Real Name: Amber (unknown)

Occupation: N/A



Height: 5í3

Weight: 215 lbs (w/ adamantium)




Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Light Brown




Power: ††††Born with a healing factor and given adamantium by Adams. The process was thought to have killed her (by her friends and family) but Adams turned her into one of his many persoanl mutants before selling her to the highest bidder. Donít let her beauty fool you behind the cool exterior beats the heart of a killer. Soft cocoa eyes that hold the timeless tale of her real age but her hands hold the real danger with adamantium claws. She will lull you into her arms with her beauty but her cruel heart could find you dead at her feet. Donít let Amber fool you because as Wolf she killsÖ..



Background: †††Amber only knew one person as her family, her older brother. She would follow him anywhere and did. Logan loved his sister dearly and tended to drag her along with him,even when he fell in love with the young Adams girl. She quickly became very good friend with the young telepathic Adams but Oliver Adams was very interested in her healing factor and the fact that she and Logan had no other known relatives.


††††††† Amber lived her life in her brotherís shadow, smaller and a lot more naive than Logan but she trusted and loved him dearly. One day when her brother had told her he had become taken with a girl it had caught Amberís attention. Intrigued Amber went with him to the fancy Adams mansion, she met Ally, Alex and Hayley and became very good friends with Alex and Ally. Justice Adams held a place in her eyes beyond the callous men she had known in the past, she had fallen for the gentle man.


††† Justice let Amber down as easily as he could, being caught up with his law studies and his guitar. Justice was not ready for love and would notV have chosen a spark plug like his sister Hayley if he had been. He and Amber enjoyed each otherís company and had become friends but Amber had always longed to know the kind hearted man better.Amber began her own self destructive lifes style going through men and living on the streets from time to time as her brother became more involved with the Adams. She let him love and from time to time she found herself around her friends and the job that consumed most of their time, the labs.


††† Amber felt as Hayley did about the labs, Ďthey creeped her out.í She would wait in the artificial atmosphere for Ally, Alex for hours on end as they finished their work. One time Amberís curiousity had gotten the better of her as she stumbled upon a sleeping man and it turned out to be Victor Creed. Victor had disappeared months ago but Logan and Amber had assumed he just didnít handle rejection well, when he found that Hayley didnít care for the larger man. Alone Amber quickly learned that Victor had mutated further by Oliver and before she could tell the younger Adams she was also a victim of Oliver evil grasp.


††††† Occasionally Amber would remember things but due to the surroundings and the chip in her head, she became easy to control.Within a few short years, Oliver wanted rid of the quick tempered, clawed mutant finding her a handicap to his other experiments and put her for sale with other mutants.


††††† Amber had thought to be dead by her friends and brother but to Amber, she had thought they had abandoned her. She became angry and hostile until her new owner had told her they had been tragically killed in the experiments. She found Victor Creed had backed up Ericís (Magneto) words and fell in a lull of lies.



Follow Amber as she flounders looking for her irreplacable past and family through the booksÖÖ