Wolvie Femmes * Skittish




         Logan sat in the chair watching Hayley sleep until he felt his wife's eyes upon him and looked to her.

        "You seem pretty worried about Hayley," Ally cocked her head.

        "Just her relationship with the Cajun," he grunted.

        Alex rolled her eyes and Ally looked over to her as well.  "She's grown up Logan."  They said together.

         Reg rolled over trying to sleep in a bed next to Hayley mumbling about spittin’ the dummy.

       "She was spooked, Al," Logan said moving toward Hayley, "He didn't notice it and she was panicking."

       "He's not a psychic," Ally sighed, "Or able to smell fear on a person.  Give him a break."

      Alex shrugged and seemed to want to stay out of it.  She sat at the computer and began to look at the work next to it.  She didn't recognize the handwriting and looked around as if to match it.  "Whose work is this?"

      "Bobby was helping Jean I believe," Ally sighed placing instruments in the sterilizer.  "He was the one who seemed to be here last."  Ally turned to her, "Why?"

       Alex blushed a bit and looked at the work to cover her flushed features, "Just wondering whom else had been working on this."

      Logan didn't miss the embarrassment and wondered what it meant.  He wasn't sure if Ally was paying attention to it and shook his head.  Was he the only one who noticed this?

     The door snapped open and Storm sailed in, "Any word?"

     They all shook their heads and Storm sat in the chair next to Alex and rested her chin on her fist.

     "I stayed away as long as I could to give you some privacy but I am very worried," Storm looked to the floor and Alex put her arm around her.

     "You didn't have to stay away," Alex put her head on Storm's shoulder.  "You're very special to Justice and he would want you here."

     Ally rubbed her arms together feeling a chill as Alex spoke of their brother like that.

     The door opened again and Bobby walked in with Kamikaze.  Bobby's eyes moved to Storm and Alex by the computer and he nervously looked away.  Kamikaze's eyes danced around the room at the few people and how quiet it was.

    Ally sat down next to Storm, "we haven't heard anything gentlemen."

    Bobby and Kamikaze both sat in chairs on the other side of the room.

   "I could sneak around and see if there is any news," Bobby offered.

    The door snapped open yet again and the Professor came in, "No need for that, Mr. Drake," he looked sadly to his nieces, "They would tell me when they were through."

    Ally nodded in agreement, "I don't want to contact them for fear of causing a mistake."

    Alex turned back to the computer to stay busy and keep her mind off her brother and her eyes off Bobby but it was evident she had been wiping tears to the rest.  She heard Bobby come over next to her and lean on the desk and she could smell his cologne.

    "I was working on this for Ms. Grey," as Alex, he was uncomfortable in front of the others and couldn't meet Alex's eye, "Can I help you out?"

    "I take it the blood matches were for Justice?"  Alex sighed trying not to fall apart thinking of her brother.

     Bobby nodded, "Yes, I took all we had in storage that matched in the computer."

    Ally looked alarmed, "All of it?"

    Bobby stood straight and nodded.

    "We should replenish it then, Robert," the professor said with a sigh.  "Justice may need more and we should keep the bank stocked."

     Alex began pulling the information up again, "Ally could you call these people telepathically?"

    Logan stood up, "She's done enough to drain her Alex."  He sighed taking a stogie from his pocket and moving to the door, "Can you do it, Chuck?"

   The Professor nodded, "He is correct."

   Ally sighed, "We could start with Alex and I."  She placed the tray in front of Alex and smiled.  "We all have the same blood type after all."

   Kamikaze laughed, "Can you be any closer?"  He remembered the message and sighed, "Aramis said if she could help out she would be right here."

    Alex stood next to Ally with a needle in hand and nodded as Ally bared her arm.

    Bobby wanted to keep looking at Alex but was afraid he was too obvious especially with the Professor there.  Now he wanted to get out of there, "should I get anybody else?"

    "No," Logan grunted watching carefully as his eyes floated between Alex and Bobby.

    Alex finished with her sister and stood, "I'm going to get you some juice."  Alex touched Ally's shoulder as she lay on the table.  She could see that Ally was starting to fall asleep already.

    Logan stood next to Ally touching her soft curls as her eyes shut and he felt Alex touch his arm and smile.  He looked at Alex knowing she wasn't quite herself, "you all right kiddo?"

    Alex punched him in the arm playfully, "same age as your wife and you call me kiddo."

    Bobby eyed the names on the list, "do you want some help with the juice Alex?  There are a lot of other students coming."

    Alex looked over at her uncle quietly concentrating on calling the others telepathically and knew he was right and nodded.  She began to ready the instruments again.

    She silently made her way out of the infirmary with Bobby but kept her distance as she walked.

     Bobby watched her uncomfortable silence.  "Alex, can we talk a minute?"

     Alex nodded and looked at the floor and Bobby came closer to her remembering their kiss earlier.

    He wrapped his arm around her waist and hugged her, "Justice will be fine, Alex."  He touched her hair and let his fingers brush against her face.

    Alex's face fell a little.

    Bobby brushed his lips to hers and Alex stiffened she pulled away, "Did I do something wrong?"

   Alex started to talk but she stuttered and looked at him wordlessly.

   "Was today a fluke?"  He asked touching her face sweetly hoping to calm her.

   Alex felt like a heel but squeezed his hand, "Bobby…”

   "I thought so," Bobby smiled and kissed her again but this time she responded a little more.  He sighed inwardly and followed his emotions until she pulled away.  She back away from him looking sheepish as he still kept his posture from the kiss, he sighed and straightened out looking into her confused eyes, "Beast?"

    "Yes," she sighed, "it's not just that though, you are way too young for me, Bobby and I just haven't been thinking clearly."

     Bobby sighed and tapped the wall with his fist, "I understand, but please don't think my feelings can change that quickly."

     "Bobby," Alex reached to his face but he backed away from her hand.

     "Alex, you're incredible and I'm never going to feel this way again."

     Alex grabbed his hand before he could pull away.  "No, you won't feel this way again and neither will I."

      He glared at her confused, she touched his face, and kissed him like a mother would a child.

     "Every time you fall in love it feels different.  It will hurt differently and make you feel differently."  Alex backed away moving towards the kitchen and he took a few tentative steps.

    "But Alex," he began but she shushed him.

    "Bobby, your next time will make this time look sad in comparison, I promise," She smiled at him feeling a little more like herself.

     They both heard footsteps and turned to see Cyclops upon them, "Any word?"

     Alex shook her head thinking of her brother, "We needed to pick some juice up for the blood donors."

     Cyclops nodded and started off but Bobby cleared his throat stopping him.

    "Mr. Summers, would you mind going with her?"  Bobby said quickly and Scott turned raising an eyebrow.  "I'm not feeling very well and I'd like to lie down in my room."

     "Certainly," Scott said waving him off, "I hope you feel better Bobby."

      Bobby looked at the floor, "yeah, me too."  Then he watched the duo disappear as Scott began talking to her animatedly about the fight at Magneto's.  He shuffled his feet and wandered to his room to mope.

      Logan looked at Hayley knowing she was exhausted and sighed as he saw Remy and Rayne come in slowly.  He stayed next to Ally and watched the Cajuns coming towards them.

      Remy bent down to touch Hayley’s hair, kissed her head and then looked to Logan, "she been awake any?"

      Logan tried hard not to say anything to Gambit though plenty of words came to mind.  Then he noticed that Rayne was still keeping her distance from him and her eyes averted.  Wolverine didn’t like the fact the kid was scared of him.  He made a mental note to work on that problem, then he looked at Remy, "she's been sleepin’ since ya left, Gumbo."

      Rayne shivered looking around her at all the people who had just been through hell and back, and she couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to them that she had not witnessed herself.

      Alex and Cyclops walked in two carts full of juice talking quietly.  Logan looked up, "Where's the other Popsicle maker?"

     They both stared at him for a minute and then it dawned on them and Alex smiled. 

      Scott shook his head, "Bobby went to his room.  Said he was feeling sick.  I don't think he can handle the blood."

      Alex's blush wasn't lost on Remy or Logan and Remy raised an eyebrow at her odd behavior.

      "Come on petite," Remy wrapped his arm around Rayne.


      “Where ya goin’?”  Logan growled.


     “Gon’ take a short trip.  Got some work ta do, right chere?”  He smiled at Rayne, took his leave of the others and walked away.

      Rayne said nothing to anyone and quickly followed her brother.  She was glad to be away from Wolverine not to mention that being around all those sad faces troubled her.


      Rogue, Jubilee and Kitty made their way with Imp to Bobby's door.  Rumor had it that he was upset because he had gotten in trouble with an instructor.

      They could hear very sad music playing slow, haunting ballads and looked at each other worried.

       "Just one of us should go," Rogue swallowed feeling he would be overwhelmed.

       "You go," Kitty pushed her forward, "you know him better than we do."

        Jubilee picked Imp up, "We'll wait in the rec room," her eyes held a challenge, "see if you can get him there."

         Rogue swallowed, "might take some time if he's as bad as we think," Rogue knocked on the door, heard him mumble a welcome, and nodded for them to scat before he saw them.

        Rogue took a deep breath and straightened her shoulders opening the door slightly, "Bobby?"

         The room was dark except for the scattered bouncing lights from his stereo and her eyes had to adjust.  She looked to the bed and saw the light peeking in slightly from behind the blind and cast a silhouette of his figure.

        "Can I turn on the lights?"  She asked quickly.

        She heard him move on the bed, "no," was the quiet answer she heard.  She made his shape out a little more and could see his was lying on his back staring at the ceiling in his boxers.

        "Why aren’t you dressed?"

        "Don't feel like it."

        "Bobby what's wrong?"

         "I can't talk about it."

         "Bobby," she came closer to him, "we're friends, you can talk to me."

         "I can't, Rogue," he sighed looking at her, "you don't get it."

          "Why?  School can't be that bad?"

          "Grades are fine."

          "Whatever trouble you are in I will help you with your chores for it."

           "Rogue, it's not any of that."

           "You'll feel better if you talk about it."  She pressed knowing this was serious.

           "I'm in love."  He sighed feeling a traitor to himself just saying the words aloud.

           "But that’s wonderful!"  She breathed punching him in the shoulder with her gloved hand and sitting on the bed.  "I wish I could hug you."

           "It's not that great."

           "Ok, what am I missing here?"

            "She's not in love with me."

            "Awwwwwww, Bobby."  She touched his hand with her gloved one.  "She's a fool."

            He scoffed, "hardly."

            "Want to talk about it?"

          He sat up with a gleam in his eye, "she kissed me Rogue but then she told me she was confused or something."

          Rogue rubbed his hand, "Maybe she will change her mind."

         "No," he lay back down on the bed, "she's got a boyfriend, too."

         "Oh no," She gasped lightly and then looked at him, "But if you knew that when you started with her then you knew she might not leave him?"

         "Yeah," Bobby stared at the ceiling again.  "I guess I thought we had a lot in common."

         "There will be other girls," Rogue sighed, "probably even better."

          “Other girls?” he sighed, “Alex is a woman.”  He exhaled and rolled his eyes at Rogue.  "She's not like the others."  He thought of he kiss and that would be as close as he ever got to her and his dream of her and wiped at his eye so Rogue wouldn't see the tear.  "I need to be alone."


         Rogue nodded her understanding of his need for privacy and quickly left his room.  As soon as she closed the door behind her, she covered her mouth and ran down the hall.  Jubilee and Kitty wondered what had gotten into Rogue and asked her what had happened.


         “Oh my God, this is so wacked!”  Rogue guffawed and held her sides.


         “What?  Tell us what happened in there?”  Jubilee said impatiently.


         “Did he make a pass at you?”  Kitty asked.


         That made Rogue laugh all the harder and she rushed them all further down the hall to make sure that Bobby couldn’t hear them.  Once at a safe distance Rogue ‘fessed’ up, “Bobby is in love!”  With that news Jubilee and Kitty squealed with delight.  “But she isn’t in love with him.”  ‘Awws’ and a couple of snickers followed that bit of news.  “The best part is who he is in love with.”


        “Who?  Who is it?”  Jubilee was about ready to burst with curiosity.


        “If Ah tell ya’ll, ya have ta promise you won’t let him find out you know.”  Rogue searched her companion’s faces for signs of agreement, “Ah mean it!  Ya have ta promise now.”


        “We promise,” Snickered Jubilee, and Kitty crossed her heart, zipped her lip and threw away the key.


        “Ok, He said he was in love with Alex Adams.”  Rogue confessed.


        It was adventitious that they had moved out of earshot from Bobby’s room because the ensuing laughter filled the halls.




          Henry took a deep breath as he and Jean left Justice sleeping heavily in the other room.

         Jean removed the mask from around her neck and smiled, "you did fantastic."

        He nodded but was still upset with the mess Magneto had made of Justice's chest.  "Fate's Fool."  He sighed to himself.

        "Excuse me," Jean said removing her scrubs.

         Beast shook his head knowing Alex would understand.  "This should not have happened."  He ripped his own scrubs from his body and aimed them at the trash, disgusted at the sight of his friend's blood upon them.

       "You did your best, Henry," Jean touched his shoulder lightly.  "He did his best too."  She couldn't believe this man had made it as far to help pilot the blackbird before he passed out.  "Everybody's waiting."

        He followed her in the direction of the infirmary noticing Charles sitting outside of the door.

        "He'll be fine, Charles," Henry said, watching Charles rub his jaw thoughtfully.

        The professor smiled, "with you as his doctor was there ever a doubt?"  He sighed and looked at them.  "We need to increase security in the nursery."  He took a deeper breath, "Eric is determined to get these children."

        "Perhaps we should send young Justin and baby Tyler away until this danger is past," Beast offered, "he seems fond of mutants after all."

        "That puts them at greater risk.  They should stay with us," Charles mumbled.

        "They are mutant too?"  Jean asked quickly.

        "Yes and so were their parents," Charles met their eyes.

         "You never did mention this before Charles," Beast crossed his arms thoughtfully.

         "To remain anonymous has been in their best interest," He gave them a stern look, "and it still is, which is why Justin agreed not to use his abilities here."

          Beast and Jean nodded understanding he couldn't tell them everything yet, "Would you like to sit with you nephew for a while?"  Beast said as he held the door open for Charles's chair.

          Charles nodded, "Thank you, Henry."  He made his way to Justice and the sad sight he was.

         Justice's chest was wrapped tightly with bandages but that did stop the spots of red that shown through.  His eyes were shut and his face didn't show the damage his body did.  Charles touched the bruise on Justice's temple and looked at the equipment for an answer on his stats.  He only had gotten to know his nephew in a short amount of time but he knew the man to be honest and kind.

        He watched the heart monitor and was glad to see a strong heartbeat.  He held Justice's hand and looked to the single sheet covering him from his waist down.  His hand was cold and Charles was reminded of Justice's mother in her final days. 

       Charles had gone to see her just as Oliver had.  She had been a lovely lady who had cared for her husband and brother in law deeply. She smiled at the fact that Charles would always remove his shoes before coming into her home, even though he sat in a wheelchair.  She would talk to him for hours and encourage him greatly.  She had told him he would be a wonderful teacher.

       Allyson flashed through his mind and Charles realized how much Allyson and Justice were like their mother.  Ally had kissed his head in a fashion her mother had done before.  Alex had her reserved nature and Justice and Ally seemed to carry her spirit.  He laughed to himself thinking of how Hayley was nothing like her mother and the only way Hayley could be linked to her mother was by her matching raven colored hair.

      Charles looked at Justice again, "I won't fail you or your children again," he quietly told his late brother.

      "Uncle Charles?"

       He turned to see Jordan standing there with a blanket and placed it on her father's bed.

      Charles wiped his tears quickly, "how did you get here, Jordan?"

       She ignored the question, "Daddy's cold."

      Charles arranged the blanket over Justice's lower body and pulled it as close to his chest as he dares.

       "Will he get better?"  The child looked at him with her eyes full of tears.  "You were thinking about my grandmother?"

        Charles chuckled, "You have an extraordinary gift, Jordan."  He was amazed the child had gotten past him much less gotten into him mind.

        "Daddy is like her?"

         He nodded, "So is your Aunt Ally."

        "Daddy's going to die isn't he?"

        Charles wiped her tears and pulled him onto her lap, "I don't think so Jordan," he held the child to him and felt his own tears fall.  There had been enough death and the fact that Aramis had predicted a death made him wonder if Justice would live.





       Alex and Logan kept Storm smiling with dumb Justice tales, and the others listened intently as they spoke of their younger years.

      "Some of your memories coming back to you Logan?"  Scott asked.

      "Some," he nodded at Alex, "when they talk about them, it seems to trigger more."

      "That's wonderful."  Storm said hoping things would settle.  She knew he felt calmer having a family and having roots, and a feeling of belonging would help anybody.

       Kamikaze laughed, "Can we tease Justice about these stories later?"

       Alex shrugged, "in Justice's words, 'define tease'."

       They all laughed and the door opened with a tired looking Beast and Jean came in.

        Logan shook Ally lightly who saw Beast and flew to her feet.

        Scott grabbed Hayley's shoulder, Scott’s hand flew back, and everyone looked at him. "She shocked me," Scott said rubbing his hand.

        Alex came closer and shook her sister with no problem and Hayley looked at them bleary eyed.

        Beast watched them closely still worried about them having been captive.

       Jean moved closer to look at her but she blinked and kept her gaze on Beast, "How's Just?"

       "I think he will eventually make a full recovery," Beast smiled.  "This is what happened," he said producing an X-ray from a folder and clipping it to the lighted board.  "The simple piece of metal flew into his shoulder but somewhere along the line," he pointed to the scattered dots in the X-ray, "Eric must have gotten angry and moved the metal inside of his chest."
        Alex stared at it amazed and Ally crossed her arms thoughtful as Hayley and Storm made their way closer.

       "It looks like it exploded," Alex sighed.

       "In a matter of speaking," he sighed looking at her, "it did."

       "How could've the kid gotten so far?"  Logan asked.

       "We don't know when Eric 'exploded' the metal."  Beast sighed.  He certainly hadn't expected anybody to make it that far.

       "Did you get it all?"  Ally asked and felt Hayley's hand on her shoulder.

       Beast sighed, "I hope so."  He looked at the worried, "we will be taking more X-rays."

       Alex got a closer look, "this is very close to his heart and lungs."

       "He must have really pissed Magneto off," Scott said lowly looking at the x-ray.

       Wolverine scoffed, "that ain’t hard to do, Junior."

       "He is going to need more surgery isn't he?"  Hayley let her tears fall.  "This is far more serious than you are letting on, Blue boy."

        Beast's eyebrows flew up.  He hadn't expected somebody who would call him 'blue boy' to think of that first.  "Yes it is, at the very least he has some serious recovery time ahead of him."

        Ally narrowed her eyes, "What can we do?"

        "It's up to Justice."  Beast moved closer to the worried group.  "The professor is with him now.”

        Storm blew her nose and Scott put his arm around her, realizing she had remained quiet in respect for his family.  "May we tell the others now?  Can we see him Henry?"

       "Of course, on both counts, Ororo," he smiled at her.  "I will see if he can be moved but until then one person may go with me."

       The triplets looked among themselves and back to Beast.  "Storm," they all said together.

       "In that case," he went to Storm and put his hand on hers, "would you like to be alone with him for a few minutes before I come in?"

        She nodded grateful and walked out at a brisk pace to see Justice.

        Ally buried her head in Logan's chest and let her tears fall as she felt him rubbing her back.

       Alex moved to Beast slowly until he folded her into his arms and kissed her head.

      Hayley sat in the chair near by wondering where Remy was and found Kamikaze sitting next to her,

      He looked at her and smiled, "he will be fine, God protects nuts you know."

     Hayley grinned and let Kamikaze hold her hand, "Where's Remy?"  She asked to the room in general.

     Ally sighed and looked at Logan and turned to Hayley, "your over protective brother in law chased him out."

     "I didn't tell him he had to go," he scoffed.

      "No, you both kept passing dirty looks for no good reason," Ally scoffed.

     Logan continued to look oblivious to Ally’s allegations. 


     Hayley sat down and shook her head.  “You can be such a butthead sometimes, Lo.”

     She stared at the floor and wondered how someone as strong as her brother could be so gravely injured.  Her eyelids drooped as she started to fall asleep again.







     Rayne chuckled as she watched her brother saunter down an isle in the grocery store juggling some canned goods.

     Remy turned around with a roguish grin under his sunglasses, "t'ink dis would cheer dem up some back home?"


    “Not sure about cheerin’ dem up, dey seemed pretty glum, but Ah’m sure yo’d get more’n a few strange looks.”


    Gambit added another can to the whirling mass, “Ye Yaille! An artist is never appreciated.”  At that, Rayne snickered and tossed another can at him.  He scrambled at first to set that one in motion but in a few seconds, all the cans were flying rhythmically through the air.

     Rayne looked at him thoughtfully, "Ah wish you didn't have to wear those sunglasses," she wrinkled her nose, "hard ta see what you’re thinkin’?"

     Remy caught all the cans easily as children began to circle him staring and giggling.  He bent down to them with a smile, “Yo’ like da show little ones?”

     Rayne slowed the grocery cart as she watched him with the small children making them laugh with the slightest gesture, ‘he’d make a good pappa.’  Then she fancied the thought of that child having Hayley's eyes, she frowned then sighed.  As long as it’s Remy’s Ah said Ah’d love it.  And who knows, maybe I’d turn out more like Alex or Ally.’

    "Where's yo' pahrents chile," he asked the little boy who was left after he put the cans down.

     The child squinted at him then looked down and pointed to his pants.

     "Give it up Rem," Rayne snickered,  "De adults ‘round here hardly understand us much less de bebes."

     He stood and smiled, "Imp understands me."  He winked at her.

     The little boy continued to stare as his mother came and took him by the hand.

     Rayne looked up at the woman and smiled, "Don worry none Madame, we were jus’ askin’ him where yo’ were."

     "I'm sorry," the woman pushed her hair from her face feeling overwhelmed.  "Is he bothering you?"  Then she looked at the boy as she juggled the toddler in her arms.  "Kenny, you have to stop running off and bothering people."

     Remy smiled as the mother pulled her son to the shopping cart, "No bother, really."

     "Thank you," the woman said with a smile and put him into the cart with his little brother.  The younger brother then started poking his finger at his older brothers stomach saying belly, repeatedly. 

      Rayne watched as an older girl in purple ballet tights joined them with her hair up in a bun and a box of Power-puff cereal in her hands, “Please mom.  Please can I have it?  Pease!”


      The mother sighed, “All that sugar isn’t good for you, girl friend.”  To which the girl started crying.


     At the same time, the older brother in the cart shoved the younger brother telling him to shut up and stop poking him.  The younger brother punched the older brother back and both started screaming and crying.  The woman excused herself and herded the group away.

     Remy laughed, "Well, maybe Ah don’ want dat many children.  And mine would behave in a store unlike dose monsters.”

    "Remy!"  Rayne squealed and swatted his arm. 


     He dodged aside to avoid any further whacks, stuck his hands above his head, wriggled his fingers and stuck his tongue out saying, “ Nah nah yo’ can’t catch me!”


     Rayne bolted around the side of the cart and chased him down the isle.  On he ran across the back of the store until he reached a low frozen food container situated in the isle.  He put the freezer in between himself and his charging sister who slid to a stop and considered leaping over.


     Remy grinned at her and then up walked a store employee who told them there was no running in the store.  The siblings laughed and said some choice words in Cajun French smiling at the clerk all the while.  They didn’t mind really, they were just having some fun.


     Rayne turned to her brother, "Yo’ll make a good poppa someday, chere."

     "If Ah get ta be a poppa at all," he sighed.

     Rayne's eyes sparkled mischievously, "Well, if Hayley don' give yo’ one, Dere’s plenty other fish in de sea."

     Remy shook his head as he dropped bags of rice in the cart, "Still at it, hanh?  Thought you said yo’ wouldn’t do that anymore?"

    Rayne grabbed a hold of the cart and started off down the isle, "Just teasin' Rem," she stopped and grabbed some spices off the shelf.  “Ah hope someday you’ll find someone an have a fam’ly."  Remy hugged her around the shoulders and she laughed, "Ah'm glad you don't want a bunch of dem though," She pointed to where the woman had disappeared with her three children.  "Or Ah'd be stickin’ dem to da walls with Velcro ta keep track a dem all."

    "Only if dey as much trouble as you were, chere," he joked.


    Rayne sniffed, “Ah wasn’t any trouble was Ah?”


    “Trouble an den some,” He quipped and backed out of her reach.


    She stopped walking and stared at the floor, “Ah guess Ah never really thanked you for saving ma life.”  She was very young when she was abandoned on the streets of New Orleans.  Had it not been for Remy finding her and taking care of her she surely would have died.  He was young at the time as well and had already been living on the streets.


    “You weren’t dat much trouble, chere.”  He recalled the day he first saw her.  She was rummaging around in a dumpster behind Tipitina’s.  She was very thin and when she saw him she jumped out of the dumpster and bolted.  It took him two days to find her again, and it took five more days before she trusted him enough to let him near.  Or was it that she was so starved she didn’t have the strength left to resist his efforts. ‘She always was a skittery thing.’  Then a thought hit him.  Even then she was kind of rat like. 

    "Ah hate not seeing your eyes, Rem," she groaned again staring at his shades.

    "Want ta know what Ah'm thinking, den ask me," he smiled.

     Rayne scoffed, "Like you gon' tell de truth."

     He chuckled and stopped mid-stride and Rayne ran into him with the cart.

     "Remy, Yo' all right?"  She inquired, as he stood motionless.

     He held his hand up, "Ally said Justice is out of surgery," he swallowed hard, "we gotta get back."

     "Dat bad?"

     "She said he's outta de woods for now," he frowned.

      Rayne nodded as they began to throw the rest of the ingredients quickly into the cart.  When the cashier finished ringing up the sale Remy reached for his wallet and couldn’t find it.  He patted down all his pockets and his jacket.


     Rayne snickered a little and produced a mans wallet out of her own pocket, “Here Remy, dis one’s on me.”  Gambit’s jaw dropped as she paid the bill and she gave him a cocky grin that exceeded his best.