Logan stood in front of the religious man. He kept shifting his weight from foot to foot. His feet hurt in the new shoes and he was nervous. The students were allowed to attend since Logan had worked with many of them and many knew and respected Logan.

He heard the old song playing quietly through the out door speakers.

"It was just my imagination, running away with me. Just my imagination, running away." It was a song that Ally had adopted for them. He couldn't understand why he loved Ally and he could never explain how he could live with out her. He loved her but in a lot of ways they couldn't be any more different. That was a lot of the reason he did love her. If she had been like him, things would be boring. Love, he couldn't remember saying he had ever been in love with anybody before Ally. He could now remember a few women but not love. Sounded funny the lone wolf getting married or in love but he was getting used to it.

He looked at Justice standing next to him and then he looked down the aisle as Imp started to walk down with a basket of flower petals. She threw them to the ground then they danced on the ground until they finally floated back into the air and the petals danced above everyone's heads. Imp was controlling the petals as they dropped to the ground with telekinesis ; she jerked them back up and let them float above the guests. She smiled as everyone's mouth dropped in amazement. She had her little hair pulled into a tight ponytail and the ends were curled and fell around the flowers in her hair. She loved all the attention she was getting. She walked delicately to the people waiting at the end of the aisle. She gave Logan a brilliant smile and a little child wink. He laughed a little at the sight of the child.

Hayley and Alex came down the aisle. Their dresses were lacy and sweet. They both had their hair pulled back and it drifted down their backs. They carried small simple bouquets and smiled at Scott, Logan and Justice. They stopped on the opposite side of the aisle and took their places.

Logan saw Ally and he lost his breath a little. He was never as sure of anything in his life as he was Ally. Her hair was pinned on top of her head and tendrils came down the sides. Her face had a tinge of pink to it and her eyes were shining. They were almost dancing. It was easy to see how happy she was. Her dress accommodated her growing belly. Like the others it was very lacy and fell gracefully around her frame. She held a simple bouquet of small roses and was only wearing simple pearls in her ears.

Everyone looked at her. She stood with perfect posture despite her aching back from her pregnancy. She looked almost regal and her eyes seemed to tell a thousand stories as she walked. A simple smile played at her lips She had amazing grace for somebody who was very pregnant in heels.

Logan kept a grin on his face as she joined him. Hayley, Alex, Justice and Hank stood silent. This was a long time coming for Ally and Logan. Logan and Ally had known each other a long time. They had put themselves in danger for one another before and always managed to find each other. Everyone was happy to see Ally and Logan finally united in matrimony.

'Another hurdle leapt' Logan thought to himself as he squeezed Ally's hand and tears played at the brim of her eyes. Logan touched her face gently and kissed her.

"Son, we are not to that part yet." The religious man scolded him.

Logan raised an eyebrow at him as he pulled away from Ally, and Ally smiled.

Hayley burst out laughing from behind Ally. Then she heard somebody sitting down laughing an identical laugh from the seats, she knew it had to be Rogue.

Others started to giggle. The flower petals all dropped from the air and from Imp's mental grasp landing over the guests. Professor X felt the flower petals fall on his head. He tentatively dusted them off them as he eyed the people laughing at the small wedding. The petals began to fly again.

Professor Xavier sighed.

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