Wolvie Femmes * Shared Memories






       *Bang!*  Jean jumped again at the sound of a gavel being hit against its block. One of the men sitting behind the desk rose and adjusted his robes. He asked that Remy and Rayne stand and face the desk. Mattie’ stood up with them and placed her hands on their shoulders. 

  "After hearing the evidence presented to this counsel, we have decided that this heinous act cannot go without punishment. We have found no evidence to support any wrong doing assigned to master Remy LeBeau. Rayne However, is found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Furthermore, she is guilty of the illegal use of spells, which is forbidden by both guilds, and she is directly responsible for the attack upon Mattie’.

  There were whispers, condemnations and deep sighs around the room. Remy violently shook his head, " NO! yo’ got it all wrong. Rayne’s lyin’. She didn’ do anyt’in. Ah killed Edval, not her," He looked at his father, Jean Luc LeBeau, who was sitting behind the desk because he was the head of the thieves guild. "PAPA!" Remy cried, "Ah’m tellin’ da God’s honest trut’. Please believe me."

  Tante’ embraced Remy and tried to calm him. Jean Luc stood up and with a stricken face and addressed Rayne, "Rayne, The council has found you guilty. By the laws of both guilds you are given a choice. You can choose to be banished. To leave Louisiana forever," His voice cracked, "To everyone here, you will be dead and if anyone from here is ever found to have had any contact with you, their life is forfeit," Jean Luc continued, " The second choice is for immediate execution, that would be carried out by the offended party," He motioned to Edval’s family. They looked at Rayne with murder in their eyes. Jean Luc leaned forward on the table and looked into Rayne’s eyes. "Rayne, Ah never gave yo’ ma name, but ah wan’ yo’ ta know dat ah always considered you ta be ma daughter. Dis, grieves ma heart. Today, whichever choice you make, ah have los’ ma girl,"  His eyes began to tear, "May God have mercy on your soul." Jean Luc couldn’t get out anymore words. He looked at Rayne with tear filled eyes. He saw how she stood there with her head held high. He knew that there was something missing from the story but that wouldn’t matter now. The Assassin’s were powerful and they demanded blood. He looked at Rayne and his heart broke. This was the last time he would ever see her.

   The first man that had stood said,  "What is your decision?"

   There were more whispers around the room, and talk amongst Edval’s family about what they would do to her if she chose to stay. Rayne stood as straight as she could, held her chin up and looked toward the council, "Ah choose banishment."

   Jean Luc with the rest of the council turned their backs to Rayne as she was escorted out of the room. Mattie’ wrapped her arms tightly around Remy’s shoulders as he flailed and screamed for his sister, "Noooooooooo, Rayne!" He sobbed and looked to his father, "Papa please help her. She didn’t do anyt’ing wrong. Please don’ send her away," He struggled against Tante’s grasp, "Rayne don’t leave, it’ll be alright. Ah’ll figure somet‘in out." The stricken boy looked to his father again, "Papa please, don’ let dem take her away. It’s not her fault!" He searched the room looking for an ally, anyone who might help him save his sister. There was none. He looked back to where they lead Rayne out of the room and he saw the door close behind Rayne. His sister was gone. Remy collapsed to the floor sure that his heart would break from the agony.

   Jean Grey looked at the older Rayne that was standing next to her. The young women had tears in her eyes. "An so ah made ma decision. Ta save Remy from harm, ah chose ta leave an never look back," She paused, "It broke ma heart ta hear ‘im carry on so. Ah, died dat day," Then her eyes looked at her father’s back, "Pappa, ah’m SO sorry," Rayne crumpled to the floor, "God forgive me, ayez la pitie sur ma ame miserable et sauvegardez-moi des feux d‘enfer!" she sobbed and curled into a ball in anguish. 

   Jean dropped to the ground and tried to console her, "It’s alright Rayne. Your father and your brother still love you. Nothing will ever change that." 

   Rayne stopped crying and faintly said as if it was a litany, "To dem, Ah am dead. To me, dey are dead. An Ah am dead, ta ma’se’f. Dere’s not’in’ lef’ but death." 

   Dr. McCoy saw Rayne’s vitals drop critically low. "This is not good. We’re loosing her," Hank turned to the Aussie, "Reg, if you have a miracle in you, we need it now!" Hank looked at Jean and wondered what was happening, ‘Come on Jeannie, this girls life is in yours hands now. We’re doing all we can out here.’ Hank looked at Alex, "Can you contact Jean and see if she needs any help?" 

  Alex nodded, "at this point the girls temperature isn’t going to matter much anyway." She sighed deeply, "I’ll see if I can help Jean." She closed her eyes and entered Rayne’s mind. She found Jean holding a curled up Rayne. The young woman was very still and tears were rolling down Jeans cheeks.

   "Jean, we have to do something constructive here. They really need our help out there.  Know what I mean?"

   Jean looked up at Alex and telepathically relayed to her the information that she had gathered so far.

   "Holy, whoa!" Alex plopped on the floor next to them, "Poor kid. We have to do something." She looked at the X-Man, "Don’t you have something in your hero handbook for this kind of thing?"

   Jean flashed Alex an angry look, "There is no manual for this Alex. Help me try and reach her. She needs to see some hope, some kind of happiness. Something, that will make her want to live."

   Alex thought for a moment, "Well, what about Gambit?"

   Jean reminded Alex that Rayne was banished from ever seeing Remy again. And that in Raynes eyes she had already placed Gambit in mortal danger by being in the mansion,  "Maybe there is some kind of loop hole in the guild law.  Something like that." 

   Alex’s face brightened, "We could give her an alias!" She grinned, "We could give her a whole new identity.  She’s already been changed physically with whiskers and claws and such."

   Jean considered the possibility but then she remembered hearing that Remy had recognized Rayne in the lab, "For that to work she would have to be further altered and I don’t know if she could handle that. Also, we don’t know what all those scientists did to her in that lab." 

   Reg Grundy had only recently discovered that he could heal people. He didn’t know how much he could do to help this girl but he knew that she could quite possibly die if he could not heal her. So he pushed himself hard, harder than he had ever pushed to do something in all his 25 years. The burning in his hands suddenly coursed throughout his entire body and the white light engulfed him.

   Hank saw the white glow engulf Reg and he didn’t know what to do for him. Reg stood there with his back arched and his face to the ceiling but he kept his hands on Rayne, "Gaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! There was a blinding flash of light, then no light at all and Beast watched as Reg slumped to the floor.

  Dr. McCoy went to Reg to see if he was ok. Reg was panting hard but managed,  "How’d I do, mate?" Hank looked at Rayne. The horrible disease on her body was gone and there was some new pink skin where the gangrene had eaten away the previous tissue. Beast smiled, "Your efforts have been very successful my friend." The exhausted but happy Australian touted, "Legend," Then he passed out.

   Gambit heard Reg’s outcry and he ran into the OR.  He saw Hank picking up the limp Aussie, "What’s goin’ on ‘ere?" 

   Kamikaze followed Gambit in from the other room, and he went over to help Doctor McCoy with Reg. "So like, how’d my bro do Doc? Could he heal her?"

   Remy was at Raynes side now and he could see that her disease had been cured. He Kissed his sister’s forehead and picked up her hand, "Ma chere coeur,  Ah was afraid ah los’ yo’ ‘gain. Rayne? Can yo’ hear me girl?"

   There was no response from his sister and Gambit looked to Jean and Alex for answers.  Jeans eyes were glassy and unresponsive, so he turned to Alex who stirred and looked as if she had just woken from a dream.

   Alex’s face was full of concern, "Remy, your sisters slipping away from us. We need your help."

   Gambit shook his head in denial, "Dat’s not right." He gestured to her healed body,  "She looks ok now." He looked at Alex’s somber and anxious features and his heart sank, "Tell me wha’s goin’ on?"

   "Jean and I need you to come inside Raynes mind," She saw that her words were hardly registering with Remy. "Snap out of it Gambit!" She yelled. 

   He jolted out of his reverie, "Ok, ah’ll do whatever yo’ wan me too. Ah‘ll do anyt‘in ta save ma sister."

   Alex took his hand and bid him to relax and let her guide his mind. Remy felt as if he was floating and his stomach felt queasy. All about him was blackness. The only thing he could see was Alex’s astral form and his own, "Dis all Helter Skelter. We’re ‘ere and not ‘ere, non?"

  Alex explained to him that inside one’s mind, anything is possible. One mind is only limited by imagination, hopes, dreams and fears, "Remy, you must understand also, that what happens here has a profound effect on the physical body as well." She looked hard at his face to make sure that he understood what she was saying, "Rayne’s physical body may have been healed by Reggie, but her mind has given up on life. Jean is still holding some contact with her but we can’t get her to snap out of it." Alex forced Gambit to look at her eye to eye, "If she dies in here, her physical body will die as well. That is how it works."

   Gambit’s face was blank as he digested what he was hearing. Then the reality of what she said hit him and he gasped, "NO! Ah won’ let dat happen." He grabbed Alex’s astral form by the shoulders, "Tell me what ah have ta do."

  Jean felt Alex and Gambit’s presence in Rayne’s mind and bid them to hurry. Although Jean was a formidable telepath, she was still developing her skills and this was pushing her to the limit.

  Alex and Gambit appeared before Jean. Jean looked at them and said, "We have a new problem Alex."

   Alex saw that Rayne still laid seemingly lifeless, curled on Jeans lap. Jean pointed to a figure that just materialized near them. It was the ghastly zombie of Edval. The demon leered at Gambit, "Dis is too good ta be true." The horrid creature swaggered slowly towards them, "Ah not only get ta kill dat wort’less  whor’in sistah of yo’rs but ah get ta kill yo’ now as a bonus."

   Gambit looked to Jean for an explanation. Jean sighed and tried to explain to Remy that all of Rayne’s self loathing, fears and wish for death was now embodied in Edval’s visage.

  Remy misunderstood what Jean told him. He thought that somehow Edval’s spirit had taken over his sister’s mind. "Yo’ Bastard!" He said as he ran to the zombie.

  Gambit slammed his body into Edval’s rotted corpse. The red light in the zombie’s eyes flared and the loathsome creature tore at Gambit’s face with its claws. Remy staggered back and wiped his face with his arm.    
                                                                                                                                                                      Edval’s face was full of morbid glee as he walked towards Jean and Rayne, "Ah t’ink ah’ll have fun killin’ all a yo’,"  He tossed his head at Jean who was now standing, "But firs’ Me’be ah’ll show dese femmes what a real man is, non?" He grabbed his crotch and made lewd gestures at Jean. 

   "Leave dem be Edval!" Gambit yelled as he hit the creature from behind, knocking it to the floor.  

   It snickered as it rose to its feet, "Yo’ pa’tetic t’ief. Ah’m gon’ enjoy eatin’ yo’r heart,"  The animated dead thing made a sickening sound that the others took as laughter, "Ah t’ink ah’ll make yo’ watch, as ah eat it too."

   "Yo’ sick Edval," Remy spat. Edval wiggled his rotted ass at Gambit and laughed again.  Then they slowly circled each other.

   Alex tried to use her power to freeze the zombie in place but her power wouldn’t work,  "Damn!"

   "Tsk tsk tsk," Edval waggled his bony finger at her, "None a dat Hocus Pocus now." Alex huffed in frustration. The horrid creature flicked his shriveled tongue at her, "Ah’ll take care a yo’ in a minute, salope." 

   Gambit took advantage of the distraction and leapt at the zombie. He hit the thing in a front long roll into its legs, toppling it to the floor. Then Remy quickly spun around and landed a kick, knocking the demons head to the side. Edval screeched and threw itself on top of Gambit pinning him to the floor. 

   The wretched creature was inhumanly strong and Gambit fought fiercly to try and break away from it. The zombie locked its arms around Remy’s torso and pinned Gambit’s arms against his side. Edval’s eyes glowed brightly, and sticky saliva dribbled from his chin as he sank his teeth into Gambit’s neck. Gambit screamed in agony as the zombie chewed into muscle and sinew.

   Alex got a running start and jumped feet first into the zombie’s side. As the creature was knocked away from Gambit its teeth tore flesh away from his neck. Remy grabbed his neck and writhed in pain. 

   Jean wanted to help with the fight but she had to maintain the telepathic connection between herself, Rayne, Alex and Gambit. She thought about pulling Gambit out of Rayne’s mind but realized it had gone too far. That if he left now there would be considerable psychic trauma. And they all couldn’t leave Rayne because she would surley die.  

   Alex got to her feet quickly when she saw that the creature was already standing. She timed her punch as it lumbered her way. Her fist connected with its jaw and its head snapped back. 

   Edval grinned evilly as he lowered his gaze on her, "Dat de bes’ yo’ can do?"

   Alex growled and spun in a round house kick to his ribs but the zombie caught her leg.  He pulled her to him and wrapped his hand around her throat. She kneed him as hard as she could in the groin. He pulled her face to him and pushed her mouth against his bloody putrid lips. She kicked and punched at him but  he held her fast and she could not break free.

  Remy had gotten up and saw that Alex needed his help. His head was spinning and he was in agony. He saw that the creature had Alex by the throat and that gave him the fire he needed to continue the fight. Gambit went over and slammed Edval in the back of the head as hard as he could. The zombie tossed Alex far to the side and turned to face Remy.

   "Yo’r dead now t’ief," It said and it grabbed a hold of Gambit. Remy tried to butt heads with it, to get it to release him but that sent nauseating waves of pain through his body.

   Edval laughed then sank his teeth into the untouched  side of Remy’s neck. Edval fiercely ravaged Gambit’s throat and tore open a mortal wound. Gambit cursed silently as his life’s blood drained away. He had failed his sister, again, ‘No! Ah won’ let dis monster win.’ Remy’s vision dimmed,  "Dis fo’ yo’ Rayne," He rasped. The evil creature was in estacy as he watched the blood poor from Gambit’s body, and  Edval didn’t notice and so didn’t counter, when Remy poured his mutant power into his own rotten form until it sizzled with energy. By then it was too late and all the demon could do was scream its defiance.

   Alex and Jean could only watch in horror as they realized what Gambit was doing. There was a brilliant burst of light as Remy released the kenetic energy that he had built up in the zombie. The corpse burst apart and Gambit was hurled away. 

   "Oh my God!" Alex ran over to Gambit. His body was shattered by the blast and he was soaked in his own blood. She looked into his eyes and saw a glimmer of life still left,  "Hang on Remy. Your going to be ok." Then a thought struck her, ‘Wait a minute.’ She looked over at Jean, and Rayne was still there at her feet. "See there," She pointed at Rayne, "She’s still here. We have a chance."

   In the med lab, Beast saw Gambit’s body crumple to the floor and McCoy had been around telepaths long enough to know, that it was a bad sign. He checked Gambit’s vitals and found them to be critically low. He picked Remy up and laid him on the bed next to Rayne’s. He knew it was up to the telepaths now and he hated not being able to help.  ‘Dear God don’t let these two die. There has been enough death lately.’ He held both Remy’s and Rayne’s hand and prayed for the best.

    Ty stood next to Reg’s unconscious body. He took up the Aussie’s hand and nervously patted it, "It’s gonna be fine, it’s gonna be ok, everythings gonna be ok."

   Jean looked down at Rayne who was still just lying there unmoving. She dropped down to Rayne’s side and shook her hard, "Rayne, Remy is dying,  you have to snap out of this."  When there was still no movement from the girl, Jean shook her even harder and screamed, "Get up damn it! Are you going to just let your brother die? What’s the matter with you. I thought you loved him. Prove your love for your brother and get up. Get up!"  She hit Rayne’s shoulder hard over and over again in her exasperation. Rayne caught Jean’s hand after one of the hits. Jean looked at Rayne, who’s gaze slowly found her brother.

   Rayne’s heart stopped when she saw his torn, dying body, "No Remy, dis not right," She crawled over to him and kissed his blood soaked cheek as her tears fell. Gambit tried to talk but couldn’t. His eye’s pleaded with her. She drew herself up to sit next to him,  "Don’ die," She gently placed her hands over the gaping wounds on his neck, "Ah don’ wan’ yo’ ta be dead. Ah wan‘ yo‘ ta be alive." 

  To Jean and Alex’s amazement, when Rayne took her hands away from Gambit’s neck, the wounds were healed. Then they remembered that this was Rayne’s mind and she had the most control over what happened here.

   Rayne, then gently caressed  Remy’s body and his wounds healed beneath her touch,  "Yo’ gonna be jus’ fine now, an don’ worry," Rayne’s tears streamed down her face. She steeled herself with a deep breath, "For Yo’ ma chere ami, ah would live a hun’red years.  Ah love yo‘ Remy. Yo’r ma precious brother. My best friend. Ma everyt’in. Ah don’ wan’ ta be dead to yo‘ no more. An ah wan‘ yo‘ to be alive ta me. Ah wan‘ us ta be fam‘ly again. Please?" Rayne’s sobs grew as she held her brother, "Please Remy, ah’ll do anyt’in yo’ say, jus’ don’ die."

   Remy looked at his sister and managed a smile, "Ah love yo’ too Rayne. We’ll figure somet’in out girl. Yo’ll see. S‘gonna be alright ma petite. Trus’ Remy ta take care of yo’ chere. Ah will take care of yo’. Ah won’t let anyone hurt yo’ girl, ever again."

   Rayne held Remy tightly and kissed his forehead over and over again, "Yo’r ma heart an ma life, Remy."

   In the med lab, Hank noted that the vitals of both patients had stabilized and he heaved a deep sigh of relief. He watched as Rayne’s eyes opened, then Gambit’s. Brother and sister smiled at one another. Jean and Alex stirred as they also came back into the physical world. Gambit flashed a weak cocky grin at the telepaths, "Da hero gets a big kiss now, non?" To his surprise and delight, both women walked over and gave Remy a big kiss. Rayne watched her brother eat up the attention from the two beautiful women and for the first time in a very long time her heart was full of joy, "Don’ give dat crapaud too many kisses, might go ta his head." Beast wiped his eyes and chuckled.  

   Reg woke up to find a teary eyed Kamikaze holding his hand, "What the bloody hell is going on here?" He yanked his hand from Ty’s grasp, "Get me the hell away from this insane asylum!" He quickly hopped off the bed and glared at Tyrone.

   Ty looked at Reg hurt, "But honey, you’re my hero."

   The others burst out laughing as Reg ran out the door as fast as his legs would carry him.




       Ally and Hayley came running when they heard Alex’s telepathic cry for help, when Edval had her by the throat. But by the time they got to the med lab the danger was over. Justice thought he might have heard the cry, but in his drunken stupor he wasn‘t sure about anything and so he did not respond. They ran in just as Jean and Alex gave Remy his hero’s kiss.

     "Alright," Hayley said, "What’s the urgent, urgency?"

      Ally looked at Alex, "You look fine to me sis. What was the call all about?"

      "I apologize for that rude awakening. As you can see there is nothing wrong now." Alex quickly walked over to the sisters and indicated to them that the three of them needed to leave now. Alex knew that Hayley would want to stay and see why Remy was on a bed in the infirmary getting kissed by her sister and Jean Grey. She also knew that Hayley’s presence here would upset Rayne, "I need some coffee and I need to talk to the both of you," Alex grabbed her sisters arms, "Join me?"

        Hayley looked over at Remy, "What are you doing on that bed? What happened? Are you ok?" She started to go to Gambit’s side, but Alex held her arm firmly, ‘Hayley, never mind Remy for now. He’s fine. We don’t want Rayne upset that you are here. She’s just been through hell and needs to rest. Come and have a coffee with me and Alley.’

      Gambit smiled at Hayley and started to rise but was held back by Hank, "You need to stay here a while longer, my heroic friend." Remy started to protest but hank cleared his throat and glanced over at Rayne. Remy looked over at Rayne who was glaring at Hayley, and if looks could kill, Hayley would be now dying a thousand deaths. He sighed, "Ah’ll catch up wit’ yo’ later, Hayl. Ah need ta stay ‘ere ‘til da doc says ah can go." He playfully thumped Beast on the chest.

       Hayley smiled back at Remy then looked at Rayne, "Better now?"

      Rayne growled and thrashed to get out of the bed but Jean stopped her with her body and her telekinesis, "You’re not going anywhere young lady. Doctors orders."





      Alex and Ally yanked Hayley’s arms and escorted her quickly out of the med lab. When they got far enough away Alex stopped and gave Hayley a stern look, "Why did you do that?"

      Hayley looked shocked, "Do what?"

     "You know very well what I mean," Alex countered, "And after I told you she had just been through a bad time. That was not very nice."

     Hayley huffed, "I just asked her if she was feeling better. She’s the one that got all touchy."

     Ally interjected, "Rayne glared at Hayl from the first minute she saw her in there."

    "Hayl," Alex pleaded, "Rayne is not well and she needs her brothers care right now. So back off her ok?"

     "Whatever. Are we still going for coffee or can I go back to bed now?" Hayley pulled her robe tighter around her.

     "I’m going for a coffee," Alex headed off for the kitchen, "Anyone who wants to join me can."





      Rayne wrestled with Jean even after the three sisters left the lab.  Jean admonished her, "Don’t make me have to give you a tranquilizer to keep you quiet. I want you to rest now." Rayne stopped struggling, settled back down on the bed but kept her eyes on the door.

     Remy didn’t know what to do with his hot tempered sister, "Rayne," He turned on his side and propped himself on his elbow, "We need ta talk girl."

     "No!" Both Hank and Jean stated emphatically.

     "The two of you need to sleep now, or we’ll give both of you tranks, got it?" Jean said and crossed her arms.

     Hank walked over and stuck a syringe into Rayne’s IV port. Rayne made a grab for his hand, "Wha’s dat?"

    He deftly avoided her hand and continued to empty the contents of the syringe. "It is just something to help you sleep, my dear," He said in his best bedside voice.

    "Ah don’ wan’ ta sleep."

     "You need to sleep well tonight, so that in the morning you feel right as rain," Beast quipped.

    "S’at suppos’ ta be funny?"

     Hank smiled innocently.

    "Well, it isn’t funny," Rayne sighed and sulked, "Dere’s not’in right ‘bout dis Rayne." The sedative began to take effect and Rayne’s eyelids began to close, "Ah don’ wan’ sleep. Don’ wan’ t’see de nightmares."

     "Poor kid," Jean said as she watched Rayne succumb to the medication and fall into a deep sleep.

      Remy saw that Rayne was asleep now and figured she’d be out the rest of the night, "Can ah leave now? Ah’d lik’ ta sleep ma’se’f."

      Jean regarded him, "Do you feel ok?"

      "Yeah, jus’ tired s’all," Gambit smoothed his hair.

      "Fine then. We’ll let you know if anything comes up."

       Remy went over and lightly kissed Rayne’s forehead, "Sleep tight, mignon. Ah see yo’ tomorrow." Then he ambled off to bed.

       A while later, Alex sighed as the now quiet infirmary began to make her sleepy. Beast touched her back sweetly. "You have been through a lot, my dear," he sighed deeply "Perhaps you should go to your room for rest."


      "Soon," She smiled, "I had spoken to my uncle about something before we left for Canada."


       Henry narrowed his eyes and remembered that difficult time. Rayne stirred in her sleep and snapped him out of the revere.


    "Something that would let you move among other people and not be singled out," She hugged him tightly, "It would make you appear to others as if you are a normal human. Personally, I love the way you look and I know that the people around here don’t care how you look. But if you want to go out into public, it would help to look like a normal human."


      He raised his eyes at the prospects, 'Poetry readings and lectures! ’ "This is a very intriguing idea Alex."


    "Yes, idea," She smiled as she pushed a pen on paper, "Now, all we need is to get it to work."


     "I see," he mumbled as he reached for the paper offered.


     "I think it would help to have my sisters look at it as well," she sighed, "And Justice, since he has worked with mechanics and lab equipment."


     "Indeed," Henry said thoughtfully, and looked over Alex's scattered ideas on paper. It was complicated but there could be a way to make it work.


      "We could fit other mutants with them as well," Alex smiled, as Jean's curious stare began to watch them closely, It would open up whole new opportunities." Beast gave her back the paper, and she added it to the others she was working on.


     Rayne moved in her sleep again and this time she moaned slightly. Beast walked over and adjusted her IV. They had given her a sedative to keep her quiet for the remainder of the night. They didn’t want to take the chance that she would sneak out and wander about the mansion. Or try and leave again. So they had sent everyone away from the infirmary, including Remy, so she could sleep undisturbed, and under a careful watch. The fact that she had given herself up to die signaled a deep psychological problem one that needed to be watched.


      When Hank returned to the desk, he found Alex fast asleep and he smiled. Like her sisters, she did tend to push herself too far.






       Hayley felt the bed stir slightly and picked her head up to see what it was. She felt a cool hand on her naked waist and a kiss on her neck. She turned to face Remy and smiled.


      "Rayne ok?" Hayley mumbled still asleep.


     Gambit smiled, "She’s sleepin’." He stifled a yawn and she put her head back on the pillow. Remy ran his hand along her side, pulled her to him and kissed her head. He wrapped his arm around her until it settled in front of her and she held it to her and curled up, pushing her buttocks into him. He sighed hard trying not to think of sex. He recalled her earlier injuries and pulled the covers up on them both to keep warmer. Even though it didn’t matter how hot or cold he was. With all the stress he had been under recently, he was exhausted and would sleep soundly the rest of the night.


    He thought of seeing Rayne's first real smile since he found her, and he fell asleep with a smile on his lips.





     Storm had pushed Justice around in the bed to clean in it and make him comfortable. She was wanted to sleep but had to change the sheets first and tidy the room up a bit. She was proud that she could clean Justice and the bed without waking him. She even pulled some of his pajamas and socks on him to keep him warmer and more comfortable.


     She looked at the mess in the room and sighed. She picked up the computer and set it on the desk. It was still on so she looked at it wondering if there would be a clue to what had happened. She found some office files from his firm and flipped through them quickly. Then she sighed as she shut the top of the computer.



     Storm began to pick up the strewn papers and heard him moan. She knelt by the bed quickly and took his hand.


     He looked up at her, "How was I?" He smiled.


     "Pardon me?"


    He looked at her confused, "Guess it was just a dream then," he gave her a rueful smile.


    "What was it about Justice?"


    "Being with you," he winked and tried to sit up but the spinning caught him and he set his head down again, "Please stop the world, it's moving too fast."


     "What did you do last night?" She stroked his head gently. He looked at her as if she had asked him to recite Hamlet, "I don't know." He searched his thoughts for the reason behind the spinning world, "Did I drink?"


    Storm raised a corner of her mouth and held up the empty beer bottle.


    He chuckled, "How many?"


    "I only found one," She shrugged. One beer wasn't enough to get her drunk, and Justice was a big guy.


     "One?" he smiled, "The rest of them might be in the shower then."


    "Justice you need to remember what happened to you," She sighed, "And you cannot go to work like this today." Justice would like to have nodded but his head wouldn’t respond and his eyes were shutting rapidly. He tried to smile and tell Storm something witty but fell back to sleep instead.


    Storm sighed as his hand let go of hers and she crawled into bed next to him. She faced him so she could watch him.



    Wolverine put his cigar out before opening the bedroom door. He found his way easy through the darkness and looked at Ally's whose exhausted form filled most of the bed.


    'Poor kid must be wiped out not to hear me,' He sighed. He stripped off his boots and shirt and watched her for any sign of waking. She just slept on. He undid his pants and stripped further until he was ready to crawl into the bed. Once he moved under the covers she shifted her weight until she was eye to eye with him.


    Her eyes glowed blue to save her the energy of a conversation, "How are Rayne and Justice?’


    Logan sighed and pulled his wife to him. He could feel the silky fabric of her nightgown and he ran his hand along her side lightly, "The kids got a rough road yet. But Gumbo should be able to handle it now. Storm is keeping an eye on Justice and Hayley is in bed with Remy."


    Ally smiled at the resolution and closed her eyes, "Aramis is going North with us."


   "Yeah?" He sighed knowing that their trip to Canada would be delayed, "Might want to hang around here a while longer, darlin’."


    Ally's eyes popped open, "Why, what’s going on?"


    "Not sure," he took a deep breath, "Hopefully Justice will be able to tell us something in the morning. I‘d like to find out who it was that was with him, and what they were trying to do to him."


     Ally sat up as her protective nature took over and her eyes glowed softly again in contrast to the darkened room. Ally wasn't usually reckless with her telepathy but this was her brother. She clasped a hand over her mouth in horror.


    "You left Storm with him?"


    Logan grunted and pulled her to his chest hoping she would settle down, "Al, go at sleep. We’ll settle things tomorrow."


    Ally wasn’t convinced and began to make her way out of the bed, but Logan's strong grasp kept held her there. He gave a hard yank and she crumbled on top of him. He held her tightly and she struggled but stopped quickly realizing what he wanted. He rolled his hands up and down her back for a little massage and then he touched her round abdomen. Ally knew this was his way of keeping her here and she had to admit it was effective. She let him keep her close but still had thoughts of running to her brother. But when his mouth found hers and he pulled her nightgown up she found her thoughts went elsewhere. He groaned with pleasure as he lifted her on him but Ally's eyes shot open wider and worried if he hurt her and let her go, "Al?"


     She stumbled out of the bed and threw the light on, "How could my Uncle not know anything about all this?"


     Logan growled lightly and pushed his head back onto the pillow, "Al, come back here."


     "Something isn't right," she said as she reached for the door. Logan jumped from the bed and clicked the door shut as quickly as she opened it. Ally was about to argue, but the sight of her husband's body always took grabbed her complete attention. Before she knew it he was carrying her back to bed.