Wolvie Femmes * Take Down







     'Oz was never like this,' Reggie thought to himself as he began to run full tilt with the frightened child. He jumped and dodged mutants and their attacks.

   He stopped short when he saw the blonde from the ship worriedly hunched over the large, furry blue mutant, and his heart went them when he saw her helpless visage.

   He ran up next to the blonde. She turned to him defensively but sighed when she recognized him. She shook her head sadly and returned her loving gaze back to the now unconscious mutant.

    "Maybe I can help him," Reggie offered, thrusting the child forward for her to hold. "Here, hold this."

     Alex took the offered child that was more or less pushed into her hands. She found her voice, "Do you really think you can?"

   "I'll give it a go," He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. His hands began their pure white glow and Reg took another deep breath before placing them on Beast. His newly discovered ability took on a new meaning as he realized it was working for him. He peeked through his lidded eyes to see the wound closing. He opened his eyes wide and gawked at what he was actually doing.

   "Bloody hell, it worked!" Reg said quickly as he finally let his breath go and Beast began to move slowly.

     "Wow!" Alex smiled brightly and jumped forward kissing the Australian's cheek. "Thank you." Then she saw her love began to move and helped him to sit up.

      Beast opened weary eyes to see Alex kissing the cheek of red faced Reg while pushing one of the twins into his arms, "I take it I missed something, Dear?" Hank mumbled as Alex began to help him into a sitting position.

     Her words became more audible to Hank but he still felt weak.

     "Let's get this little one and Beast to a safe spot." Alex suggested quickly gesturing to the baby.

     Minnie landed by Alex's feet but Alex quickly offered her a palm. Minnie began pointing to Wolverine who was being tormented by a woman wearing red.

     "You better get him out of here." She said and began to wave them to the building.

     "Why?" Alex and Reg called after her together.

      Minnie began her retreat to find shelter but gestured to the sparkling Khaki who watched in horror as Logan's face contorted in pain, and his muscles twitched involuntarily.

      Alex and Reg moved faster to get Beast and the baby out of there.

     Khaki's eyes began to spark and they knew she would strike soon.

     Khaki looked at Rogue with mixed emotions. Rogue held Khaki's hand to comfort her but it was overwhelming. These people had dropped from the sky and began attacking people at a funeral. ‘Was there no sanctuary for people mourning their dead? Did'nt they have any respect?’

    Khaki could feel her mouth turn dry when she saw one of the few people she trusted being whipped around in pain after helping other mutants. Logan stood helpless under the spell of a witch dressed in red. Khaki turned to Rogue again, her eyes pleading for help but Rogue only squeezed her hand harder.

    "No, Sugah, we best not get in the way," Rogue said plainly but to the young girl it sounded like a command.
   "She'll kill him if someone doesn't help him," Khaki protested and then she jolted forward toward the scuttle. She could hear Rogue on her heels but it didn't stop her.

   Khaki turned sending a very controlled warning shot at Rogue's feet and Rogue eyed the child suspiciously.

   Khaki spread her arms and let the electricity run through her body like a thousand needles. Her hair stood on end and she knew this was the most power she had ever generated.  She knew this extreme power was necessary to help protect her friend, but she wasn't sure how well she could control it yet.

     Khaki looked at the sparks that flew from her fingertips and wasn't sure how much longer she could hold the electric surge, so she aimed it the woman in red who laughed at Wolverine.


      Hayley saw Amber and a floodgate of emotions opened. Amber was going for Xavier with her claws extended and Cyclops had Amber in his site ready to blast her.

     "NO!" Hayley screamed distracting Scott long enough to grab Amber by the foot and pull her into the air. Amber's kicking subsided but Hayley didn't notice because she saw the marks of red across Xavier's shirt, and she noted the pained expressions in everyone's faces.

     Everyone began to jerk about involuntarily as Khaki's lightening danced though and around everyone within striking range. Hayley took note that the lightening shot through her but did not affect her, and when she noticed Amber's body jerking about she realized she was the only one aside from Khaki that hadn't been affected.

      Hayley quickly placed Amber on the ground and approached the lightening mutant as Khaki began to fire up for another charge.

     Gambit started dealing out cards to distract khaki but found he was now Khaki's target and her lightening loomed over him as he braced for another impact. He watched through half closed, pained eyes as Hayley jumped in front his now slumped body.
     "No, chere," Remy mumbled to no avail because his words were merely above a whisper.

    Hayley jumped in front of Gambit absorbing Khaki's strike easily much to Remy's amazement. She gave the lightning mutant a coy smile as Khaki watched Hayley begin to move in on her. Her coy smile came from watching Rogue sneak up behind Khaki. 'This little lightening bug is going down.' Hayley thought to herself.

    Rogue shook her head and jumped to her feet. She wasn't sure who could stand another jolt that Khaki could throw. She zeroed in on the smaller mutant who was being distracted by something else.
   'Now or nevah, I suppose,' Rogue sighed as she grabbed Khaki in a headlock to hold her still. 'Thank God for Logan's training.' She sighed as the smaller mutant had little or no resistance.

    Rogue jumped behind her and pressed her bare wrist to Khaki's cheek for a quick second. Veins began to bulge quickly from Khakis sparkly face and her mouth open in a perpetual scream of horror but she made no sound but gestured for help. Khaki fell to the ground in a heap at Rogue's feet and Rogue stood there trying to gain control of the crackling in her ears.

     Rogue knew Hayley was running for them and would assess the younger girl but it took all of Rogue's will power not to scream with poor Khaki's thoughts.

      Khaki didn't have the time to respond or comprehend what was happening to her. She wasn't even sure who or what was doing this to her. She saw the ground coming towards her and the blanket of darkness added to her confusion as she could hear a far away voice.

    "Are you all right?" the voice said gently but was very far away.
    Khaki tried to focus on it. "I just wanted to help Logan," she breathed the words not even sure if she had said them at all and gave into a grasp that felt angelic in comparison to the hard ground.

     Hayley cut her heels into the earth sliding into the duo. She grabbed Khaki as she fell and watched her struggling to hold her consciousness. She stroked the child's head knowing all to well what Rogue's touch could do.

     "Are you all right?" Hayley mumbled to the girl whose eyes were rapidly closing.

     What Hayley hadn't been expecting was the answer came in stereo.

    "I just wanted to help Logan," Khaki and Rogue cooed together, and then Khaki shut her eyes completely leaving Rogue standing there clenching and unclenching her fists as she spied Logan laying on the ground with a hand on his head.

     "Hey, uh Rogue," Hayley, said evenly as she rose to meet Rogue's eyes. "You have some of Khaki's marbles. Remember? It happened to us too."

     Hayley watched Rogue's eyes and felt a chill at the loss of feelings in them. Hayley regained her composure though, "What are you now? Borg or something?" Hayley joked weakly.

      Rogue gave her no emotion but brushed a finger to Hayley's cheek. The touch was enough to send Hayley back a step or two and Hayley was able to shake it off.

     Rogue gave her a ghost of a smile as she began to rise into the air above the rest of the crowd.

     Dumbfounded, Hayley watched Rogue go, trying to summize what the kid was trying to do. Hayley knew with most of the mutants on the ground, that there was not a real threat to Rogue but she was worried Rogue would kill the next person who touched Logan.

    "Awww shit," Hayley mumbled and began to fire contact between the siblings. Hayley could feel Justice's turmoil and knew he would be useless at this point. She quickly found him getting to his feet to face an angry looking Chloe, or was she Jump right now?

     Justice felt and saw Khaki charging up as he spied Storm's motionless body. Ty ran to help him as he held a large piece of rubber in his hands.

    "This might help boss." Ty shoved it into his hand.

    "Where did you get this?" Justice stared in disbelief at the rubber.

     "I had it stored in my body." Ty yelled as he ran to his brother to warn him.

     Justice shook his head and remembered the net Ty had pulled once from his body. 'What else does that kid have stored in there. Hoffa?' he threw rubber over Storm quickly.

     He knew most of the other mutants could weather the attack and took a deep breath to weather it himself as he protected the helpless woman. What he saw when he look at the crowd was Chloe's crossed arms and scorned look.
    He wasn't sure what he had done wrong. He had thought Chloe would try to calm Khaki and he would protect Storm if Chloe didn't make it in time but Chloe froze in her steps taking Imp's hand and jumping them to a safe distance. The whole time she watched Justice as if he had crossed her.

    Justice gave her a clueless look and watched Imp's scared face. Then a bolt of pain took his thoughts from him.

     Justice was relieved to see Khaki had been subdued but quickly found Chloe in front of him.

    "Who is she to you?" Chloe demanded.

   Justice was without words. 'What is she talking about?' "STORM? You met her right? She is an X-man and she is injured."

    Chloe pointed a finger to him, "She's more than that to you, Justice Adams" Chloe countered.

    The situation dawned on him then, "Oh Chloe," he said in a calmer voice. "We're just friends."

     Chloe's eyes held a dead stare and she gave him no hint of the emotions she held. She said nothing but her non-existent emotions spoke volumes to Justice and he got to his feet.

     Chloe wandered off with a heavy heart, hoping Justice didn't see it. She looked back slightly enough to see her husband carefully removing the shield he had thrown over the beautiful woman. The concern in his eyes for this other woman told Chloe she was more than a friend. Justice was genuine when he told Chloe 'she's just a friend'. Chloe realized that the feelings might be too new for Justice to admit them, even to himself.
     Chloe realized the attacking mutants were up on their feet again and that Rogue was flying and even with these serious things happening in front of her she felt the tears well up and she wiped them from her face quickly. Chloe then realized she was solid again.

    Laughter replaced her tears but before she knew it she was transparent once again. She sighed as she ran to help her in laws.