Ty walked into the infirmary. He found Alex helping the large blue doctor. He watched he with fascination, she had beat the poison. He also noticed that she worked very closely to the blue furry man and he assumed that there was at least an attraction between them. He found his voice and coughed to let them know he was there. They both looked up and smiled at him.

He walked forward slowly, "Excuse me." He stammered.

"How are you?" Hank asked him with a concerned look.

"Okay, I was just wondering if somebody might have a wrench or something," He joked half heatedly.

Alex made her way slowly to him as he held out his damaged robotic arm for inspection.

She frowned as she eyed his arm, "I am not skilled at this."

Hank peered at the arm she held. "hmmmm. Logan or Scott would be a better choice" Hank looked at him with curiosity. "Does it hurt?"

"No," He smiled at them, "It's just annoying, I need it to work, y'know?" He hoped they didn't know how much it really hurt him.

"Justice would be a good choice too." Alex said as she stared at Hank. She knew Justice had built things from the ground up but she wasn't sure who was the best bet. "Let me try to locate one of them."

"You look much better." Ty told Alex.

"Thank you, but my sister made something to help," She looked at what she and Hank had been working on. "We hope to keep something on hand that will work faster."

"You are as amazing as your father said you are." He smiled awestruck

"Logan is on the basketball court with Justice and Scott." She looked at him. "You should hurry and you might want to bring some tools." She gave him a smile but he could tell she was still weak.

Ty mumbled a 'thank you' and ran out, he turned to give Alex and Hank one last smile before he disappeared out of the doorway.

Hank watched her. "You don't trust him?"

"I trust him but it just weirds me out to see him so happy after what my father did to him."

The door slide open again and Josh and Aubrey came in but for some reason Alex didn't look surprised.

"The chips right?" Alex smiled.

They stopped in their tracks, "Yes." Aubrey smiled. "Can you remove them?" She asked quietly as she walked over to Hank and Alex.

"I have removed some before and some are trickier than others." She sighed, "I couldn't get Logan's out but maybe yours might be easier."

Aubrey turned around and raised her pretty blue hair. "Is it removable?"

"I think so," Alex peered at the familiar scar. She hadn't really felt up to this but she understood the need of freedom. She grabbed a needle and began to fill it. "May I?" she gestured to the needle. Aubrey marched forward where Josh looked dubious and stayed back.

"This will numb you. It shouldn't hurt." Alex took a deep breath as she began to work on the chip. After a few minutes she produced something that was very thin and long. She placed it in a tissue and gave it to Aubrey.

Hank picked up a needle and went over to Josh who looked a little more comfortable now. Josh turned his back to Hank and he repeated the same procedure Alex had done on Aubrey.

Hank and Alex smiled at them, "You are free now, " Alex said coolly as she sat down.

Hank came closer to the brother and sister as he watched them touching their heads lightly, "Considering they were only the size of slivers, they shouldn't take long to heal. You will be fine." He gave them reassuring smile as he found his place next to Alex.

"We want to join you" Aubrey said as she looked at her brother for an approving look.

Alex smiled at them; "You want to be an Xman?"

Josh jumped forward, "Now we want to join you." He gestured to Alex. "You and your sisters and your brother."

Alex looked at them a little confused, "We don't take pupils."

Hank stepped forward amused, "I am sure the professor would take you on as pupils."

"Well, we would have to speak to him." Aubrey said diplomatically.

"Yeah, thank you, "Josh said guardedly. He looked at his sister as she rubbed the spot on her head absentmindedly. He was afraid his sister would actually talk to the professor.



Ty found the three of them on the basketball court. Logan was going towards the basket as Justice stole the ball from him and shot it into the basket. Scott caught the ball from under the net as he ran down the middle. Logan stole it from Scott as he used Justice's knee to get some height to the net. He put it in the net easily and jumped off of Justice's knee.

"Screw you, Logan." Justice laughed as he rubbed his knee. Justice got the ball and lost it quickly to Scott.

Ty couldn't take it any longer, he ran up and stole the ball away from Scott easily and ran past Justice and Logan. He found the net easily and it swished without hitting the rim.

Ty smiled confidently, "All net."

"Damn!" Scott shouted as he watched Ty.

Justice laughed, "Kid's got some moves."

Logan nodded, "Teams? I get him."

Scott and Justice scoffed.

"Yeah, right." Scott laughed at Logan.

"Let Scott have him, Logan," Justice laughed. "He needs the help." Then Justice started shooting wildly at the basket.

Logan spied Ty's damaged arm. "C'mere kid." Logan said as he moved towards Ty. He picked up his cigar from the side of the court and took a puff as he sat down on the bench. "What's up with the arm?"

"Oh yeah." Ty said as he held out the arm for Logan's inspection. "Can you fix it?"

"What are you a Chevy?" Logan held his stogie in his teeth as he eyed his arm.

Justice stood over Logan's shoulder, "Whoa!" he whistled. "Does it hurt?"

Scott sat down next to Logan. "Kid beat us with one arm huh?" Scott smiled, he was impressed with Logan's work, and he had two fingers working already.

"Careful Logan," Scott said as he watched Logan's fingers rewiring Ty's arm. "He is not a Buick."

Justice crouched down as he watched his brother in law. Justice had redone old cars before and loved to work with mechanics and he didn't miss it until he saw Logan working on Ty's arm. He sat the ball down and stood up. "Well, game called on account of robotics," he smiled as Scott looked up at him a little surprised. "I have plenty of work to do anyway."

Ty watched Justice as he walked off and grinned. They all seemed so normal and friendly enough. He looked at Logan who was engulfed in the work that was Ty's arm and Cyclops watched him closely. Finally Logan had the last finger working properly and was looking for a way to close it up.

Scott was sure he could have done it better and quicker but to just said, "Good work," and stood up and eyed Ty. "Did you loose the rest of your arm in battle?"

'In battle?' Ty nodded as he thought how cool that sounded but Scott and Logan didn't seemed impressed.

Logan stretched as he stood from the bench and looked at Ty, "I guess you will have to look at it until Jean or Hank can make it pretty." Logan picked up the basketball leaving Ty to inspect the arm.

"Can't Ally? She took my chip out." He shrugged slightly.

Logan looked surprised and met Ty's gaze. "She is not a doctor, kid."

Ty sighed and stood up as he looked at Logan pointedly. "I would like to join you."

Scott seized the opportunity and grabbed the ball from Logan's grasp as Logan stared at Ty. Scott shot it and missed. Then he threw the ball at Ty. "Sure, jump in."

Logan knew Ty's gaze was more serious than basketball as Ty watched Logan as if he wanted him to take his hand and lead him to the bathroom. 'He' gotta be kiddin'. Logan was afraid somebody would want to follow him like many others had.

Logan found his stogie while Ty held the ball still between his hands. He met Ty's eye, "You need to talk to Xavier." He said flatly.

Scott looked up with his full attention now as if he just remembered he was an X-man. "Yes, I am sure the professor would consider you and asset." He smiled as if to offer him an invitation, after all he was the unspoken leader.

Ty shook his head, he knew he would have to choose his words more carefully if he wanted to get his point across, "No, I am not really sure I want to be an Xman." He took a breath hoping for approval, "I want to join Logan and his wife." He realized how bad that sounded after he heard his own words.

Against his better judgment Scott busted into laughter as he watched Logan raise an eyebrow at the young man in confusion.

"I want to learn from you, Justice and the triplets." Ty said a little star struck as he spoke to Wolverine.

"They aren't a team like the X-men, they are just siblings" Logan took a puff on his stogie. He wasn't sure how to handle this. "Ally and I are going to get a place together again and Justice has his own place. There is no school or teaching." Logan shrugged at the hopeful pair of eyes.

Scott looked at Logan he had wanted nothing more at one time to see Logan leave but now he wasn't so sure. The professor was right he was an asset and part of the team. "You are not staying?" He hoped he didn't sound disappointed, "What about the Xmen?"

Logan hated being on the spot. "Got our own lives, kid." Logan smiled at Scott. "I have a wife and kids to think about." He felt he should reassure one eye because he didn't understand him the way the triplets and Justice did. "I am not abandoning the Xmen and neither is Ally, but we need space." Then he looked at the basketball hoop. "We can't stay here forever."

Scott watched Wolverine closely. He had never considered what he and Jean would do after Xavier. He knew Logan was right, but then again Logan was happy to live in the woods as long as he was alone. Scott looked at Ty confused face sympathetically, "Let me talk to the professor for you."

Ty nodded. "Thank you." He said politely as he walked off but he was looking at the work that Logan had done.

Scott sighed as he looked at Logan. "He seems like a good kid."

"He seems like he is stuck on Allyson." Logan mumbled as he sat on the bench with his cigar.

Scott began to shoot at the basket again as he thought about it, "Yeah, he does." 'Allyson is a pretty lady and Ty will get over it.' Scott hoped for everyone's sakes.






Justice sat across from Professor Xavier and he felt as if he was in school again. Charles stared at Justice as if he was very foolhardy.

The quizzical stare he held for the young man was of concern and hope. He knew he should try to solve this himself but Justice and his sisters had a better chance of solving this than he could hope to. He was still afraid they would get themselves killed or others. He knew the plan was much more detailed then Justice told him and Xavier was sure that if he agreed to help them it would be the unspoken part as well. Perhaps Justice didn't realize just what would happen after initiating this plan. Charles played with the idea of touching Justice's mind and finding out all he really knew but once a telepath always a telepath.

Charles sighed deeply because he knew in his heart that these siblings were the first step of hope of peace and the possible end of a war. He knew that it may mean they put their lives on the line and he knew it would effect a lot of other people, he hoped they were going about this the right way.

He looked at Justice's face he could tell he was trying to stay calm but he knew he was anxious to know if they would help or if he had his approval. He took another deep breath. "Your plan is dangerous for you and your sisters, Justice."

"Well, I am hoping that Alex might not fight. She needs time to heal." Justice offered.

"She will fight, I think we both know that." Professor said as he looked at the youthful man.

Justice nodded, he knew he was right. Trying to hold Alex back right now would be near impossible.

"It is certainly an interesting idea." The Professor looked at his hands. "If you can get inside, you could also get information on Magneto as well as your father." He met Justice's eye as he rubbed his jaw.

Justice jumped at the idea; "We would gather information for you too. We really want to put lives back together." Justice lowered his brow at Xavier. "Will you help us?"

Charles nodded with a rueful grin. "If we don't help you, I have the feeling that you will do it with out us." He took a breath. "I am sure with our help it will be much safer. I would like to keep a psychic link to one of to make sure all goes well."

Justice looked alarmed. "You can't our father is a strong telepath and would know immediately." Justice stood up slowly. "If we could Professor Xavier we would."

Xavier began to move his chair from behind the desk. "Many people have something to gain if you succeed in the long run." He said pointedly to Justice.

Justice stared at the gentle mentor. Justice knew Xavier knew they would be a lot more involved than just gaining their father's trust. More than likely their father was still living in Canada and that meant up rooting everyone and taking them from Xavier's safe haven. Justice didn't realize he had been holding his breath until he forced himself to exhale at the thought of telling Wolverine about taking Ally to Canada.

Charles watched the handsome young man leave. He was certainly brave enough and he had shown that many times already. He had a feeling it would not be the last time either. As he saw Justice walk down the hall he found his thoughts going with him. They were once again thoughts of hope.