Wolvie Femmes * Accusations







    Justice woke again, this time looking into the gentle eyes of Storm.  Even though his vision was clouded, she was a vision to him nonetheless.  "Not that I don't appreciate Henry but seeing your face when I wake up is a very welcome sight."

       Storm squeezed his hand and kissed his head lightly, "it is good to see you awake."  Strom's smile was not hidden and it was the first time in days she had done so.

       "How is Jordan?" he asked slowly.

        Rayne crept from her bed and peeked cautiously around Beast to see Justice.  Henry looked at her with a reprimanding glance but Justice had seen her too.

        "Thank you, Rayne."  He exhaled sharply and looked a little pained.  "That blue lunatic would have gotten Jordan if it hadn't been for you and Remy."

        Rayne nodded slowly keeping an eye on him, she knew he was in more pain than he let on.  "Dat s'alright chere," she smiled shyly, glad to see him awake and in fairly good spirits.  She knew that she and Jordan had gotten off on the wrong foot, and wasn’t sure how to talk to Justice about her.  She tilted her head in thought, "how d’you know Ah helped her?"

        "Jordan told me," Justice said plainly and almost apologetically.  "And Beast."


        Rayne looked over at Beast, “Why don’t yo’ have that healer fix Justice up?”


        “Are you referring to Reginald Grundy?”  Beast said with raised eyebrows.


        “Oui, redo Reg.  He can fix him up now so Justice won’t be in pain anymore.  Why haven’t you had him heal Justice?” 


        Hank was slightly amused that Rayne would suggest such a thing.  “Reginald, tried to heal him before and wasn’t able to.”


        “Oui, mais, he had metal pieces in him den.  Reg can heal him up now.  Yo’ want me ta go an fetch him?”  Her eyes danced at the thought of being helpful.


       Justice interjected,  “How do you know what kind of healing Mr. Grundy is capable of?”


        “Ah think Remy might be right about telepaths,” she frowned irritated that he might be intruding on her thoughts.


        Justice narrowed his eyes but couldn't stop from grinning, “What about telepaths? What did he say about them?" he added with a light laugh.


        Rayne stood in silence for a moment.  Her brow furrowed in frustration of apparently not being taken seriously.  “Your changin’ de subject, chere.”


        “And you’re evading my question, mon ami.”  He grinned thinking himself full of cleverness and wit.  He was a lawyer after all.


        She sighed in resignation.  She wondered how it was that she owed any information to these people.  “Well, in de labs, they had him heal people all da time.  Then they could redo the experiment on them.  Dey called him redo Reg.”


         “Like you?”  Justice’s face turned serious.


         “Ah didn’ say dat.”  She fidgeted with the drawstring on her sweat pants.


         “You didn’t have to.” 


         Her face turned red, “Ah jus’ wanted ta help.  You don’ have ta call Reg if you don’t want.  Doesn’t matter ta me none, anyways.” 


         Beast stepped closer to Justice’s bed; “Perhaps we will call him later.  Thank you for your help and advise.”



         Rayne felt ashamed now that she had lost her temper with Justice.  She really did like him.  He reminded her of Remy.  Her thoughts went to Jordan.  If Jordan was an indication of the kind of child Remy would have, she figured she was in for a lot of trouble.  She looked over to the sleeping child.  ‘She might not be too bad with the proper upbringin’’

        Beast moved away to check on Jordan and Jean moved as well seeing the serious look on Justice's face as he looked at the small Cajun. "Are you all right, Rayne?"

      Storm moved away slowly knowing this was between Rayne and Justice.

      Rayne smiled obliviously, "Sure."

      Justice pressed his lips together, "Rayne, I saw some guy bothering you."  Justice swallowed hard.  "Edval?"  He said slowly.

      Rayne set her jaw and tried to keep from looking as upset as she felt, "Ah think you need ta rest some more."  She didn't want to discuss her past, and was horrified to think that he might have really seen that memory.  ‘Damn telepaths!’

       Justice nodded, then let his telepathy lightly touch her mind, 'if you need me, I will always be here.'

       Rayne’s eyes grew wide.  She wasn’t used to having someone speak inside her head and it spooked her.  “What are yo’ doin’?”  She wondered why he was talking into her in her mind.  Why didn’t he say that aloud?  She grew suspicious, "What exactly did you see?"


       With the slight contact he had with her mind, he knew that she was trying to figure out how he knew about Edval.  He also knew how upset she was over the mention of the name Edval.  Thinking it might help her; he wanted to get her to talk about it.  Futhermore, he surmised that she was not going to be receptive to talking about it mind to mind.  “It’s just that I have been having these images in my head.”


       Rayne’s face went white, “You saw one a ma mem’ries.  Didn’t you.”


       He nodded.  “It’s ok.  I just thought that if you ever wanted to talk about it, I’d let you know that you can talk to me, anytime.”


       She knew full well now that he had seen that memory and that he probably broadcast it to almost everyone in the place.  The thought of anyone else knowing about Edval made her stomach sick.

       The infirmary doors slid open as Remy strolled in, "your outta bed, petite?" he gave her a challenging look, "dat ok with Beast?"

       Rayne ran to her brother and hugged him hard with a sigh.  Remy looked to Justice with a smirk, "yo' look better, homme,"

       Justice smiled weakly, "I've felt better." His heart skipped thinking of what just transpired between he and Gambit’s sister.  He berated himself for bringing it up.  Perhaps Rayne was right in changing the subject.  He looked over at Storm, "Ororo?"  He tried to sit up but thought better of it when the pain increased tenfold.

        Storm returned to his side with a small smile, "I am right here."

        "Why didn't you tell me?"  Justice smiled as he spoke.

         "Tell you what?"  Storm cocked her head curious

         "About the Baby."  He rubbed her hand with his thumb.
         Rayne's eyebrows shot up, "a bebe?"  She almost groaned at the idea of another imp but kept her opinion quiet.  After all, if Storm was the mother, her quiet nature might keep Justice's wild side at bay.  Anyway, she was glad that Justice dropped his previous conversation.

         Remy put his arm around Rayne's shoulder and began to lead her away.  "We’ll leave de love birds be."  He said softly.

         Rayne eyed her brother suspiciously, "Somethin’ you know you’re not tellin’ me?”

        "Not a thing, petite," he smiled at her but winked.  He looked over to Hank who was busying himself with Jordan, "Ah’ll take her ta her room now, alright?"

         Beast looked up with a nod and waved goodbye to them.  Remy held a finger indicating for Rayne to wait and he ran over to Hayley's side.  Remy stopped and paused taking her in as he touched her hair then he kissed her head, "Ah'll be back, chere."

         Remy motioned to pick Rayne up but she scowled and walked out slowly.  Remy smiled as he followed her out.  "We need ta talk, mignion."

         Rayne answered him cautiously, "'bout what?"

         Remy smiled at her, "Yo’ didn't have ta take dat attack for me petite."  He loved Rayne and knew she would do anything for him.  He sighed hoping she would hear him out.  "Anyway, Listen, we can't stay here, Rayne girl."

         "Ah can’t go back home Remy."  She was worried that he wanted to take her to Louisiana.  ‘Course, he’d bring Hayley along too.

         "Non chere, Ah just mean ta get outta dis mansion.  Away from all dis mess," he looked around the hall dismally, "away from de angel, Scott and others."

          Rayne looked to her feet.  ‘ta get away from any competition ya mean,’  Rayne thought to herself. ‘He wants Hayley all to hisself.’  She took a deep breath ready for his next words.  "S'ok, Rem."  She hoped to make this easy on him.  She loved him dearly and wanted him to be happy.

         Remy caught her mood, "What’s dis?"  He looked at her and crossed his arms.  "You ain’t hearin’ me right."

         She stopped walking and gave him a deadpan stare.

         Remy grabbed her by the shoulders and looked her straight in the eye,  "Ah'm not goin' anywhere without yo’, girl."  Then he hugged her to him, "Ah've got ta take care a Hayley too though."

        Rayne wrinkled her nose, "What are yo’ talkin’ about, Rem?"

       "Ah want you ta move in with Hayley an me," he said quickly.  "Away from here.  Away from all dis."

        Rayne began to laugh and couldn't stop.  The thought of her living in the same house with Hayley seemed so absurd. 

        Remy crossed his arms and looked up at the ceiling, "Ah'm serious."  He had to shout over her now snorting laughter.

         Rayne heard him and had to wipe at her eyes and catch her breath, "Ah know Remy."

         He nodded, "Ah want yo’ ta move in with me and Hayley."  He watched her expression change from amused to skeptical as she wiped the remaining tears from her eyes.  He offered her a hand but she didn't seem to notice it as she continued to digest the information.

         Rayne shook her head, "Hayley wouldn't want me dere, Rem."

        "What if she agrees?"  Remy said quickly and with a slight challenge to his tone.

        Rayne sighed, thinking there wasn't a chance Hayley would agree but Rayne wanted very badly for her brother to be happy.  She wanted to be happy again as well.  Rayne set her jaw, "Alright Rem, if Hayley agrees, s’ok by me."

        Remy grinned slightly, "Ok, den."

       "Ah want ma own room, far away from yours and ta be able ta do what ah want, now," Rayne added quickly in case Hayley did buy this.

        "You won’t be sorry girl."  He gave her an almost daring look.

        "Ah’ll try ta get along with her, mostly," Rayne sighed but she could only wonder what Hayley would say.  All she could think was about right now and how big her brother's smile became.  She almost wanted to remind him that she would be there when Hayley stomped on his heart but she couldn't ruin the happy moment for him.  She knew it was the right call when he swept her off the ground in a hug.  Rayne laughed a bit, "Ah’d like us ta be family again, Rem.  Like it used ta be.  Ah want ta have a home too. Ah’m tired of bein’ alone."

        Remy put her down, "We will be, chere," He smiled then held his fingers to his temples, feeling the lingering pain from the fall he took earilier at the Adams house.  "Things will work out fine once we’re on our own."  Remy's eye sparkled as he talked, "Petite, now that your with me again, everythin’s gonna be perfect."

       Rayne wished she could truly believe that.  When Remy hugged her again, she had a sinking feeling in her stomach.  She knew it wouldn’t work out having the three of them in the same house.  She felt like crying, but she kept her tears to herself.


      Gambit started walking down the hall then suddenly stopped.  He turned to Rayne with a serious expression,  “Ah want ta tell ya somethin’, girl.”  He looked down to the floor not sure where to begin, or even if he should say anything.  The memory he saw of his sister troubled him greatly.  He wanted to know if she forgave him for not being there for her.  He wanted to say, “Ah’m sorry.”


      “For what?”  She stopped next to him.


      “For everythin’.”  He felt his stomach drop to his feet.


      Rayne stared hard at him, “What’s dis about?”


      “Nothin’ really.  Ah just wanted ta say it.”  He turned and started walking again.


      Not fully understanding his intent, she followed him quietly.  When they entered her room, she put her back to the door to block his escape.  “Wanna tell me what’s goin’ on?”


      “Nothin’s goin’ on.”  He regretted saying anything now.  He just wanted to duck out quickly and avoid any further conversation.  He walked to the door and tried to get past his sister who was frowning at him.


     She wouldn’t budge,  “You, are not goin’ anywhere, until yo’ tell me what dat was all about.”


      Damnation!  One of these days,’ he thought,  ‘Ah’m gonna learn ta keep ma mouth shut.’  He looked her square in the eye,  “Why do yo’ have ta make somethin’ outta nothin’?”


     “Why did yo’ start somethin’ you won’t finish?”  She held tightly onto the doorknob making sure he couldn’t make a break for it.  She was sure he alluding to something specific.  She was determined to find out what it was.


    He stomped his foot and tried to think of something that would appease her so he could beat a hasty retreat.  He had forgotten how tricky she could be.


     “Well?”  Rayne noted every gesture he made.  She wasn’t going to let anything by her.  Fear welled inside at the thought that he too had seen the Memory that Justice spoke of.  She had to know if he knew.


      “Dis is stupid!”  He put his hand on hers,  “Let me out.  Ah told Hayley Ah’d be right back.”  He removed his hand when he heard her growl.  He wasn’t too certain that she wouldn’t bite him.


      In exasperation, he tossed his hands in the air.  “Alright.  Ah just wanted ta say Ah was sorry for not bein’ around when ya needed me.”


      “When Ah needed you, hahn?”  Her eyes squinted in concentration.


      Remy felt like screaming.  He knew he stepped in it again.  She would figure out what he was talking about now.  She always could, and that made him angry.  Angry, because now he would have to stay and have a long conversation.  He couldn’t have opened a bigger can of worms if he was trying really hard at it.  “Never mind Rayne.  Just drop it.  Forget Ah said anything, alright?”


     Rayne started out slowly,  “Justice, told me, he saw somethin’.  Ah figure he saw one of ma mem’ries, and Ah’m bettin’ you did too.”  When her brother kept his eyes to the floor, she knew she had hit the proverbial nail on the head.  Before he could say anything though, she opened the door and quietly stood aside.


     Not knowing what to say, he put his hand on her shoulder.  She just shrugged.  “Ah guess the others know too, now.” 


     “All the more reason for us ta leave, girl.”  He cupped her chin,  “Right?”


      In shock, she could barely nod her consent.  Her dirty laundry had been aired for all to see.  Remy saw it too.  How could she possibly face the others now, knowing that they knew.  She felt the familiar shame creep inside her heart and soul. 


      “You alright girl?”  He was worried that she would try to leave.  “Don’t you go anywhere, yo’ hear me?”  He lifted her face so he could look her in the eyes.  “Promise me you won’t try and leave.”


      Her eyes found his, and then quickly looked away.  She had always loved his eyes.  It was like looking into something deep and mysterious.  Right now, those eyes reflected fear and pain, and it broke Rayne’s heart.  “Ah promise.”  Was all she could say.


       He drew her into a hug, kissed her head, and then quietly walked away.  Rayne heard his footsteps fade away and she closed the door.  She wondered just how many people saw that memory as she flopped on the bed.  She buried her face in the pillow and cried.





     Storm sat next to Justice still reeling about what he thought was news.  "Justice, I am not pregnant."  She watched his blank expression.

      "But," Justice seemed to have liked the idea and was disappointed, "I heard Ally say…"  He stopped and began to think about what he had heard.  " I'm sure I heard her say…."  Justice touched his head slowly.  "Are you sure?"  He asked Strom quickly.

      She stifled a laugh, "yes, am quite sure."  She moved closer to his ear, "you seemed very pleased to think it was so."

      Justice only gave her a slight blush in return.  Meekly, he tried to change the subject.  "Jordan seems fine, doesn’t she?" 

      Storm nodded hoping he wouldn't try to get up.  "How do you feel?"  She squeezed his hand.

      He watched her quietly, "I've been better.  I wonder if Rayne was right about Mr. Grundy."  He motioned to Hank who was standing next to Hayley’s bed,  “Doc McCoy.  A word with you please, my good man.”  He smiled at Storm but he was a little disappointed about her not being pregnant.

A sudden Shriek from Hayley caught attention as the room became colder.  Henry and Jean ran to see the baby monitor crackling and popping and it fizzed out.  Beast smacked at the monitor as it sparked in hopes of preventing a fire.  He pulled the cord from the machine and felt a shock himself.

       Jean unhooked Hayley from the machine with her telekinesis watching the machine still spark.  "It's Hayley doing this?"  She looked to see the tell tale colors peeking out from under Hayley's closed eyelids as the she groaned in the bed.

      "It appears to hurt her as well," Beast made his way to her as close as he could.  "Jean we may need rubber gloves to attend to her."

        Storm found herself keeping a steady hand on Justice to keep him from sitting up.  "You are not well enough to sit up yet."

       Justice sighed, "I can help her," and then he second-guessed his own abilities right now, "Can't I?"

      Storm shook her head, "let us not get in the way.  They need to work."

       Justice sighed but had his own agenda and shut his eyes.  He opened them momentarily, and winked, "You know Ororo, if you were pregnant, I wouldn't have been upset."

       Storm smiled not wanting to divulge any news that the child had had eaves dropped on might be Alex's.  She watched him shut his eyes slowly and felt some panic when she realized he was using his telepathy.  "Justice?"  She shook him lightly but he kept his blank expression and closed eyes.  She shook him a bit harder and when he gave her no response, she jumped up frightened.

      Beast found the rubber gloves a big help and finally thought of a person who might be able to help Hayley.  He was momentarily content with Hayley's condition but he remembered the conversation Jean had told him she had heard. Magneto was controlling them.

      "Alex is frozen again," Jean was close to panic.

     "Please call our Mr. Drake to help defrost her," Beast said sadly as he watched the bed become iced as well, "Would you also call young Khaki?"

      Jean tilted her head curious, "Khaki?"

     "She should be able to help Hayley as Robert has helped Alex," He watched the sisters from a distance.  "What worries me is that Magneto can still do this to them.  I wonder what the range is on the device."

     The doors snapped open and Ally ran in with Logan at her heels.  "Justice is helping them."  Ally mumbled running to Justice's side where Storm now stood with a spooked expression.

     "Ally if you can channel their abilities," Beast inhaled thinking of a plan, "Can you absorb Alex's ice?"

     Logan grabbed her arm shaking his head, "No."

     Ally was already by Alex removing the ice from her sister and the room began to become noticeably warmer.  She sighed when she finished and looked at her sister with a smile.

     She looked to Hayley and merely sighed, "I can't channel this electrical discharge."

    "Why?"  Jean moved with them to Justice's side.

    "It's not Hayley doing it," Ally crossed her arms trying to explain it.  "Not exactly."

     "What exactly is creating it?"  Storm watched Justice settle down slowly.

     "Her baby," Ally smile ruefully, "They are sharing abilities.  I can't do anything for her."

     "There must be a way to keep them safe," Beast was very upset and felt impotent to help the two helpless women.

      "When we found them," Ally moved to Alex and pointed to the back of her head.  "We found identical surgical wounds."

       Hank looked at the wound carefully, "Implantations," He mumbled to himself, "We had removed some like them from the escapees of Oliver Adam's labs."

       "They look pretty deep, Hank," Jean eyed it.  "This will require surgery."

        "They will have to be removed, nonetheless," He didn't like the idea of surgery any more than Jean but letting Alex freeze to death or Hayley electrocute herself was not an option.  "When they wake we will discuss the options with them."

       "What about Justice?"  Storm asked slowly.  "He believes he can help them."

       "He is too weak to help them," Beast shrugged.  "We will have to take measures as the opportunities present themselves."

       Logan leaned against the door, "You and Jean better pack a bag then because you're both gonna be here a while."

      Beast nodded knowing he was right but he wouldn't have it any other way where his finance’ was concerned.

      Ally smiled, seeing the little hand take hers.  Jordan had snuck past both experienced telepaths and now stood there rubbing her eyes.  "Can I go to my bed?"

    Beast laughed, "Only if escorted."

    The young girl squinted her eyes at him and the harsh lights, "what?"

    "Means I have to walk you to your room, squirt."  Logan took her in his arms.

     "Please ask one of the young ladies to keep an eye on her door," Henry said removing the remains of the baby monitor.

     "But," Jordan said confused.  "My door's not going to do anything weird, is it?"

       Hank chuckled as Logan and Jordan left, and then looked to Justice and saw Storm's concerned face.  He looked his friend over, "It looks as if he has exhausted himself."

       Justice indeed lay there with his eyes shut and did not respond to their presence.

        Henry put a hand on Storm's shoulder, "How did he take the news that you were not with child?"

        Storm blushed, "he actually seemed disappointed."

        "Excuse?"  Ally blinked and stared at them.  "Why did Justice think Storm was pregnant?"  She smiled to Storm, "Am I going to be an Aunt?"

        Storm kept her blush, "No, but for some reason Justice said he heard from you that he was expected to be a father."

        Ally's face went ashen, "so he assumed you were the mother."  She added but suddenly felt cold.

       "Is there more to this than we know Allyson?"  Henry folded his own arms, "Jean said she received the same message and I can only assume that Jordan knows this too."

       "Why Jordan?"  Ally looked a little upset.

       "He leaked the information when looking for her," Jean sat down.

       Ally looked as if she might cry and Beast retrieved a chair for her to sit down, "Chloe approached me," she sat down and looked to Beast slightly, "Thank you Henry."  She looked back to Storm knowing this was upsetting for her as well, "As Jump, she could have hurt me but she only had a message for Justice."  She bit her lip, "She said she was pregnant."

        "What?" the others said together very quickly.

        "How?"  Storm jumped up.  "He has been with me almost every waking and sleeping moment."

        "I felt it was a lie," Ally sighed.  "Now, I am not so sure."

         "It should be investigated," Jean stared slowly.

         "Should we tell him?"  Storm asked slowly.

          "Honesty would be the best policy," Henry sighed and looked to Ally. "You my dear, are a telepath and you did not scan the information for truth?"  He knew Ally must have and that would explain why Jump had chosen to tell her.

          Ally blushed, "I did."

          "And?"  Storm asked quickly on the edge of her seat.

          "She wasn't lying but Justice has not been with her either," Ally folded her hands in her lap, "I scanned him as well," She sighed.  "He hasn't been with her since her mutation."  She smiled, "he has not cheated on you Storm and it's not due to Chloe's lack of trying."

          "She had tried to seduce him?"  Storm was shocked Justice didn't mention it but Allyson merely nodded.

           They all seemed to be thinking the same thing, "Do we have fingerprints on Jump."  Beast asked quickly, "And do we still have the knife that was found."

          As Storm listened to the conversation, she became upset, but before her tears could fall she decided to get out of there, "Excuse me."  She ran from the infirmary as quickly as she could.

         "If she did this…” Ally stood and began to pace.  She felt the only thing from keeping her from going after Chloe was the possibility it might be Justice's baby.  "My uncle would know for certain."

         "Cerebro?"  Jean nodded.

          Ally walked slowly from the med lab but she did not intend to bother her uncle with this as she ran to the lower levels.