Wild Animals:



          Scott pushed his hand wearily along the side of his head and wondered how he would explain this crazy away mission to the professor. They had seemed to listen for the most part but this place seemed to drive them all up a proverbial wall. He felt the sun hit his face as they stepped outside again and started to Blackbird.  He sighed at the thought of the piloting the ominous jet home and working quietly on his motorcycle. Then it dawned on him as he turned.

        “Where is Logan?” Scott demanded quickly of the other mutants as he noticed little Khaki who now stood moving slowing to the black jet in a daze.

         Warren scooped the little girl up when he noticed her bare feet against the hard ground and to his surprise she didn’t resist him as he carried her towards the Blackbird. 

         “Where is Jump?” Justice noticed quickly and looked at Scott who now mirrored his worried look.

         Scott watched Justice who seemed to be playing with the idea of going back into the lab’s entrance.

         “No.” Scott said forcefully at Justice’s gaze towards his father’s home.



        “You better be right Jump,” Logan growled as he followed her shape through the halls.

        “Do you want to get out of here Logan?” She turned to him and eyed him quickly. “If we don’t get Kodiak we are going to have to back track with all of the others and we don’t need…..” She trailed off looking at the doors for her friend.

        “Luggage?” Logan laughed.

        Jump ducked her head through the door leaving Logan with her bottom half for company.





      Images in the dark awakened Raynes senses,  reminders of very real danger.  A familiar scent conjured memories of pain. Her side felt like it was on fire.  Her head throbbed with every beat of her heart. She heard voices now and, hesitantly, opened her swollen eyes.  It appeared to be yet another laboratory.  A shockwave of panic jolted through her body.  She tried to get up but she couldn’t move her arms or legs.  Rayne looked at her appendages to see why they weren’t responding to her bidding.  Another jolt of panic coursed through her as she saw that she was strapped to a table.  Then, she noticed the two people that were standing next to her.  One was obviously a mutant.  He was big and covered in blue fur.  His face was beastly, yet he looked at her with concern and compassion in his eyes.  Rayne turned her head to look at the other person and saw a woman standing there.  An explosion of remembered images reminded her that she had been like this before, strapped to a table for unspeakable horrors.  "No," she silently mouthed.


        Beast became lost in his thoughts as he kept a quick pace working on the young woman. Innocents used for some dark and sinister agenda.  He took a deep breath and finished suturing the last of the three gashes left by Wolverine’s claws, when the mutant on the table before him opened her eyes.  ‘Gambit’s sister,’ he pondered.  He noticed some movement and was worried about her being awake before they had completed the necessary treatments.  He saw the young woman turn her head to look at Alex.  For a second, he wondered if it had been necessary to put the restraints on her.  She seemed calm enough.  Then, as if in response to his thoughts, she cried out and tugged against her bonds.  He sighed, ‘This is not good.’


        Dominick, who had been ‘supervising’ the correct treatment procedures for the mutant, was not surprised by her reaction.  In fact, he was expecting it, but he chose to say nothing.  Dom watched now as she pulled against the bonds that held her prisoner, and observed how Hank and Alex were trying to calm the terrified young woman

   When reassuring her that she was in no danger and would not be harmed had no calming effect, Beast tried to gently hold her shoulders to keep her from tearing open the wounds that he had just closed.  However, the frantic patient snapped at his hands trying to bite him, and he was forced to remove his hands from harms way. 

     Rayne doubled her efforts to gain freedom by yanking at the tight bands until they started tearing into her flesh.  This pain added fuel to her terror and she screamed. "REMY!"
She wondered where her brother was.  ‘Was he a part of this ?  Was he captured too?’  At the thought of her brother being experimented on she cried out, "No!"
A sharp stabbing pain radiated from her side.  It caught her breath and paralyzed her muscles.  Multi-colored lights danced before her eyes and she clenched her jaw against the agony.


        Alex stared at the brave young woman with a mixture of awe and pity. She had spirit like Hayley and Alex felt compassion for the injured girl whose only thoughts, even now went to another. She reached for her brother’s mind quickly hoping Gambit would be of some help. Her glowing eyes only seemed to anger the combative patient further and she cut her telepathic message short.


       Hank used this brief lapse to gather a syringe and filled it with a sedative.  Alex readied the IV port for the injection, all under the curious watch of a leprechaun standing silently on a shelf. 


        Dominick stared at the scene making mental comparisons of what he would be doing differently than they were.

      ‘How many times?’  The diminutive mutant thought. He had been standing where odd blue giant stood right now, at the side of a restrained mutant that was fighting for freedom.  Indeed, in too many cases, fighting for their very lives!  Dom had seen the errors of becoming involved in such inhumane treatment.  He had tried to save some of them.  He looked at his tiny hands. Hands that once belonged to a promising young scientist that had a long and distinguished career ahead of him and tears welled in his eyes.

‘Please God, make this nightmare stop!’  What did these new people want with her?  Whatever it was, it couldn’t be very good.  After all, they had her strapped to a slab like the others did.  She thought again about Remy, and feared for his life.  How cruel the fates were to bring them together like this.   She looked around the small room and her eyes met a curious sight.  A very small man was looking at her from atop a shelf.  His eyes locked with hers.  Very familiar eyes, she thought.  She picked out his scent from the other smells in the room and her eyes widened in recognition.

      Hank finished administering the sedative and was glad that she was quieter now.  She was staring at Dom when her face took on a look of shock and horror.  Suddenly, she thrashed about with renewed fury, and was screaming her brother’s name over and over again.  Beast was praying for the sedative to kick in and knock her out.  Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw Dominick jump down to the table, swearing.  He ran over to the young mutant’s right wrist and unfastened the tether.

       Rayne felt the band around her wrist loosen and she jerked her arm free.  Her claws accidentally hooked into Dom’s shirt and as she swung her arm across her chest to strike at Beast, the tiny leprechaun was flung head over heels through the air, and he crashed into a container of medical supplies.

       Alex fought with the idea of using her ice powers to help contain the now partially freed mutant but wondered if she would be doing more harm than good.  As Alex hesitated, the rat-like young mutant started clawing at the other restraint. ‘This is so getting out of hand,’ she thought.   Alex reached out her mind to her brother again and told him to send the Cajun to the Blackbird, immediately!

Hank was reaching to stop Dom from undoing the tether when Rayne swung her arm and the tiny man somersaulted past Hank‘s head.  Her claws raked through Beast’s thick hair.  The doctor quickly stood up and backed away from the table.  He looked at Alex who had her eyes glowing and he figured she was contacting her brother. 

       Why isn’t the sedative taking effect?’   He turned and located Dominick, who was trying to untangle from a pile of tubing, and wondered why the leprechaun had tried to set Rayne free.  The air around Beast got cooler and he looked at Alex again.  Her eyes were faintly glowing.
"Alex, although it would undoubtedly stop her from breaking free, I ask that you refrain from freezing her as it could cause irreparable damage."


        Rayne then had her left arm free and she bent forward to release the straps from her ankles.  A pair of large hairy blue arms pinned her arms to her sides.  She tried to bite the powerful arms that held her but she couldn’t gain purchase on the massive forms.  She snarled and then let out a blood-curdling scream!


       Justice heard his sister’s first message then shook his head as if to clear it when he saw an animal running at them. ‘Wha?’  The image came closer and Justice jumped for it as it jumped for the others.



      New people and new people kill.’ The wild animal thought as she gave away her hiding spot and ran for the motley crew. ‘They won’t hurt anymore.’ She had vowed and dodged the first attack that came at her.

       She quickly leapt over the blonde guy using him as step up for a higher leap. When she went into the air she notice a sharp razor like light fly at her feet but didn’t stop.



     Scott threw an optic blast to discourage the wild animal but it kept coming at them. Gambit’s charged card missed her as well and he prepared another card quickly for another attack.

      The attacking animal only seemed to laugh at their attempts and grabbed a very surprised Australian’s leg with her sharp fangs.


      “BLOODY HELL!” Reggie howled in pain and grabbed at the wild animal in a feeble attempt to free himself but made no move to replace the blanket that had flown from his body. Reggie’s hand began to glow much to his own surprise and he almost forgot about his pain. It was enough to make the animal stop biting his leg and reconsider the attack.

      ‘An angel’ the wild coyote thought as she spied Warren who wrapped his wings protectively around Khaki. ‘GIA?’ 

      Justice took advantage of the animal’s hesitation as he helped Bonsai secure the wild animal to the ground keeping their fangs away from the injured man and the others.

     Justice felt Alex touch his mind again and realized she had an urgent situation too. He looked over to the injured newcomer and he took them all by surprise. The man was reaching to his blood covered leg in agony but with hands that glowed pure white and as he touched his wounds they began to close slowly.

      Reggie merely looked at his newly healed flesh and fresh skin only to amaze himself and stared at the Xmen and the rest as if they had answers for him.

      Warren released Khaki who was now smiling at the blonde Angel and it was easy to see that she was slowly beginning to trust again.

      Warren placed a hand on Reggie’s shoulder and Reggie jumped at his touch. “It is okay you are just doing what comes natural now.”


      Justice was brought back from his daze not by his own but by the wiggling animal under his grip.

      “Okay I understand you are not those evil people so would get the HELLO of me,” the animal yelled in Justice’s face.

      Justice waved Bonsai back and Justice touched the animals mind as he quickly realized she thought they were scientists.

      “Talking fur, non?” Gambit joked as he moved closer to the animal worried of another attack.



       With a great glow she transformed into a shapely woman by Justice’s feet and she watched closely as Minnie flew around her head interested. 

        The woman had a head full of brightly color red hair, not a classic red/auburn like Jean or Ally or strawberry blonde like Justice but almost florescent. Her eyes glow a silver gleam as she kicked to her feet easily and met their curious gaze.

        “Who are you?” Scott said but kept his hand by his visor protectively.

        “Sassy,” She responded and raised an eyebrow. “Now, Who the hell are you?” she demanded crossing her arms.

       Justice grabbed gambit’s arm. “Alex and Beast need you.” He said quick as he gestured to the blackbird.

       Gambit didn’t think twice are ran to blackbird and Rayne. He knew his knew friend was behind him and could hear Justice’s footsteps and pushed harder and faster to his sister.


       Bonsai couldn’t take looking at the new blonde guy lying on the ground and threw his blanket at him to cover himself again, something that had been quickly discarded during the fight.

       “Man, I don’t want to know you like that,” Bonsai scoffed as Reggie pulled the blanket discretely over himself and the now seemingly small hospital gown.

       “Reggie, Reggie Grundy to you, mate.” Reggie said as he got to his feet with as much pride as he could muster under the circumstances. Reggie quickly looked at the black jet and the other two figures that were running to it. He sighed and hoped there would be clothing there.     

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