Khaki stayed close to the couple of people who looked normal enough and a little leery of the Man with the weird red eyes, the one with the large wings or the one who seemed to be ordering everyone around. The ghost like woman seemed friendly enough and so did the little winged person Khaki had insisted on carrying. 'Maybe differences weren’t so bad after all.'

             The young black man seemed scarier to her than the oddest person among them. He looked like he was very angry with somebody and Khaki found herself traveling with the blonde guy (Justice) who helped her up and the hairy guy. Both seemed to want to protect her and keep her close while the others respected her personal space and kept a reasonable distance.

             “Should we continue to look for others or should we bring these two back to the jet?” Justice called as he watched the child’s reaction.

             “I can help you.” The child insisted with a coy smile.

             “Can you?” Logan grunted.

             “Yes,” Khaki smiled at Logan “are you going to the jet?

             “No.” Logan smiled.

              Bonsai stopped short as he noticed another room with a clipboard. Scrawled across it simply said ‘GRUNDY’

              Justice sighed. ‘Now what has dear old dad done?’

              “Why Wait?” Logan sliced through the lock easily and pushed the heavy door out of the way.

             “Logan,” Scott scoffed at Logan’s impatience but Logan was already through the door.

              Khaki felt Justice push her behind him and to her surprise the tall man with weird red eyes stood between her and danger too. Khaki pushed past them a little to see the excitement but the dark room kept her from seeing anything.

            “Best to stay here.” Minnie said from Khaki’s hand.



            Logan could smell him and a very faint odor of rubbing alcohol. Logan didn’t need time to let his eyes adjust to the dim light. He saw the man who stood his ground defensively and he was a little impressed.

           The man took a fighting stance, as Logan loomed closer.

          “Come on bub. We aint here to hurt you.” Logan reassured as he raised his hand.

          Reggie had just woke up had expected that one of the scientists again but this bloke didn't look like a scientist. Reggie looked at Logan and looked past him to the people at the door and he made a quick decision. ‘What choice do I have?’


           Logan watched him carefully and he was sure he had woken him up. The man’s blonde hair was disheveled and his eyes were not fully open. Just the same, the man stood ready to fight him but now he seemed to be wrestling with the idea of trusting Logan. His blue eyes dropped contact with Logan and he began to move slowly forward behind Logan.


          Reggie watched his invaders and was on his on yellow alert as this guy opened the door. He began to wrestle his internal conflict again as he approached the while the other people were staring at him.

         I am outta here,’ he thought as he took one look at Jump and Bonsai. ‘And to think I almost believed this ass.’


          The tall blonde newcomer surprised everyone by bolting past them after he had seemed submissive.

Justice who had Khaki behind him for protection laughed and ran to retrieve him.

         Gambit stood there with a charged card in hand as he joined Justice and the escapee.

          Justice gripped the man’s shoulder with a hard tight grasp to get his attention. “Believe me, if we wanted you dead, you would be.”

          The man was unable to move from Justice’s powerful grip turned as Justice forced him to and Gambit stood there with a serious look.

          “Homme, t’ink ‘bout it. Dat not smart,” Gambit displayed the card for the man and Justice let him go.


          Reggie looked at blonde guy who had stopped his retreat surprised. “Who are you?” He asked in a hoarse Australian accent.

          “Friends.” Scott called, “Now, you can stay here and starve or come with us and get food and medical attention.”

          Reggie who finally realized he had the back of his surgical gown open threw his back against the wall and turned slightly crimson.

         “Of course we will give you clothing,” Scott added quickly.

         “That sheila just did something to me,” Reggie said defensively and rubbed the base of his head absentmindly remembering the procedure.

         Justice raised his eyebrow at Reggie a little amused but Wolverine looked at Reggie knowingly.

         “Some kinda anesthetic.” Logan said as he placed he picked up the scent from Reggie. “They just did surgery on you?”

          Reggie nodded and looked a little pale at the memory.

          Justice held his hand up to get the anxious newbie's attention as the others watched him and he let his telepathy wander into Reggie’s mind. His eyes because their usual glow from his ability and he began to speak to Reggie to reassure him.

          Reggie realized they were all mutants and began to relax.


          Khaki on the other hand became enraged at the sight of Justice’s glowing eyes. A thousand thoughts flew through her mind as she remembered the man she had seen before who had the glowing eyes. 'They would glow when he hurt somebody. To see Justice's eyes casting the same glow gave Khaki quick second thoughts.

         ‘Just like that man’s eyes……” She became frightened, angry and betrayed feelings fell over her quickly.

          “Your eyes” Khaki said in a low accusing voice and soon everyone was watching her closely.

           Khaki looked at Minnie and tossed her into the air and Minnie flew gracefully upwards.

           Khaki felt her own eyes grow hot with angry tears and they began to blur her view of these people. They were staring at her and Justice’s eyes had stopped glowing and he came closer to reason with her.



           Scott watched the child as she began something he didn’t understand. She was looking at Justice as a woman scorned.

           Everyone was surprised as the child’s eye and fingertips began to spark and crackle with electricity and never the less Justice proceeded to go closer.

         Alarms went off in the older mutant's heads as she began not only to crackly but generate and hum with electricity. It was beautiful as the sparks of tiny lightening danced around her and the blue-ish glow wrapped her body with and electric charge. She closed her eyes as if she couldn’t bear to look at what she was doing and raised her hands slowly as the sparks filled not only her fingers now but also the witnesses of her ability.


        Everyone flew up off of their feet and fell back to the floor, quickly every nerve in their bodies seemed to involuntarily jump and twitch quickly and then it was gone.

        As suddenly as it had begun, it stopped and everyone looked at Khaki expectantly. Minnie and Jump were the only ones who had been spared the child’s wrath and Minnie began flying about them checking them out.

       “Justice,” Scott said warily as he realized this child was charging for a second strike. “Can you do something?”

        Justice pulled himself up to face Khaki, the child who had all of these strapping men on their knees. 

Justice watched her face and understood she was going to strike again. He quickly began to confuse her telepathically before Jump could jump and drain the child. Justice watched her emotions on her face go from anger to very hurt and the child ran from him and into Logan’s arm.

       Everyone was on their feet as the watched the child for activity but she only sank into Logan’s arms and soaked him with tears.

      “What the FARK?” the newcomer yelled and held his head protectively.

      All Gambit could do was mumble ‘Merde’ at the child who had seemed so innocent only moments ago.

       Scott sighed heavily, “Maybe you were right Justice.” He said as he held his hand out as a safe haven for Minnie to land.  “it might be easier to make a trip to the blackbird.”

       Warren emerged from the cell they had found this man with a blanket for Reggie and they began to make way to the black bird.

       Logan collected the sobbing child in his arms and followed them. He was sure he heard the new guy talking of ‘V.B.’?

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