Ally looked over her shoulder, she had lost sight of her father. 'Where had he gone?' She wanted a visual on him. She could feel the pressure in her mind that told her he was there and that he was trying eavesdrop in her thoughts. There were a lot of people around and she couldn't even find any of her siblings or one of the X-men. She wanted to reach for Logan's mind so she could feel a friendly presence but she didn't want to put him in danger too. She picked up her costume and ran towards the bathroom to get changed.

Once dressed she notice the black out fit was one very familiar an outfit she had seen in a Janet Jackson video. She saw Hayley zero-ing in as she tucked her long braid through the hat loop.

"Hey," she smiled at Ally, "Just use the moves from the old 'What Have you done For Me Lately?' set." Hayley ordered. She patted Ally on the back as she rushed to change her own clothing. "It will be fine" Hayley called over her shoulder.

Ally sighed, overwhelmed as she found Justice outside by the stage. He must have dumped some water over his head to cool down because he wasn't sweaty and he was much calmer looking now. He was going over something on a clipboard with another man. Ally couldn't help but to notice the children dressed in the same costume that she wore stood near Justice back stage, they were playing tag while they waited.

Ally watched the little kids and felt a pang as she missed Amber and Michael. Hayley tag her on the shoulder as ran past her dressed in the same clothing.

"C'mon already," Hayley laughed but it seemed like she should have said 'You're it'. Hayley was indeed in her element. Ally shrugged at Justice as she followed Hayley in suit on the stage.

She found Hayley on one side of the stage and she took her place on the other. Hayley put her head down as she spoke, "Branch off into your own moves if you want but just keep the chorus moves the same." She ordered and took her stance.

Ally mirrored Hayley's stance as she nodded. She heard the introductions and the opening count down and took a deep breath. It had been a long time since she had done this.



Beast wore a long coat and a hat pulled down over his head dramatically and tried to stay in the shadows. Hoping to stay out of view and not be noticed. He was looking around for others he knew. Rogue stayed close to Hank as she searched the crowd for Bobby.

Storm almost laughed at Hank's attempt at a disguise because he was so large he still seemed to attract attention. Since they were at a function like the charity most people dismissed it as part of the act. Storm walked over to them quickly, "Hello, Hank. Hello, Rogue," she smiled to them.

"Hello, Ororo," Hank watched her with a careful eye. "Is something wrong?"

"Well, Professor Adams is here early." She sighed a little, "May I speak to Rogue?"

"Certainly," he became side tracked at the site of the blonde on the stage. 'Was it Alex? They looked so similar'. He moved on slowly from Storm and Rogue as he wanted to give them their privacy.

"Did I do something wrong, Storm?" She watched her friend and teacher nervously.

"No, not at all," this was harder than she thought, "Justice is doing something odd and I know you have spent time with him so I thought you might need to be aware." Storm hoped she could just read Rogue's eyes and body and get the answers she needed. "Logan told me Hayley used to give off a scent that attracted men to her and now Justice is giving off a scent too."

Rogue's mouth dropped open, "Really?"

Storm nodded at her, "You have experienced this?"

"Well, I was attracted to him very strongly once but then it was gone," She sounded relieved.

Storm watched her closely, "I am sure Bobby will be relieved" she sighed deeply she knew she was relieved. "Was there a scent?"

Rogue nodded but it occurred to her quickly, "Are you involved with Justice?"

Storm jumped a little, "No" she said quickly.

Rogue smiled, 'So, that's it. Storm has it for Justice,' she thought to herself. She tried hard not to laugh. "There was definitely a scent and I have no interest in him any more." Rogue saw Storm's face and knew she was right Storm had it bad for him.

Ally and Hayley heard the singer count down as she Hayley and the children moved their fingers to the numbers as the signer counted. People began to move quickly to the stage as the activity became evident. The small children in the matching black clothing stood very still with only their fingers moving to the numbers. Ally couldn't help smiling at one child near her, they were so cute. The music kicked in and they all began to mimic Janet's moves to the rhythm. Hayley and Ally started adding in their own moves while the children kept the simpler moves the children danced back and forth in between Ally and Hayley.

Jean stood next to Charles her and they watched the stage, he seemed a million miles away, "They are good aren't they?" she smiled at the professor. He didn't even acknowledge her. "Are you still having your headache?" She knew her head still hurt.

"Yes, Jean and we need to be prepared to help them." He watched the stage evenly.

"What do you mean?"

Scott joined them quickly and the professor went on, "I do not remember Oliver being so strong. Perhaps he has experimented on himself to become stronger"

Jean was very curious even though her head was killing her, "How long have you known him?"

"Longer than I have known anybody else, Jean."


Ty sat on the bus with the Josh, Aubrey and the other students. He felt like cattle as he second guessed if they should be going here at all, but when he overheard the Beast talking about what the Justice and the triplets had planned, he wanted to help. He was scared of Adams, the man scared the piss out of a lot of people but any chance to help stop this mad man was stronger than fear. Ty liked Ally a lot and you had to respect what that quartet was trying to for countless others by attacking their father.

When the bus arrived the trio, they could see the park buzzing with activity as they all filed out. The three friends decided to go off on their own agenda. As they found the stage they could see two figures standing near it in the grass clad in black with a lot of little children dressed like them.

Ty felt a heavy hand on his shoulder and he didn't move for fear or it being Adams.

"Where you think yer going" Ty heard the gruff voice in his and he turned quickly to see Logan staring at him. Aubrey and Josh heard Logan and stopped in their tracks to face him too.

Ty looked at Logan gratefully. "We want to help, Wolverine." For good measures he gave Logan a small smile.

He scoffed, "If you want to help, stay outta the way" he ordered as he pointed his finger at them.

"But," Ty stammered.

Logan looked a little more threatening now, "Stay outta sight. Don't even let the triplets see you."

Aubrey stepped forward facing Logan, her small frame next to the muscular man. "We, are fine but you need to be careful." She warned him with a smart tone to her voice, she knew he would listen then.

He simply raised an eyebrow at the girl.

Josh stepped forward a little afraid for his sister. "Your chip, if you still have it, then it puts you at danger if Adams sees you."


"He can use your chip against you. If he brought a small remote he can run your life." Ty said quickly.

"He can make you fight your wife or even forget your children." Aubrey said quietly. "You should be very careful."

"Stay outta the way," Logan repeated as he began to walk away, "Thanks" he called over his shoulder.


Aubrey looked at Ty, "I told you we should have stayed at the X-mansion."

Ty watched Logan before he disappeared into the crowd. "How long has it been since any of them had to deal with Oliver Adams?" he shot at them. "They may need some help."

"Let's not piss off Wolverine though," Aubrey watched Ty's face for a reaction.

"Well, the Wolverine has a point," Josh added in, "We could tip somebody off."

Ty had an abandoned smile, "So, we'll stay out of the way." The music poured in from where they stood by the stage. "Let's watch the show." Ty suggested.

As the music ended Hayley and Ally stopped dancing. Ally ran off stage leaving Hayley there to take the next dance alone. Hayley threw her black cap into the crowd revealing her black tresses tied into the French braid. Then she removed the black jacket to reveal the spandex she had worn there.

Ally shook her head as she heard the cat calls and whistles when Hayley began to reveal her spandex leggings. Justice ran up to her with a billowy dress and she gave him a quizzical look.

Ally could hear the next set start as the music propelled Hayley and the children into the next dance. She turned her attention to the clothing Justice stuffed in her hand.

He sighed, "You are singing that slow song next."

"Sing? I haven't sang in years," she argued.

He looked impatient, it was obvious she didn't know what she was doing in the show. "It's a song you have always loved, don't worry you will be fine." He shook his head at Ally, "You could have at least read the program schedule."

Ally silently wished she had prepared more.

From up top of the stage Hayley was dancing and old Jane child song with the little children. She didn't notice anybody in the audience she knew. The children laughed trying to keep up with her, this was the fun part of the show. The kids all respected Hayley for her work in dancing and they loved to imitate her and follow her. Hayley said it was fun to work with the kids and she liked this part of the show a lot. She felt she would enjoy it more if there hadn't been so much riding on it, this time. She began to laugh at the silliness to some of the moves that the kids did to get her attention. When the song finally ended she ran past Ally with all of the kids in tow. Once she left the protection of the stage the children were all around her asking her questions and for an autograph.

Ally laughed at the sight of Hayley with all those kids but to Ally's surprise Hayley did very well with them. She sighed as she went on to the stage and the music started for her song. When she recognized the music she smiled to herself and looked for Logan, she knew he would know this song too.

"I heard from a friend today and he said you were in town. Suddenly the memories came back to me in my mind………" She sang easily because this was a song she had always loved.

Logan stopped in his tracks, he knew that song. Ally had sang it over and over once and now she stood on the stage singing it with a microphone to the X-students and their friends. He smiled, Ally had a beautiful voice, not strong and powerful but sweet and pretty. This song had held many meanings for Ally and Logan.


Ty stared at Ally from his placed in the audience, "Wow," he breathed, "she's good."

"I sing better" Aubrey said defensively as she watched Ty's dumbfounded look.

Ally sang the song perfectly as Ty smiled at her stupidly.

"Making love to you, feels so good and oh, so right." She sang

Ty frowned a little, he loved the old Jackson tune but he was sure it was intended for Logan.

Josh waved a hand in front of Ty and laughed. "You have it bad, man."

"Huh?" Ty jumped quickly.

Ally moved around from one side of the stage to other as she sang.

"She's married, man." Ty said to Josh but he didn't lift his gaze from the stage.

Aubrey shook her head, 'And men call us crazy,'


Ally searched the crowd for her friends as she finished her song on stage and she saw Ty, Aubrey and Josh.

"I do love you, again, " she finished simply. 'What were Ty and his friends doing her she thought?'

She ran off the stage to opposite end she knew Alex was waiting at. She needed to get away where she wouldn't be spotted. She watched as Hayley had her solo on the stage now and then she found Justice back stage.

"TY and his friends are in the audience" she said to him quietly.

He looked towards the audience then he gave his sister a gentle nudge. "I will take care of it," he aimed her in the directions of the bathrooms, "You need to get changed into the clothes you wore here."

She nodded obediently as she marched off. She saw Alex and changed directions quickly and took a quick look at Hayley on the stage. 'Hayley certainly handle this fine? How did Hayley handle this fast pace atmosphere?


Logan watched the people closely but kept his wife and in-laws in his view as much as possible. He noticed Hank hanging in the shadows wearing a hat low to hide his face and a trench coat. He watched the crowds evenly as he smelled a familiar person. It was coming from the stage and was moving towards the place where Adams watched the show by the trees. Logan pin pointed the smell, 'Mystique? What was she doing here? Was she after Adams or in leagues with him? Is Magneto here as well? Too many people around to start something.' He grunted a little knew once he sniffed Mystique out, he would have to push her back into the woods to take her on, to keep people safe. Because of Ty, Aubrey and Josh, he knew to keep away from Adams. He would not risk losing his memory of Ally and the kids, unless things got out of control. He continued to move around the crowd to pursue the scent of Mystique, it was faint but it was there. If he ran into Xavier or one of the X-men he would pass on the information and keep an eye out.

Alex was on the stage dancing with Hayley while Ally changed. She knew she couldn't do the gymnasts as well as Ally and she began to grunt as she pushed through the routine. She watched Hayley's dancing and was in awe but could see Hayley struggle with the gymnastics too. Alex couldn't see why Hayley liked this fast pace, it was driving her nutty. She struggled to keep up with Ally and Hayley but she wasn't used to doing so much of the dancing and she hoped it didn't show. She relaxed a little more as the young children joined them on cue. One gave her a little smile and she exhaled, it wasn't that bad.


The blonde had her hair tied in a neat French braid and matched Alex on stage in almost every way. Her body language was slightly different, her stride more confident and her eyes had an untold story the beamed at on lookers. Logan watched her closely. 'What was Ally doing?' He glanced at the stage he could tell Alex was the sister there and he noticed Alex and Hayley lost their concentration on stage at the sight of the blonde. Alex and Hayley knew the same thing Logan knew, it wasn't Ally. 'Mystique?' Logan could smell her faintly still as she swayed up to Oliver Adams.

Adams didn't seem to notice as the blonde advanced on him. Logan watched at the scene unfold before him. He glanced back nervously at the stage and watched as Alex and Hayley ran off quickly with their eyes on Adams. The introductions on the stage gave Alex enough time to disappear from Logan's view before Ally went running on dancing to the old Enigma beat. Logan sighed it was another song he knew very well from the benefits. He watched a minute mesmerized by her slow melodic dancing. He jumped into a near by tree to find out what Mystique wanted with out being spotted. 'Now I am climbing the trees like Spiderman,' he chuckled to himself but it wasn't the first time.

Alex and Hayley watched the blonde carefully for their place near the stage. Hayley needed a cigarette and sighed as she looked at Alex.

"I don't know, Mystique I guess," Hayley hissed at Alex.

Alex sighed, "Well, Al's on stage so I guess we have to protect the bastard." She started a quick pace to their father as Hayley feel into her stride.

If she hadn't been pissed Hayley might have laughed, "Since when do you rush in?" Hayley knew Alex was pissed off she could see her eyes glowing slightly and her fists as she walked.

Alex glared ahead, her stare fixed as the chant-like Enigma beat pounded through her ears. She knew she had to keep the charade going as she watched the blonde pushing their father into the protective shelter of the trees. She would have to use her power to protect this person, the one who had cursed her with it. She could have shot ice from a distance, but they needed to make sure nobody saw her. She moved quicker as the blonde and their father disappeared into the shadows of the trees.


"Professor," Alex's clone said to Oliver as she rubbed against him as she circled him seductively, "I think we need to talk."

Oliver squinted against the sun to look at her, he knew this wasn't his daughter, "Who are you?"

"A friend of an associates" she hissed as she brought her mouth down near his ear. "You not only owe them a lot of money but you owe him those mutant brats, and they interfered."

"Ah," he almost laughed in her face, "Eric sent you." He obviously wasn't scared of her or considered her a threat. "So what does he want from me?" he smiled at her angry face.

She was losing her patience with him slowly, "He wants you dead," she growled as she backed out of his face a little. Oliver kept his calm stare and refused to break a sweat.

She began to walk closer to him pushing him into the privacy of the trees and canopy. 'He thinks he is untouchable, like his brats.' She began to give him a slow evil smile.

"I don't care who you are, I don't give in to terrorists." He looked at her heard as he began to try to probe her mind. His smile began to fail as he realized he couldn't get into her head. 'Who was she? Why wasn't the telepathy working?' It was very strange to see somebody with Alex's face and hair with such and evil demeanor. Alex was usually the least threatening sibling and now she was staring at him ready to tear his head off. A wicked smile now played on her lips as she changed to a vibrant blue and raised her hand for his throat.

Hayley came flying out of no where as she brought Mystique to the ground with her. They began to roll around trying to get on top of each other.

As Alex went dutifully to their father, she watched the dance Mystique and her sister did. As the Enigma tune played the music in the distance for Ally on stage, it seemingly choreographed their performance as well, Alex seemed mesmerized.
Hayley stood to her feet and Mystique followed her. Hayley kicked her along the side of the head as Mystique started to her feet. Mystique didn't notice the pain as she faced Hayley with a grin. Hayley's pent up anger rose to her boiling point as she felt it rise. She spat a fireball at Mystique as if it had been venom, hitting her painfully on the neck.

Alex watched Mystique rolling around on the ground screaming in pain. She realized what Hayley was trying to mark Mystique to keep track on her but who knew if Mystique would be able to hide a wound when she transformed.

Mystique faked her out as Hayley approached her on the ground. She kicked her leg up straight from her side connecting with Hayley's neck and Hayley flew back. Hayley groaned as she hit the ground and began to gasp for air.

With Hayley aside, Mystique came flying at Oliver and Alex as she transformed back into the blonde while in mid air, her foot was aimed at Oliver's head. Mystique met a wall of ice as she bounced off it and shattered it as she hit.

Hayley was on her feet quickly and she took advantage of Mystique's weak point as she threw a foot across Mystique's throat. Mystique kicked her foot up at Hayley trying to hit her in the head but Hayley caught her foot and Mystique wiggled out from under her throat.


Logan watched them silently from a tree. 'They don't need help yet?' He would be there if they needed him and he never realized how well they fought. He resisted the urge to jump down on Adams with his claws extended, he wanted to take him out himself. He made a conscious effort to keep silent, void of grunted or growling as he watched the women fight. He heard the music stop and watched Ally as she walked quickly from the stage. Ally helped balance Hayley and Alex, when they fought and without Ally it seemed a very explosive thing to see these two fight. He watched Hayley as she took Mystique's pounding and give it back harder, he was proud he had help train her.

Hayley kicked Mystique in the stomach and knocked the air out of her and Mystique grabbed her midsection. Once again she turned blue and Hayley could see the metal hat she wore over her red hair.

She snatched it off of Mystique's head roughly and Mystique with it.

Alex caught the hat as Hayley threw it to her and she laughed. "Is this was kept safe?" she scoffed at Mystique's pained expression, "Not anymore."

Hayley grabbed Mystique as she got to her feet slowly, "Next time you want to be a sister," Hayley started as she turned Mystique to face her, "It had better be Aretha." Hayley head butted Mystique hard in the head then jumped to the ground and swept Mystique's legs from under her. Watching as Mystique hit the ground hard on her butt, holding her head. Hayley dove on top of her hitting her hard in the face but Mystique kicked Hayley off of her by planting her feet in Hayley's face and chest. Mystique jumped to her feet and began to flee from them.

Alex got to Hayley's side and helped her to their feet and they started after Mystique.

"Let her go," Oliver ordered them. "There are too many witness's."

They both stopped abruptly remembering to conform to gain his trust, 'Do as told' they remembered.

Oliver smiled at them as he looked at his daughters and laughed lightly, "Who said fire and ice don't mix?" He was proud of what he had created. He looked at the metal surpressor lying on the ground where Alex had dropped it. With a small sigh he retrieved it, "She blocked my telepathy with this?" He rubbed his jaw as he looked at it then glanced at the women who were watching him. "Hayley, I want you to analyze this when we get home." He smiled at Hayley's astonished face.

Alex and Hayley exchanged a look, they knew they had did it and he trusted them. "How about Ally and Justice?" Hayley asked quickly

"All of you."

A man in a uniform with out a gun ran up to them and began to eye them wildly, "Somebody heard a scream." He said numbly.

Hayley almost laughed at the man with the badge that said 'security' but gave him a dazzling smile. "We thought we saw a snake."

High above on a branch, Logan had watched the whole exchange between Adams and his sister in laws. He heard Hayley making a dumb excuse to the security guard. He shook his head as he heard the man buy the lame excuse. Logan started away as he spied Jean by the trees as she watched the stage. He made his way to her quickly before she could move and leapt from the tree ending up noiselessly at her side.

Jean jumped as Logan appeared suddenly at her side out of thin air. She threw her hand to her chest surprised, "Don't you ever knock?" she joked.

He found a cigar in his pocket and lit it. "Call off the attack, they did it" he mumbled as he held the cigar in his teeth.


"Mystique attacked Adams."

"What? is Magneto here too?"

He shook his head at her. "Call it off." And he started away before she could protest.

She watched him and felt numb after the electricity she had just felt next to Logan. Why did she still find him so attractive? She shook her head hard as if to clear it. She was engaged to Scott and Logan had a wife now and she was a nice person. 'An attraction to Logan didn't make any sense, none at all.' She gave a heavy sigh as she made her way towards the other X-men.

Ally came off the stage after she finished introducing and area band. She dogged out of the way as Justice was helping them set up equipment.

Hayley and Alex were waiting for her as she left the stage. She knew by their looks they had news for her. As Ally reached them lights began in her face making her blink to see as the press started taking pictures of the trio.

Ally and Alex were dressed identically after all. 'Busted.' Ally thought to herself.