Hayley heard Alex loud and clear in her mind and she laughed Alex off.
       ‘Who are they, trying to tell me when to be happy,’ She sighed as she began to strip for bed.
       She rummaged through the clothing she had, found her silk nightgown and smiled. For some reason, she felt like wearing it. What was it about that Cajun? He probably had a mere pittance in the world compared to her. She sighed, and as she sat to brush her hair, she looked at her reflection and wondered why he would want her at all. The girl who stared back at her was obviously a well kept woman, with perfect hair and nails. She was a woman who left millionaires breathless and had many admirers. She threw the brush at the mirror.
       ‘Damn it!’ she kept her eyes on the mirror and the now angry woman. ‘What does he want me for? Was it a ploy? A set up?’ she sighed and wondered again why had he would want her. Though, she was the one who had initiated the first kiss and was ready to welcome him into to her room.
       ‘What do we have in common?’ she wondered to herself, ‘Then again, what to I have in common with Ally or Alex, and I love them more than anything.’
         She laughed wondering how many emotions she would go through in one night over a guy. He was a gentleman and very gallant and admittedly she was intrigued.  Hayley knew that it was guys like Warren, she usually ended up with and that she usually left them in the middle of the night. Hayley wondered. If Gambit had come in, would she have slept elsewhere, or would she want to wake up next the man who had breathed life into her.
         At the thought of the rescue, she had to catch her breath then realized she was giving off her pheromone smell but it didn’t bother her. It didn’t smell bad, and men had often thought it was her perfume or flowers. Then it dawned on her that she gave off the smell at the thought of the Remy, and looking into he odd red eyes when she woke. His eyes were the first thing she had seen, and Hayley remembered how she had been lost in them more than once that day.
        She had pulled the sheets back to the bed and clicked the Television on, when she heard the knock at the door. Her heart leapt when she heard it, and she race out of bed before she enabled her telepathy to find whom it was.
        She laughed to herself as she opened the door, but saw Scott standing there. Suddenly she felt naked in her night clothing.
        She closed the door partly hiding her body. “What?” she snarled.
       Scott sighed, for a minute he thought she was glad to see him, and she looked lovely in that night gown. He had almost thought this would be easy. “Can I come in?” he asked politely."  He didn’t want to jump to conclusions about Gambit, but he had stake in what happened to this child.
       Hayley eyed him suspiciously, “Sure, why not.”
       “I heard what happened at the pool,” He confessed.
       Hayley held her hand up, “RED, already yelled at me ok.”
       Scott looked at the television. Hayley clicked it off, and Scott decided then that Hayley had been getting ready for bed. His thoughts that she was expecting company appeared unfounded. “It’s not that,” He said softly almost sorry for disrupting her, “I wanted to know how you were.”
       “I'm fine,” Hayley snapped, “I won’t kill the kid ok?”
       “I didn’t say you would,” Scott looked at her as she sat on the bed and he joined her. She looked lovely and smelled of wildflowers again. ‘Hadn’t she worn that perfume before?’

        A warning bell went off in Hayley’s head when she noticed his hazed look. “Hey look, you have to go. Ok?” she tried easing him off her bed by grabbing his arm.
       “I am not going to start a fight,” Scott insisted, and she sat back down, but in the chair across from him.
       “What is it then?” She asked exasperated.
       “What is Gambit to you?”
       “What?” Hayley narrowed her eyes,
       “A friend, one that saved my life,” She said pointedly.
       “He walked you back to your room,” Scott persisted.
        “Hayley, I need to know if there's something between you two,” Scott said steadily, “You know I want to have an avid part in my child’s life.” He stood up looking a little angry now, “If you have plans to be with that Cajun rat, I want to know.”
        ‘Rat?’ she laughed to herself, ‘I wonder if he's met Rayne?’  Hayley must have seemed a little too jovial, because he stood right in front of her looking for an answer.
        Scott sat down again closer to her and took her hands, “Gambit can’t give a child stability. If you decide you want to be with him, you can leave the child with me.”
       Hayley was repulsed at the idea, “Thank you, but whom I am with is non of your affair!”
       “He saved my life and my niece’s, not to mention my unborn baby,” She stood up quickly.
       Cyclops didn’t know what it was Hayley had over him but he couldn’t come up with the right words now. He stood up to meet her eyes and he hoped she could see how much he wanted to do the right thing here. Gambit couldn’t offer her anything. What was it this Cajun had that he didn’t? Scott studied her but couldn’t see much past her eyes, and they seemed to go on forever. Before he could stop himself, he reached for Hayley.
       He pulled her into a hug, “Don’t do this ok?” he whispered, “I want to help.”
       Hayley gave in to his embrace dumbfoundedly at first, then pulled back to look at him. ‘Damn, I can’t see his eyes,’ She could always tell by a guy’s eyes, if they were for real or bull shit.
       He sighed and pulled her small body to him, resting her head on his chest, “You lost your mom, right?”
       Hayley nodded.
       “I was an orphan too,” Scott sighed, “Would you let this child not know its father?”
       He touched Hayley at the mention of her mother and she felt a little teary, “No, I guess not,” She mumbled, wiping her eyes before he could see that he got to her. Scott pulled her face from his chest and put his hand under her chin forcing her to look at him, and he could see her unshed tears. Yes, she did have weaknesses. He felt for her and wanted to make her problems go away. Hayley stepped away a little but he kept his hand on her face, then he brought his other hand to her face and stroked it. Hayley flinched away slightly, and he was taken back a little.
       “Thank you,” he said quietly.  She nodded and pulled away from meeting his sheathed red eyes, “Seeing Remy might confuse things.”
        Her eyes changed quickly and her anger came out. She began to shove him to the door, “Whom I choose to be with in my life is up to me, team leader,” she scolded.

        In the med lab, Alex watched Rayne’s sleeping peacefully. The three of them were happy that Rayne was finally asleep. They walked to the other side of the lab so as not to wake her.  Remy came sauntering through the door and started to make his way over to Rayne.  He stopped short when he noticed that his sister all snuggled in his coat. 'Awww, ain't dat sweet.'   He couldn't see her face and wondered if she was awake.  He started walking towards her bed again when Jean yelled at him telepathically, "No! Don't wake her."
        Remy spun on his heels and came face to face with Alex and Beast who quickly and quietly escorted him out of the room.
      "Wha's dis all 'bout?" He enquired with a puzzled look.
       Jean followed them out into the outer room of the med lab.  "I'm sorry I shouted like that in your head Gambit, but I wanted to catch you before you woke your sister."
        Alex took a deep breath, "We just got her to sleep and didn't want her awaken again."
        "Tomorrow morning is only a few hours away, and we all should get some rest.  We have a busy day coming up."  Beast sighed and looked at Alex.
        Remy pointed to the other room, "Ah was gon' stay near Rayne t'night."
       "NO!"  The trio said in synch.
       Jean put her arm around Remy and explained to him that his sister is better off just sleeping right now, and that she might realize he was there and wake up. "So, you might want to just sleep in your own room for tonight. We'll take care of her, don't worry."
        Remy smiled, "Ok, S'cool. Merci boucoup."  Gambit verily bounced out the door as he headed off to sleep.  His thoughts full of how warm and comfortable he will be tonight, as he made his way to Hayley's room once again.

         Cyclops put on the brakes, “Hayley, don’t do this.” He wanted back the slightly docile Hayley he had a minute ago. “Wait,” he said making her look at him once more, and he wrapped his arm around her waist before she could protest. He put his other arm behind her head pulling her mouth on his. He became lost in the scent the room held, and the feel of her hair in his hand. Hayley didn’t relax in his grasp as she did the last time he held her though. Scott felt a surge of heat against his chest and took a step back.
       Hayley looked at him and realized it wasn’t his fault he felt like this because he had shown up at the wrong time, when her pheromones were loose. Although his words were just what he meant to her. He expected her to stop living and loving, and provide the child to him. She looked at the heated hands she had used to push him back, and remembered it wasn’t his fault, “Look, just get out.”
       Scott nodded and walked slowly to the door, and then he turned to meet her eye. “Hayley, if I have to spell it out, I will.”
       Hayley rolled her eyes, “Fine do it out there, ok?” She wanted him away from the strong pheromone she had unknowingly let off.
      Scott nodded but kept his foot in the door-way, “Look, Remy is trouble.”
      Hayley threw her hands up in the air and began to shut the door on him, “Bye.”
      The door shut easily, too easily and Hayley looked at the door, puzzled. She cautiously opened the door and saw Remy, and her heart jumped a little, until she saw him hit Scott. She threw the door open and rushed into the hall after the two men.

     Scott knew he should have had better sense than to try to reason with Hayley. He sighed, suddenly he felt an arm on his shoulder pulling him from the door.
     Scott saw a fist hit his face before he could react. Scott shook his head and easily countered Remy’s next punch.  The door to Hayley's room flew open.
      “Trouble?” Remy echoed at his one eyed opponent but became distracted by the sight of Hayley clad only in a thin nightgown as she came at them.
      Scott landed a hit on Remy, sending him to the floor.
      Hayley gulped at the sight of Remy on the floor, and she moved to sweep Scott’s legs from under him. It worked very well Hayley noted as she caught Scott off guard, and he came falling her way.
      Remy took a deep breath and pushed Hayley out of the way before Scott could crush her. When Scott came down he fell on top of Remy.
     Hayley slid across the floor and stopped against a solid form. As she began to stand she felt an arm on her elbow helping her up. She looked to see Logan and was grateful.
      Remy pushed Scott off him disgusted, “Dis de chile’s Poppa?” Remy pointed at Scott.
      Hayley could only nod numbly at the accusation.
      Scott and Remy raced to see who would get to their feet first.
     “I am,” Scott said straightening, as if daring Gambit against his claim.
     Remy narrowed his eyes at Scott because he didn’t like the idea one bit.
      He produced a card and it began to hum as he charged it. Scott let his hand fly to his visor.
      Hayley moved to intercede with her eyes glowing but Logan’s arm on her shoulder held her back.
      Hayley turned to Logan hurt, “Stop them.”
      Logan gestured to the two men who were standing still as statues.
      Remy’s eyes looked at the woman who stood next to Hayley and Logan. The woman's face was identical to Hayley's, but she had red, curly hair. He noted to that her eyes were glowing. She clenched her robe around her body where as Hayley stood there in her thin gown with a small fireball dancing on her fingertips.
      Logan waltzed over to them but addressed Hayley, “It’s all right, Darlin’.”
     Hayley looked at Ally in her robe and Logan only wearing sweat pants, and realized they had been asleep.
      “Now,” Logan drawled, “It’s late.”
      “Oui, Gambit gon’ ta get some rest,” Remy said with his eyes on Hayley.
      Ally laughed losing her hold for a moment.
      “This isn’t necessary,” Scott sighed. He wouldn’t have let things escalate beyond control.
      Ally knew Scott was as good as his word and let him go.
      Scott nodded his head and moved towards Hayley but Logan stepped in between them.
      “You mind?” Scott scoffed at Logan. Then looked at Hayley, “Please remember what I said.” Then he strode off.
       Logan grunted as Ally let gambit go, “What was that all about, hot head?”
       “Nothing.” Hayley mumbled.
       Ally touched her sister's shoulder, “Are you okay?”
       Hayley nodded and noticed that some students were coming out of their rooms to witness the scuttle.
       “Chere?” Gambit walked closer to Hayley, “He try anyt'in?”
       “No,” Hayley lied quickly.
        Logan moved closer to the door smelling an all too familiar scent, “I don’t believe you,” He hissed at Hayley.
       Ally knew the truth in an instant, “Don’t jump to conclusions.”
       Gambit wrapped an arm around Hayley’s shoulder, “Com’ on,” he started towards Hayley’s room.
       Logan started after them but Ally put a hand on his shoulder, “Where do ya think you’re going, Gumbo?”
       Hayley laughed as she and Gambit turned and looked at them.
       “Good night Lo,” Hayley called, as the duo disappeared behind the closed door.

       Ally smiled, but Logan looked in the direction of Hayley’s room incredulously.
       “What’s that about?” he grunted, as Ally turned him in the direction of their room, “What’s she doing with, Gumbo?”
        “That's her business,” Ally kissed his cheek and gave him a wry smile as she disappeared into their room.
        Logan looked at Hayley’s door again then the he rubbed his head before he followed Ally.

         Justice sat on Jordan’s bed, “That was the last story.” He laughed at her pleading look, “no, no more for tonight.”
         “We have to get up early for Grandpop’s funeral, right?” Jordan nodded her head.
         “Well, I do,” Justice raised his eyebrow, “How did you know about that?”
         “Because, I am really smart,” Jordan stated quickly
          “Well, I knew that,” Justice laughed. Then he heard Hayley calling him in his mind. The call was for any quick help for fight between Scott and Gambit. He sighed tucking Imp in and then stood to leave.
          “Are you going to help Aunt Hayley,” Imp said, her eyes wide with excitement.
           Ally touched Justice's mind then saying that she and Logan were on it.
           “Looks like Aunt Ally will take care of it,” Jordan smiled and patted the bed.
           Justice laughed heartily, “How old are you again?”
           “Very old,” she said with a proud look, “Four and half, remember?”
           He shook his head as he sat back down on her bed, and he was impressed with how mature she was for her age.
           “What am I going to do with you?”  Justice laughed as he kissed her head.
           “Are we moving out of Uncle Xavier’s?” Jordan said quickly with her own agenda
           “Yes, we are.”
           “With Mommy,”
           “Well, if she wants to come with us. But for right now it’s you and me, okay?” He smiled
            “Okay,” she snuggled down into her bed holding her old bear. Justice saw it and touched the fabric lightly.
             “You still have this?” he said with a curious look.
             “That’s Boo-boo,” Jordan smiled.
             Justice decided to let it go for now, but he remembered when he found out Chloe was pregnant and had brought that toy home for his wife and unborn.
              ‘How did she still have it after all this time?’ he finally let go of the care worn bear and smiled at his daughter.



       Remy shut the door shaking his head glad to be alone with her. He wanted some answers. He watched Hayley wander to her bed and sit down.
      “I am sorry Remy,” Hayley sighed.
       Gambit sniffed the air, “Dat smell?” and looked at Hayley expectantly.
      “It’s part of my natural mutation,” Hayley explained, “It’s like pure pheromones and I think Scott was affected by it.”
       Remy was taken back, “Yo’ gave off dis smell fo’ C’clops?”
       Hayley’s face fell. “No!” she almost yelled.
      “Den why, chere?” Gambit shrugged his shoulders and sat next to her on the bed.
      Hayley felt a smile overcome her face when she recalled the memory of why, but Gambit seemed to take it another way and stood to leave.
       “Where are you going?” Hayley jumped up.
        Gambit pointed his finger at the fire Mutant, “De truh’, chere.”
        His temper met her anger, as they both stood there unwavering with crossed arms at each other.
       Finally, Gambit grabbed the doorknob and before he could turn it, Hayley’s hand was on it.
        “I don’t want Scott,” She sighed.
        “Den wha’ was all dis?”
        Hayley felt his hand let go of the door, leaving hers on the knob. He pulled her close and hugged her.
        Hayley pulled away, “The smell was because I was thinking about you and your help earlier.”  Hayley felt exposed but felt she owed him an explanation. She moved back to the bed and sat down. She told him now, and if he still wanted to leave, that would be it.
       Gambit’s expression softened and he sat next to her again.
       Hayley realized she was still giving off her scent but Gambit seemed unaffected, “It’s doesn’t effect you?”
       Remy laughed, nothing really threw him from his objective. He shook his head.
       Hayley smiled, “You are the first guy,” she was amazed.
       “Yeh?”  He laughed, “So, yo’ were t’inkin' ‘bout me?”  He smiled at her.
       “I guess I was.”
       “Wha’ ‘bout de baby poppa?” he gestured to the door.
       Hayley rolled her eyes, “What about him?”
        Remy laughed, “An’ Gambit?”
       “Well, I guess we’ll have to see if he hates me,” Hayley shrugged.
       Remy laughed and pulled her into his arms. “Ah don’t t’ink dats a problem.” He could feel Hayley sigh and  her muscles ease a little in his hold.
       Hayley looked at him with tired eyes, “How do you feel about my pregnancy?”
        He shrugged and gave her a non-commital look, “Gambit don’t run f’om a good bet.”
        Hayley could almost cry at the idea of a guy who seemed to understand, but instead she reacted the only was Hayley knew how. She threw her arms around Gambit’s neck and pulled him to her and laughed before she kissed him. Gambit responded fully to he kiss and she felt her worries melt away.

        Gambit kissed her back passionately, lost in his emotions. Aside from her being female they were a lot alike.  Gambit felt her hands traveling over his chest and he grabbed her head feeling her hair. This time it was Hayley who pulled away from his kiss. She looked at him a little worried.
       “Did I do somet’in wrong?” He took a deep breath and watched her.
       “No,” Hayley smiled, “but you are still very wet.”
       Gambit looked down and realized she was right. His hair had dried quickly but he would need to get the wet clothes off.  He smiled at her and began to make a comment, but she had her mouth pressed against his again and was untucking his shirt from his pants. She pressed her mouth harder on the kiss and her body moved closer to him, making it hard for him to get his shirt off.  When her hand sailed to his pants and breached the safety of his zipper, he realized where this was heading.  He reached up and touched her face gently as he leaned her back against the bed.
       He looked at the woman beneath him and he knew Hayley had a troubled past as he did. She trusted him though, especially after saving her life. Remy kept kissing her face and neck longingly but he was hoping this would be something more than sex. She trusted him and not many people trusted this thief. Is this what she thought he wanted for saving her life? Did Hayley think he expected this from her? Gambit sighed and pulled away from her, keeping her hand from going any further into his pants. If she touched him much more, he wouldn’t be able to keep control. He sat up with a crocked smile and pulled off his wet shirt, then stood up.  She trusted him.

     Hayley felt good with him so close and had to admit that being with a man again after all this time felt good.
She let her finger dance over the moist hair on his chest and trailed below his navel. Passions spark caught and she felt on fire for this man. She wanted to make him hers.  Hayley fumbled with his pants, lost her breath a little and could hear her heart pounding in her ears. Her mind raced with the idea of him with her all night. She pulled him closer but felt him slow as his mind seemed to wander. Remy touched her face, and Hayley was touched by the simplicity of the gesture, he seemed happy just to touch her face and that felt good.
      He leaned her against the bed and she pulled him tighter, now fumbling with his fly because their bodies were wound so tightly together. He hesitated as his kisses trailed along her neck, then his passion seemed to subside as he stared at her. He yanked he seemed to look around the room for something. He gave her a sexy smile that she had come to like.
     “What is it?” She asked clueless.
     He smiled and sat down to strip off his shoes and socks. “Sex,” he laughed, “Is not de answer fo' everyt'in, non?”  He sighed when she began to pout a little, “Mebbe, dis Cajun wan’ more dan dat.”
     Hayley narrowed her eyes at him, “What do you mean?” she laughed nervously, “What are you going to do, hold me ransom?”
     Gambit stood and pointed his finger at her, “Got nuttin’ to wit' money chere,” he said, a little insulted, “Dey rich, dey always’ t’ink it ‘bout money” he shook his head.
     “Gambit, I was kidding,” She smiled.
     He sighed and sat next to her again and then her kissed her cheek sweetly, “Dat’s all ah wan.’”
     Hayley couldn’t believe it, because nobody had put her feelings above her body like this before. Logan was the only she had remotely gotten close to, and his animal like nature had always helped lead them to sex.
     She felt Gambit’s hand on her chin, “Hayley?” he said softly, and she realized she had been lost in thought.
     “Didn' mean ta offen’ yo.” He said quickly.
     “You didn’t,” she explained quickly and smiled at him. She quickly jumped up and walked into the bathroom to get him a towel. “You DO need to dry off or you will be sicker than Rayne is.”
     “Mebbe Gambit shoul’ go.” He knew he was a mess and could use a hot shower.
     Hayley meet his eyes and brushed her lips against his sweetly. “I don’t want you to go.” She reassured him.
     “But chere.” He said gesturing between them trying to relay to her that it would lead to sex. He knew all about sex and how it didn’t last. He was hoping they might last.
      “It’s Okay, really,” she smiled, “I understand.” She hugged him, realizing she could learn a lot from him. Then she brushed the hair from his eyes and kissed him.
        Justice had changed directions a couple of times. He didn’t want to interfere in Hayley’s affairs but he didn’t want anybody hurt either. He sighed and found Hayley’s door. He just stood there working up the courage to knock. He didn’t hear anything, and for a minute he wished he had Superman’s hearing.
        He rapped on the door and heard more than one voice and he sighed.
       ‘How to get through to her,’ Justice wondered. He felt Hayley touch his mind to find out who was at the door, and he took a deep breath. Hayley was reckless and her love life was no different. It usually exemplified her nature.
       The door shot open and he found Gambit standing there wearing only his pants. Justice stifled a laugh. In the past, if he hadn’t known Hayley had a boyfriend there, he found them only wearing socks.
      ‘Big difference now,’ He laughed to himself. Then he noticed Gambit’s broad chest and he began to puff his own chest out.
       Remy must have noticed because he stifled a laugh, “Yo’ wan’ somt’in, homme?”
       Gambit seemed okay, so Justice relaxed a little, “Hayley yelled in my head earlier and I just wanted to make sure everything was okay.” Gambit gave him a confused look.  Justice elaborated, “Something about a fight with Scott.”
      Recognition registered on Gambit’s face, “Wolverine an’ Ally took care dat.”
      Justice felt a little uncomfortable talking to Gambit who was standing there in wet pants with Haley moving in the background.
      Gambit looked at him expectantly, “Yo’ wan’ somtin' else?”
      “You should get some dry clothes,” Justice pointed at Gambit's pants and hoped he understood, “I was headed to the Rec room if you want to shoot some pool.”
     Gambit was on the verge of both laughter and anger. He knew Justice wanted to talk to him, but Gambit wanted to square things with Hayley.
     Remy narrowed his eyes, “Stay dere,” then shook his head.

     Gambit looked at Hayley a little annoyed, “Justice wan’ ta talk ta me,” then he looked around for his cigarettes.
      “What about?” Hayley called, as she wandered to the bathroom.
      Gambit sighed as he found his wet cigarettes and then Hayley wandered back into the room.
      She held out a pack of cigarettes to him and he took them politely. They weren’t his brand but nicotine was nicotine.
      “Justice didn' say,” Gambit shrugged, “but den he couln’t say he wan’ to talk to Gambit either.”
      Hayley started towards the door, “I will set him straight.” But Gambit grabbed her hand.
      “No.” Gambit said, “He jus’ bein’ protective, lik’ Rayne.”
      Hayley tilted her head, “Ok,” she sat on the bed.
      Gambit sat next to her, “Ah’ll be back. We can finish talkin' den.”
      Hayley shrugged, “Sure?”
      Gambit laughed. Gone was the playful person who couldn’t keep her hands off him, and in her stead was the cooler woman that he had met with the bird.

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