Logan was restless; he was sitting in a tree in what seemed to be a remote area. He glanced down at the group as they further explained themselves to each other. He knew he had to hide his young companions before he went in but he wanted to leave them with somebody responsible. He also stood a better chance against Oliver if he has some help. He could hear Kamikaze and Bonsai talking quickly about the experiments and lost years they had both been through.

A bird flew right into Logan's face and he almost lost his balance as he swatted at it. The bird got in his face again and Logan popped a claw as he moved for the bird quickly. To his surprised he missed and the bird began to fly wildly in his face until Logan lost his balance and he came spilling from the tree.

"Damn bird," he grunted and he watched the bird as it landed on a branch and kept chirping wildly at them. 'Must have a death wish.' Logan thought as he popped his claws out. Before he could strike the bird flew toward Rogue.

Rogue threw her hands up to protect her face from the incoming bird and was surprised to find that the bird simply landed on her hand. 'Awww poor thing. Wolverine must have frightened it to death.' She reached her other hand up to touch its softhead. Its simple sign of purity in the midst of this mutant war put the young woman in awe. Wolverine began to move menacingly towards the Rogue and the bird but Rogue jerked her hand towards he to protect the little bird. The bird began to chirp wildly at the sight of him.

All watched the aura that began to glow around the bird as Rogue jumped away from it now frightened.

'Mutants everywhere.' Wolverine let a small grunt go at the site of the abnormal bird and watched, as the light seemed to overtake the small creature. Logan loomed closer with his claws out as the bird sank slowly to ground and it began to change form. Her slumped shapes started to slender out and shoot up into a long human form. Everyone seemed to watch and stay on guard as the lovely young woman stood up straight from where the little bird had been.

She had straight shoulder length hair that fell around her face in wisps and framed her brown eyes. They all took notice as they could see she had a long red streak in middle of her hair. She was about the same age as Rogue and Kamikaze but her eyes told their own tale. She held a scared look in her soft brown eyes as she watched the group with a small smile. She looked a little like Rogue particularly with her streak in her hair.

"So, is this who you really are?" Rogue asked bewildered as her she took in the changeling in.

"Yes," she nodded timidly at them. "Death Angel and Decibel sent me to help you." She smiled weakly at them. "They said there would be somebody to oppose the professor."

Logan was ready to leave them all but he grunted at the girl. "So, you imitate birds." He sized her up carefully, 'So, this is what Josh and Aubrey send for help.'

"I can change into different forms of animals," the young woman said without meeting Wolverine's eye.

Bonsai just sighed a little bored. "That's just Willow."

"Willow?" Rogue almost whispered as she watched Willow. She soon decided with her small face and elf like features that her name fit her.

"I can get you in but I have to warn you" Willow stared at Logan a little anxious. "I have heard Adams and it's you he wants, you and your offspring."

They all exchanged an uncomfortable look. It was different to hear somebody say out loud what he or she knew, it was a trap.

"I want to go" Kamikaze said quickly "I have a score to settle myself." He looked at his brother and then thought of the three that were trapped inside who only wanted peace.

"YOU should stay behind Tyler." A voice called from behind them.

They turned to see the professor, Jean and Beast coming from behind and they all looked at Ty and Rogue with a mixture of looks between hurt and betrayal.

Logan looked at Rogue; "You stowed away?" He was trying to scold her but was glad the professor could now take them to safety.

She looked at the ground unable to meet his stare, "Sort of."

Beast seemed anxious to get to the task at hand and stared at Logan, "What is the situation?" He noticed the new faces but made no comment about them for fear of taking up time.

Bonsai stretched his hand out to the other people in greeting. Which shocked the Logan, Rogue and Kamikaze. "I'm Bonsai," he said quickly as he grabbed Beasts hand. Bonsai looked over to the Willow, "That's Willow," Bonsai indicated to the young woman by nodding his head in her direction.

Beast sighed at the formalities. "I am Beast. The redhead to my right is Ms Grey and the other gentlemen is Charles." Beast withheld information from the young man as distrust filled his thoughts.

Wolverine began to move away from the group in the direction of the Adams house as he finally lost his patience with the others.

Xavier noticed Logan's departure very quickly, "Logan, there is strength in numbers." Charles called to him.

Wolverine turned around; "We have to get in there." He made no effort to hide his intolerance, "Hayley's hurt and who knows who else is," he grunted.

Bonsai became defensive, "Look I didn't want to shot her but I have some chip in my head." He looked at Kamikaze sadly, "I can't help you."

Kamikaze looked at his twin, "Ally took mine out she said it was easy and she's not a doctor." Kamikaze smiled at Beast.

Beast's eyes grew a little larger as he realized they expected this of him now, "May I see it." He sighed as he reached his hand out to Bonsai.

Bonsai shrugged dubiously and made his way to Dr.McCoy as he pointed to his chip. Within moments Beast produced Bonsai's chip and placed it gingerly into Bonsai hand.

Bonsai was astonished as he glared at the sliver of metal he now held. He felt as if he needed to help them now especially after he had shot Hayley. They had indeed been there to help and how had Bonsai interfered. He forced a smile at the furry blue man. "Thank you" Everyone noticed a difference in his demeanor.

Willow stepped forward as she took in the chip Bonsai held and gasped, 'They are incredible.' She thought to herself and gave them all a brilliant smile.

Beast watched the young girl staring at Bonsai's chip with her mouth open. "Do you have a chip too?" Beast asked as he looked longingly at the house that contained the Adams.

"No, I escaped before he could mark me." She gave them a sweet smile as she pulled a set of tags from the cat suit. "I was tagged though."

Logan shook his head as curiosity got the better of him; "Hayley was wearing clothing like this." He grumbled and he roughly grabbed he tags from around her neck for inspection.

"He puts all of us in these." Willow sighed as she spied the tags around Logan's neck.

"Us?" Xavier asked.

"People who lived through his experiments." Bonsai crossed his arms once again regretting his part in helping Adams.

"Hayley had something like this on too." Logan said quickly and looked at the Willow and Bonsai expectantly.

Willow and Bonsai squirmed hoping the other would explain to this powerful person. They both knew this was the Wolverine Adams had baited. Oliver didn't care what happened to his children if they were disloyal but Wolverine, as a self-healing mutant would fetch a nice price.

Willow kept shifting her weight from foot to foot waiting for Bonsai to explain but Wolverine began to run through the trees and didn't wait for an answer.

Bonsai looked at the other people surprised, "He isn't making any noise." He pointed. "Should we follow?"

"You should go with Rogue and Kamikaze to the ship." Jean sighed and she looked in the direction Logan had sped off. "He can't get far from us." Jean looked at the professor who was already tracing Logan mentally.


Hayley stood by Justice and Ally and Alex joined them quickly. Although Jason's face clouded with a blank expression as he moved dutifully to Oliver's side.

Hayley threw her head back defiantly at Oliver daring him to move. She felt confidant that they were outnumbered. "We deserved the truth." She crossed her arms at him

"The truth was something I told you and you still went against me." He moved closer circling Hayley as if ready to pounce on her. "I will tell you know more. If you're able to leave you will take the stands of knowledge you have now but no more." He barked as he moved back over to where Jason stood like a soldier ready to kill.

The brilliant flashed returned quickly next to Oliver but this time Jason made no move to leave this time. The light gave way as Chloe stood in its wake watching the siblings carefully.

Justice gave in as his heart took over and he began to move to his wife, "Chloe," he said very softly as he watched the translucent figure of his wife.

Jump moved towards him, "Justice" she spoke softly as she moved slowly to him with an evil smile played at her lips.

Hayley could read Chloe's underlying meanings easily and she knew she had to stop Jump now, 'Can Chloe even be hit.' Hayley took a deep breath as he eyes began to glow again. Ally and Alex could feel it as the Hayley's abilities began to form with her rage and they watched her carefully but did not move to stop her. Hayley's instincts were usually right.

Oliver Adams hadn't expected Hayley's mutiny so soon. He saw the fireball coming at him and didn't move quickly enough and it caught his sleeve. Jump moved quickly towards Justice while he watched Hayley's attack.

Hayley landed a warning fireball at Jump's feet. "Back off Casper or I will fry Oliver." At this Jump moved back to Oliver's side.

Justice could almost feel the tears sting his eyes as he realized Chloe and Jump were not the same person, for Chloe was gone. Justice felt Hayley's presence in his mind, 'It starts now.' Was all she told him?

Ally and Alex fell into suit as they let their abilities fall over them quickly and put their guard up.

Oliver, Jason, and Jump stood together as Oliver took control. "Too bad your mother isn't here to see what her children have become but we all know she has long passed," he smiled tauntingly at them. "Ever since the experiments." His smile held unknown words and more hidden taunts that he knew his children would catch easily.

Nobody made the first move despite the hateful words said. They only stood there with the knowledge that in a few moments as the silent sounds washed over them and they met the eyes of those who opposed them. They continued to remain unmoving, they knew lives would change and somebody would die.

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