Where Angels go





Allyson, Alex, and Justice sat at the restaurant in a booth enjoying the fact that they weren't moving. They were talking lightly as Hayley made her way back to the booth as she hummed an old tune.

Justice stared at Ally in amazement; "You have it under control already?"

Ally poked her straw out of the wrapper, "Yeah, I guess I just needed time." She sipped her soda quickly.

"Ally this is awesome." Alex smiled. "You've learned more."

Hayley sat down as they made room for her and yawned, 'Yadda, yadda, Ally is advancing, so what else is new?' She began to sing to herself ignoring their sister's compliments. "And I think to myself what a wonderful world."

"Hayley, if you want to avoid an issue do it some other time huh?" Justice threw a scolding look at her.

"Sorry," she mumbled and leaned her head on her hand.

"Logan told me you raised his jeep on hot air." Ally smiled at her sister proud, she knew she wasn't the only one advancing and learning.

"Uh huh," Hayley looked around the greasy spoon, she had funny feeling. She noticed a very handsome man with blonde hair sitting at the counter alone and he was staring at her out of the corner of his eye.

"Maybe we should keep our voices lower." Hayley suggested quickly and the others looked alarmed at Hayley's serious tone.

"Why?" Ally watched her sister they were talking low.

"Oh, Hayley has an admirer." Alex laughed a little as she caught the blonde man eyeing her sister.

Ally's gaze went to the stranger; he was handsome and alone. He had blue eyes and blonde hair. He was in crisp clean clothing and had a squeaky clean exterior that reminded her of Justice.

Hayley laughed, "I have no longing for a relationship right now." Although Hayley was almost openly staring at him now and her mouth dropped open. The other three sighed and followed her stare.

Despite the warm weather this man was wearing a long coat but it was the white feathers that Hayley spied under his coat that held her attention.

Even though they were supposed to break telepathic contact, they all began to jump from mind to mind talking telepathicaly afraid to speak out loud.

Hayley watched the man turn and walk from his place quickly. Hayley wasted no time and ran after him.

Ally made a grab for her sister, "Hayley, no" she barked hoping she would stop but Hayley was almost on his heels.

Hayley found him outside the diner walking away very quickly and she doubled her own pace until she caught up to him and grabbed his shoulder. She realized she hadn't grabbed a shoulder and looked at him curiously. He jerked away angry and a little violated.

"Wings?" she tilted her head in a cute way Ally did that was a non-threatening gesture in hopes to make him relax.

"Lady, you don't want to talk to me." He mumbled with out turning around.

Hayley didn't back down. "You are mutant aren't you?" she smiled at him hoping he would relax.

He removed his coat very quickly and spread his long feathered wings moving further away from him. Hayley didn't move towards him this time and she only gasped at the sight of his perfect, white, billowy, wings. He had her mesmerized but she finally remembered why she followed him and reached her hand quickly to him in a friendly gesture. He flinched before she could even touch him. He flapped his powerful wings as he took to the air, leaving Hayley to stare after him.

Hayley heard voices and turned to see Ally and Justice coming up behind her. Hayley sighed and jumped to the air to follow him.

The young man was very surprised as Hayley joined him in the air but this time he didn't run. She put her own identity at risk to follow him, "You can fly." He smiled.

She nodded.


"I am mutant too." She smiled, "Who are you?"

"Warren," He flew closer and held a hand out to her.

"Hayley," she said sweetly as she shook his hand.

"Can you only fly?"

"No, I can also control fire," She conveniently left out that she was telepathic because telepaths seemed to scare people. "Do you do anything else?"

He nodded but his attention was on the other person flying after them. 'She is breath taking,' Warren thought as Ally's red hair came into view. Then he looked at her closer and back at Hayley as he noticed the strong resemblance.

Hayley smiled at Ally as she joined them, "Tag you're it." She joked weakly. Ally didn't return her smile but kept a stern look on her face.

She folded her arms at her sister. "Come on, you are going to attract attention." She was losing her patience as she signaled for Hayley to follow her.

"Come on, Warren," Hayley invited him as she dove down after Ally.

He shrugged and followed them, if they had been a threat they would have attacked him by now. They led him into the trees and he had to take a little longer, Ally and Alex had no trouble with the canopy but Warrens wings left him avoiding branches.

Once he found them as he hit the ground he noticed another girl and a guy. He sighed, 'What did they want?'

The guy spoke out, "Sorry if Hayley gave you away, she tends to act with out thinking."

"That's all right," Warren smiled, "Maybe I just need longer coats." He held his hand out, "Warren Worthington."

"Justice Adams," Justice shook his offered hand and gestured to his sisters, "That is Alex and Ally," They gave Warren small smiles, "You've already met Hayley," Hayley looked up from her task of lighting her cigarette against her hand looking a little bored. Warren laughed at the sight but Ally rolled her eyes.

"Can we give you a lift?" Ally offered.

"If you are headed my way," he smiled. "I am headed to Westchester."

The four Adams exchanged knowing looks with one another. Alex looked up a surprised. "We just came from there."

"You are going to see X aren't you?" Hayley cocked her head at him.

Warren looked surprised but recognized the name. "Xavier?" Warren asked amazed that Hayley got right to the point.

"Yes, you know him?" Justice watched Warren closely.

"He has requested for my help."

"For what?" Ally was intrigued.

Warren chose his words carefully, "He wants me to train with somebody named Wolverine."

"What?" Ally said just below a shout. Then the telepathic contact began to fly between siblings. They gave each other stares as they answered one another telepathically but Warren picked up on their silence quickly.

Hayley hoped to guard them a little more with conversation, "Why Logan?"

He was watching them as he digested their changing faces; 'They are telepathic.' He noticed Hayley's dog tags as a car light hit them through the trees. He quickly looked at Justice and noticed his chain to his dog tags. "You poor kids."

"Huh?" Hayley was not sure if this guy was a brick shy of a load.

"You have met Professor Adams," He gestured to Hayley's exposed dog tags.

"That was a long time ago," Justice said quickly.

"They also call me Angel." Warren said as he looked at them expectantly.

Hayley took a deep breath and tucked her tags in her shirt. "Fire-cat."

"Ice-cat" Alex called off.

"Ally-cat," Ally smiled

Justice shrugged, "Justice" he laughed a little and so did Warren,

"Cats?" Warren smiled, "Well, I have a time table "Cats". "

"So do we," Justice smiled as he looked down at his watch and then at his sisters, "We have to get going as well."

"Can we do anything?" Ally offered as they started off in the direction of the parking lot.

"Tell me who is this Wolverine?" Warren asked with a small grin.

Alex, Hayley and Justice pointed to Ally. She turned her head at them looking a little betrayed by their answer. She sighed, "He is my husband." She said proudly thinking how odd that still sounded to her, 'My husband.' She thought of his warm brown eyes. "Please, will you tell him I said hell?"

Warren nodded. "Small world" He watched Ally carefully as if she would hold a clue to who Wolverine was. "How much further to Xavier's? Am I far?" he asked Justice, who seemed to be the leader.

"Yes, you are. Are you lost?" Justice looked a little surprised.

"Yeah, I guess I am." Warren laughed lightly, "I was contacted telepathically by Charles."

Ally handed him her cell phone. "Will this help?"

"What is the number?" he asked.

Ally flipped through the display; "They are all programmed in. The school is number 3." She looked up at him a little envious he would be seeing Logan in a matter of hours, "Take it with you and you can give it to Logan when you get there."


"Uh, Wolverine," Hayley mumbled as she led the group. "Same guy." She was apparently bored with the conversation.

As the car came into view Justice gestured to the car, "Come on, I also have some extra maps."

Hayley sprinted to the car as Alex and Justice began to go through it. Alex pulled an extra coat from a bag in the trunk.

Alex held it to him; "You might need this."

Justice wrapped a rubber band around the maps and handed them to Warren.

"Thank you, again." He watched the three and a bored looking Hayley, "Are all of the people with Xavier as friendly as you."

"Basically," Ally sighed.

They all looked up as two men appeared seemingly out of thin air. One was heavy and the smaller guy sported a punk hairstyle.

"We want to talk to her." The fat man pointed at Ally menacingly.

Hayley stepped in their way and didn't seem afraid, "Now why would that be?" She said seductively.

They weren't buying Hayley's act, "We saw her fly." The big guy accused as he stared past Hayley.

"You're crazy," Alex laughed weakly,

Warren watched the Foursome wondering when to move. This wasn't his battle and he didn't feel the right to call the shots. He was waiting for his cue.

The two men smiled at each other then the bigger man pointed another finger at Allyson past Hayley. "You need to come with us doll." He threatened Ally.

Warren and Justice jumped in between the thugs and the three women quickly. Warren wasn't used to hiding behind women and he wasn't about to start with women who looked like frail super models. He had his wings tucked under the coat Alex had given him and the two men began to push their way past Justice and Warren. The smaller one snatched Warren's coat exposing his angelic wings.

"Look WINGS!" the smaller man shouted hoping to gather attention.

Justice stepped in between Warren and the other man until he heard the heavy man run behind him.

The big guy moved quicker than he looked and he approached Ally. "I know you!" he spat at Ally and grabbed her arm roughly.

Ally sighed they had been trying to avoid confrontation but there didn't seem anyway around it now.

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