Everyone was outside the mansion. It was another nice day.

Logan looked solemn. He decided to stay near the kids but not to seclude them. Everyone was keeping busy until Justice got back there. He sighed as he looked at the blue sky. Somebody somewhere has no worries. 'How can anyone have worries on a day like this?' He watched his sister in laws as they helped Jean and Scott plant flowers. It was Jean's Idea to plant something for the twins. There were others who were mowing grass, wee whacking or cleaning up somehow.

Hayley was scantily dressed compared to Alex. Jean and Scott were almost cuddling in the flowerbed.

Roguee sat near him. Logan had the twins lying on a blanket in the sun. They were sleeping lazily with their little arms out. Rogue noticed his gaze at Hayley and Alex.

"You are going after her aren't you?" She asked him. He turned to her. "When Justice gets here, you are going for Allyson." She kept her stare at his handsome face.

He nodded. "You be okay watching my kids?" he smiled at her.

"I want to go, Logan." She begged.

"It's too dangerous. He is expecting us." He raised an eyebrow at her.

She looked down. "Are you in love with her?" She knew it was a dumb question but she wanted to hear it with her own ears.

"Yeah, I am." He sighed and looked over at the babies instinctively. "Ally and I have been through a lot together." He watched the others at their chores. "I remember a lot more now too."

"Hayley has a belly button ring?" She was looking at her with admiration.

Hayley had her hair piled on top of her head. She wore her clothes so tight and small, they could have been a bathing suit. Her breasts looked like they would bust free at any moment. She was sex. The way she walked talked and dressed was sexy. It was hard to look at her with out thinking of her without her clothing. It also amazed everyone that the triplets all had the same cosmetic make up except for their hair but they couldn't be more different. Alex wore a loose tank top and boxer shorts. Her hair was pulled into a side pony.

"Don't use them as role models, kid." He said under his breath to Rogue. She looked at him surprised

"Logan, when I absorbed Hayley's powers, I got some of her thoughts too." She started.

Logan nodded as he seized her up. She was still dressing a little like Hayley.

"She um," Rogue blushed. " Remembers you. She is still attracted to you."

He looked at her a little surprised but he wasn't sure what surprised him more. The fact that she told him something that he knew in his heart to be true or that Rogue was the one telling him this.

"A lot." She said with emphasis "Did you have a kid together?"

"What?" He was boarder line from getting pissed at her. He grabbed his beer and stood up. "No" he scoffed at her.

"Just because you got some memories doesn't mean to be nosy." Then his expression soften "Look kid my business had been public knowledge and I am not used to that."

She nodded but looked subdued.

"Look, whatever you think you know," he sighed. "Be fair, and keep it to yourself"

"Logan, she is hiding something from you." Rogue protested.

He sat back down. "Like what?"

Hayley hit their feet with a push broom. "Sorry" she laughed as she drug the broom towards her.

"Hey Hayl, That is a push broom not a pull broom." She laughed a little as she wandered away a little more.

He gave Rogue a meaningful look, "It's okay kid, your mind it playing tricks with you. "He gave her a small smile and kissed her forehead.

Alex and Scott had started practicing some fight moves. Jean sighed; she looked bored at it.

Alex surprised him by moving very quickly. Scott hit the ground and threw his leg under her feet in a sweep. Alex hit the ground with a thud. She propelled her back and got to her feet in an instant, slightly red faced with embarrassment. She turned a graceful spin kick at his jaw without connecting.

Hayley watched with a slight amused look from her place next to Logan and Rogue. She smiled and ran over towards them. "Battle." She laughed.

Alex stepped out of her friendly sparring as Hayley stepped up.

Hayley looked at Scott with a smile. "Come on One eye."

Logan raised and eyebrow and the two who faced each other. 'This should be interesting'

Scott looked dubious. "Hey, I don't want to hurt you."

"Oh come on, " She sighed she seemed to be losing her patience a little.

He sighed as he had thought many times before, she reminded him of Logan. Which probably meant she would get herself killed. She stared at him impatiently as her hair came free and spilled down her shoulders. In her little halter, small shorts and perfect make up in the heat; she looked too pretty to be able to fight.

Jean sat up straighter and looked to Logan who picked up the broom Hayley had dropped and had a cigar clenched in his teeth as he Closely watched the fight begin.

It was Rogue who spoke up. "Aren't you going to stop her? Scott's good"

"Go on Scott get it over with," Alex laughed. She knew Scott didn't consider her a threat and she realized Hayley fought hand to hand almost as well as Logan did. He had taught them, as well as Justice and Hayley practiced it very frequently.

Scott jumped forward and hit the ground trying to sweep her. She jumped into an easy back flip kicking him in the chin as she went. He staggered back and rubbed his jaw recovering quickly. He moved closer and she changed her stance slightly sidewards but she raised no hands.

He waved for her to come to him. She shrugged and started a running pace. Using her momentum and catching him by surprise with her quick movements, she connected her foot with Scott's head in a flying kick. Scott went flying back, he recovered and jumped to his feet. With Hayley near to him, he decided to try another sweep. She jumped into the air and landed squarely on the ground. She stepped up to him, grabbed his neck around the Adam's apple as she pushed her calf behind his knee. He lost his balance quickly with a thud. She put her foot across her neck in an attempt to pin him in submission.

Scott was now the one red with embarrassment. He pushed her foot from his neck and she lost her balance, she turned it into an easy round out. He rushed up to her hoping to catch her off guard. She saw him coming and held up her knee quick hitting him in the balls. As he bent down to cup his injury she brought her elbow behind the base of his head. He fell to the ground in a slump. Hayley's eyes were glowing.

Jean and Rogue were on their feet. Hayley stepped towards him menacingly and then fell to the ground next to him. She looked at the ground where she sat in a slump and saw the ice beneath her.

Alex cut her a mean look "Stop" Alex meant business, she knew Hayley's temper.

Logan walked over to Scott with a chuckle, broom still in hand. He gave Scott a hand to his feet.

Hayley looked pissed as she and Alex started pushing.

Scott rubbed his head. "Should we stop that?"

Logan watched them, "Nah, they can take care of themselves." Logan handed Scott the broom. "Here, If you want to sweep something." He started to walk away and called over his shoulder. "OR you can use it for a crutch."

Rogue and Jean were laughing too.

Logan scooped up his daughter as he looked at the babies. They were starting to wake up.

Hayley forgot her fight with Alex as she spied Logan with the babies, and ran over to grab Michael before anybody else could.

Jean heard it first. "Charles wants us" She looked around at the X-men and the Adams. "All of us"

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