To Each His Own:




Rogue sat with Kamikaze in the game room with the television sound very loud with their video game blaring. Bobby sat idly by waiting for Kamikaze to finish off poor

Rogue’s guy so he could take his turn.

       “WHOO” Kamikaze bellowed at Rogue, “BUSTED you ‘gain” he laughed at his friend.

       Rogue sighed and handed Bobby his controller, “Let him mop the floor with you for a while.” She smiled. It wasn’t fun when you lost all the time but at least it was close at times. She sighed to herself she was sure that he was taking it easy on her.

        “So did you get in much trouble for stowing away?” Bobby said pointedly as he looked at the controller in his hand.

         Rogue went slightly pink and looked at Kamikaze who did seem embarrassed at all at the question. “I haven’t yet.”

         “What is Chuck…… er I mean the professor that strict?” Kamikaze asked a little amused.

         “Yes, they keep us straight.” Bobby said with a rueful smile. It was obvious he knew first hand of the punishment and discipline that Xavier offered.

         “What is he going to do to us,” Rogue gulped a little nervous. She knew no matter how valiant what she had done was she disobeyed them.

         “I don’t know,” Bobby said taking a long drink on his soda. “Maybe chores. Once had Logan give me a work out.”

         Rogue shrugged, “yeah so?”

         “After a work out with him you won’t get in trouble for a while.” Bobby lowered his gaze at them.

         “Why?” Kamikaze took the bait as he watched Bobby’s furrowed brow.

         “Because the first day you are too tired to move,” Bobby chuckled at his memory, “and days after that you are too sore to move.” The work out was still fresh in his mind.

         “Was that a couple of weeks ago?” Rogue laughed, “When we didn’t see you around for four days?”

         Bobby sat back on the couch. “yeah,” he took a deep breath then a devilish crept across his face, “All I did was mouth off to Ms Munroe.”

          “Aw shit.” Kamikaze mumbled at the thought of what they were in for now.

          Rogue sighed hard at the thought of one of Logan’s Danger Room work outs and they didn’t last too long and she wondered if she should make any plans for the next couple of weeks.

         Rogue and Kamikaze both sighed at the same time.

         Despite the worry all three laughed.



         Ally made her way to the nursery and gathered plenty of glances and glares with her arm stitched and wrapped up. She found her pace picking up afraid she would be condoning the violence or making it seem glamorous. It wasn’t glamorous and everyone didn’t make it home in and everybody didn’t survive.  She felt a tear as se thought of Willow and her father but a familiar face came into view as she got to the nursery door.

        “Hello Professor,” she smiled at him.

        “Allyson,” He smiled back but he didn’t fool her with his guarded look and reassuring smile and Allyson looked at him expectantly. She knew he was there to give her bad news and he was in a way.

        “What is it?” She gasped finding her breath.

         “Nobody is ill or injured.” Xavier sighed, “We need to make funeral arrangements.” His eyes wandered to hallway that contained his office. “There are a few other things we need to discuss.”

        “What about the twins?” Ally said quickly as if he had spoken about them.

        “Allyson is your telepathy heightened that greatly?” His eyes widened.

        “Yes, I hear thoughts as if they were spoken.”  She nodded anxious to get to the subject of her children.

         “We will have to get it under control,” Xavier sighed. “I take it your father gave you his abilities?”

         “I think so.” Ally sighed at the memory. “I had some problems before we got to Canada but I had it under control quickly.” She crossed her arms feeling a little like a lab specimen. “This is stronger though.”

         “Your father was telekinetic too,” Xavier kept his teacher like gaze and watched her nod in agreement. “Has it increased?”

         “I don’t know.”

         “Perhaps a session with Jean will help us discover what you are capable of now.”

         “What about the twins?” She gestured to the door. “How do they fit into this?”

         “They don’t……..” Charles was unable to finished his sentence when he saw understanding dawn on Ally.

          She wrinkled her forehead at the thoughts she had, “Growth spurt? What kind of…….” Then Allyson was gone pushing her way through the nursery door leaving Xavier to stare after her.





          Aramis sat quietly in the fresh nursery as she held her book in her lap. She looked out the window and sighed at the beautiful day.  She loved it at the X-mansion and the lovely grounds. She smiled at the prospect of taking all the children outside when they woke up. She could hear Imp and Justin in the adjoining playroom making crashing noise with blocks. She could feel Imp’s confusion and Justin’s usual bad mood conflictions. She made a mental note to get that little boy into some fresh air.

         She could feel conflict’s that were very admirable. Worrying over telling Ally about the children and frustration of the outcome of the away conflict. She smiled when she realized who it was.

         Xavier is coming in,’ she gasped at the thought of the man. He was to her everything a man was meant to be. He seldom had a thought for himself but worried of his Xmen and his students.

        Soon she felt Ally’s passion for her children and deep concern for their welfare and knew Ally would be there.

       Soon Aramis had a headache.

      So many emotions, so little time,’ she sighed and walked over to the window waiting for Ally to rush in bombarding her with questions and she realized with the shifting of emotions that Xavier was discussing other things first.


         Suddenly the door flew open and Ally came in with her eyes wild and scanning the room until they rested on the cribs and her twins.

         Aramis knew what was wrong. “Dr. McCoy assures me they are perfectly healthy and I have no reason to suspect other wise.” Aramis smiled reassuringly at the distressed mother.

         Ally settled down when she realized they were all right but couldn’t help as if she has some how messed up. She had missed this and nothing would change it.

         “They are very healthy, Allyson.” Xavier said quietly as he guided himself into the room. “I have seen them eat very well and they seem to be very bright.”

         “They are,” Aramis confirmed.

         Allyson stepped away resisting the urge to scoop on or both of them up in her arms.

         Finally she became very happy at the idea of just being with her children and then she realized that Aramis was touching her shoulder lightly.

        “Don’t you touch me,” Allyson said to Aramis very directly. “Don’t bother my emotion, Aramis. They are mine.” Ally hissed at the empathy.

        Aramis was taken back and embarrassed, “but I didn’t”

        Ally realized Aramis hadn’t used her ability and felt bad. “Of course I am sorry.” Then Ally exhaled deeply, “thank you for taking care of them Aramis.”

        Aramis smiled and knew Ally was upset for her using her ability on her before. “Of course.” Then she mumbled an apology and left Xavier with Ally as she made her way into the play room.

       “I will leave you alone,” Xavier smiled at the look of the mother reunited with her children. “We should make the other arrangements soon.”

       “Thank you professor.” Ally said quietly still feeling foolish for yelling at Aramis.

       Xavier chuckled lightly, “You may call me Uncle, Allyson.”





       Beast was gathering supplies while Alex began to make her way around the Blackbird’s triage. She felt Justice tugging at her mind and ran straight into Hank.

      Hank caught her and noticed her concerned stare.

      “Justice has a mutant and she is injured.” Alex said making her way to the bedside readying for her.

      “What is the situation?” Beast said quickly

      “Stab wounds and possible shock,” she sighed. She was sure stab wounds mean Logan had a hand in it.  “Justice isn’t entirely sure what else.”

      “Oh, dear,” Beast mumbled as he began to move a little more quickly, “E.T.A.?”

      “He is almost on out doorstep,” she mumbled readying the I.V. for the battered innocent.

       Justice ran in with out a drop a sweat but blood stained from the rodent like person in his arms.

      Beast pointed to the bed Alex was next to.

      “Who is she?” Alex asked quickly

      “I think she is Gambit’s sister.” Justice mumbled.

      Alex and Hank exchanged a knowing glance and they both had the same look in their eyes. ‘uh oh’



      Gambit was slightly out of breath when he reached the blackbird and he pushed his way to see Alex putting an I.V. on Rayne and Beast was securing her down to the bed. He was repulsed and angry at the sight.

     “Non. Rayne don’t nee’ dat.” Gambit protested gesturing to the restraints. He made his way threateningly towards Hank.

      Justice stood in between Gambit and the busy blue doctor.

      “Yes, I was assume she does need these Gambit,” Hank said. “She has bloodied claws and I would rather not be the next recipient of a blow while I am trying to help her.” Beast looked at Gambit pointedly.

     Alex finished her business and caught her cue. “Is the away team done?”

     “No,” Justice said quickly.

     “Perhaps the two of you should make your way back to help the others.” Alex suggested very strongly as she crossed her arms at the two men.

     Justice turned but Gambit kept his stare at the whiskered mutant. Justice stopped

    Can he take a hint?’ Justice sighed. “Come on, Gambit.”

    “No.” Gambit shook his head but continued to watch the sad sight that was his sister. Her head was turned to the side and her lips were slightly parted as if she would speak. Her closed eye lids and sickened face indicated it would be a while before she spoke. He watched the large blue mutant moving deftly at her side and then he felt somebody touch his shoulder roughly.

      “I said COME ON. Let them do their work,” Justice said forcefully

      Gambit shrugged Justice off, “Homme….” Remy’s voice held warning.

      “I can move you if needed.” Justice threatened.

      That got Remy’s attention and he turned to Justice and scoffed. He pulled a card from his breast pocket and held it threateningly as Justice planted himself firmly.

       Both men came almost nose to nose.

       “Would you both like to go home frozen,” Alex said calmly. “Yes, I can freeze you both before you can reach me.” Then she removed her gloved hand abandoning her task for the moment and let them watch a blue glowing orb floating on her palm. Suddenly there was another dancing on her hand.

      Gambit seemed to calm realizing that he didn’t have full control and he would have to relent for the moment at hand but he made no attempt to leave.

     Alex stood and let the air’s moisture absorb the orbs from her hand and made her way to Gambit.

     “We understand Remy but right now we need to be able to help her. I think Logan and Scott need some help too.” She said quietly and calmly and he seemed to respond.

       Gambit turned reluctantly and started out.

       “Leave me here. A fighter I am not,” a little voice screamed pleadingly.

       Alex and Justice cocked an eyebrow and Gambit turned up the corner of his mouth knowingly.

       “Der you go chere,” Gambit smiled as he produced Dominick from pocket of his coat.

       Dominick kept his stern look, “I have no will to be with the likes of him says I. Dominick is not a fighter.”  He tumbled into Alex’s small hands and she dropped her mouth open at the site of the man.

       “Surprised, Lass?” Dominick chuckled now that he felt secure within the sterile and new surrounding.

       Alex turned to Hank to show him the little man and she was glad to see him mirror what she felt.

       “Oh, my stars and garters,” Beast exclaimed as he took in all the details of the pointed ear man and dropped the syringe he was holding.

        “Saints preserve us,” Dominick said looking at the roof of the blackbird for an explanation of some kind. “Blue. Blue he is.”

        Gambit ran back to the labs as he let his mind wander to ease his pain. He began to chuckle lightly and Justice looked at him curiously.

        “Dey find a gloves to fi’ Beast?” Gambit scoffed but Justice laughed heartedly as he began to picture Hank wearing part of a rubber tree on his tennis racket hands.

         Justice took a deep breath as he stepped into the dark room and once again the smell of death and decay washed over him as his eyes adjusted to take in the details of the room. He sighed and trudged on.

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