Wolvie Femmes * At Stake:



       Jean watched Beast prep the infirmary for Hayley and Rogue then saw that Khaki had opened eyes and was staring at them.


      "How do you feel?" Jean smiled at the child.


     "Fine," she said softly. Jean studied her carefully and she looked like she had awakened from a long nap.


     She called Kitty to come and take the younger mutant to her room so that she could relax and not be frightened by the injured mutants coming in.


      Kitty had been close by and ushered Khaki out just in time to see Warren bringing Rogue in.


      "I swear I am fine," she sighed talking to Warren. "Hayley covered me and did this weird lightin’ thing."


     Beast ran to her and looked her over for injuries and only found minor scrapes on her arms and legs. "How is it that you are not harmed?"


    Jean had told him about the mental message Ally had shouted to her telepathically, and it was a wonder Rogue could survive Gambit's power attacks with little or no damage.


     Rogue shook her head, "I told you, Hayley did it."


    Warren crossed his arms and listened, "What exactly did she do?"


    "I got caught and she tried the free me but couldn't burn the vines quick enough," Rogue looked upset at the memory, "She seemed to know when the charge was close and she let her own sort of charge, then she shielded me but didn't touch me."


    Beast's attention was caught, "What sort of charge?"


   "Kind of electric," Rogue bit her lip, "I think."


    "Like Khaki?" Jean asked.


     Rogue nodded.


    "What kind of condition was Hayley in?" Warren asked quickly wishing his wings would have allowed him to help more but the branches would have caught him as they did Rogue and Hayley.


    Rogue looked at the table she sat on. "After the explosions, she didn' move and I couldn' help her."


     Justice ran in with Hayley and placed her on the first bed he could find. She wasn't moving and she looked pale in comparison to her natural olive complexion. Justice kept his horrified look as they pushed him aside to work on her. Justice looked down at his shirt and heard the bike squeal in.


     Remy and Tyler came running in crashing into Justice who was still standing dumbfounded in the doorway.


     Remy pushed past Justice and Justice held Ty back from running into the room after him. Jean and Beast worked quickly and paid no attention to Remy and Justice's watchful eyes.


    Beast sighed and looked her over, "where is she bleeding from?"


    Jean grabbed the scissors and began to cut the clothing from Hayley's body inspecting it for the cause. She finally found a wound under her arm that seemed to be oozing. "I have it." Jean's mouth dropped as she watch some of the smaller wounds were gone now.


     Justice watched as his sister was stripped of her clothing and her body was rolled back and forth looking at her injuries. He felt ill at the site of her and as she was barren of her materialistic things like her shoes and clothing.


    He felt Warren walk out with his head down as he politely pushed his way past them and brought Tyler away from the door.


     Justice grabbed Remy's shoulder and pulled him hard until Remy realized what he wanted and followed them out of the room.


    "What?" Remy asked quickly without patience.


    "I wouldn't stay if it was Rayne," Justice folded his arms.


     Remy scoffed, "Better not, homme," he countered, "Yo and Rayne ain’t…and yo' aint…." He trailed before verbalizing his relationship with Hayley. He understood where Justice was coming from but Justice wasn't sleeping with Rayne. "An yo' better never touch her, ya hear?" Remy said as his eyes flashed a warning. When it came to Rayne, Gambit’s protective nature surfaced.


    "Do you understand then?" Justice countered.


     "No," Remy jumped at him with a finger pointed at Justice, "If dat were Storm, yo' be in dere."


     Remy turned and pushed his way back into the room.


     Justice felt like a fool and he was worried about Hayley. He heard footsteps and saw his sisters running in with Storm. Alex and Ally pushed past while Storm looked at Justice's crest fallen face.


    "Is she all right?" Storm asked quietly. Justice nodded, "I think so."


    Storm felt him pull her into a hug and he sighed, "I just made a fool out of myself," and Storm looked up and he nodded, "Yeah, again."


    Storm's laughter cheered him a little.


    When Justice went back in he found Remy standing by Ally with his hand resting on his jaw and Hayley had a sheet draped over her and was hooked up to the Atari like monitor.


     "What's going on?" he asked Ally and Remy quickly.


     "She's healing herself," Ally shrugged. Justice mouth dropped, "Are you sharing?"


     "I don't think I have any left," Ally smiled feeling a bit tired now and pointed to Hayley, "but I guess I must."


      Justice lightly slapped Gambit's shoulder. Remy turned quickly and glared at him.


     Justice mouthed, 'sorry,' and Remy nodded then continued to watch the doctors at work.


     Alex stood close by wondering if she should jump in but Beast held a hand up to the curious as he turned.


      "Our dear Hayley, is healing herself," Hank sighed, "it would appear she is using a healing factor or has one."


      "She gon' be alright den?" Remy asked taking his hand from his mouth but his stare remained on Hayley. Jean began to hook her up to the baby monitor and it snapped to life with the rhythmic thumping of the unborn child's heartbeat.


    "Yes," Hank sighed, grabbing her chart and scribbling, "She will be fine soon."


    Remy pointed at the machine that kept thumping as Hayley slept, " Wha's dat?"


     Jean smiled, vaguely amused that Remy seemed spooked by the machine, "Her child's heartbeat." Remy stood still not sure what to make of it then stepped back a bit. He knew it wasn't his child but it represented something that could change his life if he stayed with Hayley. Finally he smiled and looked at her siblings, "Dat's cool."


     Justice and Ally had been holding their breath for Hayley, worried that the only good man in her life was spooked by a past mistake she had made. Justice smiled as Ally excused herself now feeling very tired, "Very cool he whispered to Ally."


      "I thought so too," Ally kissed her brother and gave Remy's hand a reassuring squeeze and then she walked out slowly.


     Justice found a chair next to Alex and the sounds of baby's heartbeat seemed hypnotic and he found his eyes closing. Alex laughed and nudged him hard and Justice flailed until he flew out of his seat hitting the ground with a hard thud. Justice stared at the room confused.


     "I feel asleep didn't I?" He blinked and then rubbed his eyes. Storm chuckled as Remy offered him a hand up shaking his head at the comical sight.


     The doors flew open and Scott strode in purposely and looked around the room until he saw Hayley lying on the bed. He went to her and held her hand.


     Remy had been helping Justice to his feet but the sight of Scott stopped him short and he let go of Justice sending him back into a heap on the floor. Gambit marched over to where Scott began asking Hank questions.


     Jean couldn't look more hurt at Scott's behavior as he had pushed past her to check on the baby monitor.


    "Can I just get a pillow down hear?" Justice joked from his place on the floor, then snapped to his feet.


     "How could this happen?" Scott mumbled but a small glowing object by his feet caught his attention. Scott recognized the charged object and moved before he got a hot foot. It wasn't a strong charge but it got his attention and Scott stared angrily at Remy.


     Rogue stepped forward, "I threw it," She stared her mentor in the face, "She was helping me and she got hurt." Rogue crossed her arms and tilted her head in a fashion much like Hayley, "Do you think she would want 'you' hovering over her?"


    A loud snicker came from Justice and Gambit and they stared at each other amused because that was probably the first thing they had agreed on all day.


    "Enough," Beast growled, "This is not the danger room. If you must fight take it outside."


     Scott went on, "and the baby is doing fine?"


    At that question Jean lowered her head and left the answers to Beast who merely nodded.


    Remy began to step forward but Justice stopped him with a hand on his arm and cleared his throat. "She is more than a human incubator for your child," Justice said pointedly as he crossed his arm. "If you aren't here for my sister you might want to leave because there IS another person besides your child there."


    Scott blushed slightly but didn't move. He faced a double edged sword thanks to Justice, if he said he was only there for the safety of his child he looked callous and he was sure Justice would be in his face but if he admitted he still carried an attraction and cared for Hayley, he was sure the next charged thing he saw would be in his face. So he kept silent.


    Storm sighed, hoping to help keep the peace she stood, "It's late we should all let her sleep." Then Ororo stared at Remy and Justice expectantly.


    Once more the door opened and Wolverine came in. He looked about at the faces and realized it was another tense moment. He noticed Scooter holding Hayley's hand and then looked to Justice and Remy for an explanation.


    "How's the kid doin’?" he asked Jean who looked like she needed to talk. "She's healing herself," she sighed not quite understanding why.


    Logan's eyebrow shot up, "It's not mine."


     Alex began to laugh from her chair, "If it is you have a lot of explaining to do to Ally."

They all knew the possibility wasn't there.


     Beast looked at the chart and it caught his eye, "When was the last time any of you found your abilities going forward?" He asked Alex and Justice.


      Alex sighed, "When our father died," She looked at the other people uncomfortably, "He seemed to divide his strength among us but gave Ally most of his telepathy and telekinesis."


      Beast looked upset in a more personal way, "Why didn't you tell me?"


    "We seem to have it under control," Alex took a deep breath.


     "Who is the oldest of the three of you?" Jean wondered.


     "Alex is." Justice mumbled.


    "Did you notice a step up in your abilities right away?" Jean wondered but Alex merely nodded.


     "Ally said it almost got out of hand the following day but she soon had it under control," Alex wondered what she was getting at.


    "Is Hayley the youngest?" Jean asked.


    Justice nodded with Alex but he sighed, "I understand what you are getting at but with that theory, why didn't I experience a step up before the triplets?"


    Jean shrugged, "I don't know but it does seem that she could be mutating still."


    "Can she control it?" Logan asked rubbing his jaw.


     Beast sighed, "I would say she so after what Marie said about the lightening." Logan cocked and eyebrow, "Lightening?"


     Remy gasped remembering something, "Mon Dieu, One nigh' de lights kep’ flashin' an' she shocked me." Remy's hand touched his mouth at the memory.


     Justice nodded, "She absorbed the witch's lightening too." Gambit nodded remembering she had taken the blow that had been meant for him.


     Alex stood, "She will need rest," She began pushing Remy and Justice towards the door. "Even Wolverine needs a safe haven to heal," She smiled.


      Justice and Remy looked back at Scott who stayed talking to Jean but Alex kept her glare. "I'll be here," she said softly. "I will have Logan kick him out soon," She laughed a little, "Besides Justice, you look like a serial killer." She pointed at his shirt.


     Remy touched her shoulder, "yo' let me know when she wakes up?"


     Alex nodded and kissed her brother's cheek before disappearing into the infirmary again.


     Remy looked at Justice as they walked side by side to the elevator. He knew Justice looked tired and felt for him.


    "What time is it?" Justice asked suddenly.


    "Night time," Remy winked but had no real idea.


    Justice uncharacteristically leaned against the wall as the elevator approached. They stepped in but heard a small voice telling them to hold the door. As Justice leaned his back against the elevator wall, Remy stuck his foot against the elevator door to prevent it from closing.


    Rogue ran in and both men looked at each other surprised.


    Justice wondered if escaping the infirmary was something Remy would do or more a Hayley thing.


    Remy held the door still not convinced this was all right. "Chere?" He cocked an eyebrow at the young girl.


    "They SAID I could go," She insisted. Justice yawned and let his telepathy tell him the truth, "They said she could go."


     "I'm more like myself now," She smiled at Remy moving closer to the charismatic man.


    "S’at so?" Gambit laughed, "Ah wasn't da one who tried ta give Cyclops de hot foot." She chose to ignore that and put her head on Remy's chest.


    Remy gave Justice a helpless look but Justice smiled, "I would say we have Hayley here." With that he wrapped an arm around Rogue's shoulders and pulled her from him.


   "You don't want that smelly old thief," Justice joked and began to rub his knuckle against Rogue's head.  She pushed free of his gentle grasp.


    "Then what do I want?" Rogue challenged with her hands on her hips.


    "Well, Bobby was looking for you earlier," Justice sighed.


    "Really?" Rogue's eyes lit up and the elevator stopped and the doors swished open quickly. She smiled and apologized to them and ran out.


   Justice chuckled, "Rogue's there too."


   "Where's Storm?" Remy asked as he stepped off the elevator behind Justice.


     "I got the feeling she wanted to hold back," he shrugged, "And I think they wanted the testosterone out of there."


      Gambit's thought went to Rayne. "How yo' handle three sisters?" he shook his head.


     "Ally and Alex aren't so bad," Justice winked, "Hayley was always the youngest and the smallest of the three, the runt." Justice snorted, "Always felt like she had more to prove and pushed herself harder."


     Remy sighed he could certainly see that and he knew Rayne tried to keep up with him when they were younger. He thought of Hayley being down there with Scott and grimaced but he also wanted to find Rayne. "Day fin’ me when she wake up, non?"


     Justice nodded and stopped in front of his door, "If they don't I will." He had to admit he liked this guy. Remy wasn't afraid to be himself. "When she wakes up she is going to have a lot of questions and she is going to want to see you." Justice grinned but it turned into a yawn. "Might want to sleep while you can…." But a slender figure caught Justice's eye as it made it's way toward them.


    Storm slowed up at the sight of Gambit. She had hoped to meet Justice later and avoid the knowing winks and nods at her new relationship with Justice. She sighed but wasn't too quick to give up on the idea of being in Justice's arms tonight. As she expected thought Remy gave her a coy smile.


    Gambit slapped Justice in the chest and winked at Storm. "Sleep well mes ami." He said to them both, happy for his friends. He ran to his room but sleep was the last thing on his mind. He stepped in his room and began to change his clothing as thoughts of Rayne and how scared she was earlier came to mind. He grabbed a cigarette and lit it quickly then ran out of the room quickly. 'Rayne girl, yo’ an me need ta talk.'


    Storm watched Justice sink into a chair.  She looked at all the papers that sat on the desk, "Somebody has been busy."


    Justice nodded with a yawn, "I also called ahead to prepare my apartment for Jordan."




   "They are going to turn one of the guest rooms into a child's room," He sighed and picked up a file, "I assumed it would make a better adjustment for her if her room resembled the one she had here."


   Storm smiled, "That is a wonderful idea Justice." She knew he would be a very caring father. He smiled enjoying the praise from her, "I also bought a new bed for my room." He cleared his throat uncomfortably. Storm didn't follow. "Things are better though a bit different," He said sitting up a bit more. "I had a few other things sent to make her comfortable and it will be spotless when she arrives."


   Storm looked at him a bit uneasy, "I guess I will see you me when you come back here." "I was hoping you would come stay with us for a while," He smiled, "or you might just pack up and move with us."


    Storm sighed she was afraid she might not have been invited at all but she wasn't sure about leaving Xavier. She had obligations.


     "Why do you think I wanted a new bed?" He smiled ruefully. He didn't like the idea of letting Storm stay in the bed his ex did.


     She smiled, "I will move in with you and Jordan to make her transition smoother but we will have to let time tell us."


     Justice smiled, "fair enough." He had hoped she would jump at the idea but he had to respect her obligations to the school and his uncle. He poured himself into his papers wanting to be prepared for his day of work in the morning.


     Storm wondered if she had offended him because he seemed to keep his distance, "Can I help you?"


    "Well," he sighed, "If I get close to you, I will never get done, Ororo." He smiled at her then walked over to her and kissed the top of her head.


    "I had better stay in my room for the night then," Storm nodded, "I will also pack some things." She tilted her head to him for a goodnight kiss. She felt her worries melt away as he folded her into his arms in a sweet kiss. She finally had to be the one to break the embrace.


     Justice smiled and cleared his throat, "I'll walk you to your room." Storm pointed to his shirt.


     "You had better shower instead." He blushed and yanked the dried bloodied garment off leaving his strong hairless chest bare. He wrapped an arm around her waist, "Come on." He smiled at her. Chivalry wasn't dead.





     Reg was about to fall asleep after exploring some of this new place, but a knock on his door stopped him. He cautiously opened the door finding the wolf-girl and the boy who had turned into the bear standing there.


    "Yeah?" he asked as he stepped into the hall.


    Brian pointed at his feet, "Nice shoes man." Reg looked down at his bunny slippers that a friend from Georgia had sent him recently.


    "Yeah, a gift from me mate," He smiled daring him to make an issue of it.


    They looked down the hall and saw a beautiful black lady walking with the male Adams sibling. Once the men saw Justice's muscular chest without his shirt, they both puffed their chests out with deep breaths. Sassy chuckled under her breath as the men watched the two walking hand in hand.


    Justice had stopped with Storm in front of a door oblivious to the others and they all got quite an eyeful as the saw him pin Storm against the door and kiss her tenderly letting his hand trail to her waist and stayed there. Storm caught sight of the three and Sassy Brian and Reg looked at the floor. Storm pointed them out to Justice and he pushed Storm inside of the room following her but giving the trio a sideways glance.


    Sassy snickered, "Guess they’re an item."


   "That's Storm," Brian said quickly, "One of the X-men leaders and a teacher."


    Reg raised an eyebrow at him, "An here I thought she was just a sappy, seppo sheila."   


   Brian paid him no attention, "The guy’s Justice Adams." He took a breath, "He is Oliver's son and the oldest."


    Sassy's attention was peaked, "What are their powers."


    Reg listened through his yawns.


    "Storm controls the weather and Justice had super speed, strength and some telepathy," Brian smiled, "I hear he's pretty down to earth."


    "Why are you yanks on me doorstep?" Reg finally asked but Storm's door opening caught their attention again and they saw Justice emerge with a smile.


    Justice cocked his head at the trio who seemed to watch him intensely. He began to walk towards them folding his fist under his biceps making him look threatening but his smile told another story.


    "Enjoy the show?" he teased as he came closer.


    "Yer the bloke shaggin’ in the hall," Reg laughed. "What yers expect?"


    "A kiss is not exactly 'shagging'," Justice grinned. Then he became serious, "Something wrong here?"


     Sassy spoke up depending on Justice's kind nature and produced a six pack of beer and a couple of cigars. "We came to talk to Reg," she admitted.


    Justice rubbed his jaw, "As long as the kid doesn't get any of either."


    They all agreed quickly but before he could go Sassy tore a beer from the plastic binding and handed him one silently wondering if he would take it or if she had gone too far.


    Justice smiled, "Thank you," He said taking the offered beverage. "If you need anything I am right down the hall," He said politely as he walked away.


    As the Professor made his way down the hall he saw Justice push the bottle behind his back.  A movement that wasn't lost on Sassy who shoved them in Reg's hands. Brian knew from what the other teenagers had told him that the professor would have probably rolled his eyes at Justice and not cared so he knew that what Justice did was a small warning for them and as Sassy thrust the bottles in Reg's hands. Brian covered Reg from the professor's view and opened the door.


     "Toss 'em, man," Brian whispered.


   Reg didn't understand the big deal, ‘I was weaned on beer,’ He mused, but he did what he was told.


     The professor smiled at them and mumbled a tired greeting, "Good evening."   


    "Evening," they echoed and once he was out of site the all dove behind Reg's door.


    "What's this about?" he asked as he took one of the offered cigars from Sassy.


    "We are forming our own alliance," Sassy said quickly.


    Another rap on the door interrupted them but Sassy pulled it open to expose more mutants. Minnie, Josh, Aubrey and khaki poured in.


    "Flamin’ goanna!, what's a guy have to do to get some sleep around here?" Reg grumbled.


     "We’re talking freedom," Sassy said pointedly as each mutant found a seat.


    Reg sprawled out on his bed with a cigar in hand. "I'll listen from here, thank you very much," He winked to the rest then he saw Jump walk through the wall and sat up quickly, very startled.


     Jump crossed her arms. "Is this it?" she sighed and they all nodded. “This is all we can gather.”


         Josh raised an eyebrow, “What were aren’t good enough?”


         “This is the group that I’ll command then,” Jump sighed and sat down to join the group.


          Reg merely pulled the covers up on him, “Good night.” He mumbled and they laughed as Josh pulled the covers down again.


        “Nice slippers,” Josh laughed.


        Reg sat up realizing they wouldn’t let him sleep and lit his cigar with a sigh.







       Logan growled to himself watching Scott ask Beast and Jean about the Hayley’s unborn child’s health. What bothered him more was that Scott didn’t seem to mind asking for the information straight from Jean and he didn’t notice her sorrowful eyes.


       Logan finally put his hand roughly on Scott’s shoulder. “Let’s take a walk.” His words were a suggestion but his tone indicated he needed to move right away. Scott shrugged and followed him.


      Jean and Alex both sighed as they left. Everyone seemed to feel the stress that came from Scott’s being there. Jean was on edge and so were Logan.


      “Don’t let them get to you,” Alex said to Jean as she sat down next to her. “They’re just men.”


       “Pardon me?” Hank said with raised eyebrows in mock offense.


        Jean smiled at that and Alex grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze before getting up.






       Logan lit the cigar he had wanted to smoke for the past hour. “What’re you doing kid?”


       “What?” Scott furrowed his brow at him.


        “You still engaged to Jean?”




        “Act like it.” Wolverine growled at him. “Jean’s not too keen with Hayl’s kid.”


        Scott started to stay something but thought better of it because he knew he was wrong.


        “Hayl isn’t gonna lock you out of the kid’s life Scooter,” Logan sighed, “Jean’s working hard to forget about the kid and she needs you and if you don’t need her she can find a guy who does.”


      “I didn’t want Hayley to lose my baby.” Scott defended.


      “It’s Hayl’s kid too but Jean needs to come first.” Logan snorted.


       Scott pushed past him and walked into the infirmary purposely and went right to where Jean was sitting. He took her hand. “Can we go talk?”


        Jean nodded dumbfounded but followed Scott out of the infirmary hand in hand as they passed Wolverine on the way in.





          Alex smiled at Wolverine, “That was very sweet.”


         “Sweet nothing, he was in my way,” he said as he sat in the chair Jean had occupied.


         Beast chuckled but the ceased sounds of the baby monitor caught his attention and he turned in time to see Hayley removing it.


        “That,” Hayley smiled at them, “Can get annoying fast.”


          Alex ran up and hugged her and Beast smiled but began shining a light in her eyes.


          Logan walked up and kissed her IV clad hand and winked at her, “Can’t keep some people down.” He smiled at her as started to leave to tell Justice and Ally the news.


          “Logan,” Alex caught him. “I think Gambit would like to say hello.”


           Logan nodded and walked out of the infirmary to see Scott kissing Jean and cleared his throat loudly. “Jean, think they need you.”


          Scott and Jean flew apart and Scott held her hand as he whispered something and walked away.


          Jean looked at Logan and her heart skipped. “Thank you.”


        Logan grinned, “for what?”


         Then he started away in the opposite direction.