Wolvie Femmes * Step Up 






      Logan went looking for Ally and pulled their door to their room open quickly. He could smell her and looked to the bathroom's shut door. He threw the door opened to see her pulling on the outfit she had worn at her father's labs. He looked at the fresh skin on her leg now and sighed.


      "How'd you manage that?" Logan pointed at her leg.


      "Reg," Allyson said as she tucked the form fighting clothing over her hips. "He was able to heal me easily, so I’m in now."


       Logan watched her pulling the outfit on and sighed. It was a tight fit on her now with her expanding belly. He reached forward to pull her hair away from her zipper but instead he found his hands roaming in to touch her bare skin and pushing her clothes away.



      Ally smiled. She had to hurry but she knew how he could get and as he nipped at her ear and neck, she had to admit she wanted his embrace. She turned to face him and kissed him hard much to his surprise and soon his clothing were on the floor too.









      Remy ran to Ally's room, determined not to be left behind. He sighed seeing the door wasn't shut all the way, looked into the room cautiously and saw nothing but a made bed and tidy room.


     He heard Ally groaning from the bathroom, grabbed the ash tray and charged it quickly following the sound. He moved stealthily to the threshold of the bathroom door and took a breath as he heard her gasp loudly.


     ‘Where’s Wolverine? Dis his wife,’ He mumbled to himself and turned the corner quickly to defend his friend. Remy's mouth dropped when he saw Logan holding Ally on his hips.


      He didn't move at the sight for a minute because it had almost mirrored what he and Hayley did in the shower, but he soon felt the burning of the charged ash tray.





      Logan was a primal spirit as he felt her responding to him and match his movements. He noticed a quick smell but was distracted as Ally dug her nails into his shoulder.


      Gambit sucked in a sharp breath as the pain from the charged tray escalated.


      They both heard it and Logan turned with a set of claws out and leapt at the noise almost dropping Ally from their embrace.


       Ally saw Gambit's surprised face as he grasped his hand in pain. When she saw Logan's leap for him she grabbed Wolverine with her telekinesis inches from Remy's body.


      Remy turned red as he looked at Ally to thank her and seeing her fully naked body, "I thought you were in trouble, chere." He stumbled seeing an equally naked Wolverine lowered to the ground slowly and he backed out of the bathroom with his head turned.


      Ally grabbed a towel and pulled it around her quickly but Logan didn't seem to care about his nakedness and kept his gaze on Remy as he moved into the room after the Cajun.


      "Your dead, Gumbo," Logan growled.


      Remy stopped but kept his gaze at the floor so he wouldn't look at Logan, "I heard her make some noise and thought she was in trouble, mon ami." He was truly embarrassed at the situation and a bit annoyed at how they could be doing this now when they needed to be off rescuing Hayley and Alex.


      Ally ran from the bathroom and grabbed Logan's shoulder, "It was a mistake, Hon." She reasoned as she placed a towel around his waist and knotted it.


       Remy looked at Logan's eyes now that he had some clothing on and then he looked at Ally who now had a robe on and held it shut with her hand, "I came looking for Ally."


      Logan growled harder, pushing Ally behind him and she sighed meeting Remy's eyes. "What about?" She asked tying her robe shut.


      "Later, Cajun," Logan grunted and began to push Ally out of his sight. Ally rolled her eyes and pushed her way past him, "Hon."


      She looked at Remy sadly, "She contacted you first."


      Remy sighed and nodded, "Ah I know where they are an’ ah need ta go. We need ta go."


      Ally nodded and moved closer and took his hand, "But Remy, they want you too."


      Wolverine moved closer wanting Remy out of his room and away from Ally, "You want to talk to my wife Cajun?"


      Remy narrowed his eyes tired of Logan's one track mind.


     "Then you can wait until she's dressed," He growled and shoved Gambit out the door.


      Remy was losing his patience but he knew he and Ally had fought well together before and there was power in numbers. He let Logan remove him from the room and push his hand from his shoulder with a warning look.


     Logan started to shut the door but Ally grabbed it, "Remy give me a few minutes ok?" She closed it gingerly.





     "You didn't have to toss him out like that," She scolded. Logan grabbed her to him.


      "Yes I did," He growled and took her mouth in his as his hands undid her robe. He eased her onto the bed and felt her sigh in resignation.


      Ally almost groaned inwardly. Not that she didn't like sex but for Logan it wasn't shut off that easily and she knew he felt he had to take her now after Remy had caught them. He was a little jealous and she wasn't sure if she liked that or found it annoying.






       Remy sighed hearing the noises of them together and moved down the hall to find Justice and Storm.


       Justice eyed him, "Aren't you in sick bay?"


       Remy tossed his head still miffed at Logan, "Not anymore."


       Storm touched his arm, "What is it, Remy? Did Hayley contact you again?"


      Remy thought his mood couldn't be worse until he thought of the sad thoughts of Alex and Hayley telling them to save themselves, "Non." Remy gestured with his head at Logan and Ally's door, "Wolverine…" He grunted angrily.


       "Logan?" Justice sighed.


       Remy crossed his arms and decided to take it up with the oldest Adams, "I'm going wit' you Justice."


       "I know," Justice figured they wouldn’t be able to keep him here, "Hayley contacted you before she did us. She needs you."


        Remy nodded surprised he relented so quickly. He pointed at the door, "Yo' wan' go get yo’r sister?"


       Justice shrugged wondering what the big deal was, let Storm's hand go and marched to the door. He thumped it hard wondering if she had fallen asleep after using her ability to help transport herself all day.


      The door opened quickly and a fist smashed Justice in the mouth sending him reeling back on his heels.


       Justice stumbled around a bit from the hard adamantium laced blow and looked at Logan angrily but all thoughts of countering the blow was dismissed when he saw that his brother in law was naked.


       Then the door was slammed in his face. Justice felt Storm at his side looking at his injured lip, "Next time hang a sign!" He yelled at the shut door and heard sounds that he recognized as his sister.


       Justice looked at Remy angrily. He marched over to the Cajun who was trying not to laugh, "You knew, didn't you?" Justice was miffed because he knew better than to interrupt Wolverine.


      Remy casually covered his mouth to hide his smile, "Ah wanted ta know if it was jus’ me, mon ami."


      Storm laughed quickly remembering Justice had been none to happy to be interrupted before.


      "Thanks so much, Gumbo," Justice scoffed.


      Storm pointed at Remy's bare chest and the stitches he had, "You might want to dress for the occasion."


      Remy nodded not sure if he should still wait for Ally.


     "She'll find you," Justice said wiping the blood from his mouth.


     "Yo' in mah head, homme?" Remy said angrily.


     "No," Justice sighed wondering what Gambit's problem was.


     "Den how yo’ know what ah was t'inkin’, hanh?" Remy pointed a finger at him.


     "You said so," Justice pushed his finger out of his face.


     "No, Justice he did not," Ororo confirmed.


      Justice stared at them both blankly and suddenly it made sense, "Aw, shit." He would have to get this under control before they left for the mission. Suddenly Ally's thoughts of passion were almost being shouted at his mind.


      "You don't hear that?" Justice yelled above his sister's thoughts.


      Remy and Storm watched him as he yelled all of the sudden and grabbed his ears.


      Justice heard Ororo screaming at him, and then realized he was on the ground hearing other thoughts creeping into his mind as though a thousand people were shouting at him all at once.


      Storm looked at Remy and bent down to Justice. She grabbed his hands from his ears and looked into his pain filled eyes, "Justice, Focus on my voice. Only on my voice."


      Remy bent down, "What’s goin’ on?"


      "He is mutating," She sighed as Justice met her eyes and began to grunt with effort to shut the other voices out.


      "Mutating?" Remy mumbled.


      "The experiments," Storm sighed loudly.


       Remy swallowed hard, "Should ah get Xavier?"


       "No, he is still ill, Gambit," Storm shook her head.


       Justice focused on Storm's eyes and thought of nothing else. Quickly he found only the closest mental voices remained. He heard Storm's concern and how Remy wondered if Rayne would go through this ‘mutation’ as well.



       Ally ran from the room in her robe again and made straight for Justice. She looked at him as she put his head on her lap and kissed his head.


      "Just', listen to me," Ally let him in her mind and began to guide him. Logan came out of the room now clad in his uniform and grunted at the sight.


      Justice watched Ally's eyes as she lead him. He began to sort the voices and followed his sister’s guidance as he would a map.


      Remy gulped wondering if Justice would be able to go now. He was a strong guy and an asset in a fight. It would be harder without him.


      "Step up?" Logan stood closer to the group now.


       Storm nodded, "I think so, Logan."


       Remy looked clueless and Logan sighed, "Al, went through this not too long ago, but I don't think hers was this bad."


       Ally and Justice broke contact and both looked exhausted. Remy and Storm exchanged a worried look at the remaining siblings. Is the rescue over before it even began?


       Logan pulled Ally to him and stroked her hair as her eyes shut slowly, "What happened, Al?"


       Justice looked up as Ally rested, "She helped to clear away all those voices that were screaming in my head." Justice stood a bit wobbly. Remy and Storm extended a hand to him to keep him from falling over.

      Justice groaned and began to move away numbly. Storm followed him looking back at Remy and Logan worried.


      Remy looked at Alley’s closed eyes, glad he didn't have to be reminded of Hayley's eyes at that minute, "She gon' be able ta go now?"


      Logan didn't answer him but pulled her away from Remy and stood with her in his arms. He ducked into the room and gave Remy a mean glance as he shut the door. Remy sighed and ran to help Storm who was struggling with Justice in the hall.









      Alex woke up and looked around. She was alone this time in a secluded room except for Pietro who was standing by her side looking at some papers.


      He looked up realizing she was awake. He smiled at her and moved closer, "I'm glad you're awake."


     Alex didn't answer and began to struggle against her bindings but soon stopped realizing she only had a thin, short hospital gown on now. Pietro was dressed in his uniform now and looked at her in a peculiar forlorn way as he leaned over her.


     He then sat on the bed and touched her hand, "You shouldn't have angered my father." Alex tried to wiggle her hand free but he tightened his grasp and began to rub it gently. He sighed and stroked her hair, "Not all things that he asks of us are pleasant, but we try and make the most of them."


     Alex narrowed here eyes wondering what he was talking about. Then she felt him move the blanket off of her leaving her with only the gown and she felt horribly exposed.


     Pietro touched her face and gave a little smile, "Try and think of something else."


     Alex found her voice, "What do you want?"


     "Just you," He said in her ear as he moved closer and his hand traveled under her gown.


      Alex started to scream as she felt his hand travel up her thigh. He covered her mouth with his and pulled back again, slowly. Alex didn't bother to hide her disgust and tried to push him away but found him gently placing kisses along her neck. Alex understood then what he had been commanded to do. She was to suffer the same fate as Hayley, but his touch was more like a lover's than something that was to torture her.


     "Relax," He said and felt her try to scream again. He covered her mouth, "RELAX!” My father would love to hear you scream but I really don't care to," He sighed.


      "You don't want to do this do you?" She said puzzled. Why would he show any compassion towards her? Alex figured that he was as cruel and evil as his father. ‘Then again,’ Alex thought, ‘We didn’t turn out like our father, either.’


      He laughed at her words, shed his uniform and pulled the blanket over them both. Curiously, he hid his body from her as he shed his underwear and socks. An idea formed at the shy man who began to caress her almost lovingly. Alex began to laugh at him.


      He pulled away from her upset. 'She’s not making this easy,' He sighed and pushed his mouth over hers roughly and ripped her gown off her.


     Alex felt their naked bodies pressed together and panicked as she lost her breath. She felt him kissing her neck and his kisses trailed to her breasts. She tried to shut out what was happening and her thoughts went to Hank. She hadn't realized she had been crying until she felt his hand against her cheek wiping the tears away.


     'Why was he being so endearing?' She was so confused. She didn't want this but he didn't seem to want it anymore then she did. She felt his erection against her thigh and was pushed beyond upset and beyond being able to struggle from him and the bindings.


      Memories of Rayne and Edval raced through her mind and she fought not to throw up.



      He sighed but let her struggle until he kissed her tears away. He was glad he had her off balance at least and she seemed to be losing her fight.


     "No," She wept. Her eyes met his pleading with him silently. Her mind flew back again to the painful ordeal Rayne had been through and she wished she would pass out to be spared the memory of this.


     "You're that repulsed by me?" He asked and pulled his body from hers slowly.


     She didn't answer him but she met his eyes and he knew she really didn't want him, at all.


      He pulled the blanket between them and she looked at him confused. "Okay," He sighed, "But I need to let him think that it happened or he'll have Sabretooth in here, understand?"


     Alex looked at him and knew he meant it. She didn't really understand him and was still scared when he simply fell asleep on the pillow next to her. ‘Did he mean to bring Sabretooth in later? What this just a cruel ploy to try and win her trust?’ Alex shuddered.






      Ally gasped and jumped awake on the bed. She found Logan staring at her concerned.


      "Al?" He touched her face.


      Ally shrugged him off, "We have to go and we have to go now."


      Logan knew something was wrong and held her until she looked at him.


      "They are torturing Alex," Ally turned her head as her tears fell. She didn't want to tell him everything just yet. Alex's mind was tormented as Quicksilver was in bed with her her and Rayne's memories made it much harder on her sister.


     ‘What a vicious cycle,’ Ally thought. Ally ran to the bathroom and tossed her clothing on. She was grateful to see that Logan had his X-man uniform on and she kissed him lightly.


     "Meet me at the blackbird," She ordered and ran from the room.