet/suppressor and Remy almost panicked worried about what she was up to as he and Rayne moved behind her.  "Who are you?"  Hayley narrowed her eyes at the plump woman.


      She laughed, "Hazel, a homestead engineer.”  She watched the other two move closer and noticed Remy's eyes with a shudder, "Justice Adams hired me to make sure all was ready for your arrival."


       Remy sighed and put his sunglasses on aware of her stare at him.  "Make sure what’s ready?"


      "For the impending birth," she laughed looking at Hayley's little belly.  "He also mentioned to make sure the young lady was comfortable," She looked at Hayley.  "I know you from somewhere, don't I?"


       "I don't think so," Hayley looked alarmed.


       "I do," she smiled broadly; "You're that dancer."  She beamed, "Hayley Adams?"  She looked at her, "I thought you had another name though."


       Hayley felt Rayne look at her curiously and she pressed her lips together nervously.


       The woman went on, "Justice Adams?"  She mused as they began to file into the house.  "We just heard of him on a newscast."


       They all stopped in their tracks, "What?"  Rayne said quickly but Hayley didn't seem so surprised.


      "Yes," she laughed.  "As it seems he left his client."  She giggled behind her hand.


      Remy scoffed, "Dey's more den one homme named Justice now isn't dere?"  He appeared confident hoping to charm the woman over. 


       "Hazel," Hayley caught her attention, "Who is we?"


       "The people in my employ, I personally came out to see that everything was all in proper order," She smiled, "Most have left but we thought it best to have a man here to help with your bags."  She smiled.


        "Dat's all right," Remy smiled as they finally moved into the house, "Ah can handle…it…"  They heard the television on and the news piped in noisily.


      "Adams refused commentary even after we found him in the nearby bathroom."  Hazel watched the three's reaction seeing the handsome man ducking from the media on the television.


      "He's not your brother?"  Hazel asked watching the news now.


      "No," Hayley shook her head hoping she would drop it and not associate them, "I'm not a dancer either."  She sighed.  “I’m just pregnant.”


       "My apologies Mrs.," Hazel mumbled, "You must be the proud pappa," she beamed at Remy.


         Remy nodded feeling a pang of regret it wasn't his baby.  A plan to get Hazel to finish her work and leave them alone quickly formed, "Oui," he moved to Hayley letting his hand rest lazily around her waist.  "We gon' be in de bedroom very soon workin’ on more."  He winked but it had no effect on Hazel.


         Hazel stared at the television again, "too bad he isn't your brother," she turned to Hayley, "He is very handsome."  Then she notice Hayley's eyes, "You have the same eyes."


        "We do?"  Hayley looked bored at the line of questioning and moved away to see the differences in the house.  She saw the dust was gone and the coffee table had Southern magazines draped across it as well as a few Gambit weekly issues.  She noticed a new pile of CD’s sitting next to the sound system.  She picked one up and grimaced, "I don't listen to this stuff so I guess it's for you."


       Remy ran his finger along the spine of the CD’s, “David Doucet, BeauSoleil, Waylon Thibodeaux, Steve Riley, Boozoo Chavis, Dr. John…”  It’s a start.  “I don’t see any Louis Armstrong or Duke Ellington.”


       “I see some towards de bottom, Rem.”  Rayne felt herself smile thinking of Justice and how nice it was for him to try and make them feel at home.  Strangely enough, she actually felt a little homesick, but not for Louisiana so much as for Xavier’s.


       "Oh yes," Hazel laughed, "He had plenty of ‘ethinic’ food brought in as well, and the nursery is complete as well.  He took great pains to see that they were just right for you."


        Remy sighed taking his sunglasses off and Hazel stared at him, “You his marketing agent?”


      "Is that a birth defect sir?"  She asked callously.


        "You could say dat."  Remy didn’t like her much and hoped she would leave soon.


       "I see they have finally arrived," A strong older man, exclaimed, "Do you need to me to get the bags then?"


         Remy started to argue but Hazel nodded. "That would be nice.”  She grabbed Remy’s arm, “Let me show you the rooms."


         They followed Hazel up the stairs finding things not too different so far, just cleaner.


        "The biggest bedroom is for the new parents," she smiled at Hayley and Remy and Rayne scoffed.


         "This used to be Ally's room," Hayley sighed seeing the basinet from Ally's room was still there too.  All of Ally's belongings were removed and there wasn't anything decorative in the room except for paintings on the walls. 


      The next room Hazel showed them was the nursery and Rayne suppressed a groan seeing all of the baby stuff.  She puzzled at a couple of smaller beds that were in the room as well.


       "Why de beds?  De bebe won't need dem," she walked into the room slowly seeing girlish things there.


      "They are for the baby’s cousins and so they can sleep over," she shrugged and they all traded a look.


      Rayne felt at home in the next room then she realized it was Justice's room.  She moved to see clothing consistent with a style she had seen on Justice, "What a clothes hog."


      Hazel nodded, "Mr. Adam’s requested that his clothes not be disturbed," then she remembered.  “Oh and that this was taken out."  She handed Remy the picture of Chloe and looked at them as if she expected an answer to why he wanted it out.


      Rayne just smiled, "Ah wonder if there are some cards around here."  She was happy to know what it looked like when he would be in and out of the house.


      Remy gave her a warning look, "Ah hope he’s got plenty of pants in here."  He asked Hazel.


      "Excuse me?"  Hazel asked slowly.


      "He’s trying to be funny," Hayley wandered out of the room


       The next room was empty and seemed to be just a guest room.


       Rayne sighed, "Ah guess dis is my room."


       "No, ma’am," Hazel smiled.  "He said the young lady's room should be as far from the children and the couple's room as possible."


        Rayne smiled, thinking how she would give Justice a big hug when she saw him again.  She ran out of the guest room and kept going until she found the last room.  The first thing she saw in the room was an Acadian flag displayed prominently on one wall.  Posters of various scenes from around New Orleans including the French quarter covered most of the other walls.  On the bed lie a blank journal and an unopened deck of playing cards.  She saw a computer on an empty desk and was shocked to see a picture of Remy in a frame sitting on the desk as well.  As she moved to the desk she saw a vast room to the side filled with clothes and accessories.  She walked in the closet that was big as a room itself, and she saw more clothing than she would ever use in a lifetime.  She saw fancy dresses and simple ones, Jeans, T-shirts and sweats as well.  Below all the clothing was every kind of shoe she might need.  There were even belts, scarves, jackets and coats.


        She wasn’t used to wearing coats.  A full-length black leather duster caught her eye and she took it off the hanger.  The leather was butter soft and smelled wonderful.  She slid it on and looked at herself in the full-length mirror.  “Ah look like Remy.”  She giggled, “Only a short stumpy version.” 


        She looked up and saw hats along the top shelf.  They were too high for her to reach but she jumped as hard as she could and knocked a black Akubra off the shelf.  She plopped it on her head and looked again in the mirror.  “Oh, this is tres magnifique!”


        She looked at the sneakers she had gotten at Xavier's, then looked around at the shoes that were neatly placed in the closet.  A pair of black snakeskin, ankle high boots caught her eye.  She pulled them on as fast as she could and jumped in front of the mirror with a grin and a squeak. 


        She took the hat, duster and boots off quickly, as well as her sweat pants and top.  Digging through the clothes, she pulled out a pair of black jeans and black tee. 


        "Rayne?  Petite?"  She heard Remy call and she quickly put the ensemble back together and walked out of the closet to see Hayley and Remy hand in hand standing in the doorway to her room.


         “Look what Ah found.”  She spun in a circle.


         Remy looked angry. “What’s dis?  Where’s ma sister?  What did yo’ do with her?”


         “You silly,” She ran, hopped up and wrapped herself around him tightly.  “Ah love yo’ Remy.”


         Remy felt his heart sink.  He didn’t buy any of this for her, Justice did.  He wished he had done this for Hayley and Rayne but his own home was far away in the Bayou.  "Dis stuff is from Justice petite.  Not dat Ah wouldn’ give yo’ de world if yo’ asked, cher."  He frowned.


        "Ah know yo' would Rem. Dat’s why Ah love yo so much."  She knew he would do anything for her, with perhaps the exception of giving up Hayley. 


         Hayley snickered, "I wonder why Justice bought this?"  She picked up a cricket plushy from on top of a chest of drawers.


        Rayne ran to it and snatched it from her thinking of her nickname, "Ah wonder too."  Rayne looked at the black cricket with big eyes and a cockeyed smile and laughed.


        "Ah bought dat for yo'" Remy swelled with pride.  "Ah thought it’d keep yo' comp’ny."  He watched tears form in her eyes.


          "Remy," she hugged his waist, "You’re such a sweet an’ wonderful big brother," She smiled at the cricket again.  "Ah love it."


         "Good," He quipped, "Now yo' can tell Justice he’s been replaced as your nocturnal companion."


         Rayne hit him with the cricket and they all laughed.


        Rayne noticed a smell she hadn't been aware of before and saw a dozen red roses by the nightstand at the door, "Rem?"  She grabbed the card.


        "Flowers?"  He watched her reading the card.


        Rayne looked at the simple writing, 'I won't be far, Justice.' She smiled, "dey from Justice."


        Remy relaxed, "For a moment, Ah thought dey might be from Jason."


        Hayley hit him, "And what if they were?  What would be wrong with that?"  Rayne's mouth dropped that she defended Jason or Rayne for that matter.


        Remy watched as Hazel caught up to them with an envelope, "Forgive me, I almost forgot to give you the letter he left."


        She handed the letter to Hayley who smiled and handed it to Rayne.  "Why don't you read it?"


        Rayne watched Hayley surprised she could be this different. 'Maybe this won't be so bad here.'


         Rayne opened the envelope, and it had keys in it that fell to the floor.


       Remy, Rayne & Hayl, 


       I left the keys in the envelope and a locksmith will be there tomorrow to handle any problems.  The new alarm's switches are by the front door. There should be plenty of food.  I left my old mustang there in case a second car was needed.  Everything is at your disposal.  I had the phone programmed for my, Ally's and our uncle's number on the family room phone.  Hayley should have the bank account book and the credit cards.  Anything that needs fixing, I will be up to handle this weekend.



      Enjoy, and please don't kill each other. 







PS. I will be up Friday if Rayne wants to visit us then.





         Rayne handed it back to Hayley, "Oui, Ah wan' ta go visit him."  She smiled as Hayley read the note slowly.  “Only, Ah have de movie ta go to first.”


         Remy nodded, "Ah’m sure Storm will make sure he sleeps in his own room while your there."


         Hayley stopped reading and rolled her eyes.  "I guess I will have to make sure you have car keys and look for where he's hidden the bank books."  She smiled understanding that he was hinting she needed to open up accounts for Remy and Rayne.  "I'll drive into town tomorrow."


        "Not alone," Remy sighed.


        "Ah'd like ta see some more of da place, if it’s all right," Rayne asked with wide eyes.  She took the coat off and hung it back up, replaced the boots to their nook then placed the hat on her bed. 


       "Alex has a garden here," Hayley smiled sure it was something that Rayne would enjoy.


        Rayne nodded finishing tying her sneakers as they filed out of the room and went through the house to the kitchen.  Rayne's eyes grew bigger at the grand kitchen.  It had a glass table with four chairs and a large butcher block cooking island in the middle. The cabinets had glass so that you could see what they contained.  The only things that adorned the kitchen were a clock on the wall a coffee pot on the counter and flowers on the table.  Wine glasses hung down from above the island as well as pots and pans.  Her eyes grew even wider at the thought of what they could cook in such a grand kitchen.  Rayne noted the full spice rack and laughed when she saw a bottle of Gator Gus’s Cajun butt burner sauce.


       "That's new," Hayley mumbled looking at it.


        Remy turned and looked at the spices, "Dey look like all de right ones."  He was impressed at the lengths Justice had gone to so they would feel at home.


        Hayley pointed out back at many large planters full of various herbs.  "That's the garden I was telling you about."  She smiled at Rayne.  "I bet Alex would love it if you wanted to take care of it."


       Rayne looked at familiar herbs and vegetables as they wandered out onto the porch.  "Oui, Ah’d like dat."  She saw peppermint, sage, thyme, tomatoes and dill.  She ran her hand across a large rosemary bush sending the pungent fragrance through the air.  "Dis is a nice start, needs some chervil, chickory, Comfry.  Maybe some chives and garlic, but it’s too late ta grow any peppers."


       "I’m sure that the landscaper can get you anything you need."  Hayley said slowly.  "Ally has a butterfly garden over there by the ponds.”


        A swimming pool caught Rayne’s attention, if that is what it could be called.  It was vast and meandering.  There were cascading waterfalls, over hangs and places where vegetation hung over the water.  In the center of one of the larger areas was a fountain.  Life sized bronze cranes danced in a shower of water droplets from jets of water that sprang alternately from lotus blossom pods.  Along one edge not far from the fountain, one of the waterfalls was made up of a series of wavy ridges that ran parallel to the pools edge.  There, the water rippled serenely into the pool.  Rayne stood transfixed, watching the never-ending stream of water.


       Off in a desolate corner was a simple black top with apposing basketball hoops.  Remy looked to Hayley, "Dat's Justice's non?"


       Hayley smiled and nodded.  "There are other gardens."  She pointed in the other direction to where a stone pathway led to a beautiful garden.  Rayne tore her eyes from the pool and joined her brother.  She smiled as they walked along a pathway that was full of growth and fragrance.  She marveled at the many odd plants and trees and how they were arranged.  There was a stone bench by a pond and Rayne ran over to look at the pond.  She never saw anything like it before.  A high wooden bridge arched over a narrowed part of the pond.  It was painted in red and black and where the bridge met the ground there were stone temples to either side with lamps hanging from them.  There were many different kinds of vegetation in the water.  Some she recognized as water lilies and duck weed, but there were many other exotic ones that she had never seen before.


       Here and there were placed different sized and shaped stone houses.  She pointed to one that was shadowed by a cut leafed red maple.  "What are de houses for?"


       Hayley had been fingering a rosebush and let the bud go, "a house for spirits."


       "Dey Japanese, petite," Remy smiled.


       Rayne looked at Hayley and back to the house.  “Spirits live dere?”  She shuddered then and looked away.  "Fish!"  She laughed and leapt out onto stepping-stones that lead partway across one part of the pond.  As she stooped over to look at them, the fish came up to her and mouthed the waters surface.  “What are dey?  Look like some kinda carp.”


      “They are called Koi.”  Hayley was amused at how Rayne was reacting to things she had seen most of her life.


        Suddenly, Rayne hopped the stones back to the shore then dived under some rhododendrons.  After a minute or two, she re-emerged holding some earthworms in her cupped hands.  She ran back to where the fish were and proceeded to feed the worms to the fish, giggling the whole time.


        Remy wrapped his arms around Hayley’s waist, "She's like her old self here.  She always loved takin’ care a t’ings."


        Hayley smiled, “I’m glad she’s happy here.”  She watched as Rayne was now petting the fish’s heads and squealed with delight when a fish sucked her finger in its mouth.  “She’s really different here.”


        Remy kissed her neck, "So are you, chere."


        Rayne ignored their embrace but looked at Hayley's eyes, she had to admit that it made it a little easier to think of Hayley having eyes like Justice, then Justice having eyes like Hayley’s.  It made looking at them a little more tolerable.  She heard a little noise coming from under a lily pad near where she was crouched, and with a lightening quick move, her hand darted under the pad and brought out a frog.  "Hey look Remy, want some frog legs for dinner?"  She laughed as the frog squirmed out of her grasp and plopped back into the dark water.


         Hayley and Remy walked over slowly holding hands.  "I hope your kidding."  Hayley frowned not sure if Rayne would actually cook a frog.  "Let’s not cook any of the wildlife, ok?"  She smiled ruefully, "If there is something you have a taste for we can have it delivered."


         Rayne snickered, “Alright.”  Remy gave her a warning look to which she gave him a broad grin.  Rayne liked it here more each minute.  The place had many possibilities.  "It's a grand ‘home’ Hayley," Rayne smiled at her and her eyes twinkled with mischief.  Remy gave her another look of warning and she laughed then ran off to explore more of the estate.


         Hayley watched Rayne frolic from one place to the next, stooping low to investigate something or staring up into the trees.  In one quick movement, the girl had leapt over a large spirit house and then she was scampering up the side of the tall arched bridge.  She paused to give them a quick glance, then rolled off the other side and disappeared down the walkway towards the swimming area.


        Hayley heard a splash and laughing and had to laugh herself at how much fun Remy’s sister was having.  She wondered how her own siblings were.  She knelt to an old willow bonsai tree with a sigh and let its leaves tickle her fingers.