Wolvie Femmes * Torment





       Alex would have folded into a little ball if she could have but her bonds forced her to lay there under the blanket with Pietro.


      The door flew open and Eric stepped in with Mystique and Wanda. Quicksilver looked up lazily.


      "Get up," Eric ordered to his son and threw a robe at him.


       Wanda stifled a giggle at her brother with this woman. She knew Alexandra Adams wasn't his type.


       The woman with glasses came in again and stood by Alex. "I really wish I had more time, Eric."


       Pietro slid into the robe shyly and watched Alex curiously. He spied the syringe in Deanna's hand, "Already?"


      He asked to his father. Eric chuckled, "Who broke whom here?"


      Pietro cut his father a hateful look, "I did what you told me to."


      Wanda caught her breath glad it wasn't her but felt sorry for her brother. He was beet red and it seemed he did fancy Alex after all. That was a very dangerous thing to do around their father. She made her way to him to offer her support.


      He turned to her and she waved him out of the room.


      "What?" He asked confused.


      "You’d better go get some clothes on," Wanda hugged him, "You don't want to see this."


      "See what?" He asked and tried to push his way past her but she kept her gentle hold.


      "They are going to turn her now," Wanda sighed, "Don't interfere."


      "You mean so she won't leave?" He asked mystified.


      "Yes," She smiled. She knew he wouldn’t admit that he liked her because it was taboo in the Brotherhood. "Dad wants that black- haired cat the most," She shrugged, "He might give you this one, if you play your cards right."


      "Who said I wanted her?" He said nonchalantly and began to walk away from Alex's door. "I did what I was told to do."


       Wanda laughed, "You don't fool me, brother."


       He smirked back at her, "Keep your female intuition and romantic notions to yourself." Wanda wasn't sure if she should be happy for him or not, but hugged him anyway knowing that he was troubled.


      He sighed and hugged her back, "I need coffee." He motioned for her to follow him.






       Justice was glad he wasn't piloting the ship, he was sure he wouldn't keep his temper any today. He could feel everything that was happening from Ally and he looked back to see her vacant stare and Remy's eyes didn't seem to leave her.


       Logan undid his belt and moved to Ally's side. He touched her leg lovingly, "You ok?"


      Scott and Storm piloted the blackbird but Scott didn't miss the dialog from behind him and looked back to see Logan on the floor next to Allyson.


      "Logan, you need to be in your seat," Scott called.


      Wolverine didn't look at him but flipped him off as he spoke in hushed tones to Ally.


      Storm turned quickly, "Logan, please." Logan stood slowly at Ororo's request and sat back in his seat.


      Remy tossed him a rueful glance half glad Scott had been told off, "We be dere soon," Remy said knowingly.


      "How do you know that?" Logan said as he redid his buckle.


      "Hayley," Ally sighed, "She contacted him first, remember?"


      Logan nodded watching the Cajun carefully. Hayley reached out for him first. That was a big thing for her, to find him first over her siblings. He wasn't sure what the appeal was that this man had over her. They were too much alike by Logan’s reckoning and he was sure it wouldn't last.





       Rayne heard all the bickering and wanted to scream at them all to shut up. It wasn’t real comfortable where she was stowed away and her temper was getting short. She was glad that they hadn’t found her hiding place and grinned thinking of the look Bobby must have had on his face when he was left behind.


     That was a good thing by Rayne’s estimation, as the boy would be a hindrance rather than help. Rayne rolled her eyes, ‘Dat boy couldn’t even get on da right plane.’  


     She hoped that Remy was right about being close to where they are going. It wouldn’t do to go stir crazy while hiding and she was nearly to that breaking point.







      Hayley was glad that Wanda and Pietro had stopped and changed the sheet under her.


      "Sabretooth makes you sick huh?" he joked as they finished with the bed.


       Hayley glared at him, "Not as ill as you will be if I get loose."


      Wanda chuckled and looked at her brother. He laughed but wondered what she meant. "We only cleaned this bed because we didn't want to smell it," Wanda scoffed at her and tossed the dirty sheet in the container as her brother replace the sheet under Hayley.


      As the blanket came off her slightly he took in her shapely body, "You have to same body as your sister," He marveled.


     Hayley struggled to break free as he confirmed her worse fear for Alex.


     A sudden shout from another door and Sabretooth came out carrying a sleeping Alex. She was like a rag doll in his arms, bloody and unmoving.


    Pietro moved forward wondering exactly what had been done and he saw he light blonde hair was stained with crimson. He swallowed hard as Vic carried her into the smaller dark room, and he knew what the room was used for.


    Hayley craned her neck to see Alex but the dark haired woman came at her with a needle.


    Hayley struggled to find Wanda's boot in her face. "Next time hold still," She laughed at Hayley's bleeding lip. She was glad to get a shot in after their last fight.






       Beast sat in the back of the blackbird with Reg and sighed. He was worried and Justice and Ally's attitudes didn't help any. He looked forward to see they were reaching their destination as Scott prepared to land.


      "Reg," Beast sighed, "It would be advantageous if you would remain on the ship after we depart."


       Reg nodded as Beast made his way forward and Reg looked at them in their uniforms. The Adams both wore dark colored outfits and the X-men wore black body suits with a slight stripe along the seams. Except for Gambit who wore a wet leather look body suit with a trench coat over it. His body suit came up around his jaw and wrapped around his head leaving his face and hair free.


     Reg marveled at the diversity of the group. What an unlikely group of people. He chuckled to himself as he pictured the faces of unsuspecting people running across this mob.


      Justice took command, "We are going in blind." He raised an eyebrow at them.


      Scott sighed, "How’s that Justice?"


      Justice grabbed his bag from the floor behind Ally and produced the image inducers.


     Ally's surprise was evident, "I thought you only had one or two."


      "I can work fast, sis." Justice turned up the corner of his mouth.


      "We'll be as invisible as Mystique huh?" Storm smiled.


       "Logan, you're Sabretooth," Justice tossed him the marked inducer. "Storm, Wanda." They almost laughed at Justice but he continued, "Scott, you're Magneto and Remy Pietro."


      "Al, you're Mystique." Justice shrugged, "I'm toad boy." He threw an inducer to Hank, "Sorry hank you're a female." Beast looked at him confused. "I saw the person who was conducting everything and she is the medical genius," Justice saw Beast able to mimic her mind.


     Hank nodded as everyone began to transform into the Brotherhood.


     Reg chuckled, "Yer a scary sight."


     They looked at the other but it was Mystique who chuckled and said, "Trick or treat." Sabretooth shook his head and wrapped an arm around her waist as they found the fresh air.






      Rayne heard them leave but knew that Reg stayed behind as she heard Beast instruct. She thought about staying put until he fell asleep but then figured he would stay wide awake in watchful anticipation. So, she stretched the stiffness out of her muscles as best she could, and popped the panel open and poured herself out of the compartment.

      Reg gave a shout when he saw the panel open but he recognized the girl, "Here now, I don’t think you should be in there, in fact, you shouldn’t be here at all!"

      Rayne shrugged at him and ran off the plane in search of her brother.


      Reg stopped at the door and watched her scamper off, "Crazy seppo, swamp rat, Sheila!"


      He was told to stay onboard the jet but in light of this new development he figured he should go and bring that stowaway back and so he ran down the ramp and followed her muttering curses to his misfortune.






      Alex woke to find her arms bound above her head around a center pole in an inclosed and darkened room. She could feel a person on the other side of her and figured it was Hayley by the touch of her hand but her sister didn’t seem to be moving.


     Alex felt something move by her feet and when she looked down she saw a glowing set of eyes starring back at her and she fought against the scream that caught in her throat as the animal moved among it's friends - many friends.


     Alex tried to shove them away with her foot her but they climbed onto her body regardless. She groaned and again silently wished she were already dead.






      Remy moved slowly following Ally and Logan into the dark complex. Logan could smell Toad in the shadows and pushed them both back from the green man's sight.


     Ally watched the phony Pietro and Sabretooth and they shoved her behind them. She sighed not feeling like she needed to be protected.





    Justice, Storm and Scott moved slowly as Justice got the message that Toad was roaming nearby.


    Justice sighed, "Toad's up ahead by Al's communication," He suppressed a chuckle looking at Beast making his way towards them as the female doctor. Storm did chuckle at the sight of Beast tromping up to them with the delicate frame and heels.

    Justice looked at Hank pointedly, "You might want to take smaller steps, Hank."


    Beast looked at his feet and his normal walk. He pushed his legs together more and exhaled, "Women don't have it very easy do they."


    "Um, try not to walk," Justice said at his friend who walked at such a far stance that he could have been a female wrestler.


     Scott laughed, "Stick to the shadows if you can Beast."





     Alex felt one of the rats scaling her body, digging its claws in as it went. She could hear one behind her on Hayley and figured that Hayley was either unconscious or past the point of being able to do anything from the terror of it all. Alex tried to wiggle it off but it just squealed and bared its teeth at her to show her it wasn’t afraid of her. It began to grab at her hair and Alex again fought the urge to scream. She then realized why it was doing what it was. She felt pain from her scalp and figured that the rat must be attracted to the blood. The rather large rodent stretched its body so that it was close to the painful place on her head. She could hear its snuffles as it smelled around.


     Alex heard little smacking sounds as the creature licked its lips and she could stand no more. She screamed until it escalated into a high pitched screech.








      Logan heard his sister in law's cries and he began to move quicker. He knew Remy didn't have ears as keen as his and he then heard the cries became very shrill and urgent.


     Ally's eyes turned to fright under her Mystique mask and she began to move away from the other men quickly.


     Remy caught her before she left them and his breath caught in his throat when he saw her terrified look, "We'll find dem chere, together." He knew at least one was alive and hoped to have Hayley in his arms soon, but he wouldn't let Ally run ahead and sacrifice herself.


      Logan put his arm around Ally talking reassuringly to her as she led them the same way Logan's nose told them to go.


     Suddenly, a shadow leapt at them knocking Logan to the ground. Ally was pushed back against Remy as they saw Sabretooth on top of Sabretooth.


     Remy forced Ally away from the fray, "He can handle dis, chere."


     Ally watched the Sabretooth's roll around until one finally pinned the others arms and ripped the wrist contraption from him revealing Logan. Ally narrowed her eyes throwing Sabretooth hard against the wall.


    Sabretooth growled and jumped for Ally but Logan caught him in mid flight. "Get her outta here," Logan bellowed.


     Remy pushed her away from them slowly against her protests, "Let’s go get yo’r sisters." She looked at him hopefully and he nodded, "Leave da ‘chat de mort’ ta Logan. He can take care of him."


     Ally sighed watching her husband fight the giant mutant expertly and led Remy where they heard another ear piercing scream.