When Tomorrow Becomes Today:






Hayley watched the chaos around her in the infirmary back at Xavier’s. She felt as if she wasn’t really there. Hayley tried to find her voice but didn’t find the energy to speak aloud. She watched her family and friends moving about the familiar surroundings and they spoke to each other as if they were not aware she was there.

      How did I get back here?’ Hayley asked herself. Hayley groaned in reply to trying to sit up and gave up quickly. Hayley spied Logan standing next to Ally while she sat on a bed holding her fore arm. She made out Beast’s large figure next to Alex who both looked untouched. Beast gave Hayley a broad smile as he seemed to realize she was awake.

     Beast moved to Hayley’s bed side and smiled at her again obviously happy to see she was awake, “Salutations” he said brightly to her. Then he gave her a more serious look, “How do you feel?”

     She managed a smile, “Weak,” she whispered. Then she gave a small winch as some of the pain took her over, “Did we win?”


     Ally sat on the bed with Logan’s watchful eye on her as he stood by her. He sighed but gave her a small smile hoping she would do something rather than give him the vacant stare she had carried since her father died. He knew she felt responsible for Willow’s death and in the long run they knew that one death was a good ratio for such a battle but it didn’t ease the fact, she felt responsible.  He looked at her arm which was still bleeding lightly. They said she would need stitches and that the healing factor didn’t seem to be working for her now. Logan was sure she would have a healing factor again since she was pregnant but Jean and Beast insisted that every pregnancy was different. He thought of pregnancies and let his eyes wander to Hayley and she seemed to be awake but groggy. Logan sighed Hayley had been tossed around but at least she still kept her baby. A smile crept to his face as he remembered that Beast told them Hayley would be on bed rest for a long time and he knew that would drive Hayley nuts once she was feeling better.

Logan felt somebody’s eyes on them and turned to see Alex coming to them.

     Alex kept her big smile and she sighed at Ally’s still grave stare. “So many babies” She said brightly in hopes to cheer her sister up. Ally didn’t seem to register her remark but finally looked at Alex with the ghost of a smile as if to appease Alex. Alex sighed and gave in, “Well,” she started knowing her news wouldn’t go over very well. “It would seem that you are losing Logan’s healing factor.” Alex stared at the clipboard in hand as if to confirm her words but they all knew it was because she wasn’t comfortable telling them this.

     Logan stared at Alex, “How?” Then he looked at Ally who was still clad in the cat suit she had worn in battle but she seemed to have cared less.

    Alex noticed he glare and looked at the couple, Logan dressed in his black Xmen leather like outfit and Ally in skin tight looking cat suit and stifled a giggle. They almost looked like they were dressed for Halloween.  Ally looked up at her a little hurt.

     ‘You are wearing the same outfit Alex,’ Ally told Alex in her mind and then Ally gave her a true smile for the first time that day. Alex however seemed worried that her sister still seemed undetected by her siblings when she realized Ally spoke to her all to easily.

      Alex snapped back to Logan’s demanding stare, “All pregnancies are different.” Alex sighed.


     Hayley found Jean’s eye on her once Beast went to attend to Afterburn. Jean gave her a small smile and walked to Hayley’s side. Jean had been impressed once again with Hayley’s cool battle confidence, it reminded her of Logan.

     Hayley remembered as Jean came to view. “Did I lose it?” Hayley groaned.

     Jean stared at the raven haired triplet confused, “Lose what, Hayley?” she asked her sweetly a bit amused by Hayley’s mumbling and brushed a lock of hair from Hayley’s eyes.

     Hayley took a deep breath, “The baby? Did I lose it?” She stared a Jean searching for an answer.

     Jean stepped away a little as she understood what she meant, “You are pregnant?” Jean tried to hold back the wave of nausea as she realized the timing all too well. Uncharacteristically she scanned Hayley’s mind and Scott’s name was there.


     Beast watched Jean with Hayley in awe, Jean truly was a good person. He felt is frown as he watched Hayley speak to her in a tone too low for him to hear but he realized that something had upset Jean quickly.

Beast made his way to his friends quickly.


      Jean looked up grateful to see Hank’s approach, “Hank,” she sighed, “Hayley has some questions about a pregnancy?” She said half hopeful she was incorrect somehow.

      Hank was taken back a bit at first but looked down at Hayley whose tired eyes seemed to search both for an answer.

     “Oh?” Hank said to Jean but he looked at Hayley and said, “Logan and Allyson seemed to know about your child but I have told nobody else and I have done some test.” He smiled broadly at her hoping his news was good. “Well, Hayley your son seems to be fine but you will need to take it easy for quite some time.” He added sternly.

      Hayley seemed to settle back pleased with the news and Hank and Jean realized that she must be keeping her child as they traded a look when Hayley shut her eyes a little.

      “Congratulations, Hayley,” Jean said quickly but Hayley’s eyes flew open as she realized Jean’s venom in her tone. Doubt covered Jean pretty features as she moved away quickly to the lab work she had ahead on the other patients. Jean stared almost constantly at Hank as he finished speaking in hushed tones with little smiles and gestures here and there. Jean’s eyes followed Hank as he moved to Afterburn again.


        Jean cut Hank off as she moved in between him and his destination. Beast’s eyes held understanding because he knew Jean well enough. She knew he wouldn’t offer information and the words almost hurt to think much less say but she had to know.

        “Hank?” She said questionably but he offered no answer, “Who? Who is the father of her baby?” She said in a quick breath.

        He sighed and took his glassed off and held his clipboard to the side of his body and felt sympathetic for his friend, “She is not sure at this point.”

       “Is it Scott’s?” Jean blurted out and then watched for a sign that anybody had heard her and lowered her eyes.

        “I will have to reinerate that she is not sure.” He gave her a sympathetic grin and lowered his voice, “There is at least a 33% chance that Scott is the father but there are other possibilities.”

         “Perhaps you could talk her in letting Scott know.” Jean now looked close to tears.

         Hank merely nodded, “She wanted Scott to know. She just said so a moment ago.” He sighed.

         A silent tear fell across her cheek and she turned slightly to leave, “I will tell him” Jean tried to manage a real smile then left quickly as her feet would carry her to find her fiancé.


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