Wolvie Femmes * Sickened




        Remy took a deep breath as he continued his search for his sister. He heard a female voice and cocked an eyebrow curious of the song she sang.


        He followed the voice to the nursery where he found Ally singing to a child in a crib and he smiled at it.


       “Might be nice for an afternoon but I wouldn’t want to live on the moon,” Ally sang then felt Gambit watching her and jumped as her hand flew to her chest.


       “Thought yo’ were telepathic,” he teased her as he came into the nursery carefully.


        “We can turn it off when we need to,” Ally smiled as she watched him walk into the nursery as if he would step on a mine.


        “So dis is wha’ gon’ to happen to Hayley,” he said as he took in the aroma of baby powder and stratigically placed toys about the room.


        Ally smiled, “What will you do when there is a child?” she wondered aloud.


       “Dere is no’ chile yet Chere,” he smiled at her then he noticed her dog tags and the uncanny resemblance to Hayley’s and he reached for them and touched them gently, “What happen dere Chere?” He wondered what it was that had made Hayley so afraid of a real relationship.


        Ally sighed not sure of what to say as she looked at his hand holding her dog tags. “Our lives were changed,” she sighed as she touched his hand gently to release her tags and then held his hand as she led him out of the nursery, “they need to sleep.”


       Gambit nodded and let her lead him but his worried eyes did get past Ally.


       “Hayley will be all right,” she said as she kissed him on the cheek.


        “Okay, Gumbo get yer own wife,” a voice called to them.


        Remy and Ally saw Logan making his way to them.


        “Hayl’s awake,” he smiled at them glad to have good news.


         Ally returned his smile but Remy’s smile was lost as he swept Ally’s hand up and kissed it before running off.


         Ally laughed watching him skid around the corner. She was glad for Hayley and Remy.


         Logan took a deep breath, “not sure if I like this kid.”


        “He’s not a kid, he’s our age and,” Ally sighed to tease Logan. “He’s in love.”


        Logan’s mouth dropped and he pointed in the direction Gambit left, “Him?”


        Ally nodded, “this would be the first time I have seen Hayley with a guy for more than week too.”


        Logan had to light his cigar at the idea Hayley fell in love with that Cajun thief.


        “Why not I fell in love with a Canuck who heals himself,” Ally countered.


        Logan pointed at her as if he were going to yell but touched her face and kissed her.


       “Are you going to play bouncer for the med lab for a while?” she kissed him back.


       “Nah,” he said looking around, “I told your Uncle I’d keep an eye on something”


       “What?” she squinted her eyes.


       “I will tell you in the morning,” he touched Ally’s belly. “Take my other kid to bed.” He saw a quick shadow and caught a whiff of a scent. He turned to Ally and kissed her again. “Be there soon, darlin’”






          Remy ran into the infirmary and notice a different atmosphere. He saw Hayley sitting on the bed answering questions like she had never been hurt and Scott was gone but the biggest difference would be Jean’s smiling face.


          Hayley smiled at the site of him. “Hey.”


          Remy sauntered up to her bed and her now clad figure in the hospital gown and touched it lightly as he found her hand. She wrapped her fingers around his as well. “Chere…” was all he could choke out at the sight and touch of her. “I…”


         Hayley hugged him to her and whispered in his ear, “Me too.”


         They seemed to forget the other people in the room as they kissed lost in each other’s touch. A few applause and cleared throats caught their attention finally.


         Hayley pointed to Alex who had been applauding, “You have been hanging around Just. Too long huh?”


         Remy looked to Jean and Beast, “Does she stay here tonight?”


        “Considering how well she healed herself, I think she will be all right,” Beast winked at them, “but we mustn’t leave her totally alone.”


        “Dat’s not a problem, mon ami,” Remy smiled wrapping the blanket around Hayley’s body and scooping here into his arms.


       “I can walk, Remy,” she said as he struggled a little at first.


       “No a problem chere,” he huffed, “But time to cut down on de fried chicken non?”


        Hayley laughed at the comment as did the rest of the infirmary.


       Remy smiled thinking he day was almost complete but he needed to find Rayne for that and sighed as he made his way to the room they shared.





      ‘Stupid, stupid, stupid,’ Rayne admonished herself, as she continued down the hall after her altercation with Imp and Logan.  She felt like a bad kid running from being in trouble.  She knew these people saved her life and she was grateful, but she was still so jumpy and fearful around them.  It was just that this place looked so much like the one she was just rescued from.  While she was being held captive in that other place, she was certain that she would die there as well.  And there were times, like when that deranged scientist Deanna was torturing her mercilessly, that Rayne had prayed for death to release her from her agony.


     Rayne sighed deeply.  She thought about what she might possibly do with her life now that she had pointed ears, claws, whiskers, and un-naturally long front teeth.  How would she be able to make a living now?  She looked down at her clawed hands.  Again she sighed.  There was a more important issue at hand though.  Remy was here.  She could not stay here.  This place and these people were his affair not hers.  She could not take the risk that one of the guilds of New Orleans would find out that she was here with Remy.  A chill ran along her spine. Perhaps they already knew.  That would cost her dear brother his life.  Any contact with Rayne meant certain death to anyone she knew from the not so old days in Louisiana.  Such was the code of the guilds.  She had been banished from there and no one affiliated with the guilds was allowed to have any contact with her, ever again, or their life would be forfeit. 


        She could not risk her brother’s life, not again, and never again.  Remy had spies on her though and wouldn’t let her leave the mansion.  She had tried to escape once and that was a dismal failure. Rayne sighed again. Not only did she have to find a way out of here but she also would have to make certain that he wouldn’t have any further contact with her. She loved her brother deeply and would never forgive herself if he were harmed because of her.

     The corridor she was walking down dead-ended into a short cross hallway.  ‘Which way do I go now?’  She was slightly amused, thinking how the hallways were analogous with her life right now.   She once again sighed deeply only this time she felt a biting pain in her side.  Her wounds had once been on the mend, but now they ached with renewed vigor.  She knew that it should be looked at but the thought of going to the med-lab brought intense waves of panic.  Not only that, she just didn’t care about having it checked.  She was tired.  Tired of everything.

       She heard a commotion coming from a nearby room.  The door was closed so she walked closer to it and listened.  She could hear voices and what sounded like some kind of electronic game.  Rayne’s curiosity was piqued but she wasn’t feeling well and thought that maybe she should just go lie down for a bit.  As she was trying to make up her mind the door opened and a teenage girl with streaked auburn hair walked out of the room. They both jumped at the sight of one another.  The girl crossed her arms and braced herself against the door jam.

      "Hey. Mah name’s Rogue," Rogue knew that this new mutant was not a member of the school.  "You must be one of the mutants found at that lab."

      Rayne wasn’t sure if she was up for a discussion about that topic but she indulged the girl with a short answer.  "Oui, ah was brought ‘ere along wit’ de others."

      Rogue stood up straight and smiled, "yorah Gambit’s sistah, aren’t you?" 

       Embarrassed, Rayne could only nod her agreement. 


       Rogue’s eyes went wide remembering her own recent brush with death,  "Oh mah Gawd, it musta been awful at that place.  Were ya experimented on like the othahs?"

        By this time the other people in the room came to the door to see who it was that Rogue was talking to, and Rayne soon found that she had an audience.  But before she could say anything, a voice from behind some of the people called out,  "Hey, I remember you!"  Rayne followed the voice, and gave a start when she saw who it was.  He was the young mutant called Bonsai that had opened the door to her cell at the Adam’s laboratory.  He pushed his way past the others and stood beside Rogue.  Then he held up his arms and displayed the scars from where he was wounded by the terrified Rayne in a fight at that lab.  He looked at Rayne and said, "I have scars now."

      Rayne felt terribly uncomfortable.  A cold chill ran through her and ended up being a burning sensation all along her side. She winced at the pain but shrugged it off.  She looked at the scars on Bonsai’s arms.  "Ah’m sorry ‘bout dat, really."  Then her gaze went to her clawed hands.  She suddenly felt light headed and was afraid that she might pass out.

      Bonsai’s brother Kamikaze, walked over and stood between Rogue and Bonsai, "Check it, it’s not your fault." Kamikaze said, "You were probably scared outta your wits.  Don’t mind my brother Tyrone," He punched Bonsai on the shoulder, "He’s got a bug up his butt.  He’ll get over it."  Tyrone gave him a dirty look.  Kamikaze continued,  "My name is Tyler, I also go by Kamikaze,  "He told me all about the fight he had with you.  Sounds like you wiped the floor with my big, bad, bro."  Tyler held his hand out to Rayne in friendship.

       Rayne looked at his hand, then his smiling face identical to the other boy but so different in demeanor and her brow furrowed,  "Tu devez etre fou."   She hesitated a moment, fighting a strong urge to run away. 


      Eventually, she extended her hand and he happily grabbed it and shook it vigorously saying,  "To davy foo, to you too. What ever that means."  There was a snicker from one of the other teens.  Tyrone laughed,  " This is great! I think this is really awesome.  I’d love being an X-Man!"  He waved his free arm in the air, "I’d get to see the world, and I would rescue fair damsels in distress.  Like you, pretty lady."  He bowed to Rayne with a low sweeping flourish.
   Rogue coughed,  "Oh puh-lease, Tylah!"

     Rayne tilted her head to the side and put a hand on her hip, "Oui, yo’ are crazy."   She smiled at the flamboyant young man,  "Excusez moi, Ah mus’ go now."  She felt she really needed to go and lie down.  Her head was starting to ache a little and she felt sore all over now.  She turned to leave.

     Kamikaze snatched Rayne’s wrist, "Wait!" He blurted, " Come inside a minute. You gotta play this game with me.  I need some new competition." He gestured at the others, "These characters are pathetic."  There was more than one derisive snort from the audience.  He pulled her inside the room.

      "I yi yiee!,  Yo’ too rough."   Rayne shook her head and tried to pry her arm free of his strong grasp.  Tyler said he was sorry and let go of her arm.   She was tired and felt ill but she went with him to the couch where the game was.  She sat down and rubbed her sore wrist.

     Tyler flung himself on the couch and explained to Rayne the rules of the game that they had been playing. When Rayne told him that she had never played any games like these, Tyler grinned from ear to ear, ‘easy meat,’ he thought.  Like Rogue before her, Rayne too, was destined to become yet another vanquished foe.   After a short discussion on how to use the controllers, Tyler set the game to begin.  Of course he set it at the first level, to be fair.  This particular game was one where players would compete together at the same time.

      The game began and the cars sped off down the track.  Kamikaze was good, very good.  He had excellent reflexes and hit every curve with minimum effort and maximum gain-age.  His robotic hands danced over the controller like a pianist fingers in a concerto.  He was the king of this game around here and he loved the title. 

      The others in the room watched in wonder though as Rayne, who said she had never played a game like this before, manipulated the controls as if she had invented the game.  Rayne’s movements were fluid and perfect.  She seemed to anticipate the course and was ready with the correct response.   The first level ended with Rayne far in the lead.  Tyler hopped up and yelled, "No and way! You CANNOT have beaten me.  I don’t believe it.  You cheated! You know this game."  He stomped and tossed his controller on the couch.  The others chided him for being a poor loser.

       Rayne set the controller down on the table and slowly stood up.  Her head was throbbing now and all she wanted to do was find a hole to crawl into.  She heard Rogue gasp then gleefully shout, "Wolverine!" 


      Rayne groaned inside, ‘Is this homme gonna follow me around day and night?’  She walked around the side of the couch and faced Logan who was standing with his back against the door jam.  His arms were crossed over his chest.  Rogue was at his side grinning from ear to ear.  Logan looked straight at Rayne.

     Rayne sighed,  "What yo’ wan’ Wolverine?  Did da boss tell yo’ ta keep an eye on me?"  Rayne was annoyed that she was being followed after giving her word.

   Logan un-crossed his arms,  "You don’t look so good kid.  Better get yourself down to the med-lab." 

   Rayne growled back,  "Ah’ll go where an when ah wanna go. Comprenez?  An ah ain’t goin’ to no lab!"  Her stomach turned as the ache in her skull now pounded full force.  She wanted him to get out of the way so she could go die in peace, "Get out of ma way Wolverine."  She took a couple of steps towards the doorway. ‘Why does there always have to be a fight?’ She thought.

     Rogue stepped out protectively but Logan pushed her to the side.  She grunted her complaint.  Kamikaze leapt over the couch,  "Whoa, hey now, Logan.  The lady just wants to get by.  Just let her by, man."

      Rogue looked defensively at Tyler, "You can’t talk to Logan like that.  He hasn’t done anything wrong."

      The others in the room just watched in dumb amazement as events unfolded.

     Rayne didn’t want this confrontation.  She felt trapped and the only way she thought she could get out was to go through Wolverine.  ‘So be it,’ She gritted her teeth and set her feet for the battle.  Though, to her astonishment and relief, Logan calmly stepped aside.  Rayne wasn’t going to argue and she headed for the door but her legs gave out and she fell.
      Wolverine had smelled something wrong about Rayne this morning at the danger room, when they were in Xavier’s office and then again at the kitchen.  His suspicion that she was ill was verified here.  Still, he was shocked when she collapsed on the floor.  He Knelt and touched her forehead with the back of his hand.  It was very hot.  He knew he needed to get her to the med-lab, especially when he saw her eyes roll back in her head. 


      ‘Damn stubborn kid.’  He thought as he lifted her up.  He turned to Kamikaze, "Ty, see if you can reach Jean and have her meet me in the lab, stat!" Tyler nodded then narrowed his eyes as he tried to find Jean telepathically.  After Logan left the room, the others were still standing there silently looking at one another.






        Justice finished in the shower at a somewhat reasonable time and took a long drink off the beer Sassy had given him.


     'One beer won't throw my concentration,' he reasoned as he picked up the last of his workload. He removed his laptop computer from this brief case and pushed the button as it hummed to life. He wanted to save some time in his day tomorrow at work and he used his network to contact his computer at work.


     He sighed taking another drink of his beer proud of himself and waiting for the computer to finish loading.


    Another knock on the door caught his attention and he groaned inwardly but then thoughts of it being Storm helped guide his feet to the door.


     He opened the door to find a young blue haired mutant Aubrey standing there with a small can and a putty knife.


    "You have the room next door?" Aubrey laughed.


    Justice gave her a weak smile and nodded still embarrassed his temper had gotten the best of him. "I take it that's for the wall?" He gestured to the putty.


     Aubrey smiled, "Yes," she handed him the can and then the knife, "Dominick and I fixed the other walls already and yours is the last one to fix." She smiled expectantly, "So if you don't mind I would love my privacy."


    "Sure I will do it right now," Justice looked at her hands for more, "You don't have any sandpaper?" She looked at him confused. "To smooth the wall when it dries so you don't have a lump there," Justice placed the can and the knife by the door.


     "I will find some in the morning though," Aubrey nodded, "Hey I heard you were a lawyer." She teased him a bit.


     "Do you think it's the first time my strength has broken a wall or something?" Justice smiled remembering the worse thing he had to replace was a pillar outside of his father's home.


     Aubrey winked at him as she backed away and closer to her own door, "Good point."


     Justice shut the door and pried the can open happy with the consistency and sighed as he began to the fix what he had broken. He looked at his computer, which was booted up to his work computer now and smiled. He threw his speed into high gear and had the hole closed in seconds.


       He grabbed his beer again and looked longingly at it wondering if he should hunt another down. He sighed and simply began to type on the portable computer anxious to get some rest for the night. He moved quickly letting his pen travel from his mouth to hand as he used his mouth and his ear as a penholder.


     "Justice," A voice called from behind him and he nearly jumped out of his skin but turned to face Chloe standing there with a tray holding two filled wine glasses and a bottle of his favorite red wine.


     "Chloe," he jumped at her, "Ever heard of knocking? I was busy with work," Justice finally took the pen from his mouth and turned back to finish his last thought.


    "I knew that Justice," Chloe smiled, "Admit it or not." She began as she sat a full wine glass in front of him, "You like to relax with your briefs and some wine."


    "Was that 'in' my briefs?" he joked lamely as he finished writing. He turned to face Chloe still not very comfortable with her presence, "Thank you for the wine and thinking of me." He looked at the floor uncomfortably, "I am sorry about what happened earlier."


    "So am I," She said simply drinking some of her wine. Justice mimicked her movements taking a long drink. Justice looked at himself in his pajama bottoms but naked from the waist up and reached for his robe.


    Chloe narrowed her eyes, "I have seen you more naked than that." She hoped she relayed the hurt feeling in her voice that she felt.


    Justice pulled the robe on meeting her eye with a sigh, "we are different people now."


    "I missed you," Chloe blushed and couldn't believe it had come to this. She sipped her wine thoughtfully and prayed for courage.


   As if on cue she watched Justice pick his glass up and take a bigger drink. "You could drink me under the table," She teased.


    "You just couldn't hold your liquor," He smiled at the memory of carrying her home from a fancy party but suddenly he felt warm and sat down.


    "Are you all right?" Chloe touched his warm forehead hoping she didn't give him too much.


    "Fine," Justice stammered and looked at her groggily. Her face went out of focus a little and he reached out to see if she was really there. He saw her but things were moving in the opposite direction he was looking.


     "Yes, you are," She purred glad it was taking effect so quickly but a bit worried about him. She sighed and tugged at his robe, "Take this off. You are too warm."


    Justice stood to help her remove it and nodded, but with the nod he fell to his knees.


   Chloe giggled not used to seeing Justice at such a disadvantage, "Let's get you to the bed." She laughed loving that she had control of the situation now.


    Justice tried to comply as he began to crawl on the bed. He began laugh at himself but wasn't sure why and it took a lot of strength for him to pull himself into the bed.


    Somebody was pushing a cup to his lips. 'Water?' he thought and drank the liquid greedily as his thirst seemed to take over his mind. He wasn't sure if he had his eyes open but felt moisture on his chest as well and wondered how they got him to the shower.


    Chloe began to giggle at Justice's mumbling. This was working very well and after he pulled himself into the bed he became funnier to her. Her mind raced to the poisoned wine and she wanted to make sure it would last as long as she needed it too. She grabbed his glass seeing he had some left and pressed it to his lips. She tried to maneuver it into his mouth but some spilled onto his chest and Justice seemed to think that was hilarious. She smiled at his carefree nature and watched him drink the rest of it.


    She sighed and touched his hand roughly so see if he was out. She pushed her nail into his hand and he didn't flinch. She took a deep breath she had come this far and didn't want to stop now. She grabbed Justice's pajama bottoms and pulled hard and he still didn't move. She eyed the sight appreciatively and kissed him. To her surprise she found him returning the kiss lightly as he tugged for his sheet and began to roll over.


    Chloe quickly disrobed feeling a bit heady from the wine herself. She took her time pulling the sheet to Justice as she climbed into the bed with him. She marveled at the site of him as he began to snore lightly. Justice's strawberry hair stood out on the white pillow as did his olive complexion.


    Chloe snuggled to his strong chest and he closed his arm around her waist. He mumbled something and sighed a little. Chloe began to wonder how out he really was and laid her head on his chest.


     She had missed him and his innocence of his Peter Pan like existence. How would she live without him? She pushed the thought out of her mind as she remembered she was the one here with him now and grasped his manhood. Justice may have laid dormant but his body responded quickly to her and he mumbled things as his eyes fluttered open from time to time.


    Chloe panicked and began to move quicker. She waited for his eyes to shut again and she let her plan take effect on her silent husband.





     Remy put Hayley in the bed and laughed at her. She was almost asleep on him and when he changed the altitude she looked at him.


     Gambit lit a cigarette, "Chere, Ah need ta know about somet'ing." He touched her dog tags. "Rayne was dere too."


     Hayley squinted at him, "What happened to each mutant and human is different."


     "How abou' yo'?" He wanted to know why she started throwing electricity and what Rayne might start doing.


    "Remy that's a long story," She sighed, "Can we talk about it tomorrow?" She sat up and kissed his mouth hard.


     "No, chere," he pushed her away, "Yo' need rest."


     "I'm fine."


     "Ah sleep in da chair if ah have to," he threatened as he pulled off his shirt. Hayley nodded watching him disrobe and the thought of him not holding her wasn't acceptable,


    "No, I think we both need to sleep." She patted the bed and moved over for him. She sighed looking at the moonlight from the window dancing on his auburn hair, "How is Rayne?"


    He pulled his pants off and grabbed his cigarette, "Rayne needs time." He sighed. "Ah looked for her earlier but she can smell me. An if she don’ wan’ me t’find her, ah can‘t." He sighed and started to the bathroom.


    "You think she's avoiding you?" Hayley tilted her head.


   "I know she is chere," he called from over the bathroom sink.


    Hayley smiled when she saw he had stripped the rest of his clothing and was coming to bed naked. ‘He's not shy,’ she sighed to herself. She liked that.


    Gambit groaned as he took a final drag and put his cigarette out. Hayley rolled over and her hospital gown exposed her butt and back to him. He sighed remembering it was a hospital gown.


    "Rayne jus’ need' time. She find me when she want," He sighed and propped up on his elbow. "Dat comfortable Hayley," He tugged at her gown.


    "No," she sighed, "It's itchy and I hate it." Remy untied her gown and she sighed as she shrugged it off and she rolled over and found herself eye to eye with him.


    He was looking at her hard and touched her face gently, "Chere, Gambit thought he los’ you."


    Hayley wasn't sure what to make of this, "I know, Remy." She kissed him.


     Then he pulled her to his chest letting her hair fall behind her and tickling his arm. Remy had two women in his life now. He felt strongly for both and it didn't matter right now if they didn't get along, it would be nice, but he needed them both there.


    He released his grasp and touched her head, "Sleep now chere. T’morrow ah need ta fin’ Rayne an it's gon' be a busy day." He didn't have to wait long before Hayley fell asleep and her hypnotic breathing soon lulled him to sleep too.