Wolvie Femmes * Trap:




        Justice was familiar with Alex's scream and knew she was in trouble.  Alex hardly shouted much less screamed.  His thoughts raced and before he could throw on his top speed to rescue his sister, he found Storm and Scott holding him back.

     "Don't blow it now," Scott hissed.

      Justice shrugged Scott's hand off him and crept on slowly.

     Storm was in front, trying to set a quick pace but not let Justice rush past them.  She heard a scuffle and looked over to see Wolverine pitted against Sabretooth.  Both men seemed equally matched despite the fact that Creed was hands tall then Logan. And by the way they faced each other anyone would know that these two had danced this dance before.

     Beast also took in the sight and was torn in two.  He was terribly worried for Alex but was unable to leave his friend Logan alone in battle.

     Beast leapt for Sabretooth who met him with a broad swipe of his formidable claws.  Hank was agile enough to roll with the blow and so spared himself a nasty injury.

     Justice glowered and began to look for a place for him to make his move but something leapt on his back from behind and slapped a cloth over his mouth.  Justice quickly became confused and it was hard for him to think.  Before he could toss the person off his shoulders, he found everything growing dim and felt himself falling.

     Toad fell to the ground on his doppelganger’s shoulders and purred at Storm.  "We've been expecting you," He chuckled in his taunting tone.  He sat on top of Justice and removed the wristband exposing an unconscious Justice under him.

      Storm kicked at Toad to knock him off her love but Toad's tongue wrapped around her leg and he was trying to knock her off balance.

       Scott blasted Toad back and his tongue let go of Storm.  Storm got to her feet angrily, her eyes went to a platinum white under her disguise.

      Wolverine distracted Sabretooth by grabbing his arm as Hank leapt up and kicked Sabretooth knocking the wind out of him.  Hank removed Logan from Sabretooth’s proximity just in time to for Storm's lighting to strike Sabertooth and toss him backwards.

       Storm bent down to Justice and gently touched his face, "We can't leave him here like this."  She looked up at Scott,  "They will capture him."

       Scott nodded, "I’m sure that is why Toad knocked him out."

       Beast made his way to Justice quickly and began to look him over with a sigh.  "Fortunately, he didn't hold the cloth over his mouth long enough to knock him out for long."  Beast smiled.  "Let's bring him around shall we?"

       Scott scowled, "This is all a trap, I‘m sure they expected us to come."

      Storm looked over to Logan, "Where is Allyson?"

      Logan narrowed his eyes, "She ran off with the Cajun to find her sisters."

     A groan came from Justice as Hank continued to wave a concoction under his nose.

     Storm looked at Scott worried.  Magneto’s cronies had tried to capture Remy when they had gotten Hayley.  They were in danger now of handing over all the people Magneto wanted in a nice neat package.



      Ally and Remy found their way to a large metal door and from the screams inside, they knew Alex was in there.  Remy picked the lock easily and opened the door cautiously.  They couldn't see anything in the dark room except for many pairs of small glowing red eyes, and they heard a scuttling sound on the ground.  Remy took a step in but a voice cut him short.

      "No!"  Alex cried, "Remy, Ally, get away.  Make everyone go away.  It’s too dangerous!  They want you too.  You must all leave.  Now!"

      Ally panicked and pushed past Remy to find her sister in the darkness, “Alex, are you alright?”

      Remy's found the light switch, flicked them on and watched as Ally stepped on a rat.  The thing squealed at her and she jumped back against Remy in fright.

      Remy then looked over and saw that Alex and Hayley were tied back-to-back to a pole with their hands hanging above their heads, clad only in hospital gowns.  They sported power suppressor helmets and Alex's eyes were full of fright as three rats sat possessively on her shoulders.  One seemed to be happily licking her hair.  He looked at Hayley who hung there like a rag doll and didn't move as the rats had also climbed onto her.  He could see one was at the back of her head as well and it turned to Remy as its eyes glowed a threatening red.  Remy shook his head to get rid of the sudden thought of how they reminded him of Rayne’s eyes - except for the color of course.

      Ally ran forward seeing the repulsive sight and knocked the rats from Alex.  Remy made his way to them and tossed the rats from Hayley revealing the blood back of her head.  He picked the lock on Alex’s shackles, then Hayley’s.  Alex grasped her wrists and then faced them on wobbly legs.

     "You don't know everything they did.  They want you both as well.  I don‘t want them to catch you too," Alex sobbed and Ally tossed her arms around her tearful sister.

     Remy let Hayley fall against him and held her to him.  He laid her gently on the floor a few feet from the post and could see what a mess she was.  Remy regarded his blood soaked hand from where he hand carried her and shook his head.  He touched her face lightly and lovingly, feeling sorry for not being able to keep her from Magneto.

     "Hayley?"  He said softly and kissed her head. "Chere?"

     Ally supported Alex as they walked over to where Hayley was lying.

     Alex felt woozy and fell to her knees. Ally looked her over and noted the drying blood on her hair.

     Ally gasped at the wound, "This is a surgical wound!  What kind of surgery did they do?" She reached for Hayley's head too and saw an identical wound.

    Remy's heart jumped and he tried to pry the helmet off.  "She's not healing like she’s supposed to."  He looked to Ally a little panicked.

    "My insurance that you can't take them from me," A deep voice boomed from behind them and they turned to see Eric smiling at them.

     Alex stood up and faced her captor with her hands clenched.

     Remy stood protectively in front of the women, “Let them go, Magneto!” he threatened.

    "And I suppose you’re arrogant enough to think that you can stop me?”  Eric coo-ed

     He produced a small control and pointed it at Hayley.  Some of her smaller wounds disappeared.

     "With this, I can let her fully heal herself or let the injuries take her life," Eric said in a mock saddened tone.

      Remy produced his Bo-staff and his eyes blazed with fury.  "Yo' like to pick on de femmes, hanh?"

     "Cocky words from a thief.”  Magneto grinned.  “As a thief I’d waiger you have a good eye for a bargain, no?” Eric’s grin widened to a smile.  "Give me your allegiance or I will let your lover die."

      Remy stood and stared blankly at Magneto, weighing his options carefully before he spoke.  Ally came forward and answered for the indecisive Remy, "No!"

      Eric laughed at Ally as Alex turned on her with her eyes glowing.

      "Attack them Alex," Eric ordered.

      Alex nodded and began to attack them with ice.






      Rayne had hidden while Logan fought Creed and Toad attacked Justice.  Soon though, all that was left was Wolverine and Sabretooth battling fiercly.  The titans clashed and slashed at each other and Rayne wondered if she would ever be able to get past them.  She didn’t want to be a part of this battle, she wanted to be where Remy was and he headed off in the direction of the screaming.


     She heard a loud roar as Wolverine had scored a nasty hit on Creed by slicing his chest open with his claws.  Sabretooth tossed his body full into Logan and smashed him up against the wall. “Yer goin’ down, runt,” he snarled into the smaller man’s face.


     Undaunted, Wolverine smiles at him and brings his knee up into Creed’s groin.  “We’ll see who’s goin’ down, bub.”


    Sabretooth swung away from Logan so that the intense wave of pain could wash away before he once more engaged in battle.  He snarled at Wolverine’s smirk and lunged at him again claws first.  “I’m gonna gut ya for that one.”


     Wolverine easily sidestepped Victor’s assault but was caught off guard when Creed suddenly brought his head down and slammed it against Logan’s.  Even though his skull is lined with unbreakable adamantium, Logan’s head swam from the force of the impact.  Before he could clear his head, he felt Sabretooth pick him up and toss him down the hall.


     This maneuver placed the fight behind Rayne’s position now and she made a run for it down the hall in the direction her brother had gone.


     Her acute sense of smell picked up many strange scents and some familiar ones.  She made her way quickly and quietly through the passageways and hoped that she wouldn’t be discovered.  Rayne girl, what are yo’ doin’ here?  She thought to herself as familiar scents raised the hairs on her neck.  The last thing she wanted was to be caught and tortured again.  Ever so cautiously did she proceed, trying hard to blend in with the walls by making herself as small and inconspicuous as possible. Despite her fears, she desperately wanted to keep her brother from harm.  She didn’t want him captured and tortured like she had been.  She couldn’t bear it.