Torn :


Hayley wondered why they hadn't killed them yet. She watched the rain outside and wished she were in her own bed. Surely, they would kill them. Were they waiting for Ally, Alex and the X-men before they did anything? Right now she hoped they didn't show. How could Ally handle this? She sighed to herself. Justice moved and Hayley fought a smile. He had no metal skullcap. She looked at Sabertooth. 'Had he seen it?' He seemed to be attending to his own wounds. She hadn't noticed them before. 'Had Justice done that or did they have somebody else captive?'

She thought it felt like night but wasn't so sure anymore and the rainstorm didn't help. She blew the hair out of her eyes. She wouldn't feel so hot if she could just loose the metal chapeau. She sighed as she watched Justice moving a little more. The rain hit the window harder now.

Suddenly the room was filled with a red light. She blinked and opened her mind a little. She could hear Ally and Alex. 'Stay calm' she told herself.

Sabertooth went over quickly and Magneto came into the room.

"Company." He said as if he was expecting them.

Logan ran in with Alex. Hayley smiled at the sight of her sister and brother in law. Magneto laughed at Logan as he pinned him to the metal walls. "All too easy."

Alex ran for Justice. He was breathing well and he looked at her with tired eyes.

Beast and Ally ran in. Ally noticed Logan pinned to the wall. She grabbed Magneto and threw him with a hard telekinetic throw. He went flying into the wall. She guided Logan down to his feet freeing him.

"Go Alex." Ally ordered her sister. Alex ran off.

"Ally no." Justice muttered. He knew she would give her life for him.

"Shhhh, close your eyes." She closed her own. "I am not sure how to do this."

Logan ran to Hayley. She gestured to hands. The adamantium claws sliced through the metal easily. She grasped her wrists gratefully. Then he freed her ankles.

"This is a nice fashion statement." He looked at the metal hat. "Hold still." He barked at her as he took one claw and began to slice it off with one smooth motion. Sparks flew everywhere and the hat fell to the ground revealing its electronics.

Magneto stood up again and shook his head.

Hayley stood now. She felt like she could take on the world now.

"Fire-cat you are too weak to fight."

He shot a metal chair at her. Alex blocked it with a wall of ice in front of her.

Alex eyed magneto. "He looks hot." She froze him

Beast saw the attack before it happened. Sabertooth was coming after Alex. Beast tackled him and held him to the ground.

Scott and Storm hesitated. Alex and the rest made it hard to see who was where. Scott needed a shot. Storm held back not big in hand to hand fighting. She started to take flight perhaps she could pick them off from the air. Before she could get to the air something fell on top of her hard. She looked at Scott who was behind her and his face turned to horror as he watched her. Then everything went black.

Scott went to help Storm but couldn't get there in time. How did part of the wall come down on her anyway? Before he could get to Storm he felt something connect with his head and he fell to the ground. He looked up to see Mystique standing above him. He reached his hand to his visor but she stomped on his throat before he could blast her. He gasped for breath. Is this what she did to Jean? It hurt badly. He waited for air as she loomed over him with and evil smile. She began to walk away satisfied with Scott's rolling around in pain.

Sabertooth and Beast were fighting furiously. They were both very agile and as Logan approached Sabertooth gained the upper hand as he landed a fierce cut on Hank and threw him like a rag doll towards the wall. Hank hit the wall with a loud thud.

Logan landed on top of Creed's back so he couldn't catch his breath. Sabertooth pulled him off his back as he lay on the floor and got a good look at him. "You?" he hissed at Logan.

"Me" he smiled incredulously at Sabertooth. Then he took a shot at his head and moved quicker as the attack quickened. Sabertooth lunged for Logan's leg tearing his clothing and digging into his leg. Logan growled and then lunged forward cutting Sabertooth across the face roughly. Sabertooth's hand shot to his face instinctively. They began a violent dance of throwing themselves on top of each other and lunging with claws first. They had fought before and it was always a very close fight.

Ally tried to catch her breath as she sat by Justice. Ally watched Justice move a little faster now. Most of his cuts were healed. "Did it work?" she asked Justice.

"I guess. You look like shit, sis." She looked pale and tired now. He hoped that Logan's healing factor would kick in quickly for her.

She gave him a little smile. "I feel great." Then her jaw dropped as she saw Sabertooth land a bad blow on Logan.

Hayley watched Mystique carefully waiting for her chance. Mystique was fast as she ran from Scott's body towards Magneto with a flying leap cracking the ice carefully around him. She freed Magneto and was moving towards Beast's unmoving body. Hayley threw a fireball at her but it didn't connect. It did catch her attention though. Hayley flew up into the air after her. Then she used the gravity to land her foot along Mystique's head knocking her down. Hayley stood over Mystique, just as mystique had done to Scott. "Want another broken bone, Bitch?" she hissed at her.

Scott began to move to his feet then he found that he couldn't move any more. His stood there with his muscled frozen. He needed to get to Ororo she looked bad. A blonde woman came up from behind him she eyed him appreciatively. "You can't move because I won't let you." She walked around him

Alex could hear the other telepath before she got there. Ally would be the best choice to deal with her but Ally was busy with Justice. Alex ran after the telepath she knew she couldn't battle her with telepathy.

"Let them go." She ordered her, which seemed very bold considering she had no idea how to battle the telepath. Alex had her own walls up, so this blonde woman would not mentally overload her. Her eye began to glow as she took aim with her ice rings and only moved this woman a little. 'uh oh' she thought.

Alex went transparent as struck the woman hard in her face with the flat part of hand. The woman reached up to her now bloody nose. She could see Alex slightly and took a hit at her. Alex gave her an amused smile. She couldn't hand fight at all. Alex wasn't great but she was better than the blonde was and Alex fell to the ground and swept the blonde's legs from under her.


Logan was on the bottom his battle with Creed. He tried to use his weight to toss him off but the size difference between them kept him pinned down. Creed raised his arm to Logan striking him in the shoulder. Logan grunted as Creed pulled back for another blow Logan moved quickly and pushed Creed off of him. Logan watched Ally take Sabertooth down in a small tackle by tossing all of her weight against him. Creed gave very easily as she took him by surprise. Sabertooth laughed at her as he slapped her and she flew to the ground. As Ally began to stand she kicked Creed in the balls and he went bent over as he gave her a look of pure hatred. Ally took a fighter's stance as she readied herself against him.

Magneto was now much warmer and flew up into the air above them. He laughed loudly at the mutants fighting below. Everyone looked at him. "I paid for you Ally-cat," he looked at Ally "And you Ice-cat" He glanced at Alex who remained transparent except for her deep blue eyes. Then he looked at Hayley and Justice. "I will never give up on the two of you, after what you have done and what we have shared Fire-cat and Justice. I will claim my merchandise or destroy you." He growled at them. He surveyed the people as they fought. Alex and Hayley would be hard to beat but Ally stood in front of Sabertooth. Creed looked like his best bet.

Ally ignored the ranting of a mad man. She looked at Logan. She smiled at him, he wasn't hurt that bad. She could see most of his injuries were healing. He sat up to move at Magneto then flew against the wall violently.

Ally looked at Sabertooth who was still holding his groin. She turned to Magneto; "Don't you ever get tired of that?" She tried to free Logan with a mental tug but he was pinned tight. Logan struggled to get free quickly as he watched helplessly.

Ally turned her attack to Eric as he hung in the air above them. 'Had X ever tried to spike his mind?'

She threw the mental attack at him and he only flinched as if she had pinched him.


Hayley and Mystique danced their own dance. Neither was ready to lose. Hayley grabbed both of Mystique's attacking hands and head butted her. Mystique recovered with a flip and came up behind Hayley securing Hayley's hands to the sides of her. Hayley didn't know Mystique was so strong, she struggled to get free. Finally she jerked Mystique forward enough, Hayley kicked her leg straight up landing it behind her own head and hitting Mystique in the head hard. Mystique was taken by surprise of Hayley's agility and jumped back. Hayley almost laughed 'Sometimes being a dancer helped.' Hayley backed enough away from Mystique so the others wouldn't be effected and set Mystique on fire. Mystique screamed in pain as she rolled around on the floor trying to put herself out.

Ally floated into the air after Magneto. He threw her off balance easily with a ball of magnetic force. Ally wasn't as comfortable as Hayley in the air and had a hard time recovering. He took the opportunity used the same magnetic force to send her flying into the wall next to Logan, then she hit the floor with a thud face first.

Scott could move now. Alex had weakened the telepath enough so he could move. He ran to Storm. He stood by her to keep her dormant body safe. He reached for his visor and connected with Magneto just as Magneto sent Ally flying.


Logan was freed by Scott's blast at Magneto. He fell to the ground by Ally. He looked at her; she looked like hell and moaned softly as he put a hand on her. She moved slowly.


Sabertooth could see Magneto was weak he had to even things up quickly. He regained his composure and jumped for Logan who was attending to the redhead. He hit Logan in the leg burying his claws. Then he moved for his ribs. Logan turned before he could finish the assault. He popped his claws and growled at him at he stood protectively by Ally.

Ally looked up with new strength. She knew Creed wanted Logan dead. 'Nope he has kids to go home to.' She thought. She was not going to let Vic take out her hubby today. She tossed him back with a mental throw. She watched as Logan moved towards him and was almost taken out by Scott's optic blast. It was directed at where Creed had stood. Logan grabbed his shoulder as he fell.

Sabertooth ran at his easier opponent. Ally had just stood, she hadn't been expecting his attack.

She looked at him bleary-eyed. ' How could he still be so strong?' He hit her hard in the face with his fist closed; she fell to the ground. She hoped she still had a lot of Logan's healing power because Creed was out for blood. She had to try a to mentally spike him, Logan would have to forgive and she hoped she could protect him too. She up looked at Creed as she started in his mind and the lights when out as he brought another closed fist against the base of her head like a clap of thunder.

Logan sat up to see Sabertooth had her by the hair. Sabertooth enjoyed Logan's angered look at the sight of Ally in his hands. Sabertooth jerked her closer to smell her hair possessively then he watched Logan snarl at him as his made his way to his feet.

Logan wasn't fast enough. Sabertooth saw Magneto weakening. Magneto pinned Logan to the wall and nodded at Sabertooth knowingly.

Everyone noticed this look. Logan watched helplessly at his unconscious wife. Sabertooth didn't notice Beast as he moved behind him slowly but Hank was too late.

Sabertooth howled as he found a sheath for his clawed hand in Allyson's side. Her eyes snapped open and Sabertooth brought her closer to his face still holding her by the hair. "Time to die, sweetheart." He hissed as he pulled his bloody hand from her for another strike. He flew to the ground as Beast tackled them. Allyson moaned slightly.

Logan felt his world coming apart as he watched Creed, "No, Ally NO!" he screamed hoping to wake her. He watched Creed send Beast flying as he stood his hands still tangled in Ally's hair. She lay there bleeding and barely conscious. She looked as if she was trying to just to focus.

Justice began to run. He was very weak and didn't know how to stop them. Scott saw Ally and began to leave Storm.

Hayley threw a fireball at Magneto taking the direct approach. She ran towards her sister. Magneto jerked his fellow mutants to the air in magnetic shields they began to fly above them. Hayley jumped to the air and he shot her body back.

Ally stared at them as though she was already dead. She began to take flight as Sabertooth held her in the air like a hunted doe. She saw Logan becoming smaller in the distance.

Hayley attacked Magneto again trying to get through the shield he had around him. Alex and Scott both took aim for the shield around Sabertooth and Ally. Logan finally fell to the ground

They had not slowed the retreat at all. Magneto was still strong. Sabertooth laughed as he watched Logan gain his freedom from Magneto's grip. "Come get her runt." Creed knew he couldn't reach him in time and even if he could he would never make it through the shield. "No?" he smiled. "Then watch her die." Logan's face fell. Then Sabertooth took the shot at Ally he had been ready to take before. Ally's eyes glowed fiercely as she screamed and her face contorted with pain and anger. She reached towards Creed in a weak attempt to free herself. Sabertooth laughed.

No words came from her mouth as she watched her family and friends. She could make out Logan's shape. She had so much to say to him but she could hardly see or think very clearly now. She was unable to fight back now and her thoughts went to Logan and the babies. She reached for Logan's mind and it took a lot of strength for her to do so at this point. His loving presence seemed to ease this for her. She tried to smile at him and wasn't sure if she succeeded. She wanted to touch him and she held on to his mind as long as she could. She became very tired and as her eyes closed the final time, she let go.

Hayley and Alex had eyes that were glowing as wild as Ally's had been. Hayley went crazy. "NO!" she screamed violently as she began to fireball Magneto furiously. Justice made his way painfully to Logan, his eyes glowing as blue as his sisters.

Ally had stopped moving. Magneto smiled "I take my prize with me remember this when you come against me. It could be those darling children." He threatened as he flew off.