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           Logan smiled and pointed to Hayley who had fallen asleep again.  He kissed Ally's head, "let's take your sisters and you to bed, darlin."

      Ally frowned, "I want to see Justice first."

      Beast sighed, "Quickly is better for the both of you Allyson.  He's had a hard day too."

     "I guess I will have to wait until Storm is back," she sighed with a little smile.

       Ororo found Jordan sitting in the professor's lap holding on to his neck as he spoke to her assuring her everything would be all right.

      Storm touched his shoulder and he turned with a smile as Jordan reached for the woman.  Storm hefted her up and hugged the child.

     "How is he doing Charles?"

     "As well as can be expected," he sighed, "I am sure you and the others would like some time alone with Justice now."  He moved his chair from the bed.  "Jordan, would you like to get a drink with me?"

     The child nodded wiggling from Storm's hold and dropping to the floor to grab the professor's hand.

     Charles gave Storm a little smile as he ushered the child from the room.

     She watched them go and sat next to Justice taking his hand gingerly and finally letting her tears flow freely. She knew he had looked bad when they had left him but know she knew the extent of what he had been through and she worried about his recovery.

     She put her head on the edge of the bed and sighed as her tears hit the floor.  After knowing this man's love, she wasn't sure she could live without having it.

      Ally stood outside the door wondering if Storm had known how long she had been out there.  Beast stood next to her and put his arm around her.

     "Perhaps you should retrieve her, Allyson," he looked at Storm holding his hand.  "I'm sure he knows she there and visits should be to a minimum now."

     "I told Remy he could visit when he got back with Rayne," Ally frowned.

     "Perhaps you should go in with your sister then and keep it short," Beast sighed, "Bear in mind he is still a psychic."

     Ally nodded, "let me go wake Hayley first."

     Logan joined them, "I'll get 'Ro," he offered but they both knew he wanted to see Justice too but didn't want to say so.

      Henry nodded, "Please make it quick."

     Logan disappeared into the door, they both saw him put his hand on Storm’s shoulder, and she turned to him with her face full of tears.

     Ally felt her own tears begin, "I'll get Alex and Hayley." She ran off before her tears could finish spilling.


     Remy and Rayne were laughing as they came closer to the infirmary but quickly quieted down.

     "Yo' and Justice friends right?"  He said smiling at Rayne happy that she was comfortable around another male.

      Rayne wrinkled her nose; "Dat homme reminds me a you, a little bit anyways." she smiled thinking of the night he stayed by her side holding her hand.  He hadn't minded her claws and she found herself thinking of his antics to cheer her up.  She chuckled at the memory of his sliding on the beds in the infirmary to keep their spirits up.  She silently wondered who would keep spirits up around here when he was the one hurt.  "He's a crazy one alright."  Then she thought of something.  That could be Remy in there.  He stood as much chance as any of getting hurt.  With that, her eye’s welled with tears.  Dat could be my sweet Remy in there fightin’ for his life.  What kinda crazy life is dis around here?  Ah’d just die if somethin’ happened to ma brother.’

    Remy wrapped his arm around her, "Ah like him too chere," Rayne buried her head again his chest and thanked God that Remy wasn’t hurt.  He patted her head softly letting her weep a little, "Save dat chere, you ain’t even seen him yet."

  Rayne straightened and sniffled back tears, "Ah was jus’ thinkin’ dat…nevermind," she realized how silly it was to worry about something that wasn’t true.  She felt awful that Justice was injured so badly, he was a sweet soul and she liked him dearly.  He reminded her of Remy in many ways.  ‘He loves his sisters like Remy loves me,’ Rayne thought and she couldn’t stifle a sob that welled up from deep inside.

    She tossed her arms around him and Remy wrapped his arms closely around her, "What's all dis, mignion?"  He frowned and let his sensitive fingers dance through her hair as he stroked it then he leaned over to see her face.

   "Rem, dat could've been you in dere," she met his eyes.

    "Ah know petite," he sighed kissing her head again, "Listen girl, Ah was afraid you were gon' get hurt dere too.  Why did yo’ follow me ta dat place?  How do you t’nk Ah’d feel if you were hurt, chere?"  He wiped his own tear determined not to cry.  "Justice’s sisters, dey gon' need us ta be strong for dem, petite.  They need us."

    She nodded solemnly.

  He thought of Ally trying to sound calm when she called him but he knew her well enough now to know how she tried to cover things up, "Dey all try to act strong but dey just like us, chere."

   "We can cook dis meal for dem and help take care of dem," she smiled.  "An maybe we can make dem laugh like Justice did for ma’se’f."

    Remy scoffed thinking of some of the stories he had heard of Justice and what he had seen, "Ah’ll leave dat up ta you, chere."  He saw the Professor and Imp coming toward them and the sight of the small child with her eyes filled with tears was almost more than he could bear.  He bent down and Jordan flew into his arm.

   Rayne bit her lip wondering how bad he looked and more importantly how bad he was.

  "Hello, Remy," Charles said plainly.  “Rayne.”

  "How is he professor?"  Remy asked realizing the professor's eyes were red too.

  "Time will tell," Charles sighed realizing he couldn't fool someone as astute as a master thief.

  "What happened to him?"  Rayne asked holding Remy's hand and Remy began to stroke it absentmindedly.

   "The projectile he was struck with was manipulated by Magneto," Charles sighed, "He managed to pushed the metal further into Justice's chest."  They looked a little confused, "he exploded it through out the left half of his chest using his magnetism."

    Rayne's hand flew to her mouth and Remy picked Jordan up with him.

   Imp wiped her eyes and sniffled loudly and Remy hugged her hoping he didn't show the anger he felt for Eric at that minute and he had to admit the child in his arms made it hard for him to be angry.

   "I take it you are going to visit with him?"  Charles asked and they both nodded, "Jordan let us get that drink and maybe some ice cream."

    She nodded and Remy put her down almost reluctantly and Imp waved as they moved away.  Rayne watched the child walk down the hall and remembered the day when she chased the girl out of the kitchen.  Imp read Rayne’s mind, turned around and stuck her tongue out at her.  Undaunted, Rayne took a couple steps forward and raked her fingers in the air like she was going to get the girl.  Imp squeaked, ran to Xaviers chair and held onto the arm rest occasionally turning to look behind her until Rayne and Remy were out of view.

    "Dat Magneto is evil, hanh?"  Rayne said as she watched her brother looking in the direction Jordan had left.  "Yo’ taken with dat chile Remy?"

    He smiled ruefully, "from de minute Ah met her."

    Rayne chuckled, "you’d make a good papa some day, Rem."

   "If de bebe anythin’ like Imp, den its gonna be easy," he shrugged.  "Anyway Rayne, dat's all years away if Ah become a pahrent at all."

   Rayne nodded and looked up in time to see Ally plow into Remy.

   Remy took a few steps back and steadied them both as the smaller woman almost knocked him off balance.

   Ally looked at the floor but Remy pushed her face to met his and he saw her tears, "Did somet'ing happen?  Justice S'allright?"

    Ally took a deep breath, "Yes he is all right," she regained her composure, "I'm just being emotional."

   "Yo' got every right ta be," Rayne said quickly.

    Ally sighed, "I guess, thank you Rayne."  Then Ally looked at them feeling a little more together, "I was gathering my sisters so they could visit but if you want to see Justice, Logan is there now."

     Rayne swallowed hard, "Perhaps we’ll wait."

    "Are you that frightened of Logan still?"  Ally touched her arm lightly, "he won't hurt you, Rayne."


    “Anymore, yo’ mean?”  Rayne remembered the feeling of Wolverines claws as they cut through her side.


    “I’m sure that was an accident what happened in the labs,” She looked at Rayne with a serious expression, “He would never hurt you on purpose.”


    Rayne mumbled, “What if he has another accident when Ah’m around?”


    Alley sighed, Remy put his arms around both women, and they began walking in the direction of the infirmary.

   "Why did he chase Rem from de infirmary earlier?"  Rayne asked with a slight tilt of her head.

   "ALL men can be jerks sometimes Rayne," Ally sighed and then looked to Remy, "Sorry but it's true.  Too much testosterone I imagine."

   Rayne sighed and Remy hoped that she wouldn’t continue her line of questioning.


   Rayne looked over at Ally, “Your husband doesn’t lik’ Remy cause of Hayley, right?”


   Gambit groaned.


   “Like I said, men can be jerks, but they can be wonderful as well.”  Ally was hoping that Gambit’s sister was not going to continue this line of conversation.  “Remy is wonderful, isn’t he?”


    Rayne’s eyes lit up, “Yes, he is!  He’s the best brother Ah could have hoped for.”  Then a cloud passed over her features and she fell silent.


    They had reached the first doors to the infirmary and Remy opened the door for both women to pass through.


    Remy saw the other Adams in the infirmary plus a few friends.  Scott sat near by leaning on the desk that Alex sat at working on the computer.  Kamikaze was fumbling with a deck of cards in a chair and Hayley was asleep curled into a ball in a chair.

   Rayne sighed when Remy set his sights on Hayley and she decided to go over and talk to Alex and Scott.

   Ally followed Rayne to the computer and sighed, "We can all go to see him but we have to be in and out quickly."

   Alex nodded at Ally and looked to Rayne, "Would you like my seat?"

   Rayne shrugged first, and then sat down.

   Alex raised an eyebrow, "We?  Meaning who exactly?"

   Ally sighed, "We have to wake Hayley then us three will go in now, and then the rest can go in small groups."  Alex didn't seem to agree with the plan; "Beast says Justice needs his rest so we have to be quick about this."

   Rayne nodded and wondered if she and Remy would be able to see him.  She thought again how it could be her brother lying on that bed and a shiver ran through her.

   Scott groaned, "looks like somebody is waking Hayley for you."  He pointed to Remy who had knelt to Hayley and touched her hair to move it from her face.

    Scott looked sighed and stood, "I guess I'll get Jean to take over sick bay."

    Ally touched his arm as he left, "Are you all right?"

   Scott scoffed and looked back to Remy who was now whispering to Hayley as she woke up, "Been better."

   Alex watched him, "don't do this to yourself."

  Ally nodded, "no proof it's your child Scott, and Jean loves you."

   "Dey right, homme" Rayne said quickly, "she ain’ worth it."

   Ally and Alex glared at her but didn’t say anything when they saw how hurt Rayne looked as she watched her brother with Hayley.





     Hayley felt somebody touching her face and a soft voice unlike the gruff tones that had filled the room before.  She opened her eyes and rubbed them slowly to see Remy smiling at her and she realized it was his voice speaking sweetly to her.

    She sat up, smiled, and threw her arms around his neck and he hugged her back with a chuckle.

    "Glad ta see me?" he laughed.


    “Always,” She smiled.


    “Yo’ hungry, chere?”

     "No, I'm not," She studied his face, “Why do you ask?”

      "Ah hear your stomach growlin’,” he grinned at her.

      She stopped, listened, and sure enough heard her stomach growl.  "Funny, I don’t feel hungry."  She stopped remembering why she was there.  "How's Justice?"

     "Ask yo' sister," he looked over to Ally, "She wanted ta get you up."

     Hayley nodded as he helped her up from the chair.

     Rayne watched as her brother and Hayley started walking over hand in hand and tried not to scowl seeing how happy Remy looked and how contented Hayley seemed to be.

     Ally smiled at Remy and pulled Hayley away slowly.

     Remy watched them leave, "Rayne an' Ah will see him after you all finish"

     Alex hugged him as she followed her sisters, "You might want to ask his warden, Beast." She shrugged, "It seems Justice is pretty worn and the three of us have to go together."

     Rayne and Remy exchanged a curious look, "Will yo’ have Ally call us when we can we can see him then?"

     Jean stepped in, "Most likely it won't be tonight, Remy."  Jean saw the hurt look on the other's face, "I am sorry.  You can see him through the window if you’d like, but Henry is worried that with Justice being telepathic he’ll know when somebody is near him. He doesn’t want Justice to wear himself out trying to communicate with everyone."

    Remy nodded, "We’ll go take a look, but will you call us when yo’ know somethin’?"

    Jean smiled noting how lucky they all were to have such good friends, "Yes, now go get some rest yourself Remy."

     Remy looked at Rayne, "Shall we petite?"  He stepped to the door.

     She followed him with a smile knowing they would be cooking soon.


     Hayley couldn't believe that sad sight was her brother.  He was pale and wan and he was breathing hard.  He was very different from the younger, strong man she knew.  She couldn't cry now and she couldn't smile or move.  She could only stand there and look at him wondering when he would look better.

     Alex gulped and wondered if she should count his respirations as she looked to Ally and Hayley but quickly decided that Ally was the calmer of the two.

     Ally noticed Beast gesturing to them and realized they had overstayed their welcome and she tugged on Alex's shirt.

    They sighed, nudged Hayley and made their way from their brother’s side.  Hayley seemed rooted to her spot and didn't want to move but Ally and Alex persisted until she moved towards the door.

     Remy and Rayne found Logan standing outside of the small recovery room and Wolverine nodded at them but they didn't seem to notice as they looked through the glass.

      Rayne swallowed hard looking at the scene.  She could see the three sisters standing by Justice who was very hard to recognize.  She squeezed Remy's hand as he peered through the glass staring as if he was mesmerized.

      They could see the triplets moving to the door and they seemed to pull Hayley to them against her will.

      Remy moved to meet them but Rayne held him back, "dey gon' need some room, chere."

      Beast came out first, "Remy if you and Rayne would like to go in very quickly, you may."

     They nodded and watched the girls walk out with their arms around each other.  Ally saw Logan and hugged him as he pulled her closer.  Alex and Hayley didn't seem to notice Rayne and Remy at first but then they both looked up with weary eyes.

     Beast nodded for them to go on in but Ally interceded, "he knew we were there and he'll know you are there."  She sighed and Logan pulled her away a little slowly.

     Henry agreed, "Please make it very short, he needs rest."

     Remy and Rayne nodded and walked in with their arms around the other's waist and a deep breath.


    Ally watched Remy and Rayne enter slowly and sighed.  "Justice is fully aware through his telepathy, but like before he left for Magneto’s, it is still going a little haywire," she said softly to Hank and Logan.

      Wolverine looked confused, "What does that mean?"

      "He was trying to reach our minds but failing," Ally explained.  "Maybe Alex and Hayley couldn't pick it up but he was reaching for us.  He is scared and pulling memories from our minds."  She sighed hoping it made sense, "he's confused and he seemed to be looking for some memory of Jordan."

       "Could you elaborate further, Allyson?"  Beast crossed his arms curious.

       "Well, he pulled from my mind the memory of sneaking into that bar and meeting Logan," she looked at Logan with a little smile.  "I don't think he is aware enough to know what he is doing, but his mind is searching ours and pulling out memories.”

         "My stars and garters!"  Beast murmured.  "I suppose we should keep his visitations to the minimum then."

         "He didn't take any memory from me," Logan scoffed.

         "Yes he did, you just didn’t know it," Ally offered.  "I am sure my Uncle knows what Justice is doing too."

        "A rampant telepath is not what we need now," Beast sighed hoping Justice couldn't reach anybody inappropriate, like the brotherhood.    

         "While he is healing, I am not sure if we should interfere," Ally sighed.

          Beast nodded, "I will speak to Charles and let him handle this Allyson."

         "She needs the rest anyway," Logan pulled her from the door.

         Beast smiled, "I concur completely.  We can handle this and will wake you if there is any change."

         She nodded, not really convinced but moved along with her husband to their room.


        Remy couldn't explain why that while he stood near Justice he felt a little violated.  For some strange reason he, felt exposed.  He moved back from the bed as if he expected Justice to jump up at them.


       Rayne gently laid her hand on top of Justice’s and thought about the time not long ago when he held her hand.  She smiled, picturing him sailing over to her bed on his own bed.  ‘You’re a silly but sweet man, Justice Adams.  Get better soon cause Remy an Ah are gonna cook for you all.’  She thought her strength to him, pressed his hand then moved her hand away.

       Gambit pulled at Rayne's hand, "He needs rest, chere.  Let’s go."

       Rayne followed him knowing he was right, also, she also knew that he was upset over something.

       He walked away looking like he had seen a ghost as he left the room.

      Beast met his eyes as he left, "Remy is there a problem?"  Henry looked over his shoulder to see Justice still sleeping and unmoved.

       "No problem Beast," Remy turned to look at Justice again.

       "Then why do you look so upset?"  Henry asked and Rayne seemed very interested in his answer as well.

        "Ah don't know," he exhaled loudly, feeling confused, "Ah wanted to see him but when Ah went in Ah felt like Ah was…"

         Rayne stared at him, "Naked?"

         He nodded slowly, "Bein’ naked doesn't bother me none but Ah felt naked an didn’t like it."

         "Interesting," Beast mumbled and then he saw Remy stumbled back, grabbing the wall for support.  Remy's red eyes became redder and Rayne offered him a supportive hand.


         Remy was talking plainly to Henry but he couldn't really explain what happen next.  He saw a bright white light as if he had been caught into lighting itself.  It was strong and gone that quickly but when he squinted awake, he found he wasn't in the school.

        Remy looked around to see a lovely garden by the by a very large house and the sound of water near by.  He could hear the faint sound of footsteps and looked to see Logan walking past.  Remy cocked his head and followed him.

       "Wolverine, what is dis place?"  Remy had no time for this nonsense.

       Logan walked on and didn't seem to hear him and Remy made a grab for his shoulder and found it passed through Logan.

       Remy gasped, "What are you de ghost of Christmas past?"  Still Logan didn't seem to hear him and Remy noticed a vintage bottle of wine in Logan's grasp.  He looked at it curious about when Logan ever had good taste in wine and followed the only familiar face he saw.

       Remy's jaw dropped when he saw a very young woman watching Logan approach.  Her hair was shorter and her eyes were defiantly sparkling and defiant but her younger appearance didn't fool Remy, it was Hayley.

       Remy swallowed hard taking in her still perfect appearance and confidant stride as she noticed the wine in his hand.  'Dey lovers?'  He turned his head as she threw herself into his arms and kissed him madly and Logan growled carrying her to a more secluded place by the pool as she began to strip Logan of his clothing quickly.

       Remy couldn't shut his eyes from this as it unfolded before him.  Hayley's wild and abandoned nature seemed to match Logan's impatient one as they began to disrobe the other urgently.  Remy did stare hard at the younger body Hayley had, it wasn't much different than her body now but was thinner in places now and he had never seen her when she wasn't pregnant.  She was a beautiful sight when she was finally fully naked and Remy wished he could be with Hayley like that and remembered she would be the same later on.

      He watched as Hayley stripped Logan down and began to fondle her lover and Remy turned his head listening to Wolverine growl and Hayley's moaning.  He found himself looking at them again and Hayley's initiating the whole thing.  He watched her placing Logan inside of her and Logan went wild taking control.

     Remy moved closer sure he was hurting her, "Stop dat."  He yelled at the two, "Hayley NO!"  She was so tiny compared to him and looked so helpless.  Logan's bulky body seemed to encase her and Remy could only scream again.  "NOOOOOOO!"

     He felt hands on his own hands and screamed as they were pulled from his face and realized he had been covering his eyes.

     "Rem, Remy?" he could hear Rayne say worriedly and he opened his eyes to his friend and sister.

    Beast stared at him, "Are you all right?"

     "Ah don't know," He stood slowly realizing somehow he had ended up on the floor, "Ah don't know what that was."

      Rayne looked him dead in his eye, "It was Hayley," she nodded, knowing her gut instinct was right, "yo' saw her past with de Wolverine."

      Remy's eyes grew wide, "how did yo’ know?"

      Beast cleared his throat, "We saw a bit of it too."

     Remy's mouth dropped, "How did that happen?"

      "I take it Justice's telepathy is on a rampage like Ally suspected," Beast sighed.  "I will talk to Charles, Allyson and Jean on how we should approach this while he is healing."

     Rayne swallowed hard, "Justice did this?"

    "I don't think he is aware he is doing it, my dear." he sighed.  "Until then perhaps we should keep our distance from him, unless we need to be there," Beast exhaled again.  "Like Jean or myself."

      Remy's eyes grew wide at the news.