Wolvie Femmes * Stubborn





      Soon Hayley heard the leaves rustle and Remy's strong figure step out. He saw Hayley and bent to her quickly.


     "Yo' okay chere?" He forgot she might have a need for private space and touched her face tenderly. He was happy to see Hayley look at him with the same feeling of longing he had felt and he folded her into his arms. "Remy missed yo' chere."


     She didn't speak for fear of her tears spilling against his shirt but looked up at him.


    "Remy, I am so sorry."

"Shhhhh," he said softly. "It's over." He looked at the inactive mutant lying on the ground.


    "No, I don't mean Kurt," she broke free of his affectionate embrace and looked at him.


     Remy pulled her away slightly but then realized what she said, "Kurt?"


     Hayley sighed seeing no real injuries, "He knows Xavier."


     Remy looked the mutant over again, "An X-man?" Hayley nodded and Remy's eyes grew big, he had taken the man with the blue skin and tail as her attacker.


     Hayley brushed Kurt's hair from his face. "He has been seen as a demon or monster and not beyond his appearance."


     Remy touched her back he knew she was saddened for the man but he needed to talk to her. He shook his head, "Shoul' I carry him or wait fo' Justice?"


     "Justice is coming?" Hayley looked at him surprised.


     Remy nodded upset that Justice hadn't been moving faster as he and Alex took their time getting out, "They, we were all worried Chere," he hoped to convey the feelings he had for her in his eyes.


    "Remy," she looked down at her hands, "I just needed time."


    "From me?"


    "Not in particular."


    "Can you talk now?"


    She nodded as she watched his eyes and she knew she would feel better if he held her again. Remy made her feel safe and loved despite what happened. "I was confused and hurt," she whispered. "Sometimes I still am."


     He looked at her a little afraid she would run, "Yo' wan' me to go?"


    She shook her head, "No, I missed you too." She touched his face and hoped he could see it. She brushed her lips to his and pulled away gently. She could see the same look in his face she had seen before. He pulled her closer for another kiss. She enjoyed the feel of him so close to her and when she felt his usual mannerisms as his mouth began to trail to her ear and her neck she was reminded of Victor's breath on her. She pushed him back a little.


    Remy looked at her confused, "Chere," he touch her chin so she could look at him eye to eye. "Did I do somet'ing wrong?"


    "No," Hayley hugged him hard. "It's just me and my mind's playing tricks on me."


     He looked at her not with pity but love, "Wha'ever yo' need me to do."


     She watched him and looked down to the dormant X-man. "I just need you."


     He kissed her head and stood to look for Justice, "yo' got me." He smiled but his keen ears heard something and he assumed it was Justice and Wolverine. He smiled and helped Hayley to stand, "Dey coming chere."


    "I don't hear anything," She smiled impressed with his hearing. She looked into his eyes and marveled at them again. She touched his face not letting her eyes go from his.


    He put his hand on hers and pulled her to him gently. He wanted to tell her how empty his arms had been without her, "Chere," he dropped his gaze not sure if he should tell her but he recovered not willing to lose his composure.


    She kissed him quickly knowing her brother could be upon them any minute. She didn't pull away this time but she got caught up in her feelings for him. He almost laughed at her change in attitude but deepened the kiss glad she didn't break it. He could smell her scent and knew she had finally relaxed.


     He pulled her back easily, "Yo' don't need to do dat smell." He smiled at her, "yo' don't need it fo' Remy."


     She looked a little lost, "I didn't mean to," she blushed. "I guess I missed you." She joked weakly.


     The leaves rustled and they parted slightly not wanting to share the moment with everyone. Remy bent down to inspect the sleeping mutant again and Hayley went forward to bring Justice to Kurt.


     Remy heard her scream and looked up to see Sabretooth standing with her in his grasp. His eyes narrowed and began to glow redder at the sight of the woman he loved in this monster's arms again. He wouldn't hurt her this time. Gambit watched Hayley's scared expression but hoped she would fight back enough to give him a shot at him.


     "I could smell that scent she was letting off," he growled at Gambit, "It's for me now." He reached down Hayley's throat but he let it trail down to fondle her breasts as he tore her fabric. "To finish what you started," he hissed in her ear but loud enough for Remy to hear.


     Remy had a card in his hand charged it, "Chere, yo' go' to move." Hayley looked at him with tears in her eyes and he knew she was panicking.


    He stepped closer and Sabretooth leered at him. "I will take her alive or dead," Victor growled at him.


    "Hayley," he called to her.


    She looked at him slowly knowing he needed her to move but she couldn't, it wasn't just her now but also the baby and she wouldn't let Victor kill it. She felt Victor's teeth on her neck and a new wave of panic went through. She watched Remy's mouth move but he made no word and stayed in his place for fear Sabretooth would kill her. She concentrated on what he was trying to say. Her heart jumped as she realized what he was mouthing, 'He loves me.' She realized she couldn't let Victor take her like this in front of Remy, not again. She nodded and touched his mind. Hayley felt a rage begin and concentrated hard. Her eyes turned blue and Sabretooth howled at her reaching his hand up in defense Ready to strike but before he could move She ducked at Remy's charge card and released her own lightening.


     Free of his grip, Hayley ran straight in to Remy's arms and when he held her tight she knew it. She kissed his cheek, "I love you too, Cajun."


     He kissed her quick but let her go spying Victor's return, "We go' company."


     Sabretooth howled again angry to see her with Remy but still smoking from their attack.


     Remy pushed her behind him and began his charge for the growling mutant. He felt Hayley grab his arm and he knew she wasn't paralyzed as she stood next to him. He choked a little as it reminded him of the love she showed when she tried to protect Justice and he knew she was a tiger right now. She loved him but he found himself angrier with the man who stomped his way forward.


     Sabretooth went flying to the side as Justice tackled him. "Come on Vic," Justice gestured at him. "I am not tied to a chair with a cap this time." Vic took a swing and Justice jumped away. "Not sick this time." Justice taunted him. "You don't have a prisoner who's a loved one." He dodged Sabretooth's grab again. "Looks like you might have your hands full."


     Sabretooth froze in a block of ice as Alex ran in. "You play too much," she said to Justice who merely looked at the sky. She ran to Hayley with a smile. "You're ok," she said eyeing Kurt on the ground. "How many were there?"


    Hayley bent down to Kurt, "Justice this is a friend and he's hurt." She called as her brother ran over. "Can you get him to infirmary quick."


    Justice nodded as Ally and Storm landed with Warren. Justice smiled at Storm and Ally and ran off to help the blue mutant.


     Warren looked at Remy's arm around Hayley's waist as he walked past Sabretooth, "I see we weren't needed," he said to Storm.


     Hayley looked at him curiously from his tone. Before she could say anything Warren spread his wings and flew off.


    "What's with him?" Hayley watched him run off quickly.


    "I'll get him," Storm began to levitate but winked to them, "He just jealous."


    Remy felt better than he had in days, now if Rayne were there he would feel complete. Another person hovered above and then dove down to them quickly.


     "Afterburn," Ally scolded. "Go back." Ally folded her arms at her.


     She looked at them with her solid red eyes, "I just wanted to help." Then her gaze set on Remy and she heard something and aimed her fire at the bush.


     Logan jumped from the bush in time to avoid Afterburn's attack and looked at the group as he moved to Sabretooth. Afterburn sighed seeing she missed whatever action there was. "I'll go back." She jumped to the air and looked back defiantly. Wolverine sniffed and his claws popped out and everyone stood on their guard. They looked around but heard a creak and saw Creed breaking free of his icy prison.


     Alex turned from her task of putting out the on fire bush she looked at the mutant breaking free and ran to freeze him again and harder. Suddenly a fire attack aimed at Creed freed him rather than hurt him and Alex stepped back from his reach. She looked up to see Afterburn's help. "You freed him," Alex yelled at the young mutant.


     Ally threw him back as Afterburn’s aimed another attack to fry him but this time he lunged towards Alex.


      Hayley jumped to the air to protect her sister as did Ally. Logan, Remy and Justice ran to get on top of him too.


       Creed snarled knowing he was outnumbered but the triplets were upon him now and Hayley didn’t seem as scared as she had been. He pounced on the nearest sister and tore into Ally’s leg from her perch in the sky.


      Ally gripped her leg to her involuntarily and Logan moved to his injured wife as she fell to the ground.


     Creed watched the others approach more carefully as he dodged lighting, ice and charged cards but Logan was more direct. Creed went down as Logan tackled him by the waist and rapped him in the jaw. Sabretooth threw Wolverine back against the other attacking mutants and jumped to his feet.


    He watched satisfied as Wolverine slammed into Alex and Gambit attempted to dodge the oncoming mutants but hit the ground with them.


     Creed seized his opportunity and ran from the fray.


      Gambit and Logan exchanged a look of anger and got to their feet to chase him.

Logan popped his claws and began hacking at the wooded area he had disappeared into. Remy stopped him producing cards and threw them clearing it much faster then gestured for Logan to walk through with a coy smile.


       Logan was amazed not to see Creed anywhere. The two mend ran after him following Logan’s sense of scent.



     Alex got up slowly, “I keep forgetting he’s made of adamantium.” She shook her head as Hayley steadied her.


    “He’s just big boned,” Hayley joked.


    “Why did you run?” Alex demanded.


     “I needed to be alone,” Hayley sighed as she watched Alex bend down to inspect Ally’s legs.


     “Alone?” Alex muttered. “You will need to have Hank stitch you up.” Alex said to Ally quickly.


    Hayley went over to see what had happened to Ally’s leg too. “Can you stand?”


    Ally shrugged and let her sisters pull her to her feet but grit her teeth against the pain. “In time, I am sure I can stand but now,” Ally smiled. “It’s tender.”


    Hayley jumped to the air, “then fly out of here.”


    Ally sighed and floated up Alex sighed at her sisters in the air, “I have to learn to fly.” She sighed.


    Ally started off in the direction of the school but soon realized Hayley had other ideas.


   Ally touched her sister’s mind and sighed.


   ‘I need to be alone a little. I have a lot to sort out,’ Hayley told her.








   Ally contacted Logan who stopped his tracking as Remy ran into him.


   Remy looked at Logan expectantly as he stood still, “Problem, mon ami.”


   “Al said Hayley took off,” he grunted a little angry about Hayley’s lack of staying still. “Go back to the others, I’m gonna track her down.”


    Gambit shook his head. ‘Was she looking for them? Did she need to be alone?’  “Let me go,” Remy offered quickly. He met Logan’s stare equally, “Yo’ need to be wit’ Ally.”


     Logan wasn’t sure he could get through to Hayley anymore than Gambit and he wanted to see how bad Ally had been hurt. “You get her and bring her back got it.” He pointed at him and directed him to where Ally assumed Hayley had been going.


     Remy nodded and ran into the falling leaves much faster than he had been with Logan.


    Logan watched him run and merely shook his head because he would never understand those two and their relationship.