Wolvie Femmes * Taking Off






       Justice stripped Hayley's sheets much to Hank's amusement. He searched around, found new sheets and began to make the bed. Then he began to clean the contacts on the baby monitor.


     Beast watched him, "Justice?"


     He looked up slightly from his task, "Hmmmm?"


    "Do you work Saturdays?" He teased the eldest Adams.


     Justice smiled and flipped him off.


    "You seem to have as much lab experience as your sisters but you don't explore it," Beast wondered aloud.


     Justice shrugged, "I'm a lawyer." He smiled, "I haven't had to resuscitate a client yet." He gave him a playful wink. He sighed lightly and made Rayne's bed slowly to pass time while he waited for Remy and Rayne to get back. He pushed the beds apart to gather the blankets and pillow he used when he fell asleep on the floor last night then he stripped the sheets off his bed.


     "Justice, What are you doing?" Beast said with a shake of his head. "Why are you tidying the med lab?"


     Justice looked at him confused, "I don't know." He crossed his arms and sat next to Beast with his lips pressed together in a tight line. "Hayley is going through the hell that Rayne has already gone through. Rayne is going through hell again because of Hayley’s experience. " Justice shuffled his foot on the floor, "I don't know, Hank. I just don‘t know."


     "I take it you are trying to busy yourself to keep your mind off things," Hank sighed. "Once you remake your bed, you might find some lab work to keep you occupied."


      Justice nodded, "I bet you would like to catch up on some sleep. You want me to hold down the fort for a while?"


      Hank sighed deeply, "Can I trust you not to take Rayne for another joyride?"


      Justice laughed, "No joy rides, I promise," He added sincerely, "I would like to help her if I can."


      Beast lowered his gaze, "Why do you want to do that?"


      "Because, I think she needs a friend. Someone that’s not family. That could help. Besides," He started singing, "Everybody needs friends," He laughed and danced about.


      "Perhaps I should leave now," Hank held his ears.


       Justice looked at the work that needed to be done around the place, "Might not be a bad idea." Then he spied something, "This is Hayley's writing." He picked the paper up and looked at it quizzically.


       Beast looked over his shoulder at the paper Alex had been working on, "She was working on Alex's image inducer?"


       "No, this is Hayley's writing," He sighed a little bewildered by the complexity of what Hayley had written.


        Beast looked at the work, "I must say I am very impressed. Why hasn't she pursued a career in medicine or science?" He looked at the paper closer, "She solved Alex's problem?"


        He looked to Justice for an answer who looked as clueless as he was, "She has an outstanding mind, she should be encouraged to push it forward and get….."


       "Wait you don't understand what’s going on here," Justice cut him off. "She did this at our father's once as well."


      "Did what?"


      "In the past, Hayley hardly ever paid attention and we knew she tried her hardest but always landed up behind the rest of us," Justice poked the paper, "But in Canada, she out did us all with the slightest effort and without having done any work in years. This is puzzling considering she needed help with a simple antitoxin." Justice felt a headache coming on.


        Beast remembered, "Indeed, Allyson and I both helped her with that." He sighed, "As well as your help, and this has a much greater complexity." Hank rested his chin on his hand.


        Justice swallowed hard, "This kind of thing takes mathematics and physics and mechanics and so much more then she has had training for. Not that she isn’t brilliant in her own right, but how can she possibly do this?"


       "Perhaps she is tapping into all of your skills?" Beast was baffled. "Oh, how I wish I had kept her here longer. I could pick her brain about this," Hank smiled and rubbed his hands together.


        Justice looked at the paper again, "Well she was right. She needed out of here because Rayne couldn't handle being exposed to her problems." He rubbed his jaw.






        Hayley sighed as Alex finally left her alone. She sighed and found some clothing to put on feeling a bit drafty in the hospital gown and robe. She realized this was probably one of the first times she had been alone since she and Remy had become a couple or since the incident with Sabretooth.


        She grimaced at the thought and dressed quickly. She looked around the room to see Remy's things there but the bed was made. ‘Had he stayed there? Would he pack his things and go?’


       Hayley felt the child kick her and looked down in alarm and then it happened again. She touched it and it gently kicked her hand.


      'Was Justice right? Was being half her enough? Dad was a madman and Sabretooth was a full blown maniac. Did that make the child three quarters crazy?' She sat on the bed, curled up into a ball and began to weep softly. She stopped herself and wiped at the tears furiously.


      She jumped up and began to pace around the room. Would Remy want to stay with her because he loved her or would he feel obligated to stay? The only way she would know for sure was if she was the same as she had been, a strong person. She might know the truth then.


      She took a breath, the air seemed stale and she felt sick at the idea of staying in the room alone right now. She needed to do something to keep busy. She paced a little trying to deny what she wanted but lost the battle and crept to the window.


      She eased it open cutting her mind off from Ally first since she was still sleeping. She felt the breeze and a sigh caught in her throat. She climbed gingerly to the ledge making sure she wasn't spotted.


     She let her body become as light as the air and pushed away from the windowsill hard. She let the usual dance between her and the wind take place but her anger got the best of her.


      She pushed forward and harder until she realized she was going very fast. She noticed Rayne and Remy walking on the lawn. He had his arm around Rayne's shoulders and looked up casually at Hayley's fleeting figure. She knew he didn't know it was her and picked up the pace hoping that Rayne didn’t pick her up. She didn’t want to be part of their conversation. She flew off with speed she didn't know she had and she also felt lighter. She almost laughed wondering what else she could do better.





       Alex needed to let off some steam after all she had witnessed that morning. She couldn't think of a better place to do it than the Danger Room.


      She opened the entrance hoping to find a way to operate the controls from the inside. When she opened the door, a flying arsenal came at her and she leapt out of the way and froze them.


     She looked up to see Bobby standing there with an apologetic look on his face. He gave her a grin and she knew he had been up to something.


     "Are you supposed to be in here alone?" She dusted her one piece suit that she had chosen for her work out.


     Bobby met her eye then looked away, "Not really."


     Alex cocked her head, "What does that mean?"


     "We're supposed to be with an experienced team member or given special permission," He admitted.


     "Why are you in here then?" She walked further into the danger room and looked at the icy mess he had made of it.


     "I want to do what I have seen you do," He shrugged removing his gloves. She looked at him questionably. "I saw you go transparent. I want to learn the degree of control you have over your ice power," He said as he began to move a little closer, "I want to learn how to do new things."


     "I'm not an expert, Bobby. I'm just older," She sighed.


     "You're more experienced," He smiled.


     She felt obligated to help this fledgling, but she also wanted to get some exercise in alone. She felt a sigh escape as she gave in, "Okay, but we aren't using the danger room's simulations."


     "Why not?" She began to pull her own set of gloves on for traction, "Because you don't learn control in the middle of a fight."


     "Oh," He sighed as the doors shut.





      Remy and Rayne walked back into the infirmary. Both had matching weary demeanors and both stopped when they saw the now clean infirmary with only Justice in it.


     Rayne's eyes flew open with surprise seeing Justice doing some of the computer work Beast had been doing.


     Remy looked to the other two empty clean beds, "Where's Hayley?"


     "Her room by now," Justice shrugged.


      Rayne looked surprised but she was relieved too. After what had happened she didn’t know how to face the people that were there. They heard and saw everything. She wrapped her arms around herself and sighed. She wasn’t even sure she wanted Justice here, but she could deal with having him around.


     Remy lowered his gaze as he walked Rayne to the bed, "Beast let her go?" He was surprised she was gone but he didn't really get the chance to find out much about how she was doing yet.


      Justice nodded, "Sorta."


      "Yo' mean she left and he let her go," Remy said as he shook his head.


      "No, it's not quite like that either," Justice sighed, "You can talk to her about it later."


      Rayne was curious to see that Justice was doing some lab work, "Yo' know wha' yo' doin’ there? Doc might not wan’ yo’ messin’ wit’ his work."


      Justice laughed, "I worked in a lab for a good part of my life, before I went into law."


      Rayne narrowed her gaze, "Yo' a doctor?"


      "No, I am not," He threw his hands up in mock defeat.


       Rayne felt a warning bell go off in her head, "Yo' worked in a lab though. What lab?"


       Justice stood and met her eye, "I worked in my father’s laboratories for many years. We all did. Until he saw fit to use us as guinea pigs," Justice looked away. The memory was both painful and embarrassing now.


       "Yo' Papa did dat ta yo'?" Rayne's eyes grew wide and she started trembling.


       Remy guided her to the bed, picked her up and set her on the mattress. Justice shrugged not wanting to discuss his problems with her, she had enough on her mind now and he could see this news was upsetting her.


       "How could anybody's Papa do somet’in so horrible?" Rayne’s eyes were as big as saucers. She remembered a lot of what was done to her in one of those labs, and the thought that the man did similar things to his own children was beyond belief. She growled and clenched her fists.


      "Rayne, calm down," Remy hushed her, "Yo' need to get some rest now petite. Not get yo’se’f all worked up again." He gave her a gentle push so she would lay back. She wouldn’t budge for a minute then slowly laid back.


      "Dat’s really awful what he did. An’ yo’ had a funeral fo’ him here? Me, ah woulda left him back at dat lab and burned da whole place ta da ground," She closed her eyes and tried to find a good thing to think about. Anything to rid her mind of all the bad memories, "Remy?"

      "Yeah little one?"

      "We still gonna make some real food fo’ dese yanks?" She forced a slight smile.

      "Yo’ bet, chere. Gonna show dem what dey been missin’ all dere life," He thought about the last time they had cooked something together and chuckled. ‘Ah hope dis meal turns out better den dat one did.’

      Rayne was exhausted. She closed her eyes and let sleep take her.

     Remy sighed, Rayne could be a lot of trouble but she was his sister and he loved her. He reminded himself to try and find out more about the labs and what was done there. He pushed some hair out of his face. He too was exhausted from this morning’s tribulations.


      "You look like you could use a rest too," Justice suggested.


      "Is a doc gon' be here soon?" Remy asked knowing full well Justice could handle anything that would come up.


      "Jean should be here soon," Justice mumbled feeling a bit unappreciated for his skills.


      "Why Hayley leave?" He crossed his arms.


      "She needed her own bed and felt Rayne needed some space," Justice said his eyes trailing to Rayne as her chest moved up and down rhythmically, "She made a good argument of why she should go."


      "She outta the woods den? Everyt’in’s ok?" Remy asked quickly.


      "She will feel better in her own room for now and can get care there too," Justice shrugged, "She could probably use the time alone now anyway. She wanted you to have some time with your sister."


      The door slid open and Jean poured in with a broad smile, "Good Morning."


      Remy and Justice exchanged a quick glance because they hadn't see her this happy in a while.


      "Beast is already gone?" She inquired.


     "He was up all night playing babysitter," Justice smiled ruefully. He got up and moved towards the doors. Now that relief was here he could tend to other matters.


     Jean smiled as Justice gave a small wave with the papers Alex and Hayley had been working on and left. He heard Remy coming right behind him.


     "Justice," Remy called as he caught up, "Do yo’ t’ink it would be alright ta see Hayley now?" He was anxious to speak to her.

     "You can try," Justice wasn’t sure what his sister was going to do in regards to Gambit.

     "Wha's dat?" He pointed to the paper Justice was studying as he walked.


     "Seems Hayley has a brain after all," Justice winked, "Who'da thunk?"


     Remy looked at the paper briefly but dismissed it as scientific mumbo jumbo, "So, what is it?"


     "Actually, it's something that would change a mutants appearance so they don't look like mutants," He sighed, "It would only make them appear to look different. Kind of like a full body mask, if you will. It doesn’t actually alter them physically. Just hides what they really look like so that they can go out in public without being pegged as a mutant."


      Remy's mind danced with the possibilities, "Rayne could look different den? Like someone else?"


      Justice smiled, "Dat's da idea."


      A smile crept on Remy’s face, 'N’awlins here we come!' Remy thought about how wonderful it would be to get Rayne back to Louisiana for a visit, and himself as well. Perhaps even Hayley would join them, if Rayne would let her.


     Justice chuckled. "Why yo’ laugh?"


     "You've got this silly look on your face," Justice grinned, "I take it Rayne doesn't agree with you being in love with Hayl?"


     "Rayne don' know fo’ sure, homme," Remy sighed knowing he finally told Justice he was in love with Hayley.


      "Oh I think she knows. Women have that damnable intuition that seems to get us men in a lot of trouble," Justice grinned then looked serious, "No really, I think she knows and that could have been part of what set her off."


      Remy nodded, "Not dat ah need her approval in who ah see, but ah wish she wouldn’ be so headstrong an stubborn ‘bout Hayley."


     "Rayne's afraid of Hayley, Remy" Justice sighed, "Afraid that she will take you from her. What happened the last time you were sidetracked by another woman?"

     Gambit cringed at the thought but still couldn’t see how him and Hayley together now bore any similarities to what happened years ago.

     Justice continued, "Even though it would hurt her very much to see you leave with Hayl, Rayne would let you go because your happiness seems to mean a great deal to her. Then I’m sure she would sulk and grieve alone. She reminds me a lot of Hayley when she was that age. But your sister’s got more problems then Hayley had at that age. She needs you, Gambit. She needs her brother’s strength and guidance."


     "Ah know," Remy nodded as Justice stopped in front of the elevator, "Yo' goin' to da rooms?"


     "I need to finish packing for the move," He pushed his hand along the side of his head to smooth his hair, "I also want to spend some time with Storm and Jordan."


      Remy was anxious now for Rayne to get the image inducer. He wanted to do something for her and being able to take her home would be something really wonderful, "An' dat?" He poked at the papers in Justice’s hand.


      "Once Beast gets up, I think he will be interested in helping put this together," Justice grinned, "We’ll see what happens."


      Remy smiled. He hoped it would also help Rayne to get out more, "Ah t'ink Rayne would lik' dis contraption."


      "Yes, I think it would help her to find some friends her own age. Not just her brother and his adult friends," Justice sighed feeling sorry for the young girl, "She might want to hone some skills in the Danger room as well."


      "Rayne’s always been pretty much a loner, an she always found it easier ta talk ta people older den herself," Remy argued, "Maybe ah should distance me’se’f from her a bit. Get her ta fin’ some new people."


      The elevator opened and they stepped on. "No, she needs you now Remy," Justice sighed, "There’s nothing wrong with being there for them, even if they try to push you away. But your right in that they do need to be their own person too. It’s a hard thing to judge. Just take things slowly. I’m sure she will become more comfortable around here and with herself in time. This is a good place for that."


      Remy nodded, he knew Rayne would love to get in the kitchen and cook with all the fancy spices and now she had a whole new talent to explore. Then he thought of how long it had been since he had a cup of coffee, though he wasn‘t thrilled with the idea of drinking one alone and felt a pang of guilt because he hadn’t talked to Hayley yet, "Justice, 'bout Hayley."


      "If she's not ready, just give her time," Justice sighed looking at the roof of the elevator. He smiled wondering if that meant Gambit would spend some of his spare time fine tuning his thieving skills and thought of offering some locks to pick.


      Remy nodded, it was more than that now. He had two women in his life now and he didn't need so much to talk to Hayley to help her as talk to her to help himself.


     Justice smiled, "I'm the same way with Ororo."


     Remy laughed, "How’s dat?"


     "It's an I hate kind of relationship," Justice said as the doors opened.


     "Homme, yo' figurin’ on marryin’ Storm?" Remy said as he saw Justice looking over that paper again.


      Justice smiled and nodded but didn't offer anymore as he rapped lightly on Ororo's door. "Tell Hayl, she did a good job for me huh?"


     Remy grinned and found Hayley's door. Should he tell Hayley he was in love with her? No. Should he just hold her then? He wasn't sure what to do. He felt like he needed to be held. He and Rayne had held each other this morning but that was different. He knocked and didn't hear anything. He knocked harder and then wondered if she was asleep.


    He sighed thinking about what Rayne had said, That Hayley was the only who had gotten any sleep last night.


    To his surprise he found the door unlocked and he stepped in tentatively, "Hayley?" He heard no reply or soft breathing and stepped in further. He looked around the room and saw the bed was still made. The bathroom door was opened and she wasn’t there.  He ran to the adjoining bathroom and a breeze from the open window caught his attention.


     'She as bad as Rayne,' He thought.


     A knock on her door caught his attention and Ally walked in slowly, "Remy?" She said before she saw him out of the corner of her eye.


     "Hayley gon', chere," He gestured to the window.


     "What?" She ran to the window to look.


     "Why she leave?" Remy wondered aloud.


     "Scared I guess," Ally looked at Remy, "I don't like this, she’s blocked me out of her mind."


      Remy groaned and ran past her to get Justice and Storm. He knew if she was in the air they would need flying mutants.



     Deanna made her way through the hall quickly after seeing the battered mess that became of some of the mutants. She found a shadow kept her from advancing and looked back to see who it was.


     "Deanna," Eric said making his way swiftly through the hall.


     "Eric," She said wondering what he was even doing up yet.


     "I understand my son and daughter took it upon themselves to attack the Cats," He said looking pointedly at her.




     "Why didn't you stop them?" He demanded.


     "Stop them?" She said incredulously, "I have no control over them. 'THEY' are mutants and I don't have a cute little remote to control your children."


     He stared at her hard surprised she stood up to him at all, "I see Mystique had the initiative to go after them."


     "She is a strong fighter and I am not Eric," Deanna narrowed her eyes. She couldn't help but feel empowered after fighting him and won, but took a deep breath to calm down because she didn't want to give it away.


      "Indeed," Eric pressed on to his son's room and looked at the sad sleeping figure.


     Wanda sat near by with some bruising on her and looked up at him with trepidation, knowing she was about to be yelled at.


      Eric looked at his daughter with annoyance, "What happened?"


      "Allyson Adams did it," Wanda said obviously impressed but her worry showed through as well, "She just looked at him and he froze and fell."


      He eyed her, "What happened to you?"


     "The other Cat and her new boyfriend," She sighed touching the bruise she felt on her head.


      He looked at her questionably, "Which Cat?"


      "Hayley," Wanda shrugged.


      "Was the boyfriend a mutant?" Eric was intrigued.


      "He was throwing exploding things at me and she was absorbing all my attacks. My hexs had no effect…." She trailed off feeling like a failure.


      "What about Sabertooth?" He sat down on the bed and looked again at his son's ashen face.


      "He seemed to have some power over Hayley. She wouldn‘t fight back against him," Wanda looked frustrated, "We had her. She had a helmet on. But his damned beastly immaturity caused us to lose her. He wouldn't listen to us, father. He pushed things too far."


       Eric listened, "Would not listen?"


      "After he got a hold of Hayley he went on about smelling this other man on her and about the child being his," Wanda grew angry at the memory of Sabretooth's leading them to defeat. "He wouldn't listen to us after he had Hayley in his grasp. It looked like he was going to kill both her and the unborn child."


       Eric grew angry, he had assumed the child, his or not, would be his in the long run, "He wanted to kill them?"


      Wanda nodded glad her fathers ire was directed away from her.


      "Where is Victor now?" Eric nearly growled.



      Deanna stood there almost forgetting she was there at all until she heard the question asked of both of them. Wanda just let her eyes go back to her fallen twin.


      "He left," Deanna said quickly.


       Eric's eyes grew angrier, "What? And where did he say he was going?"


       "He didn't speak to me," Deanna sighed, "He pushed me aside and left rather quickly."


       Eric lunged in her face, "You let him leave?"


       "Let?" Wanda looked at him, "He’s out of control, father."


      Eric looked at Wanda with measured patience, "Why is it that I am the only one around here that can control him?" Eric walked out quickly knowing that Sabretooth had to be dealt with.





     Hayley enjoyed being able to fly faster than she ever had before.  Although her fire ability let her feel lighter than air most of the time, this time she felt like a rocket. Almost as if she had been launched into the air. She felt free, like she did when she met Logan. She felt young and unfettered.


     She pushed a tear she hadn't known she had shed from her cheek. She was still young, but a child would make her a mother and. Mother sounded so old. She looped around back towards the mansion and looked around as she slowed down. She breathed in the fragrant air and dove into a canopy of trees near the lake house.


    She saw a Willow tree and smiled until she remembered the Willow that was buried a few days before and she frowned a little. Hayley set on the ground and picked up some of the willows branches. She felt safe and sheltered under the draping branches of the willow. She touched the trunk of the tree and sighed. It was a lovely tree so she sat next to it.


     Hayley thought back to Rayne and all she had been through, and wondered if the girl had found anything where she was banished to that made her feel safe or happy. She felt bad for being around Rayne and reminding the poor girl of the saddest time of her life.


    Hayley's mother had taught her children to respect nature if nothing else in their lives. She reminded herself to be sure and passed that on to her child. Hayley leaned against the tree a bit winded and thought of going back to the mansion.


     She didn't want to go back there yet. She was tired of the looks of pity that people gave her. Pity, was something she didn’t have any use for. Then she swallowed hard because that sounded like something her father would say.


    She missed her family and Remy. Remy, the name brought visions of the man she had fallen for. Her heart jumped as she remembered the way he looked at her and the way he had touched her face. She had never been in love before. It hurt and felt good at the same time. Hayley wasn’t sure Remy was really in love with her or had ever been in love at all. He was as unobtainable as a shooting star, touching your life profoundly then slipping quietly away. She missed him but she didn't want to see him look at her like he had this morning. He looked at her with pity and sorrow and recrimination, not with love.


     She got up. This wouldn't do sitting around feeling sorry for herself. She needed to make her future, not wait for it to happen. She felt tired suddenly and sat back down not wanting to leave the sanctity of the tree.


     Her ears picked up a low growl and she bent the gentle branches back enough to investigate. Hayley narrowed her eyes looking for what had made the noise as something lunged at her and she lost her footing against the tree's root and fell against the ground as things went a black.







       Remy didn't want to ask Warren for help but he knew his wings made him a strong flyer. He could hear Ally padding up behind him as he found Storm's door. He rapped on the wood hard hoping to convey the urgency he felt.


      Justice opened the door but only his head ducked around the opening.


      Justice looked at Gambit and figured something was wrong as he stepped outside of the door quickly.


      "What is it?" Justice said, standing in hall shirtless. Remy couldn't help but grin, "Yo' didn't waste any time, hanh?" He thought, if he could he would do the same and his heart caught in his throat, worried about Hayley.


       Justice tossed him a warning glance, "Am I wasting time now?" Justice raised an eyebrow at him anxious to get back to Storm. He missed her but had more than enough time with Remy in his opinion.


      "Hayley's gone," Remy said quickly.


      "What do you mean gone?" Justice crossed his arms.


       "She wen' out de window, homme." Remy waited for him to panic as Ally joined him. Justice looked to Ally expectantly and she mirrored Remy's concern.


     Justice had to admit he was concerned too, but Hayley had done this kind of thing before. He figured she was just out blowing off some steam. He wanted to be with Storm right now.


     Justice suddenly stumbled backwards causing Ally to lose her balance but Remy steadied her. Justice and Ally's eyes glowed softly.


     Justice swallowed hard, "Let me get Storm to help too, so we can follow her in the air."


     "What is it?" Remy asked of the two siblings.


     Justice left Ally to explain things as he ducked back into the room quickly, "She just tried to call to us," Ally felt like crying and Remy pulled her to him to comfort her.


     "Is she ok?" Gambit said softly, "Can we go?" Ally felt the same in his arms as Hayley did and he touched her hair as he had Hayley's, but her soft brazen curls were different from Hayley's long black locks. Allyson’s height, size and eyes reminded him of the woman he had made love to. He missed her.


      Ally didn't answer for a minute, and then she quickly said, "I'll get Logan," and gently moved away as her eyes met his. This was the first time Alley had really looked in his eyes and she saw a sadness there that she wanted to console. She looked away quickly knowing her eyes were identical to Hayley’s and would remind him of her. Ally felt bad for him because she knew Hayley was as special to him, as she was to her siblings.


     He seemed to hold on to Allyson needing her as a link to Hayley. She could tell him if anything else happened, "Can yo' reach her?"


      Ally tried to distance herself from the charismatic man knowing Logan could smell him on her, and Gambit wasn't one of his favorite people, "No. Remy, you know I would give my life for her. We will find her at all cost."


      He nodded he knew the depth of the triplets love was the same as his and Rayne's, "I know, Chere," He grabbed her hand again before she could go, "Ah'm goin' wit' yo.'" 


      Ally nodded, "You will need to get Warren and Alex, but I am sure Alex knows by now."


      He lowered his gaze at the mention of Warren's name and hid his scowl as some students passed by, "Chere, dere has ta be somebody else dat can help."


      "Storm and I might not be enough to track her," She knew they had to use whatever help was available. She sighed knowing Warren's crush on Hayley didn’t make him a favorite choice for this task. "We will need other mutants who can fly."


      The other students stopped short and a redhead stepped forward. "I can fly," She smiled, "I can fly very well."


     Ally remembered her, "Afterburn, this might be only for people with combat experience."


    "I fought for you father," She countered.


     Josh and Aubrey nodded their agreement.


    "She's good," Josh admitted readily.


     Remy looked hopeful at the idea of leaving Warren behind.


     "No," Ally said quickly. She felt the girl was too young to be taken on a potentially dangerous mission.


      Justice went back in the room to Storm with a look she had learned to recognize.


      "Who is it?" Storm said.


      "Shhhh," Justice said looking at her not wanting to take his eyes off her as he walked to her slowly. He touched her hair as her hand brushed his face. He groaned lightly not wanting to leave this moment. He kissed her and pulled him to her hard.


      "Well, it seems Hayley's in trouble again," He breathed in between kisses.


      Storm jumped back, "Is she all right?"


      Justice sat on the bed, "I don't know, but you need to get dressed so we can go find her." He sighed, watching her retreat to the bathroom to don the black one piece she had worn before.


       He grumbled as he went to closet to pull off his own pants, and then put on the one piece suit that he had worn while in his father’s service.  'Hayley better be in trouble!' He grouched.