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Strangers in the Night    




          Ty stood there with a school boy smile as he banged on the door for Aubrey. He took a deep breath and stood straighter. He whistled a tune and thought her heard another person whistling in the background but dismissed the notion quickly.

           He knew how Aubrey felt about him, and only hoped she still did. His heart jumped as he heard the door open.

          He looked for Aubrey but only saw the empty neat room. He went on his guard worried something had happened and took a sideways stance ready for anything.

         “Hello,” he called firmly.

          “Down here!” a voice called

          Ty didn’t see her though.

          “Over here,” the voice called.

          Ty noticed a little man standing by the door knob’s height on a chair with a shoe in his hand. He had pointed ears and a curious glance.

         “And what would it be that ye would be wanting now?” Dom exclaimed while he held the shoe tightly.

         “I think I have the wrong door,” Ty said quietly.

         Dom squinted his eyes at Kamikaze, “Bonsai?”

          “No, I am Ty, his twin,” Kamikaze shook his small hand politely.

         Dom set his jaw tired and wanting sleep, and not wanting anymore confusion. “Sure, you would be.” Dom said snidely, “I will be going to bed now if you are through.”

         “Uh, yeah.” Ty shrugged, and then Dom hopped off the chair and started to push the door shut, which was a heavy task for him.

           Ty smiled and grabbed the door knob pulling it shut quickly, and too quickly because Dom had a hold of the door tightly. Ty only heard a little thump and a thick Irish accent cursing heavily.

         ‘Maybe I will look for Aubrey tomorrow,’ Ty thought as he ran from the door.



         Alex finished with Hayley as Gambit leaned on the door-frame watching. She only did the vitals and checked reflexes, and made sure there was no immediate concern. Hayley seemed stronger by the minute.

         “She good, non?” Gambit asked.

         “Thanks to you,” Alex beamed. She couldn’t imagine her life without one of her siblings and she was grateful to this mysterious man.

          Alex began wrapping her things up. “What was it your sister was so adamant on leaving?”

          “She stubborn lik’ Hayley,” he smiled and pointed at Hayley who now stood. He noticed she wasn’t shaking this time either.

         “I am not stubborn,” Hayley laughed, “I am just right.”

         Alex rolled her eyes at her. “Sure, sure you are sis.” Then she noticed the look between the too and knew they couldn’t wait to be alone. She quickly realized three was a crowd and smiled at them. Hayley followed her to the hall and Gambit was with them both still staring at the uncanny resemblance between them.

         “See you all in the morning,” Alex laughed then her expression turned serious. “Hayl, dress as our father would have liked.”

          Hayley nodded a little humble at the thought of their father’s death. They both watched Alex wander down the hall.

         “Yo’ sho’ld be resting.” Gambit said with a sigh, he forgot it was a big day for them. He didn’t want to put himself in the Adams shoes, burying their father who was considered a monster.  Hayley must have picked up on his mood and shaken her own solemn attitude. She looked at him with a taunting grin.

         “You don’t have to leave,” Hayley smiled. “You could stay around for a while and talk.” She really wanted to get to know him better. She felt she had severely misjudged him and wanted to know whom he was.

         He smiled and looked at the ceiling for help. “Really, chere?” he laughed, “I t’ought yo’ were sleepy.”

          Gambit smiled and bowed to her sweeping his arm in exaggerated gestures, as if she were a queen.

        “I wouldn’t mind talking to somebody who wouldn’t judge me,” Hayley sighed at his clowning. Was that what it was, he reminded her of Justice?

        Gambit stepped closer, he knew he could relate because with his appearance he was often judged, “Really, lik’ yo’ judged me?” He laughed. “Or,” he stepped closer to her.  “Yo’ jus’ wan’ to reward me.”

        Hayley grabbed his shirt and pulled him to her, and she nearly laughed because he towered over her 5’3” frame. Hayley’s eyes narrowed at him.

         “Remy,” Hayley breathed in his ear.


         “Shut up.” She said in a small voice and wrapped her hand around his neck. He gave in easily to her gentle pull, and let their mouths meet with a crackle of electricity. Hayley pushed the feeling away, feeling heady, and not wanting to let go of him. She wrapped her other arm around his neck and felt him hold her waist tightly. She was concentrating hard not to let her natural mutation take over, pheromones were not how she wanted him to want her. She didn’t want some glamour to help her with her attraction.

         Hayley pushed herself closer to his body, trying to push anything out of the way from their bodies blending as one.  His hair was as soft as it looked and she let her hands and nails run through it, grasping his head tightly hoping to deepen the kiss. Suddenly she felt his hands on her shoulders easing her away. Startled she looked into his eyes, and she wondered if she had offended him. What she saw was intensity only matched by one other in her past and it almost scared her a little, almost.


           Gambit looked at Hayley’s flushed features, was it possible that she looked even lovely after he kissed her. He looked at her harder, and usually after he caught them enough to kiss them, he lost interest.

 Looking at Hayley now with her hair wild and her body this close he found he wanted to be even closer to her. Just the same, he knew with women that you shouldn’t rush them and he didn’t want to rush Hayley.  He couldn’t deny he had strong feeling for her this soon, and it was almost scary.  He didn’t want her to be a one-night thing, and he knew they were headed that way. She was too vulnerable right now to make a clear decision, so he had to for them. Would they be a couple? That would be up to the two of them, but he would give them that chance by being strong now.

             Her soft hands in his hair, and pulled him closer and made things harder for him. He gently pulled his mouth from hers kissing her as he pulled her away. She looked at him with and he could tell she was as on fire as he was.

            He was breathless but found the words, “Mon Duei” he laughed. “Chere, dis no good. Yo’ need time t’ t’ink, non?”

            Hayley laughed a little, “Maybe I don’t need time.” She taunted him back.

            Gambit smiled at her and kissed her cheek sweetly, “Dis Cajun will be dreaming ‘bout yo’.”

            Hayley wasn’t sure how to react because she didn’t have many men turn her down. “Where will you sleep?”

           “Ah got t’ check on Rayne.” He smiled knowing they weren’t each other’s favorite people. “Sorry, chere.”

           “No, it’s okay,” Hayley said sweetly, “I think it’s great you look out for each other.” She furrowed her brow, “Won’t you be uncomfortable sleeping there?”

           Remy laughed, “Now how yo’ know I was gonna sleep dere?”

           Hayley smiled, “You’re a lot like Justice that way.”

           He reached past Hayley and opened her door, resisting the urge to touch her again. Rayne needed him and he needed to straighten things with her.

           “Night Remy,” Hayley coo-ed and brush her fingertips against his face and they both relished the electricity that flew among them.

            He laughed though, “Yo’ aint make dis easy.” Then Hayley went into the room with a smile.

            Remy watched the door shut, ‘How ‘bout dat? Ah mad’ her smile.’ Then he laughed to himself because he new he did more than that, and they might have a flame started.

            He thought of Rayne and ran down the hall like a man possessed. It wouldn’t do to have Rayne hate Hayley when he was just getting used to her. He loved his sister and wanted things to run smooth.




             Jean smiled as Scott entered the Infirmary. He went to her and hugged her, and didn’t worry about what the others thought. Alex and beast only smiled but the Rayne watched them as if her only entertainment.

            “I caught your message,” Scott breathed in Jean’s ear. “Is the baby okay?” Scott asked.

            Jean nodded, “I just thought you could talk some sense into her,” She said numbly.

            “You’re angry at me, aren’t you?” Scott said in disbelief.

            “No.” Jean lied and she wasn’t really sure who she was mad at, Hayley? Scott? The little child Hayley carried or the whole idea? She felt like a louse.

            “I just have a lot of work to do,” she forced a smile.


             Alex noticed the coat on the ground, “Isn’t this Remy’s?” she asked.

             “Yes,” Beast said looking up from his work at the computer and his charts.

             “If he is still with Hayley,” she sighed, “I can give it to him when I go up.”

             “I am on tonight,” Jean smiled. “So I won’t be going that way, sorry.”

              “What?” Scott almost yelled. “What do HE have to do with it?”

              “He pulled Hayley and Jordan out of the water earlier,” Jean said simply.

               “Gambit?” Scott said slightly impressed, and then it passed, “Still, what does it have to do with Hayley now?”

                 Alex sighed she knew now, she had unknowingly opened a can of worms. “He went with me to escort Hayley to her room.” Alex crossed her arms challenging Scott’s protective urge.

               Jean was clearly becoming increasingly jealous over the whole situation, as she watched Scott move around slowly in a sort of pace now.

               Scott stopped as if an idea occurred to him, and he walked swiftly over to Jean and kissed her cheek. “I will meet you back at the room later.” And left the room swiftly.


             Jean looked at Beast and Alex’s curious gaze at each other. “I don’t claim to understand him, OK?” she joked, but deep down she sighed to herself with worry.



             Logan felt Ally’s hair as she slept, and he enjoyed the touch of her in his arms again. He could smell Hayley with the Cajun, and he gave a little smile.

            Good luck there, Gumbo,’ he thought to himself with a chuckle. He hoped somebody could tame his sister in law, and settle her down before her child came.  He could smell Gambit and Hayley’s prelude to sexually smells, but was very surprised when he realized Remy’s scent was going away.

             Having a sister in law or two down the hall made things interesting, who needed cable anyway.

            He watched Ally sleep and listened to the baby monitor. Family man? Was that really him? Only time would tell for sure, but he did know he never felt as much peace as when he held Ally or his child, his flesh and blood, his roots.

            Logan curled his body to her pressing his stomach to her back, and wrapping his arm around her side.  She began to move slowly and he realized he must have woke her.

           “Mmmmm?” she mumbled.

           “Hey,” he smiled as he rubbed his face against hers.

            He couldn’t have been more surprised when she grabbed his head and kissed him hard. He pressed his body to hers and he knew where this was leading, he laughed and was more than happy to oblige.





           Deanna walked out of the office a little angry at the memory, ‘Who do they think I am, a flunky?’

           It didn’t help her mood to see Amber standing and waiting for her with a very smug look.

           “Do you need something?” Deanna asked crossly.

           A wicked smile spread across Amber lovely features. “Nope. Just watching you getting in deeper and deeper.”

           “Deeper?” Deanna decided to fall all the way for Amber’s game, “Deeper in what?”


            Deanna scowled and started to walk away but Amber chuckled at her departure.

            “You do realize that once you have served your purpose, he will dispose of you,” Deanna gestured to the large metal doors. “Unlike Adams, Magneto won’t keep us around in cages with a purpose.”

           “I thought his name was Eric?” Amber titled her head.

           “It is,” Deanna looked at Amber like she was a complete idiot. “He is also Magneto.”

            “So, we were finally sold?” Amber guessed.

           “More like repossessed.” Deanna sighed. She knew Eric was still owed money by Adams. They had told her that some subjects Eric had paid for had been less than willing, and they had managed to escape Adams labs. Deanna remembered the mutants, and they had been powerful all right.

           “What do you mean about served my purpose?” Amber laughed, “I have been in and out of the labs forever.”

           “That’s because your chip took well but I wonder if you be as docile if Adams hadn’t helped you,” Deanna laughed.

           “What is it they don’t want me knowing,” Amber said in a plain voice but her eyes were pleading.

           “Pleading for your past, animal?” Deanna found her amusing right now. “Well, forget it you were born here and will die here.”

           Amber lowered her eyes, “I don’t believe you,” and then her anger caught her. Amber took a defensive stance towards Deanna and threw her hands to her sides clenched in fist. Amber looked at her right hand as her claws popped out form between her fingertips, and gave Deanna a wicked smile.

          “Now, egghead,” Amber moved closer to Deanna menacingly. “You are gonna tell me the truth.”

          “I am not afraid of you,” Deanna lied as she back away from the knife welding mutant.

           Suddenly the doors flew open and there stood Magneto with his helmet on and a very annoyed looked. Amber flew into the air and stay there.

          “I can’t trust you to get along, then why do I need either of you?” Magneto growled at them. Then he pointed at Deanna, “And you. Get to work.” He sighed, “I want results, now.”

         He threw Amber against the wall for effect. She got to her feet slowly and realized somebody else was there with them now. A beautiful woman stood there dressed in red with a head-dress much like the one that magneto wore. Next to her stood a silver haired man wearing a silver and white body suit. Both stood there with their arms crossed staring at Amber like a punished child.

         “We need new blood,” Eric laughed as he pointed to the duo. “Meet the Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver.” The two were unwavering in the posture but remained as calm as statues. “Unlike most of you, they are powerful mutants.” He taunted Amber, knowing it would put Amber in line once again. Amber would go nuts to prove herself to him now. “They are naturally powerful mutants, not made like some.”

          “What’s your point?” Amber said. “That they are hard to take down?” She scoffed as she looked them over. “Want to see who’s left standing?” Amber cocked an eyebrow at Magneto. She knew what he was up to.

          Eric looked at her still unsheathed claws, “You would be better to put those away.” He warned.

          Out numbered, Amber weighed her options and drew her claws in and squared her shoulders.  She stood once again with the posture and poise of an athlete but with all the beauty of a model.

          “Quit the games,” Amber crossed her arms. “You won’t shake me very easily, and I know you need me.” Amber almost laughed. She wasn’t sure why but she was sure there was a reason he needed her.

         Magneto sneered at her. She was as impetuous as she was valuable. If only the Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver had her healing ability, he would have gotten rid of her. What a great feat it was to send them in battle, and they healed themselves going back for more. He sighed as an evil smile took the place of his disapproval, and he remembered he would have more self-healing mutants soon. Payment  was in full and it would be soon.




          Alex watched Beast with a small giggle, and she couldn’t help feeling giggly when her sister’s were being so promiscuous. Sometimes a psychic bond sucked, and sometimes it helped make you smile. Whatever the matter, Alex felt like dancing because knew all of her siblings were happy, and with the strong feeling she got from Ally and Hayley. She looked at Beast past Jean with a look of longing and wondered to herself if she should invite Hank to the pool to talk a while, just to be alone. She shook her head trying to clear the silliness, and laughed. These emotions running rampant, was why she was an Aunt now.


          They all heard Rayne clear her throat.  "Pardon, but migh’ I have ma brother's coat?"  From where they were standing they could see a faint amber glow coming from her eyes.
         Beast wondered if the calmer emotion that Aramis gave Rayne was wearing off, as Alex walked over to give Gambit's sister his coat.
       "Here you go," Alex draped the coat over Rayne.
       Rayne caressed the coat and a silent tear fell from her cheek. "Remy," She said as she buried her face into the folds of the collar.
        Alex looked to Jean and Beast for help.  Rayne and Remy obviously cared deeply for each other.  It didn't make sense that Rayne would be so upset.  Alex checked the IV ports to make sure that everything was working properly.  She looked at the slight tremble that was Rayne buried beneath Gambit's coat. 
      "Rayne, I know it's none of my business, but why are you so upset that your brother is here."  When there was no response, Alex put in,  "I would think that you would be happy so see him."
      "Yo' don' understand." Rayne finally said.  "Yo' don' know."
      "Don't know what? Do you want to talk about it?"  Alex placed a comforting hand on the girls shoulder.
        From inside the coat Alex heard a strangled sob that broke into wail. "Dieu me pardonnent, j'a essaye'!  Remy me pardonnent!  Tanti' me pardonnent!  Pappa me pardonnent! Dieu m'aident!  Donc me pardonnent!
        Beast came over with a syringe full of sedative.  "The calm before the storm."  He sighed,  "Aramis said she didn't think her calm mood would last for long."
      Alex looked at Jean, stricken. "I didn't mean to upset her like this. I only wanted to help."
     The sedative took effect pretty quickly this time, and Rayne's sobs were calming down.  She sniffed and managed a slight sigh.  "Forgive me fo' actin' stupid, sil vous plait."
        "Dear girl, you have nothing to be sorry for.  You just try and get some sleep now." Beast said in his deep soothing voice.
        Rayne settled under the coat, closed her eyes and let the drugs take her into the darkness of sleep.

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