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July 20th

Okay don't get yer knickers in bunch if this is old to you but it's new to me :o)

02-25-02-Hugh Recently commented about X2 :)
Ask Australian Hugh Jackmen-who plays Logen a.k.a Wolverine-about his character relationship with Patrick Stewart's Prof. Xavier, for intence, and you'll get a tast of things to come. "I don't think Logan's going to call him up to say 'Do you want to get a beer?' There's just a kind of respect," Jackman says,"I just want would say by the middle of the next movie Logan would die for him." Jackman's not the only one thinking about the future. Directer Brayn Singer says that a second movie-if there is one-might revolve around the super-teams' robotic foes, the Sentinels, as well as mankind's fear of muntants. And exeutive producer Tom DeSanto says that he'd love to do not one, but two more X-flims. "With the mytholgy and the caracters you could do a amazing trilogy," he says. "There are so many great villains and stuff to explore. Look for it: Summer 2003... if the first movie makes 200$ million or more.
Rumored that Hugh Jackman will be starting XMEN 2 in Jan or Feb of this year and Halle Berry was quoted on cinemax saying she knows she will be seeing him for two more movies.
PLUS, Hugh is rumored to be doing some musicals. He can act, sing and dance be still my heart.

Update: Ian McKellan said he is obligated to be in at least the sequel.
Hugh is in England right now promoting Swordfish with John and Halle and according to Hugh they use John's plane to get to "A" to "B". How much for a ticket to the UK?
In X-sequel rumor has it, it will be about the Legacy Virus and Wolverine will find out more about his past and involvement in weapon X

July 21 2001~ Someone like you will be on shelves in the US of A on or about 9-18. I can't wait

July 24th Hugh says he will not be in the next English broadway production of Oklahoma. We all know from Hugh's appearance's he can sing his tushy off but his singing "Summer Nights" with John Travolta helped show him off a little more. Think Olivia will be jealous? :o)

August 9th: Hugh, Halle and Jonh Travolta were on Mtv Cribs recently (and I missed it!)Oh well according to Trey, Halle and Hugh were shopping together for things for their houses. Hugh said he wanted a flat screen television and told the viewers he had things in storage in three different places. You have to wonder where he has things stored and why because it was rumored that hugh wants to move to England or the USA to be closer to the movie busines. (One can only hope).They also showed the 747 plane John Travolta owned and they all used during the promotion of Swordfish. Check your local listings for a repeat of cribs, I tried to acquire the information but kept having server problems through AOL.

August 19th: Okay don't all shot me at once:P We have had family emergencies that have prevented our searching for YOUR news. Anyway things are looking brighter here sooooo
I hear Shaq Wants a spot in the next movie just as a highlighter.
Big ring is there is STILL no script for X-men 2 Although rumor has it it will be about the Legacy Virus and that BEAST will be in it. YAY! (gotta love Beast) Once I hear more I will post it but until then Tell me WHAT YOU HEAR TOO! that is how news/rumor pages like this keep evolving. Zee ya

9-9 Okay PEEPS! Winnie injured her foot :o( so this is goods news for you because I will be doing some major work updating and searching. :oP It happens okay, don't wrestle with football players.
Anyway Something About you (Hugh's movie with Ms Judd) Is due out this Weds. There are rumors of the Rock playing Beast in the next film and there is still no script therefore filming dates are being pushed back, yet again.
By the way I will be changing the mutant voint poll because you do have a say in the votes. Earlier voters will have more say etc. LOYALTY COUNTS!

1-5-02 I HAVE NOT ABANDONED YOU! LOL Say it with me now!
As many the 9-11 trad just got to me newsworthy but I am better as I hope others are.
Anyhow, BUZZ is a buzz right now! Pushed back X-2 for filming to start May or later in the summer months. They have a script now! It will be on the Legacy Virus and they SAY it will have the BEAST and GAMBIT! They will jump into the WOLVERINE'S HEAD and get into his past and light the fuse between him and Jean Grey. I hear that Vincet somebody or KEITH Legder will be in the movie too. Time will tell
Buzz on Hugh is he is on GQ and in Playboy! Whoo hooo go hugh! Maybe old news but news none the less!
Look for repeats of Hugh on MTV for the cribs this weekend.
01-19-02: Maybe you have seen this but I hadn't :)
Requires: X-men: The Movie (DVD) Easter Egg: If you select the 'Special Features' option on the DVD and then select 'Theatrical Trailers & TV Spots' and then press the left arrow on your remote, a symbol of a rose should be highlighted. If you now press Enter you will be treated to a brief 'joke' scene featuring Jean Grey, Cyclops and Storm with a special guest appearance by a certain wall-crawling web slinger. Brief, but mildly amusing! Also, if you select the 'Art Gallery' from the 'Special Features' menu and then highlight 'Main Menu' and then press up once on your remote, you should be able to highlight Wolverine's Military Tag. Press Enter on your remote and you will be able to view a series of preliminary drawings of 'The Beast' and 'The Blob'

I also hear that there is a special promo with the Wolverine and Xmen tags on Marvel.com!
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