Wolvie Femmes * Unexpected Help:    






     Jean heard the screaming in her mind. She wasn’t part of the electric chaos that was happening to the rest but she was frightened for the professor.


     She heard voices in her mind screaming in fear for him and the one that rang above the rest was Scott’s. Jean blinked trying to focus in the slow moving mutants and made out Scott’s masculine form as he moved to Xavier’s side.


    What she saw which concerned her more was Ally’s approach to help Logan was about to be countered by Magneto.


    Jean made her way to her feet aiming for the magnetic man and throwing him back a little from Ally and by that time Ally had put some distance between them. Jean ran for Xavier but something in the sky caught her sight.


    A brilliant flash of blue and white clashed against the harsh dark sky that loomed over the school. A woman stood out in the sky with her long cloaks of blue and white and her dark hair flowed past her shoulders. She looked over the battle scene but didn’t make a move.





     Ally stopped short of the door to the school and handed her child to Aramis. She could hear Alex’s padding up behind her and she turned to see Alex and Beast with Reg as Minnie blew past her ear.


      Ally’s telepathy was going crazy when she could hear many voices screaming concern for Xavier.  Ally turned to see Hayley holding a clawed mutant by the foot in the air and many horror struck faces looking at a blood clad Xavier.


     Ally felt Beast pick her up and run into the building.


     “Beast,” Ally protested.


     Alex held her hand up and narrowed her eyes at Ally. “Stay here, Ally. It’s going to get worse.”


    “What?” Ally was losing her patience but the other faces agreed with Alex.


    “Khaki is charging up.” Minnie’s tiny voice rang out.


    “Oh no,”  Ally said and started to move out of the building.


    Beast grabbed her arm. “Would you be as reckless as your sister with an unborn child?” He looked at her hard and she knew he would try to stop her, even past the tired eyes he held.


     Ally sighed and watched the others out the window. She couldn’t very well let her unborn child be struck by electricity.


   “What about Hayley?” Ally gasped as she watched her sister gearing up for the shock.


   Before they could realize the impact they saw that Hayley was one of the few not affected by the lightening. Aramis gasped feeling the pain of everyone and quickly balled herself onto the floor with the infant she held.


     “I don’t see Justice.” Alex said quickly.


     “Over there with Storm,” Beast pointed at their brother covering Storm’s dormant body with his own.


      “Isn’t that Storm there?” Alex pointed at the Storm on her feet.


      “Bloody hell. How many look a likes are around here?” Reg rubbed his jaw.


      “Mystique.” Alex, Ally and Beast called together.


      Aramis stood with tears in her eyes. “The shape shifter?” she asked as she pushed her hand along her cheek to rid herself of the tears.


     Ally stood anxiously as the scene unfolded before them and they knew Khaki was charging for another strike.


    Watching their loved ones go through the agony seemed to take forever. Ally and Alex’s eyes would glow their blue uncontrollably and involuntarily.


   “We have to take Magneto down,” Ally mumbled as she watched the shocks take a little toll on him.


    “Uncle Xavier needs help,” Alex mumbled.


    When they saw Rogue and Khaki wrestle for lightening control they knew to make their move then.


     Ally looked at her children with sorrow.


    “With our lives they will be guarded, Ally-cat.” Aramis said quickly but with conviction. Reg stood next to her and nodded while Minnie flew about the children.


    Ally nodded and ran out.


    Alex felt Beast behind her and she turned around quickly. “You’re going somewhere?”


    “I am an X-man.” Henry said but watched the mutants making their way slowly to their feet.


    “Injured X-man, have a rest, please,” Alex touched his furry chest and kissed his cheek quickly. She turned up the corners of her mouth and ran out.


    Henry began to run after her but his feet didn’t cooperate. His hands hit the floor in front of him while he inspected his now frozen feet.


    “She froze my feet,” Beast said incrediously.


   “She is worried for your injury and wants you here.” Aramis said quickly


    Beast cracked the ice from his feet with one blow. “It would seem so my empathetic friend,” he stared at the sisters running into the fray.


   “You wouldn’t leave me alone with all these sheilas now would you?” Reg joked but he was glad there was another mutant who had better attack skills.


   Beast sighed. “Of course not,” but his look were on the children that were laughing and grabbing at Minnie as she flew from child to child. He gave a sigh and looked as the last two cats descended upon the battle.






     Logan made his way painfully to his feet and remembered ruefully that a healing factor didn’t stop the pain factor.


     He set his stare on Amber who was only lifting her head while the rest of the mutants were getting to their feet,


   ‘Adamantium? Like me?’ Logan asked himself. He quickly began to move for her but something interceded. He couldn’t see it well but began to swing at it. He kept missing the rapid moving object and began to lose his temper. 


    The speed demon kept moving so rapidly Logan found himself being pulled into to the air in a whirlwind.


    He craned his neck to see the momentum of the mutant had stopped and he could finally see him. The silver haired mutant gave Logan a coy smile as the remnant winds carried Logan off.


    Logan felt Ally in his mind telling him to trust her as an invisible force place Wolverine safely on the ground next to the astounded speed mutant.


    To Logan’s surprise the young man appeared undaunted and stuck his hand out in introduction.


   “Quicksilver,” Peitro smiled at him waiting for Logan to take his hand.


   Logan met his handshake with adamantium claws but Quicklsilver moved with his speed safely away from him.


    “You must be the Wolverine,” Logan heard the voice behind him now and turned quickly with a faster slashing but once again his faster pace helped the silver haired youth as he jumped back.


   “I heard you have no patience but you will need it to catch me, old man,” Pietro taunted.


    Logan rushed for him and to his surprise found he didn’t move and when he looked at his eyes he could see quicksilver was surprised too.


   “How?” Peitro said as he looked to Wolverine for an answer but he only found Logan’s unfriendly eyes.


   Logan felt a smile creep to his face as he approached him but Ally landed in between.


   She gave him a knowing look, “Hate isn’t our way.” She smiled as she turned to look at quicksilver, “besides he probably knows quite a bit to help us,”


    Quickly Logan was caught in the Scarlet Witch’s grasp again and it was all that was needed to grab Ally’s attention and free Quicksilver.


    Ally threw Wanda back enough to break her grasp on Logan and braced Logan to break his fall.


   “We need to get to the source.” She said as her gaze fell upon Magneto in the air and Rogue who was flying after him.


   Ally let Logan go slowly and took to the air to join the battle in the sky.


   Logan made a grab for her. “Al” he choked. He remembered all too quickly having lost her before to a scene much like this.






    Alex ran after the imposter Storm who kept up he disguise.


   Bobby ran beside her hoping to be some help after he saw Rogue jump in the combat.


   “Bobby that isn’t Storm.” Alex told him quickly.


   Bobby almost stopped in his tracks, “Mystique?” He asked in an almost frightened tone. He had heard legend of what her fighting skills were like.


    “Bobby, Back down,” Alex hissed. “You don’t have enough experience.” Alex stopped and let her body become a transparent ice form hoping Mystique wouldn’t see her easily.


    Bobby squinted making out Alex’s blue eyes with it the ghost like ice. “I can see you.”


   “Well I am not exactly invisible,” Alex sighed but before she could reach Mystique a familiar face jumped in front of her.


    “Going somewhere, love,” Pyro laughed at her in his Cockney voice. Then threw a fire- ball at her.


     Alex screamed as he ability lacked. She became fully visible as she hit the ground.








   Hayley followed Rogue’s ascent after Magneto. ‘She might have my ability but she doesn’t have control of it.’ Hayley watched Rogue flying in her formal clothing and wondered where would be a good place to touch her.


   ‘Won’t work,’ Hayley thought to herself. Then an idea dawned on her.


    “Hey Marie,” Hayley taunted her knowing that she hated to be called Marie.


    Rogue’s eyes met her and Hayley saw that they held the sapphire glow the Adam’s did. Hayley took a breath using her telepathy and jumping in Rogue’s riddled mind. Rogue couldn’t fight Hayley with so many other voices and Rogue easily went down.


    Hayley tried to slow Rogue’s descent by grabbing her gloved hand but the girl was dead weight and pulled Hayley down with her.


    “Let ‘er go, Chere,” A familiar voice called from below.


   Hayley looked into eyes she would trust her own life to and let Rogue go. Hayley followed her down and watched as Gambit grabbed the youth from the air easily. She sighed but heard Gambit scream and his veins began to jump and bulge.


  Hayley jumped to the ground and watched Gambit fall to the ground as the contact broke.


    Hayley looked at his now unconscious face. “Remy?”  She found a strong pulse and then she sighed.


    ‘He does look like an angel when he is asleep,’ she mused to herself. She brushed her lips to his head and brushed his hair from his eyes.




     Justice gathered Storm’s sleeping form and carried her to where the children and the non attacking mutants were. He was surprised to find Beast inside but was glad to see him with them. He knew they would be in good hands.


    He gave Beast the fallen X-man and Beast gave a small grunt as he took her.


    “You ok?” Justice grabbed Beast’s shoulder concerned.


    “I am fine Justice.”


    “Yeah, right I don’t buy it,” Justice raised an eyebrow.


   “I healed him,” Reg said proudly, “but he’s still healing some.”


   Justice heard Alex scream and noticed the other Storm. ‘Getting our asses kicked out there.’


    Hank’s attention was caught by Alex’s scream and he began to move.


     Justice stopped him, “I am on it, Beastie Boy,” Justice winked and then ran off in direction of fire mutant that attacked Alex.





       Beast looked at the other mutants mournfully as his ears picked up a low growling from behind them. Quickly the others heard it and they turned their heads to find the large and hairy Sabertooth face to face with Aramis.



       “Oh dear,” Beast mumbled but he sprung at Sabertooth with his full force.










     Ally watched Magneto, he knew she was on his tail but both of their attention was on another mutant in the sky.


      The woman in the sky had appeared and began to attack Eric with explosives that seemingly came from her hand. Her preformed mask clung to her face hiding most of her features.


     Magneto shielded himself with his magnetism but the explosives still seemed to find their way through and rocked him.


    Ally began a Telepathic attack on the ominous mutant. She smiled as she felt she was making her way through the special helmet.


    “Taking after your father, Allyson,” Eric laughed as he continued to fend off the attacks by the explosives mutant.


    He threw magnetic force to throw Ally off balance again and she found she had to concentrate harder and start her probe over.









    Scott stood over Xavier eyeing his mentor as Jean made her way for him.


   “Professor?” Scott asked as he touched the older man’s arm.


   Xavier took a breath, “I am fine.” Xavier could see Scott’s look at his injury. “It’s not that serious Scott.”


     Cyclops looked the wound over sure he would need stitches, “You will need some medical attention.”


    “We must protect the students and the children, Scott,” Xavier began to concentrate in his student’s minds.


     ‘Get into the school and activate the defense systems.’ He ordered them mentally.










       Jubilee held off Toad with a “paf” here and there. ‘This is the excitement Rogue is always into? It’s pretty cool.’ She decided until the Toad slimed her arm.


      “Ewwwww, Gross you amphibian reject.” She threw her explosions at him and ran off to find Kitty. ‘um maybe Rogue can keep fighting that guy.’ She laughed to herself.



     Kitty was relieved to her the professor tell them to run and to see Jubilee running for her.


     They grabbed hands and ran to the school. It was looked already for protection and the alarms were already enabled.


     “How do we get in?” Jubilee yelled watching the people inside who didn’t seem to notice them.


     Kitty laughed and grabbed her hand and phased them both into the room.


    “Easy enough,” Kitty said and dusted imaginary dust from her dress.


    “What is that?” Jubilee said as she pointed to Sabertooth as he wrestled with Beast.


   “I don’t know but we aren’t allowed pets,” Kitty nodded her head at the battle.


    Jubilee pushed her ability full force at Sabertooth and it was enough to shove him apart from Beast. The other people seemed to finally notice the young women.


    Kitty heard other students outside and phased through the door to bring them in. ‘That guy’s going to need a BIG liter box if he sticks around,’ she laughed to herself.





      Alex was fighting Pyro’s fire with her ice and she was losing. She kept trying to ice up but he kept up with her.


     Pryo found more ice coming at him from a younger male mutant but countered easily.


     Bobby took a deep breath and threw some of his ice at Alex helping her to gather strength. He smiled as Alex got to her feet and iced up but noticed the angry look on the fire mutant’s face and then he saw the fire-ball coming at him.


    Bobby screamed a scream he had heard Alex yell a few minutes ago. It was a painful thing how did she stand it. Then it stopped.


    Bobby looked up to see Fire cat laughing at the fire mutant as she absorbed his flame and Alex kept throwing ice rings.